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Anti-Mexican Idiots to Protest This Weekend In Fremont and Santa Clara
by q
Wednesday May 3rd, 2006 2:51 PM
Reposted from saveourstate.org
Sgt Rincon
post Today, 09:50 AM
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QUOTE(USAdave @ May 3 2006, 10:26 AM) *

QUOTE(george @ May 3 2006, 12:36 AM) *

Any idea who is sponsoring this?

No. Likely it's just average joes that are SICK of the INVASION and SICK of not being presented here and SICK of the Feds NOT securing our country! GOOD AMERICAN PEOPLE!


Here's a schedule of anti illegal immigrant sites and protests in Santa Clara as posted in today's San Jose Mercury News. Spread the word. Let's have more ANTI ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT protests. Even if you can only put together a small group, lets have thousands of small groups. That makes it more widespread than only a few mass rallies. Make sure your posters and signs highlight ILLEGAL. Make the distinction, you can be legal and undocumented, but if your start off illegal you are illegal.

Illegals should go to the end of the line for immigration legalization, and receipt of all public and social services. NO AMNESTY FOR ANYONE WHO ENTERED THE U.S. ILLEGALLY OR OVERSTAYED THEIR VISITOR OR STUDENT VISAS.

FYI - Not all Hispanics and even many illegals do not support amnesty. Many people don't know that, this is not getting out in the media. Seek out Hispanics, immigrants and U.S. born who have our views on this subject. Right is right and wrong is wrong. And its not right to reward law breakers with the rights and privileges of U.S. citizens.

Someone start raising the issue of no U.S. citizenship to anyone who does not disavow their former citizenship. Case in point; Mexican nationals are allowed to retain their Mexican citizenship if they become U.S. citizens. To me that's not just physical invation of the U.S. by the numbers of Mexican nationals coming to the U.S. legally and illegally, its an attempt by the Mexican government to influence U.S. policy by allowing its citizens to gain U.S. citizenship without losing their Mexican citizenship and rights to vote there.

Get the word out this is an invasion we're dealing with. Its the "reconquista", the reconquist of the northern territories as has been handed down from Mexican to Mexican household, generation to generation since Texas gained its independence from Mexico. mad.gif

Rally in Santa Clara

What: ``National Anti-Illegal Alien Protest Rally Days''

When: Friday, 2 to 6 p.m.; Saturday, noon to 4 p.m.

Where: Central Park, 909 Kiely Blvd.

More info: http://www.illegal immigrant protest.com

Web sites

http://www.save ourstate.org

http://www.minuteman project.org

http://american patrol.com

http://www.alipac.us/ index.php

Fremont ANTI-ILLEGAL PROTEST rally!, Upcoming rally / protest in FREMONT, CA. Bring signs!

post Yesterday, 09:18 PM
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Hey all! If you are in the bayarea, near Fremont / Union City.
There will be a rally to protest AGAINST the ILLEGAL INVADERS. It will be held on Friday, May 5th. On the corner of Fremont Blvd. and Mowry, at the HUB shopping center, right in front of the Valero Gas Station at 5 pm. Brings signs and flags. fight3smiley.gif NO RACIST SIGNS OR ATTITUDES ALLOWED! We had a pretty good turn out last time, about 70 people or so. Which was better than expected. smile.gif