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Sacramento's May Day Rally Part 2 of 2
by Katie
Tuesday May 2nd, 2006 6:21 PM
A photo essay from the Sacramento Immigration Rally - Part 2 of 2
Part One can be found here

The rally organizers explained that it was time for the march around the Capitol Building.
Everyone lined up and I found a nice spot on the side of the route.
At the very front of the march was a beautiful banner and giant American flag.


The participants were loud and excited, chanting about Justice and Freedom.
Sometimes the chants were translated so I could tell what they were saying.
There were many smiling faces, people proud of their heritage and empowerment.
It was really beautiful.

march2.jpg" march.jpg" pilgramswereillegal.jpg" march3.jpg" landofimmigrants.jpg" bitethehandthatfeedsyou.jpg" march4.jpg" seaofsigns2.jpg"

Sometimes the signs just said it all.

abetterlife.jpg" justiceandliberty.jpg" unitedwestand.jpg"

At this point, many hours have passed and I have reached the limit of my energy.
I move through the park to catch the bus home and I pass a young man.
He still has the flag draped over his shoulders and he is headed back to his regular life as well.


It was a wonderful experience and I hope greatly that this amazing, nationwide action has educated people a bit about the reality for immigrants in this country.
We would not be the nation we are without them.
Viva La Raza!