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Sacramento's May Day Rally Part 1 of 2
by Katie
Tuesday May 2nd, 2006 6:08 PM
A photo essay from the Sacramento Immigration Rally - Part 1 of 2
Immigrants rights are not one of my primary causes. I am a feminist and an activist regarding issues about peace, global justice and women's issues. But when I first heard about the rally and boycott, I decided that I needed to be there for a few reasons. I believe in solidarity and the idea that we are much stronger when we support other movements we agree with - even when we can't be regularly involved in them.

I went to the Capitol yesterday because my great-grandparents were immigrants and I honor the hard work and passion of the people who come to this country for a better life. I knew that it was not my rally, but something I wanted to support.

I took my camera to document the rally so that everyone could learn about how passionate and powerful these people are. Here are my photos from May 1st, 2006.

The rally began in the morning at the Capitol

capitallooksdown.jpg" 2flags.jpg" rally.jpg"

I was touched by the number of families with young children who attended the event.
Parents pushed strollers and carried signs about justice.
I often think about the kind of amazing empowerment that comes with teaching your children early on about activism.
I found this family and they offered to pose for me


I found a number of wonderful signs as I wandered around the gardens.

illegalhuman.jpg" dora.jpg" dehumanize.jpg" fairsystem.jpg" ladyliberty.jpg" immigrantlabor.jpg"

The speakers were very motivational - or at least I am pretty sure they were.
The majority of the speakers spoke Spanish, something I have yet to learn how to do.


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