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Marchers Arrested on Arcata/Eureka 101 Corridor
by nativetrees
Tuesday May 2nd, 2006 6:01 PM
Mayday, 2006
Eureka, CA
The Arcata contingent arrives at the Eureka immigration rights rally after being blockaded and delayed by CHP and Sheriff on the Hwy 101 corridor between Arcata and Eureka. Earlier on November 2, 2005, CHP brutally took down four women bicyclist and HSU students while riding on the same corridor to Eureka to join an anti-war protest against the illegal war in Iraq. Three of these students accepted plea bargains for lesser charges but charges against one student remains with her trial scheduled for May 15. She is charged with three misdemeanors, including one for assault of a police officer, when in fact witnesses say that she was the person being assaulted by CHP and Eureka PD.
§Marchers Demand to Be Heard by DA
by nativetrees Tuesday May 2nd, 2006 6:01 PM
After word came in that 3 women marchers had been arrested while walking on the shoulder of the corridor to join the immigrant rights rally in Eureka, friends and concerned citizens visited DA Paul Gallegos’ office. When the group was told that the DA was not in the office and not available, they sat down and vowed not to leave until the DA spoke to them. Next they were told that he would return and talk to only three people of the group. This was not agreeable and the offer was rejected. Protesters chanted No Justice, No Peace and other chants, vowing not to leave until the DA gave them an audience.
§ Police and Sheriff Arrive
by nativetrees Tuesday May 2nd, 2006 6:01 PM
§DA Arrives to Talk to Group
by nativetrees Tuesday May 2nd, 2006 6:01 PM
DA Paul Gallegos arrives. He was asked what he was doing to curb the increasing police violence in the county and specifically why these marchers were arrested while exercising their 1st amendment rights while walking peacefully on the shoulder? The group asked that he contact the jail and for the three protesters to be released immediately. After a discussion, the phone call was made.
§Marchers Released on their on Recognizance
by nativetrees Tuesday May 2nd, 2006 6:01 PM
After their release, the three (center) made their way to the DA’s office. A discussion ensued about the arrests and about what the DA is doing about the increasing police brutality and their over reaction in the county. A meeting was set up in a neutral location in Arcata for the discussions to continue on Tuesday. The three activists are charged with suspicion of failing to obey an officer and of resisting arrest.
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