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SF events 4.25 Really Free market Sat 4.29 Noon Dolores Park

by free
free stuff at Dolores park Sat noon - 4pm
Bring stuff.
Get stuff.
important events:
fun events:
more events:
eco events: Sustainable World Coalition 390 27th St Oakland Marin Peace and Justice Center Palo Alto Peace and Justice Center
Fellowship of Humanity Events 390 27th St Oakland @ Telegraph/Broadway

Thursday April 27
10:00am Stanford: Animal Lib
10:30am Hayward: Military Recruiters!
7:00pm SF: Economist Doug Dowd
7:00pm Santa Cruz: Sir! No Sir!
7:00pm SF: Film: Jericho's Echo
7:30pm Palo Alto: Michael Parenti
Friday April 28
12:00pm Stanford: Animal Lib speech
3:00pm Marin: Student Antiwar March
5:00pm Santa Cruz: Critical Mass Bikes
7:00pm Berkeley: Becnel & Larudee
7:30pm SF: Need Not Greed
7:30pm Santa Cruz: Rev. Billy's Revival


Sampling finds arsenic in most chicken

Two free vegan cookbooks for you to download =)

Do you know what is in your pet food? Do you know where it comes from?

Chinese women busting out of small bras
- Reuters (Breast cancer will increase now)
As diet gets fattier, bustlines expand as well as waistlines

health Breast Cancer Action

Most Common Household Toxins

Medical myth busted: Your body doesn't break down from age

14 days of FREE YOGA. 848 Folsom St. (415)543-1970


*Public sees big "not" in forest plan*
Bush's proposal to sell off land to help rural schools is being met with
negative responses from all sides.

What is the value of a tree?


"You go to the forest, and you see trees that have been growing for two hundred years cut to stumps."
"IT'S ABOUT A BROKEN HEART," the young man says. "You go to the forest,
and you see trees that have been growing for two hundred years cut to
stumps. You look at this, and you say, this just has to stop."

Stop the Fossil Foolishness   By Kelpie Wilson

Important action alert - read below for more info, and take action at:
petition: "Say No to Drilling Off California's Coast"

Emergency Water Storage

Huge danger in using boiler water.  Almost all boiler water is treated with zinc chromate...a deadly substance that will destroy your kidneys and can not be made safe.
So in a disaster you do not want to touch the water in a building heater / radiator system.

NASA: Forest on the Threshold
"Something big is happening in the high latitudes," says Rama Nemani,
a research scientist at NASA Ames Research Center, in response to the
papers that Goetz and Angert published within weeks of each other.
Nemani was on the research team that initially noticed that the Arctic
was beginning to green in response to global warming in the 1990s.
Despite the previous discovery, Nemani wasn't surprised that Northern forests
now seem to have slowed their growth. After all, the same theories that
predicted that global warming would increase forest growth in the Arctic,
theories that Nemani helped prove, also predicted that the forests would
eventually reach the limits of the water supply and go into decline. "We
knew something like this would happen," Nemani says. "We didn't
expect that it was going to happen so quickly."
Full report with charts, graphs, satellite imagery at:

We all know what happened to the animals during Katrina. They were left behind to fend for themselves. Many people refused to leave their homes because of this crazy scenario. I would be one of those people. Go to
and send this petition to your congressperson. They've made it easy for just fill in the form.

Enact strong protections for internet neutrality

If you haven't heard, our congresscritters are sponsoring a new law that would put people in jail for ten years for even attempting to download a movie on the internet.  So if you accidentally click that link... go to jail!
But the fact is, we can do a part to stop this mayhem.

County Sheriffs Can Bust Big Brother!!!
...the duly elected sheriff of a county is the highest law enforcement official within a county and has law enforcement powers EXCEEDING that of any other state OR federal official!

Senate Panel Recommends Abolishing FEMA!

Treasonous agenda of the Council on Foreign Relations

Russia to sell state-of-the-art Kalashnikovs to Venezuela

Neil Young’s “Let’s Impeach the President” Lyrics

Vermont lawmakers call for Bush impeachment,It's 3 Now!

Impeaching Bush, State by State

1,000 secret CIA flights revealed
House to vote on CIA, NSA power to make warrantless arrests

HAARP Build-Out to 3.6 Billion Watt Broadcasting Capacity Completed
official HAARP website

Amazing interview with former FBI senior special agent, Ted Gunderson, about who is behind 911 and how it connects to the OK City bombing and WTC 1993 bombing.
Guns & Butter, April 19. Streaming Audio.
Info on Ted Gunderson:
Section 603 of the United States House Rules provides for the inception of impeachment proceedings in the House
Breaking: Karl Rove will testify [testi-lie] before Grand jury investigating CIA Leak (Plame case)
Iraqi commander discovered supplying army weapons to local insurgents
Sources: Snow takes White House job 25 Apr 2006 Faux News anchor Tony Snow has formally accepted the job as White House press secretary, according to three Republican sources familiar with his discussions with the White House.

Check out this photomosaic of Rumsfeld, Bush and Cheney made from pictures of the 2600 soldiers killed in Iraq
Wilkerson Fingers the Neo-Cons on Iran
"The Secret Cabal Got What It Wanted: No Negotiations."

Russia will deliver air defense systems to Iran - top general - by RIA Novosti

Could a case be taken to the circuit court in multnomah
or another district that would declare the entity currently known as
the United States Government an illegal regime?

Huge jump in arms sales to Israel,,1747892,00.html

When Going Gets 'Tough'......
1.} Visit bin Ladens Cave, Stick Microphone in front of him, and Record!
2.} Bring out Abu Musab al-Zarqawi[?], if bin Laden Tape doesn't Strike Fear, and have Video Tape Session!
3.} Send rummy to Iraq to Swagger!
Taking bets on what comes next, color code doesn't work so off the table, not enough Fear generated! 
911 - inside job. Demand investigation! - - - - - -

# Symposium on Forest Disturbance
Symposium on Forest DisturbanceSpeakers and panels will discuss such topics as ... climate
change impacts on forests.

Forest Disturbance, Management and Biodiversity

Fourth Public Symposium, National Commission on Science for
Sustainable Forestry (NCSSF).

April 26-27, 2006 in Denver, CO. The symposium will feature
presentations from leaders in the field including Tom Swetnam and
Jerry Franklin. A complete list of speakers and an agenda is
attached to this email.
The meeting is open to the public.
<>Please click here to
register now!

The meeting will take place at the Warwick Hotel in Denver, CO.
NCSSF has secured a special rate for symposium participants, but you
must make your reservations by April 1, 2006. For more details,
please visit the <>NCSSF website.

# From: Rev Billy and The Church of Stop Shopping <Bulletin [at]>
Subject: Rapture Interruptus Revival! Bay Area 4/26-5/01 Bulletin at

The Rapture Interruptus Revival
April 26 - May 1 In Northern California

The fundamentalist plan – "The Rapture" – is now in progress. People are vanishing, yanked up into another world. These believers are disappearing into SUV's, idling between super malls. They believe, though, with the Playstations in their dashboards, that their Ford Expeditions are climbing straight up cliffs and jumping fjords and running with wolves. That's Heaven's final ad campaign: Consumers on pixilated interstates up Mount Everest. Those of us left behind will die in the Hell and rising Floods of the over-heating planet.

Children, welcome to the The Rapture Interruptus Revival - we shall hit the Rapture right where it hurts. We shall slam the Rapture into Reverse. We shall sing "Stop Shopping" between the consumer and the car – catching them in the Parking Lot Of No Return. We plan a new kind of performance art, a curving choreography designed for on-ramps. Exorcisms of Bad Traffic are now being taught in 24 hour all-night shifts at the Slow Consuming School of Divinity…


California Schedule - Click Here For Event Information and Reservations!
Wednesday, April 26th 11:30am UFCW Rally – Mt. View, Ca
Thursday, April 27th 8:00pm Masonic Center Sebastopol
Friday, April 28th 7:30pm Rio Theater – Santa Cruz
Saturday, April 29th 10:00am Westcoast Live Radio, Click To Listen
April 29th, 6:00pm Walnut Park – Petaluma
Sunday, April 30th Victoria's Secret Action EMAIL FOR DETAILS
Sunday, April 30th 8:00pm Victoria Theater, San Francisco

On Monday, May 1st we'll be on the streets in San Francisco with the Great American Boycott. Later in May, look for performances in Switzerland, Ohio and New York. Spring-a-lujah!

Thursday, April 27 new moon

# Firefox Flicks Event Thu April 27 2:00 - 5:00 p.m. Pacific Free

Please join us at the VIP screening and awards ceremony for the
Firefox Flicks ad contest. We're reinventing grassroots marketing
again this year with the Firefox Flicks campaign by drawing on the
skills and creativity of Firefox fans across the globe to create
hundreds of Firefox 30-second ads. Now it's time to screen the
leading ads, unveil the winners, and celebrate community-powered
video on the Web.

The afternoon will open with a panel discussion covering user-
generated content on the Web. After the panel, we'll screen the top
Flicks and celebrate our Ad Contest winners. We'll wrap up the event
with food, drink and great conversations. See you there!

Screenings 2:45 - 3:30 followed by awards ceremony

Panelists: 2pm

Colin Decker, Creative Director Current TV

Ian Kovalik, Executive Creative Director, Mekanism

Robert Maigret, Chief Technology Officer, Revver

Brian Monahan, Bay Area Interactive Group and Academy of Arts College

Schlomo Rabinowitz, VloggerCon

Andy Simms, Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners

Eric Steuer, Creative Director, Creative Commons

Seating is limited so RSVP today.

Get a sneak peek of Flicks ads by visiting

AMC Kabuki Theater #2 1881 Post St @ Geary / Fillmore, SF 415-336-5938 firefoxflicks at

# Thu, Apr 27, 2006      5:30 pm
Intern with BASIL Bay Area Seed Interchange Library!
Ecology Center 2530 San Pablo Ave. @ Dwight Berkeley

# FLIP YOUR LID! Let Art Go to Your Head!
A benefit for the Black Rock Arts Foundation
Thursday, April 27th
supperclub san francisco
657 Harrison Street
Grab your beret, biretta, boater, or bowler, or break out your glue gun and a peck of peacock feathers, and come wine, dine, strut, and dance your hat creation at the super-swank supperclub!  You'll enjoy dazzling performances, dine in bed (supperclub style), and have a chance to bid at auction on a cavalcade of crazy hats crafted by community artists!
Tiara  - $250 - 6:30 pm - 2:00 am
Hosted cocktail reception and VIP preview mixer, five-course dinner and performances, then dance 'til yer done!
Fez - $150 - 7:30 pm - 2:00 am
Five-course dinner & performances starting at 8:00 and then dance 'til yer done.
Tam O'Shanter - $30 with festive hat, $40 without - 11:00 pm - 2:00 am
Join us for rockin' DJ's, cameo performances, and dance 'til yer done.
Topper!! - $1,500, group of 4; $375, individual
Finally! Your chance to climb in bed and share a bottle of bubbly with one of these wonderful characters: Burning Man Founder Larry Harvey . Maid Marian Goodell . Dicky of Dicky Box Fame . Crimson Rose & Will Roger . Chicken John . Artist David Best . Harley K. DuBois . Actiongirl Andie Grace. (Which one you ask? It's a game of chance as names will be drawn at random, from a hat!)
BRAF is thrilled to host this event so that we can continue to bring the art and spirit of Burning Man to our communities beyond Black Rock City.  Funds raised will help bring 'Passage' to the SF Embarcadero in June, and support our national 2006 Grant Cycle. BRAF is a 501(c)3 non-profit, and all but $60 of the dinner tickets are tax-deductible.
Tickets are available online at:
For more info, call 415.626.1248
Inspiring Art, Community & Civic Participation


Let Art Go to Your Head!
A Benefit for the Black Rock Arts Foundation
Thursday, April 27
supperclub san francisco

If you're close enough to get here, grab your CRAZIEST! cap and come to supperclub san francisco Thursday, April 27.

The Black Rock Arts Foundation is hosting a fantastical fundraiser for BRAF's 2006 National Grant Cycle and to help bring Dan DasMann and Karen Cusolito's 'Passage' (the monumental mother and child piece from Burning Man 2005) to Pier 14 on the SF Embarcadero.

Entertainment hosted by $teven Ra$pa and featuring Janine Fondiller of Xeno, Soprano Marisa Lenhardt, Ouchy the Clown of the Porn Clown Posse, and an extraordinary array of amazing aerialists, thrilling performers, magnificent musicians, and your favorite Black Rock City DJs, including Laird (Get Yer Freak On!) and Smoove (Space Cowboys & News Breaks) to keep you dancing well into the night!

Hat creations galore! including an auction of fantabulous art hats crafted by some of our favorite community artists and a chance to climb in bed (supperclub style) with a great cast of Burning Man characters, including Larry Harvey, Maid Marian, Dicky from the Dicky Box, David Best, Lady Bee, Crimson Rose, Will Roger, Harley DuBois, Andie Grace aka Actiongrl, and Chicken John!

Tickets from $30 - $250 are available online now:

If you can't join us, please lend your support - become a BRAF member or make a donation to help inspire art, community and civic participation in the default world year-round!

# Domestic Surveillance and Presidential War Powers
Who is watching you now?

Thursday, April 27, 2006 7:00 PM 9:00 PM
JFK University School of Law, Room S304
100 Ellinwood Way, Pleasant Hill, CA
Free MCLE credit! Free and open to the public.
To RSVP, email klukenda at or call 925-969-3550.

JFK University School of Law, the ACLU Mt. Diablo Chapter, and Human Rights Advocates invite you to join a panel of distinguished speakers to discuss the latest issues and developments on the topic of warrantless surveillance. Find out about the new laws Congress is considering and their implications for the future.

Distinguished Speakers:

Professor Margaret Russell, University of Santa Clara School of Law.
Constitutional law scholar and former Vice President of the national American Civil Liberties Union.

Cindy Cohn, Senior Attorney at Electronic Frontier Foundation.
The world s leading digital rights organization, EFF, filed a lawsuit against AT&T for complicity in illegal surveillance of internet users.

Professor Vikram Amar, UC Hasting s College of Law.
Constitutional law scholar and author of numerous books and articles in the field, including a bi-weekly column for Moderator:

Professor David Nyssen, JFK University School of Law and Senior Attorney,California Supreme Court
Criminal law expert and author of articles on the USA Patriot Act and unlawful surveillance.

To subscribe to Bay Area Animal Rights Network please send blank email to:
baarn-subscribe [at]

# Battles Thursday, April 27 7:00pm- 10:00pm free

National Product is pleased to announce a solo exhibit of Sacha
Eckes' recent artwork.
To many, November 2nd, 2003 was a crazy day. George Bush was reelected.
Sacha started to express her struggle to understand a world so out of
whack. She started to write her feelings down on paper napkins. And
in doing so she wanted to create a sounding board for others to
process their emotions.

Miss Eckes is ultimately an optimist. She draws with a sense of
humor, albeit a dark one. Her references to war and to our daily
struggles aren't literal but rather they attempt to grasp what's
going on in this world on a visceral level.

On exhibit will be the paper napkins; also on display a series of
small studies of skeletons; a series of zombie inspired drawings; and
finally a selection of larger drawings in which many elements are
inspired by Goya's Disasters of War.
Advisory: Graphic violence, some sexual content.

Sacha Eckes notes zombies, Gary Larson, Goya and Philip Guston as
some of her inspirations.

Sacha was born and pretty much raised in Belgium. She studied
printmaking and moved to San Francisco in 1993. She is a weekly
contributor to the SF Chronicle with her Life is Good single panel
She is an arts curator at 111 Minna Gallery and she installs art for
the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and the Oakland Museum.
She has exhibited at The Luggage Store Gallery, The Lab, Low Gallery
and New Image Art Gallery in Los Angeles.
To see more of her work go to

An art gallery in the back and a gift store in the front, National
Product is an eclectic mix of original art and goods made by cottage-
industry designers and artists. The Galllery at NP is a small, 2-
room, gallery with changing monthly shows. In front of the gallery is
the store with a regularly changing mix of goods including small,
less formal, shows from local artists.

National Product
1845 Market Street
San Francisco

Sacha Ecke's art show is at National Product Gallery, located at 1845
Market Street at Guererro. Parking is diificult in the area, so
public transportation is suggested. You may take any bus down market
street and get off near Guererro,Van Ness or Church. If you are
taking BART, you may exit at the Civic Center stop an take a bus
street car on Market Street towards the Castro. National Product is a
storefront between DLX skateshop and a small liquor store.

lizkunath [at] 415-255-1920

#  The Church of Stop Shopping - Rev. Billy
Thu, April 27   8:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Sebastopol REVIVAL and NoneSuch BENEFIT
Masonic Center, 373 North Main Street, Sebastopol, CA
A benefit for None Such School 13$

Fri Apr 28 Arbor Day!

# Fri Apr 28 - Last Friday in April is Arbor Day!

# Friday, April 28, 9 am--4 pm -- Heart Core Marriage: A Conference to Connect AIDS Organizations with Businesses, with the Kaospilots
At the Center for Sex & Culture, 398 11th Street at Harrison

Creatively make sustainable partnerships between business and non-governmental organizations that help people with AIDS, do HIV education, and in other ways address the topic of HIV in the work they do. In what ways can we gain more than heightened consciousness from this "marriage"? Help make social change happen in new ways that result in win-wins for everyone.

Up to two people per organization welcome. $10--20 donation suggested, but no one turned away. RSVP by April 19 to mariastevnbak [at] (or call 917-495-0092). To received the nice email invitation, just let us know. Feel free to forward it to others who would be interested in this event.

The Kaospilots are visiting from an international creative business school based in Copenhagen. Five students are working with the Center for Sex & Culture on this project, which will give them insight into helping the woefully small and understaffed HIV organization in Denmark. (Other Kaospilots groups are working with other issues and organizations throughout the Bay Area this spring.) While they introduce us to their unique practice and facilitation skills, we'll have the opportunity to connect with each other anew, or for the first time. For more about Kaospilots philosophy see

# Friday, April 28, 5--8 pm -- Gotham's Fantasies Gallery Hours
Epicenter Gallery at The Center for Sex and Culture, 398 11th St #303 SF
Come see the Batman you always knew was lurking in the bat cave along with all of his kinky friends and enemies. Photography for sale, of course! Featuring the art of David Steinberg, Michael Woolson, Jeanne Hemhauser, and Patricia Nason.

# Critical Mass - Friday 4/28 6pm Justin Herman Plaza: Market @ Embarcadero Bring bicycle, helmet, light, costume, music...

# Prectia @ Folsom Art Reception and boutique

# Cage-Free Outreach at Andronico's

Andronico's Market sells battery eggs eggs from hens who are confined indoors within battery cages, with as many as eight hens per cage. Recently, East Bay Animal Advocates documented shocking conditions at the egg supplier for Andronico's - NuCal Foods, Inc. The undercover footage (available at shows intensive confinement of chickens.

In an effort to raise the public s awareness about the inhumane treatment of hens raised for eggs, East Bay Animal Advocates on a weekly-basis is distributing informative literature to Andronico's shoppers. Event information for this week:

Date: Friday, April 28 Time: 6 PM
Location: Andronico's, 1850 Solano Avenue, Berkeley

To advance the company s commitment to excellence, EBAA is asking Andronico's to adopt a cage-free egg policy. Several retailers, including Whole Foods Market and Wild Oats Natural Marketplace, have already adopted policies to carry only cage-free eggs.
To subscribe to Bay Area Animal Rights Network please send blank email to:
baarn-subscribe [at]

# SFVS Apr 28: Free Video Night - Truth or Dairy
sponsored by the San Francisco Vegetarian Society will be a Free Video Night, presenting “Truth or Dairy”, a vintage yet humorous and educational video looking at the vegan lifestyle – who, what, where, when, how, and why vegan – 22 minutes.

Date: Friday, April 28, 2006

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Place: Red Victorian Peace Café

1665 Haight Street, near Ashbury

San Francisco

For more information, call 415-273-5481 or
“Truth or Dairy” is presented by poet Benjamin Zephariah and features a star studded vegan cast including The B52’s, Uri Geller, Casey Kasem, k.d. lang, Moby, and others.
Food is available prior to the screening.

#  The Church of Stop Shopping - Rev. Billy
Fri, April 28   7:30 PM - 9:30 PM May Day Revival SANTA CRUZ
Rio Theatre, 1205 Soquel Ave, Santa Cruz, CA
Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir return to Santa Cruz for a blistering revival show at the amazing Rio Theatre: singing, dancing and fiery preaching will get you in the spirit!
$12 and $10 students/seniors

# Saturn Returns: A Transformative Event
One Taste
1074 Folsom Street, San Francisco
Friday, April 28, 7:30pm - 2:00am

The festivities get an early start with a body opening, soul
soothing, heart warming, sensual grounding ritual and movement therapy
workshop featuring Ilka, Zsuzsi, and Scott Longwell of Whole Body
Wisdom. Dance, inspire and shapeshift to the sounds of DJ 7, Seer,
Jonah, and Xoetza. You won't want to miss the hot dance duet featuring
Zsuzsi & Scott Longwell! Plus massage, angel readings, visual art by
Recursion Video_Lab, a silent auction, and snacks and drinks! All
proceeds from this event benefit Somatic Movement Therapy Education,
so come support your body, heart and spirit and sexiness.
This is a non-alcohol event.

If you would like to volunteer or donate a service/goods for the
event or auction, please contact missq [at]
If you are unable to attend the event, but would like to donate,

You are appreciated!

$15-$100 sliding scale

# 2006-04-28 7:30 PM underconstruction 3

underconstruction is the original "Iron Designer" project. before Project Runway, this underground project happened here first : the time has come again and underconstruction 3 is scheduled for APRIL 28, 2006 at SOMARTS gallery and the theme is TEAMS.
The evening presents lines Anna Conda, Domini, How Wild Is Jane?, Kyra, Lucid Dawn, Miranda Fae, Miranda Caroligne, Tinc; divided into teams of two designers each, each with a live model, a mystery box of fabrics and separate production stations. Stylists from Madusalon will design styles for each of the models and a makeup team will collaborate live on the models.
20 bay area artisan clothing and accessories vendor will present objects, outfits and art for purchase with showcase pieces in the ambient model installation throughout the space.
The evening includes performances from Joceyln (Get Freaky), Groundchuck, Boreta (Nexus) and Breakbeat Buddha with a closing acapella series from Elke Nikol. Flamenco dancer La Malinche will be performing alongside projections and live video mixing provided by Satsi (Nexus). Live painting from artist Nome Edonna on custom dress designed and constructed by miss velvet cream will coincide with the live construction. Photographer Sequoia Emmanuel will provide a live photo shoot of the finished construction pieces and models in the gallery leading up to the finale fashion show.
Sound from El Circo. Fabric donated by Discount Fabrics. Full bar hosted by Retox Bar, opening May 2006. Cash and checks encouraged for vendor purchases, some credit card services available.
Doors Open at 7:30pm and Live Construction starts at 9:30pm.
Finale Show at 1am.

Performance lineup, talent profiles, vendors, sponsors, pictures and more: check the website!

Under Construction Press

underconstruction 3
april 28, 2006, friday
somarts gallery
san francisco
7:30pm-1:30am fin




# Pirate Cat Radio 10 Year Anniversary Party
Fri April 28 8:00pm-2:00am $6 - $20 Donation

The Pirate Cat Radio 10 Year Anniversary!
Friday, April 28th at Annie's Social Club, with::

DOKTOR FRANK (Mister T Experience)

Spoken Word by Tribe 8's Lynnee Breedlove

Mc'd by Karla LeVey of the First Satanic Church.

Show Starts at 8pm and is a $6 - $20 Donation.

And of course, here is the URL to the flyer for all of you to
download and
print out to pass around:

Annie's Social Club 917 Folsom St San Francisco

# April 28th 9pm Cell Space 9pm 2050 Bryant @ 18th / 19th St.
There is a 24 acre plot of land across the lake from New Orleans. It is 200 ft above sea level, in a rural setting. The window of opportunity to buy this land is narrow. We need $15,000 to hold the land for 60 days, or $50,000 to make a down payment. The land comes with a solid business that will allow us to pay it off in several years. This land will be held in common by our non-profit as gathering space for the purpose of skill development, education and spreading resources. Donations of any size will be helpful, but the best way to see this happening fast is to find 100 people who can contribute $500. We can't much about it until we have the $15,000 to hold the land.
April 28th I'll be at Cell Space in San Francisco, presenting images and video to share what I've witnessed here on the Gulf Coast over the past 7 months. The presentation will only be a half hour, from 9pm to 9:30pm. as it is an opening to a dance party that follows... as the official after-party of the New Living Expo. Tickets are $20, and funds raised go to the Action Hero Network.
For more info:
Reserve tickets at:

# april 28,29,30th
8th and Brannan - Concourse Exhibition Center
organic foods expo - healing - massage - green living
green building - life coach / motivational speakers,

# New Livng Expo April 28-30 10am-9pm $10-$15

San Francisco's New Living Expo, an exploration of evolving world
consciousness. Thank you for joining us in celebrating the amazing
evolution of body, mind and spirit. The New Living Expo 2006 brings
you many of the country's foremost progressive speakers.

San Francisco New Living Expo
Concourse Exhibition Center
635 8th St at Brannan
San Francisco

Over 300 Exhibitors ~ Over 150 Speakers
Natural Foods Dining ~ Expo Bookstore
Comedy Show-Workshops-Special Events
Friday 3:00 to 10:00 - $10.00
Saturday 10:00 to 9:00 - $15.00
Sunday 10:00 to 7:00 - $15.00
Three Day Pass - $30.00

New Livng Expo
635 8th St @ Brannan San Francisco 415-382-8300
on the corner of 8th & Brannan, S. F.
info at 415-883-8352

# why not try something new - for FREE
at this year's

all workshops, panels and lectures are FREE
with the low price of admission...

TOOLS FOR TRANSFORMATION and a happier, healthier,
stress-free lifestyle await you at the
April 28-30 at the Concourse Exhibition Center
635 8th St. [8th & Brannan] San Francisco
Visit for more information

IMAGINE...meeting internationally recognized authors, facilitators, teachers, celebrities and 275 exhibitors for three full days of unlimited events — FREE — with just a low general admission price of $10 on Friday, $15 on Saturday or Sunday or $30 for the entire weekend (seniors 60+ $10/day, children under 10 free).

BROWSE this year's bustling marketplace with 275 exhibits and TAKE YOUR PICK from 19 free workshops, 8 free panel discussions (on Sustainability, UFOs and Health), more than 100 free lectures throughout the weekend, all connecting body, mind and spirit.  Plus 4 new Special Events at the Holiday Inn (50 8th St. SF), admission to these events is separate from General Admission, visit the or call 415-382-8300.

EXPERIENCE inspiring and provocative sessions with such luminaries as
James & Salle Redfield (The Deeper Meaning of The Celestine Prophecy Movie),
Terry Cole-Whittaker (Loving Yourself into a Wonderful Life),
Dannion Brinkley (Passion:  The True Spiritual Power),
Holly Near (Change of Heart: The Art of Activism),
John McDougall (Aging in Style: Maybe to 100 with Sensible Care),
Gabriel  Cousens (Spiritual Nutrition:  Six Foundations for Awakening and Liberation),
Kevin Ryerson (Trance, Altered States and Meditation),
Caroline Casey(Coyote Network News of Now),
Nick Begich (Controlling the Human Mind),
Master Zhi Gang Sha (Body Space Medicine:  Breakthrough Healing for Soul, Mind and Body),
John Assaraf (Learn the Easiest Way to Making Millions),
Lynne Kitei (The Phoenix Lights),
Walter Semkiw (Born Again: Reincarnation Cases),
Lori Grace & Kelly Bryson (Growing More Loving With Compassionate Communication),
Sandy Gordon (Spiritual Shabbat Candle Lighting Class),
Rabbi Yaacov Benzaquen (Musical Kabbalat Shabbat Service),
Norm Shealy (Life Beyond 100-Secrets of Youthful Aging),
Leonard Shlain (Sex, Time & Power: How Women’s Sexuality Shaped Human Evolution)
Howard Lyman (Inventory of Planet Earth: Do We Have a Future?),
Evan Slawson (Creating the Life You Want) and lots of others!

CELEBRATE the earth and discover the latest technologies, products, therapies and insights in the fields of personal growth, health and healing, finance and abundance, relationship, sexuality, politics, ecology, spirituality, consciousness, creation, angels, yoga, channeling, alternative energy, sustainability and more.
Friday, April 28, 3pm -10pm Saturday April 29, 10am - 9pm Sunday, April 30 10am -7pm
For more information visit or call 415.382.8300

# Om Organics/Prashanti Booth 931 New Living expo, Fri/Sat/Sunday $1 for Tulsi Tea
Booth 931 this weekend at the New Living Expo at the SF Concourse Exhibition Center
Prashanti prashanti at 415.663.5441 home/office 415.246.1248 Cell

TULSI TEA (coughs, colds, flu, immunity, adaptogen, anti-stress,
Original Tulsi Tea - 25 bags per box $5.00
Tulsi Chai Tea - 25 bags per box $5.00
Tulsi Darjeeling Tea - 25 bags per box $5.00
Tulsi Ginger Tea - 25 bags per box $5.00
Tulsi Gotu Kola Tea - 25 bags per box $5.00
Tulsi Green Tea - 25 bags per box $5.00
Tulsi Tea Collection Sampler - 25 bags per box $5.00

HERBAL SUPPLEMENTS (Glass bottles, Veggie caps)
~Ashwagandha root - 108 capsules $15.95 Warming deep core energy tonic
~Flexibility Formula - 108 capsules $15.95 Joint health, deep cleansing
~Gotu Kola Formula - 108 capsules $15.95 Mind, circulation, Liver
~Neem leaf, twig & flowers - 108 capsules $15.95 Antibiotic, Skin, Liver
~Shatavri root - 108 capsules $15.95 Cooling deep core energy tonic
~Triphala Formula - 108 capsules $13.95 Colon cleanse and rejuvanation*
~Tulsi (Holy Basil) - 108 capsules $15.95 as above
~Turmeric Formula - 108 capsules $15.95 Anti-microbial, antioxidant, skin*
~Certifed Organic Psyllium 12 oz. Can $7.99 Have you seen Organic Psyllium?
*(note that Turmeric is considered the best all around herb for daily use on
the planet by many herbalists and that Triphala is considered the best all
around formula)

POUND PACKAGES (65 gauge food grade plastic and nitrogen flushed)
Amalaki fruit pulp - powdered (Emblica officinalis) $16.00
Ashwagandha root - powdered (Withania somnifera) $20.00
Ginger root (Sonth) - powdered (Zingiber officinale) $14.00
Krishna Tulsi leaf - tea cut (Ocimum sanctum) $22.00
Rama Tulsi leaf - tea cut (Ocimum sanctum) $22.00
Vana Tulsi leaf - tea cut (Ocimum gratissimum) $22.00
Neem leaf- powdered (Azadirachta indica) $22.00
Turmeric rhizome (Haldi) - powdered (Curcuma longa) $12.00
Original Tulsi Tea Mix - tea cut $22.00
Triphala Formula - powdered $16.00
Shatavri root - powdered (Asparagus racemosus) $20.00
Sandalwood - powdered 1lb (Santalum spicatum) $30.00
Sandalwood - powdered 1/2lb (Santalum spicatum) $15.00

I can take orders by phone or by email. Cash, checks, Visa, MC all work!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! We need to sell $3000 worth of herbs
everyday of the year in order to continue this Vision of sustainability and
individual and planetary healing. I so need your help. Call or Write soon
and remember to forward this please. Thank you!

Sat Apr 29

# SF Walk Against Rape This Saturday

Be Part of the Solution. Walk Against Rape.
April 29, 2006
5K walk from Embarcadero to Mission Dolores Park

Join us as communities from all over San Francisco will walk in
solidarity to raise awareness around sexual assault while also
raising money to support the only community rape crisis center in the
county. Walk with your friends, pets, family and friends and speak
out against sexual assault! A rally will take place following the
walk, along with the clothesline project, music and prizes for the
highest fundraiser, and other organizations offering resources and

Time: 10:00-2:00pm.
Start point: Meet us at Mission Street and Embarcadero! We begin
walking at 10:30. Bring your sponsorship money and registration form
the day of, and you are all set!

Destination: Mission Dolores Park, where a rally/gathering will take

Fundraising tips:
There is no minimum that you have to raise, though many people have
set their goals at $250. That can be very easy if you ask ten people
(friends, coworkers, family) to sponsor you at $25 each. Get a Walk t-
shirt by raising $50!
You can email Janet for a sponsorship/registration form and for any
other fundraising support, such as a letter to send to your folks.
Sponsors can make checks payable to San Francisco Women Against Rape
(SFWAR), with your name in the memo. Bring sponsorship money along
with your registration form to the beginning of the Walk and you're
all set! Let your sponsors know, they can donate online through our
homepage. Click on the link at the top that says Donate Now!, and
enter your name in Comments box.

# Really Really Free Market Saturday April 29th!
The Really Really Free Market will be starting again, beginning with Saturday April 29th. As it was last year, it will be from noon to 4 in Dolores Park, S.F. Come on out and celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the RRFM in dolores park, and the end of the nonstop rain!

We will be setting up a new email discussion list for people who are interested in being involved with working on organizing the rrfm beyond the day of the event itself (things like flyering, brainstorming new ideas for things we would like to see at the rrfm, etc.) If you are interested in being on this list, email me at rsykes1710 at and let me know.

Also, the website is down due to domain name issues, but it is being worked on.

What is The Really REALLY Free Market?

It's like a large community-wide garage sale, except everything is
FREE! Yes, that's right, FREE! Everyone is invitied to bring things to GIVE

So this is like bartering or trading, right?
Nope. Bartering and trading go something like this:
I've got this great shirt here, what can you offer me for it?

The RRFM goes something like this: I've got this really great shirt
here. I don't really wear it anymore, but I'd hate to see it go to waste.
Do you want it? Great! Here, it's yours!

Why would i want to do a thing like that?
Because you have to many things already! Because you're just going to
throw it away anyway. Because it FEELS GOOD!
Do you have things cluttering up your home? Maybe some stuff that you
don't use anymore, but you know that someone else would probably love.
One person's trash can truly be another person's treasure!

What should I bring?
Bring *your thing* to the RRFM, whatever that is! Material goods, food
or drinks, a service to provide, a skill you have that you want to
teach to others, a performance, or anything else!

What if I don't have anything to give away?
Everyone has something to give to others. The RRFM isn't just about
giving away *stuff.* What is it that you do? Why not come to the RRFM and
find a way to do it for others, except this time for free just for the
fun of it. As a gift to others, as a gift to yourself. It's a way of
reclaiming meaning in your job, to give it as a gift, unmediated by

Who runs the RRFM?
Well, the RRFM consists of the sum of its participants. The gift you
bring to the event, helps create what the event is for others, just as
what others bring to the event, creates what the event is for you.

That said, there are some folks who came together to help create the
structure for the RRFM to work. But it is our hope that soon enough, our
role within the RRFM will be the same as everyone else's. That is, that
each of us decides our own level of involvement.

The RRFM is yours! Take advantageous of that. Make it what you want it
to be! If you want to see something happening at the RRFM that isn't
already happening, than make it happen! If you want to see more people
coming to the RRFM, help spread the word! Send emails to your friends,
make and distribute flyers (make your own or download them from the
website), talk to people about the RRFM.

Please help us keep the RRFM a 100% FREE and non-commercial event. Once
a month, let's come together and forget about trading, bartering, and
money. Leave the business cards at home and remember the joy of giving
for the sake of giving.

Help us keep Dolores Park clean. If no one takes what you brought,
please bring it home with you.

If you like what you just read, get involved! Come to the RRFM! Bring
your own gifts to share! Spread the info, and get more people involved!
The RRFM takes YOU to make it happen.

# I am happy to be a presenter at this upcoming event. They seem like a great
community that has a great intersection of communities within it. Not only
that, but FUN seems to be an integral part of the experience. Can't beat
that with a stick.
Well...I guess you could, but it would be weird. Like peas in your penne
pasta. Weird.
Oh yeah--it is at One Taste, your urban retreat in SF. Jason
From the people who bring you Movie "Incidents" and other social

Wise Ass Wisdom presents its 4th Day-long Quirkshop Series: a diverse
array of creative conversations for face-to-face connection,
community-building, self-discovery and even a fun little sparky-spark
of networking flirtation.

WHAT: Wise Ass Wisdom's Day-long Quirkshop Series
WHEN: Saturday, April 29 - 10:30am - 6:30pm
WHERE: OneTaste Urban Retreat Center: 1074 Folsom St., SF
PRICE: $30-$60 sliding scale (no one thrown back for lack of funds)

Here's what the day will look like:

First choose from these workshops:
--Self-Empowerment Through Astrology
--Mask/Unmask: Explore Who We Are on the Outside and Inside
--Labor of Love: Creating Work that Reflects Our Values, Vision & Purpose

Then eat lunch with us.

Then choose from these workshops:
--Dance Massage
--Spiritual Applications of The Erotic Arts of Power Exchange
--NLP & Personal Evolution

Then end with an interactive project called Wise Ass Cafe, from one
of the founders of World Cafe.

For course descriptions and bios, go to

Wise Ass Wisdom is a group of artists, seekers, freaks and friends
inspiring individual and collective transformation.

Come connect with us as we celebrate the "A-HA!" experiences that
sproing us forward! Let's tinker with spirituality despite the
confusion of organized religion. Let's translate empowerment from the
new age-y dialect. Let's shoplift transformation from the self-help
sales craze. Let's swap tools to cobble together the lives we want.

Let's play with a purpose.

The sooner you reserve a seat for your glutinous maximus, the better
chance we can get you your top choices, so move it! To register, go to

We're also looking for volunteers to comp. Help us create a
fan-frickin-tastic experience for all. For more info, send us a quick
note at

Jason D. McClain | Evolutionary Guide™ | I.D.E.A. | 415/261.2867 | liberate at

# Sat, Apr 29, 2006      12:00 pm - 5:00 pm
3rd Annual Green Home EXPO Civic Center Park
Martin Luther King Jr. Way and Center St Berkeley

# April 29th - Brock Dolman
presentation about rehydration and water-management strategies.

# A Mighty Ruckus at Islais Creek Sat April 29 2p-10p FREE

San Francisco's local, non-profit, independent arts fixture, SF
IndieFest, announces its next event: the next edition of the bi-
annual rock and film street festival, A MIGHTY RUCKUS AT ISLAIS CREEK.

The Mighty Ruckus music and film festival will take place Saturday,
April 29 from 2p-10p at the Bay Area Motor Club, located at 1598
Custer Ave (near Third and Evans) in the industrial-fabulous Bayshore
district. The event will feature 12 bands on two stages (an Outdoor
Stage and The Rambler Stage, a stage built out of a panel truck), a
screening room for short films and videos, a rock poster art show, a
DJ lounge and a classic/custom car show.

The event is all ages and free to the public.

The lineup includes the bands Fabulous Disaster, Simon Stinger, The
Black Furies, The Insaints (LA) , Fleshies, Gooferman, Three Weeks
Clean, The Grannies, Lou Lou and the Guitarfish, Sloatbucket, The
Teenage Harlots and the Casey Neill Band from Portland.

"We have a great cross section of Bay Area rock n roll on display
that weekend" says festival founder Jeff Ross. "From the teenagers in
The Guitarfish to 80's punk legends The Insaints on a reunion tour."

In the DJ Lounge will be: Skip (New Wave City), Jenny Fake (Suicide
Club/Fake), Monkey (Pirate Cat Radio), Fletcher (Club ID), Fernando
(Rock of Ages), Tony (Drinks with Tony), Donimo (Shadowlounge), and
Hick Smokey (Drunken Monkey Lounge).

The screening room will be curated by SF IndieFest, Microcinema
International, Killing My Lobster's Hi/Lo Festival, Another Hole in
the Head and the Brainwash Film Festival.

Local artist Chris Shaw is curating the rock poster art show. Artists
involved are to be announced but the artists will be present at the

To be in the car show, bring a pre-69 classic or custom down to the
festival by 2p. In addition to the rock star parking, everybody in
the car gets free food/drink tix!

The event is sponsored by Live 105, The Bay Guardian, and The Bay
Area Motor Club. Pirate Cat Radio will live broadcast the entire
festival the day of the event on the air and online.

The first Mighty Ruckus at Islais Creek took place Sept 17, 2005 and
featured the bands Plastination, The Copper Tones, Riot A Go Go,
Radio Noise, Smash-up Derby, New Model Army (from the UK), Babyland
(LA), and F-Space. The screening room was curated by IndieFest,
MIcrocinema, Other Cinema, and the Found Footage Festival from
Brooklyn. The DJs were from some of the hottest rock n roll dance
clubs in the city. Over 500 people attended.

"It's kind of like the unwashed, black-sheep cousin of Coachella,"
continues Ross. He describes the Mighty Ruckus as the perfect
alternative to the big-dollar outdoor fests: "You could pay $165 to
go to Coachella with a couple hundred thousand sweaty teenagers, or,
you could come right down to Third and Evans, and enjoy some of the
best Bay Area bands for free."

The next Mighty Ruckus is scheduled for September 23, 2006.

Bay Area Motor Club
1598 Custer Ave at Rankin SF South of Cesar Chavez, West of Evans

Near Third and Evans Street. Islais Creek is the canal you cross over
on Third Street right passed Cesar Chavez.

info at 415.820.3907

# Press Release/Announcement - Demo/protest at Lantos office 4/29/06
Call to action:   Sidewalk picketing, speakers, and –
The Raging Grannies! Saturday, April 29th, 2006 from 3:00 to 4:30 PM
In front of Congressman Tom Lantos’ San Mateo office,
400 S. Ell Camino Real – corner of 4th & El Camino Real
Two specific issues will be featured in this protest/demonstration


“NO” to House Resolution 4681

Tom Lantos is one of the original three sponsors of HR4681 – the so-called, “Palestinian Anti-terrorism Act of 2006.”  This legislation is designed to further punish the Palestinian people as retribution for their having used their democratic right to vote for Hamas. This act severely restricts all much needed aid to the Palestinian people from both the European Union and various U.S. aid agencies.  According to Jewish Voice for Peace, passage of this bill “…will lead to desperation and rage and will therefore greatly increase the insecurity of Israelis.”  For more information, see: <> .  

Tom Lantos, as Chairman of the important House “International Relations Committee,” has undoubtedly been briefed on the Pentagon’s contingency plans for bombing—possibly nuclear bombing—of certain sites inside Iran which are related to nuclear fuel   production.  Lantos has seemingly not even entertained the idea that U.S. strikes on suspected Iranian nuclear facilities could very possibly be the precursor to a WW III.  More moderate voices must be heard in both of the above instances.  Negotiations must be pursued rather than more punishment, more destruction and more killing.
Peace activists from throughout the bay area will be notified of this demonstration sponsored by Peace Action of San Mateo County in cooperation with other peace and justice organizations.
Contact person:  Don Havis.  E-mail: donmtts [at] <mailto:donmtts [at]> .  Phone: (650) 344-1745.

# The Church of Stop Shopping - Rev. Billy
Sat, April 29   5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
After the Parade Revival PETALUMA
Walnut Park Gazebo, Corner of Petalum Blvd and "D" street, Petaluma, CA
Join us after the Butter and Egg Days Parade at Walnut Park for a gospel party revival. We will probably start around 6 or 6:30. Make a picnic out of it! FREE!

# in Sebastopol Spiritual Nutrition:
Six Foundations for Awakening and Liberation
with Gabriel Cousens MD
Saturday, April 29 - 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
SPIRITUAL NUTRITION Lecture, Questions & Answers
Peace Every Day Initiative Discussion
Shaktipat Meditation Book Signing
Harmony Community Room 400G Morris St. Sebastopol, 95472
Cost: $25 Advance, $30 At The Door

# 4/29 8pm-2am
The Finch Mob Gallery Premiere Exhibition
For its first exhibition, The FMAC will convert an erstwhile home into
The Finch Mob Gallery for the weekend of April 29th, 2006.

We will kick it off with a Gallery Opening Party on Saturday, April
29th, 2006 from 8pm-2am, followed by a Croquet Outing on Sunday,
starting at 2pm at the east end of the Panhandle, and host a Gallery
Exhibition and Performance Stage on Sunday from 5pm to 11pm. So,

Saturday, April 29th
8pm - 2am: Gallery Opening
1191 1/2 Oak St. @ Broderick, San Francisco

Sunday, April 30th
2pm - 5pm: Croquet in the Panhandle
Oak St. @ Baker, San Francisco
Attire: period costume, please!
Bring: croquet sets and mallets!

Sunday, April 30th
5pm - 11pm: Gallery Exhibition & Performance Stage
1191 1/2 Oak St. @ Broderick, San Francisco


Future Projects
In the future, The Finch Mob will take over other spaces, transforming
them into galleries for our shows, and courting new and known talent
from around the Bay Area to join us. In addition to our organized
exhibitions, we’ll also engage in not-so-random acts of art and mayhem,
including public performances, community support and outreach, civic
service, guerilla art activities, silent film festivals, and the like.
Visit to learn how you can participate.

The Official After-Party of the NEW LIVING EXPO
Saturday, April 29, 2006 from 8:30 pm -1 am
@ in San Francisco. 2050 Bryant @ 18th/19th St./ in the Mission


Emmet Brady and Christina Tuccillo are excited to invite you to their dance celebration!

INSPIRATION is a multi-media, participatory dance event and fund raiser designed to move and inspire our Bay Area friends and the guests of the New Living Expo. The party goes off Saturday night, April 29, 2006 @ CELLspace , located at 2050 Bryant Street in San Francisco.

Co-produced by People Magnet Events & Entertainment and Dancing Village Productions, in cooperation with the Northern California Dance Collective(NCDC), the party will feature deejayed music from around the globe blended with some of the Bay Area's finest performers and artists.

Guest speakers include Caroline Casey world-renowned visionary activist astrologer. Also presenting is Cory Richardson, visionary founder of the Action Hero Network, and organizer of one of the largest Hurricane Katrina relief efforts in New Orleans. **A PERCENTAGE OF THE PROCEEDS OF THIS EVENT WILL GO TO SUPPORT CORY’S RELIEF PROJECT.

Lydia's Lovin’ Foods of Marin will be serving an ala carte station of their world-class, intergalactically delicious raw food and luscious libations at the gathering.

This will be an alcohol-free event.

Outrageous attire and respectful absurdity encouraged for this event.

Couldn’t we all use a lot more INSPIRATION?
The New Living Expo will be held at the Concourse from April 28-30, 2006. The expo is the largest exploration of evolving world consciousness, featuring many of the country’s foremost progressive speakers and leading-edge radio personalities, over 300 exhibitors and 10,000 attendees.

WHEN Saturday 4/29, 8:30 pm-1:00 am

Doors open at 8:30 pm

Cory Richardson will present his video montage from 9-9:30 pm.

Caroline Casey will speak from 9:30-10:00 pm.

The jam will commence thereafter.
WHERE @ CELLspace, one mile from the Concourse at 2050 Bryant Street.
TICKETS $20 at the door.
Space is limited -- reserve tickets at tickets [at]

# ANON SALON bellys up to
285 9th St. (@ Folsom/SF)
Suggestive Donations:
$10 b4 10:30
$15 - Expanded Possibilities
$20 - Reduced Expectations
• MYCHO COCOA (Lighter Knights, The Fringe)
• ADNAN (Forward SF)
• TRACY (Raindance. EndUp, SFbyDEF)
• DOV (Muti-Music)
• BEATROPOLIS (Live groove ensemble)
• ArK47 (Reversible DJs)
• JANAKA (Dhamaal Sound System)
Plus the fabulous tantrikas from
• NIKKI LASTRETO/ Divine Portraits
(Bring your cameras!!)
• JOEGH B./ Lingeried Sensuwall
Airbrushed Booty Parlor
• OCEANA/ Painted Faces
• DEE DEE RUSSELL/ Goddess of Pink
• The (Once Again!) Re-Designed

# Supperclub & Tantra Present: Naked Tourist (Berlin) with Punkadelik art & fashion!
Saturday, April 29 11:00 PM Punkadelik After Dinner Party
Saturday, April 29, 11pm-6am supperclub san francisco 657 harrison @ 3rd


NAKED TOURIST (Parvati Records, Berlin) hear samples at
Liam Shy (Tantra)
KJ (Tantra)
Ricardo Cassetari (Dragonfly Records/INgrooves)


Irina Mikhailova (Interchill Records)
B. Smiley (Late Night Sneaky)
Saturnia (Celestial Dragon Records)

VIRTUAL PUNKADELIK ART SHOW - including custom Punkadelik animation by Dr. Spook,

supperclub and Tantra welcome you to an evening of elektrik art, music, fashion and performance, celebrating the release of Mad Different Methods by German psytrance artist Naked Tourist and the Punkadelik vision of Antoine Merger of France. supperclub staff as well as performers will adopt Punkadelik themed attire and we hope you will too. Arrive in Punkadelik fashion for $15 entry as well as be eligible for prizes for best Punkadelik attire. For this occasion, Spook will be preparing special animations of Punkadelik paintings, that will form the basis of a future animated Punkadelik DVD. Come early for dinner for the full on supperclub experience with a rare downtempo and psyhouse set by KJ.

Sound reinforcement by Tantra

View the flyer at

$20 at door, 21+
$15 in Punkadelik attire.
Prizes for most creative Punkadelik attire
Punkadelik Performances TBA

For dinner reservations call 415-348-0900 or visit

# 4/30 2pm Finch Mob Gallery Premiere Exhibition
April 29th & 30th, 2006
The Finch Mob Gallery
1191 1/2 Oak St. @ Broderick, San Francisco, CA

Saturday, April 29th 8pm-2am: Gallery Opening Party 1191 1/2 Oak
Sunday, April 30th 2pm-5pm: Croquet in the Panhandle (Oak & Baker)
Sunday, April 30th 5pm-11pm: Gallery Exhibition & Performance Stage 1191 1/2 Oak

The Finch Mob is a collection of artists, circus performers, musicians,
writers, and performance artists dedicated to co-inspired creativity,
and the cross-pollination of connected, impassioned artists. Join us
for our Gallery Exhibition Opening, featuring beautiful art, great
performances, and ripe opportunities to connect.

Sun Apr 30

# SUNSET Season Opener...THIS SUNDAY!!
* PacificSound * 415.820.1664 Hi Everyone,
Another amazing day on the Bay. Thanks for making such a wonderful excursion. It was definitely nice to be able to hang out on the outside decks and soak in the fresh spring air and beautiful sights of San Francisco.
This Sunday, we are on!! The weather seems to be getting nicer and nicer throughout the week. SO, let's do this.
Get your friends out of the house and come on down as we really bring in some fun in the sun. More info and directions on Friday. Spread the word and we'll see you all this Sunday...
SUNSET ~ Season Opener
Sunday, April 30th, 2006
Stafford Lake Park, Novato Ca.
10am - ??
All welcome **directions coming soon**
+ special guests:
RITHMA (Om Records, Terraform, Tweekin Records -
SEAN MURRAY(Renegade Sound)

# April 30th Hula Hooping in Dolores Park in our usual spot (between 19th & 20th st, and
between the playground & the street) from 2-5 pm. This will also mark the 3 YEAR
ANNIVERSARY OF BAH.( Look for more info on this soon) we're hoping for a huge turnout for
this day.

On May 7th everyone head over to the annual How Weird Faire located at 12th St & South Van
Ness. It'll be happening from noon to 8pm. It's $5 donation in costume, $10 if not. check out for more info and maps. I also heard that theres a mermaid parade happening
earlier that ends up at the faire, which you should consider even though it may not be ideal
hooping conditions.

So where do you want to hoop now that the rain has ended? Know any good spots? Post your
suggestions on here or on tribe!(preferably on tribe)

To subscribe to the Bay Area Hoopers list, send an email to:
bah-subscribe [at]


I am participating in this because I wish to live in a free country.

In a free county, in a civilized country, you will not suffer religious oppression or people forcing you to put your clothes on.

This is a very important 1st ammendment struggle.
And we've already won in SF!
The SF District Attorney has stated:
"There is no law against being naked in San Francisco unless you are lewd or blocking traffic."

# *FLASH* Mob Sun April 30 2:00pm- 2:45pm FREE

*FLASH* Mob Vernal RE-birth M'aidez!
Feeling conflicted? Disgusted by this regime's war on freedom, sex  
and everything else? Want to embrace the joy and passion of spring?  
Feel the need to get some things off your chest, and other places?  
Looking for some open, bare stripped-down creative expression? Need a  
little help feeling good in your skin?
*FLASH* Mob will be on April 30th so as not to conflict with the  
political actions on the 1st. (Support the anti-immigration law strike!)

Its a playful protest against the infringements on our sexual freedom!
It's a declaration of our sense of honesty, acceptance, openness and  
We are 100% volunteer and depend on your participation to sustain our efforts!


$190.00 donated
in the past month

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