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M3 reporting in the news of the week

by suspiscious
was there anything in the corporate media about this week?

articles with URLs:

Thursday, March 23, 2006 -

March 23rd is more than a normal day. A release from DownsizeDC serves as
a reminder that today the Federal Reserve stops publishing a statistic known
as M3 - the best information available on how much new currency is being
created and held around the world. The release points out that "The Federal
Reserve can create new dollars out of thin air. ... When more dollars are
created prices rise and the value of your savings fall."
As of today, the Fed has stopped publishing this data for public analysis, and
DownsizeDC is not alone in its suspicions about the reasons why. There have
been a spate of articles on the 'Net recently speculating about the Fed's fairly
dramatic move, some linking it to a possibile Iranian commodities bourse that
will offer an alternative to the so-called US petrodollar. "The Fed is planning to
do a lot of 'legal counterfeiting,' and wants to hide it," the release concludes.
The release also notes that Congressman Ron Paul [R-TX] has introduced
legislation to require the Fed to resume reporting the M3 statistic, and
Downsize urges taxpaying citizens to contact their own representatives to
support the bill called The Sunshine in Monetary Policy Act. - ST
staff reports - Free-Market News Network

found at


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Federal Reserve can create new dollars out of thin air. Much of the
federal government's deficit spending is funded with this "funny money."
When more dollars are created prices rise and the value of your savings fall.
Sadly ...

We believe the Federal Reserve is about to create a whole bunch of new
money. Why? Because, starting March 23 the Fed will stop publishing a
statistic called M3. M3 is the best guide to how much new currency the Fed is
creating. The only reason to stop publishing M3 is because ...

The Fed is planning to do a whole lot of "legal counterfeiting," and wants to
hide it. This is a direct threat to your budget and savings. It must be stopped.
Fortunately ...

Congressman Ron Paul is sponsoring legislation to force the Fed to continue
reporting M3. We need to force this legislation through Congress. It's the best
brake we have to stop inflation. And the brakes come off March 23.

Please send a message to Congress right now telling them to pass Ron
Paul's bill. You can do so here:

found at
The global monetary system is a debt-based system. All money in the world comes into existence at the time it is borrowed. Period. Interest due compounds over time and gets added to the price of goods and services, resulting in the exponential rise in the cost of living while diminishing real purchasing power.

This is not being a doom and gloomer, this is the reality of money mechanics.

Similar to learning a new software program before you can navigate it successfully, it is important to understand how the monetary system works in order to navigate it successfully. There is a blueprint! Due to the potentially negative impact this system can have on the individual's ability to keep up financially and stay sane in the process, the time has come to take economics back from the financial industry gurus. They are part of a self-serving profit making machine making the rich richer with little to no regard for what the average American and world citizen needs to get a life.

The financial system is man made, not like the air we breathe. It was designed to benefit those who created it and their associates, like any business. Most likely it will not change, but we as people can get smarter about how to counterbalance its erosive effect on our lives.

Economics trumps politics but people are the power!
by Daniel F
I believe that Wall Street needs to create enough money to cover up the sale of worthless securities, bonds and mortgages prior to the collapse of the dollar. They know the dollar is about to collapse in a massive inflation that will cut pensions and savings by 90% in value and wages by more than 50%. When it
is all over, they will reconvert their money from foreign currencies and commodities into a new dollar and buy up America for pennies on the dollar. There will be no middle calss and no small businesses. We will all work for WalMart. Look at the first articler in my blog:
by Stillman
Concerns about the coming deflation (this is what will happen after a hyper-inflationary period) are valid. The deflation will be massive and will ultimately lead to a new world (fiat) currency system run by the UN. There will be much pain and suffering as a result. This is ALL by design and has been in the news recently: (originally on Independent UK).
How many of you know about 'Redemption'?
This process, though it may be hard to understand for many of you, is the key to the federal (fiat) reserve fraud. This fraud has been foisted upon us since well before we were born and dates back to the BANKRUPTCY of 1933 and subsequent EMERGENCY WAR POWERS ACT.
EVERYTHING OPERATES IN COMMERCE. YOU are a COMMERCIAL transmitting utility for the CORPORATION known as the UNITED STATES (INC). All money is created off YOUR signature (Google 'Credit River Township Case').
The link below will inform you of what the REAL problems are.

May God give you the ability to see the truth.
by cornfused
Everyone assumes that the Fed is going to increase the M3.
But, what if the opposite is true?
Would'nt they want to cover their tracks?

Also, who actually controls the Fed?
by Paul Revere
The Fed is the Federal Reserve Bank, which is controlled by bankers in Europe.
The interest that the Government pays goes to them. (your tax money).
You know , the Bilderbergers and the Rockefellers are members and others.
So the U.S money supply is controlled by Europeans who periodically fleece the colonists.
Guess when the next fleecing is?
Guess who the colonists are?

by David Roblee (nim [at]
Identifying the who's what's and why's of all problems worldwide are simple to figure out.

The problem is the love of money as the global economic engine of growth. The problem makers are lovers of money. The problem consumers are brainwashed to be addicted to money.

All fraternal-jesuIT-masonik governments and their fraternal stooges are, in essence, monied risk manangement machines designed by lovers of money engaged in creating and implementing risk in order to control the created risk they create religiously for profit at our expense. In simpler terms, they are dealers in the drug of money, addicted to what they sell. Bloody money as bloody power.

Risk managers create bloody war for bloody profit in order to control the bloodied monied numbers of bloodied monied reality. This, is global capitalism, where humanity is considered a commodity of the economy and ITs economists, and where the health of the financial machine is more important than the health of humanity.

Think about IT for a moment...

Capitalism creates fear for profit.
Capitalism creates shortage[poverty] for profit.
Capitalism creates crime for profit.
Capitalism creates disease for profit.
Capitalism creates slavery for profit.
Capitalism creates lies for profit.

The capitalist creation of risk, fear, poverty, crime, slavery, lies and disease are jesuIT-masonik[zionist] historical trademarks and tools. Their end goal is to program humanity with zionist governmental monied lies [luciferian kapitalism] in order to create and control a luciferian money machined world where all are slaves to the luciferian nwo of global zionism[love of money]. [read protocols of zion]

In short, fraternal monied governments represent luciferian monied evil engaged in buying and selling souls at our expense.

Deny these assertions if one wishes. Doing so does not negate the TRUTH.

However, a viable solution is available I believe and is the reason for this post. The solution begins by talking about abolishing global usury for all in-common goods and services for the good of all our relations including you and yours. Boycott usury. Paying usury is paying to have organized criminals administer crimes against YOU.

All the above problems will be reduced and coupled with more prosperity for all when all in-common goods and services are usury-free. Apply usury for all un-common goods and services.

Or one can choose to remain brainwashed to defend their addiction to monied evil implemented by and through usury-based monied lies and ITs processed machined and canned reality created and told by monied liars enslaving YOU to ITs monied lies.

I choose freedom from usury enslavement through simple, viable, peaceful economic reform. Forgive, but never forget monied evil.

With that, what I believe to be a solution.

= = =


MISSION of YOUtopia: To forward and support in-common yearnings for peace, freedom, love, justice, understanding, prosperity, health, opportunity, and growth for the good of all our relations through the discussion and dissemination of simple, viable, peaceful, common-sensical economic reform designed to benefit everybody worldwide no matter their beliefs or belief system.

DESCRIPTION of YOUtopia: YOUtopia in practical terms is in essence an economic system designed to empower the active manifestation of dreams built on individual and collective philosophies and beliefs. The inhabitants of YOUtopia, are YOU, ME, US and THEM. In other words, WE EACH define YOUtopia according to OUR terms, dreams, needs, wants, and desires, BOTH individually AND collectively as co-inhabitants of YOUtopia. YOUtopia is grounded in the human condition and is designed to improve the human condition for all peoples worldwide through sound, viable, peaceful economic reform that is designed to improve living conditions for all life forms. YOUtopia is a TRUE global economic system that is designed to fill need, want, and desire at a highly reduced cost for the good of all our relations.

VIRTUES of YOUtopia: YOUtopia is anti-war, anti-poverty, anti-crime, anti-disease, and anti-usury. YOUtopia is pro-freedom, pro-peace, pro-growth, and pro-prosperity. YOUtopia is not a religion, a political movement or a cult. YOUtopia embraces self-expression, diversity and freedom for all. YOUtopia is also designed to empower growth for all, all at a lesser cost for all.

PHILOSOPHY of YOUtopia: In a phrase, freedom from monetary limitations imposed on peoples worldwide through centralized world banking cartels imposing monied policies, rules, laws, and practices implemented and institutionalized at the expense of others. The philosophy of YOUtopia simply put is to work together for the good of the all instead of the few through basic economic reform.

ECONOMIC SYSTEM of YOUtopia: YOUtopia is structured around simple concepts and ideas aimed to enable and empower all belief systems eqally and equitably for the good of all. The way to accomplish this seemingly daunting task is to seperate and expand the current global monied economic models into a simple yet effective two-tiered system based on the application of usury for all in-common and all un-common goods and services. In other words, all IN-COMMON goods and services would be usury-free and All UN-COMMON goods and services would not be usury-free. In simpler terms, money would remain for both tiers, usury would not.

BENEFITS of YOUtopia: The benefits of such a simplfied usury-reformation economic system are profound. Less monied war, poverty, crime, disease coupled with more freedom, opportunity, prosperity, growth for the good of all worldwide.

Ask: do you want more stuff for you and yours? Do you want a bigger better house? Do you want a bigger better car/truck? Do you want more cash in your pocket? Do you want more free time to enjoy more stuff? Do you want more prosperity? Do you want more opportunity? Do you want more efficiency? Do you want less disease, less war, less poverty, less suffering, and less confusion? Do you want future generations to grow up with unlimited potential? Do you want everyone to enjoy more freedom, peace, love, understanding, respect, prosperity, and growth for the good of all our relations or do you only want a select few to enjoy these benefits at your expense? If you want more good things, choose usury reformation and the above mentioned benefits will become manifest.
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