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In memory of those who have died in Iraq

by UK Independent (reposted)
No official organisation has collated the Iraqi dead. Here we list the 3,000 people known to have died - just one tenth of the most conservative estimates
Compiled by the Iraq Body Count project from media reports and the CIVIC survey (Iraq 2003)
Published: 20 March 2006


A prominent Iraqi journalist born of a Shia-Sunni mixed marriage, she was murdered along with two colleagues as they reported on the destruction of the al-Askariya shrine in Samarra in February. "She never talked about Kurds, Shias and Sunnis," said a colleague. "She always talked about Iraqis."


The eight-year-old Haifa, her four-year-old brother, Saad, and their friend, six-year-old Muhammad Salih Ali, gathered around a burned Humvee in Ramadi after a blast had killed five US and two Iraqi soldiers in October 2005. A US F-15 fighter then jet fired on the crowd. The US military said it had killed 70 insurgents, and knew of no civilian deaths.


The police cadet was at Baghdad's police academy in December 2005. Two hours after his arrival, suicide bombers blew themselves up, killing Hamza and 42 others. The attack was claimed by al-Qa'ida. Its internet statement said: " Two brothers targeted the police academy that continues to train dogs which feed off the blood and honour of Sunnis."


One morning in September 2005, the 19-year-old taxi driver drove his car down al-Arouba Square in the heavily Shia Kadimiyah neighbourhood. As he came towards a crowd of manual labourers queuing as they sought work in al-Arouba Square, a huge bomb blew up in a car next to them. At least 114 were killed.


Safa, 11, was left dying on a Baghdad hospital bed, bleeding internally after a fragment of an American bomb struck her in the stomach. Writhing in agony, four dirty scarves tied her wrists and ankles to her bed. A relative said: "She has been given 10 bottles of drugs and she has vomited them all up."


The 30 year-old Iraqi physician and translator was killed at a checkpoint on 24 June in Amariyah, Baghdad, on his day off. He was going to get petrol so he could take his wife and daughter swimming when a sniper - believed to be a US soldier - shot him. No warning shots were fired.


The judge and his son, Aryan Barwez al-Merwani, a lawyer, were walking outside their home in Baghdad's northern Azamyiah district when they were both shot and killed on 2 March. They were working for the special tribunal that is trying Saddam Hussein and his colleagues.


On 14 July 2005, Yassin al-Sammerai, a second grade schoolboy, was spending the night with friends. It was hot, so they decided to sleep outside. At 3.30am, a US Bradley

armoured vehicle reportedly burst through the gate, drove over a wall and crushed them. Yassin was lying crushed under the vehicle for 17 minutes before he was pulled out dead.


Sabr Karim, a Shia, worked for the Industry Ministry for 30 years until July 2004, when two gunmen in a pick-up coolly fired two bullets into his stomach and two into his head. His children found him lying on the pavement, one leg still in his car. "He was a very honest guy," his brother Yahyia said. "He read law books and he went to the mosque."

Mohamed Ali Nsaef al-Shimeri

A businessman, construction engineer and father of three young children, he was driving to the Mosque of the Mother of All Battles in Baghdad in October 2004 when his vehicle was struck by another car. Four men got out and beat him with their guns. When he fell to the ground, the men shot him in the chest and stole his car.


In the approach to the January 2005 elections, Brigadier Nayef, deputy head of the Baghdad police, and his son, Lieutenant Khaled Amer, were driving to work in an unmarked Nissan Maxima car. Two cars full of gunmen came up behind them and riddled their car with bullets, killing them both. As usual, it was an inside job by the insurgents.


A knock on the door summoned the National Assembly member to her death. Unlike many Assembly members, she did not employ a permanent security detail and was alone in her home in eastern Baghdad on 27 April last year. As she opened the door she was cut down by a hail of bullets.

FEBRUARY 2006 Hanash al-Moussaoui*Ra'ed Ahmad*Mendez al Khafaji*Mukhaibir al-Alwani*Ali Hussein Youris*Yunes Omar*Hussein Sarhan al-Hiyali*Arkan Ali Sulaiman*Sahib Amin*Mahdi Mutlak*Karim Selman al-Zaidi*Khudir Abbas al-Obeidi*Khalid Abdullah*Shirzad Najm Jirgis*Ahmed Abdul Wahab Saleh al-Juburi*Nizam Qadir*Kamal Shakir A-Nazzal A-Duleimi*Hussein Ali Lazem*Walid Zamil*Karim Salaman*Nazar Younis Khalil*Ibrahim Ali*Ikhlas Abdul-Hussein

JANUARY 2006Taha al-Juburi*Fadi Raad*Abdul Razak al-Na'as*Mahmoud Badawi or Mahmoud Idham*Ali Khalaf*Qasim Khalaf*Faiz Abdul Amir al-Mussawi*Othman Majeed Rasheed*Joma'a Rashid Abdallah*Karim Jassim Mohammed*Mahmud Zaal*Zamil Chyad*Hamza Hussein*Naji Mohammed al-Eithaw*Ismail Mohsen*Jasim Muhammad*Sayed Ibrahim Al-Ali al-Nuaimi and son, Ayad*Abdel Rahman Ahmed*Abdoun Hmood*Muhammed Saddak al-Battah*Naser Abdul Karim al-Miklif*Muhammad Mahrus Muhammad*Qahtan Mohammed*Salim Budaywi*Ahmed Thanun*Hadi al-Wa'ili*Khalaf Rashid*Baha Hassan*Allan Enwiyah*Ali Hussein*Muhammed Saadi*Rahim Ali Sudani*Mohammed Al-Bakka*Emad Aziz al-Badri

DECEMBER 2005 Haider Ali Saled*Khalid Muhammad*Fattah Dabhawi*Suad Jaafari*Noufel Ahmed Hassan*Salman Jadr*Fawzi Ali Uklaa*Qusay Salah al-Din Isama'il*Khazaal Jasib al-Saiedi*Basaam Abdelkadim*Muchref Ibrahim Khalil*Dhiab Hamad al-Hamdani and son, Munah*Mizhar al-Dulaimi*Ghazi Hiba*Hamza Hussein Fadel*Tahseen Wali*Shahla al-Marie*Mushir Ahmed*Ammar Kamil Ashur*Abdul Razzaq Abdul al-Latif*Abdel Salam Abdel Hussein Al Maliki*Ahmad Sha'lan al-Darraji

NOVEMBER 2005 Sayf Abdallah*Bashir Hadi Fakhreddine*Ayad al-Izzi*Ali al-Isawi*Muqdad Muhsin*Akeel al-Anbari*Yahya Gulamali*Husain Mohammedali*Saifuddin Makai*Hamza Abbas*Ali Jasim*Nadir Karim*Jafar Muhammad*Moayad Jabir*Adnan Khahtan al-Jarah*Eng Asi Ali Wali*Ibrahim Saleh Othman*Mahdi Kassem*Khadim Sarhid Hemaiyem and three sons*Radi Ismail Jouwad*Khalil Ibrahim*Ahmed Ameen*Abed Qadim al-Hamrani*Nasir Hamid Bunni*Ali Abdu Salaam*Jasim al-Fahdawi*Yasser Salah al-Samarrai*Wathiq Abdullah al-Kadouri*Nabil Shamoon*Haider Mohammed*Ghanem Mohammed*Mahmoud Qassim and brother*Adel Muhammad al-Zubaidi*Ahmad Rashid al-Rawi*Ahmed Hussein Maliiki

OCTOBER 2005 Ghalib Abdul-Mahdi*Wissam Ghannawi Karkhi*Mikhail Eros*Mahdi Hussein*Nabeel Yasser al-Musawi*Ali Jassin*Wasif Lazim Shawka*Ardjman Abdullah or Arjoman Saed*Mohammed Mustafa*Mohammed Ali Naama*Ahmed Alrahman *Falih Hassan Khalil*Saad Chasib*Haitham Akram and sons*Saadoun Janabi*Hakim Mirza*Iyad Abdul Ghani Yusuf*Talib al-Dulaimi*Mohammed Haroun Hassan*Hossein Ali*Saad al-Mehdawi*Umran Hamed*Hikmet Mumtaz al-Baz*Abdul Majid Ahmed*Hakki Ismail*Nabiel Sharaf Aldeen and daughter*Nafi'a Aziz and son, Ahmed*Safaa Mohammed Jassim*Saleh Hassan Ayash

SEPTEMBER 2005 Ali Mayeh Rahim*Sadiq Jabir al-Sa'di*Hatem Fewzi*Ashraf Jalal Rahman*Ra'ad Khalil Hannun*Fadhel Mohammed Jawad*Muhsin Akmosh Al-Timimi and sons*Ali Salim*Ali Abdul Ridha*Ahlam Youssef*Firas Maadidi*Fakher Haidar al-Tamimi*Firas Raad*Yeheya Dakel, son of Maher and Mona *Mona Dakel*Faris Nasser Hussein*Mohammed Ali al-Khatab*Sabah Mohssin*Amer Mohammed al-Khafagi*Hind Ismail*Fadil al-Lami*Mehdi al-Attar*Hikmat Hussein Ali*Mahdi al-Attar*Saif Kadhum Rahim*Tahseen Rashid*Hossein Rashid*Ali Hamid*Muhammad Kadhum al-Musawi*Mohammed al-Azawi*Hashim al-Khashali*Abdulhasan Abbass*Imad Ismael*Hadi Hassan Omran

AUGUST 2005 Ridha Mohammed Flayih*Othman al-Ubeydi*Mother of Rashida Ibrahim*Humam Najum*Amin Jabail*Dhiya Hilal*Nu'man Selman Thabit*Mohammed Radhi al-Hayderi*Waleed Khaled*Raed Mahmud*Omar Muaid*Zaiki Ibrahim*Farid Jabouri*Yasser Abed Moussa*Nasir Jabur*Aswad Omar Nayef*Jassem Dowaij*Abu Zahra*Abu Shahad*Ali al-Shimmari*Mohammad Hussein*Hamid Mahmoud*Said Adib Touma*Haidir Mizhir Salih*Abbas Ibrahim Mohammed*Nasser Al-Zabeidi*Hussein Ali al-Juburi*Abbas Mahmoud*Khalid al-Saaidi*Saad al-Shumari*Haidar Mohammed Ali al Dujaili*Stephen Vincent*Haider Mizhir Hamid*Abdul Hassan Mehdi*Akil al-Mahadidi

JULY 2005 Zaid Meerwali*Arif Mahmud Muhammad*Hussein Mosleh, his wife and children*Faisal Saad Essa*Mahmoud Hamad al-Zawbaie*Mahir Yassin*Nour -al-Din Mohammed*Imad Hatem Khalaf*Taha Hussein al-Handeira al-Bazi*Adnan al Bayaty*Khalis al-Hallub*Jasim al-Mutairi*Sally Abdul-Wahab*Abdul Qadir Whayib Ali*Azzedine Belkadi*Ali Belarouci*Azis Jehanhad*Ali Abdullah*Mahir al Dulaimi*Hussein al-Daraji*Ahmed Ali Abdulla*Dhamin Hussein al-Obeidi*Aziz Ibrahim*Mijbil Issa*Abdul Ghani Naimi*Alaa Dawoud Salman*Nurredin Ahmed*Ahmed Khalaf*Hamza Firas Khuzai*Hassan Hashim*Amjad Kudeer*Yousef Adel Saleem*Mohammed Hamed*Alaa Mohammed*Mohammed Radhi*Amer Mozar or Amir Mirza*Ali Younis al-Shama*Dia Mohammed al-Janabi*Jumhour Karim Khammas*Ali Shakir*Hashim Attiya al-Fadhli*Ihab al-Sherif*Ali Ghalib Ibrahim*Jirjis Mohammed Amin*Abdul Kareem Suleiman*Ahmed Mouayyad*Abdul Kadhum Abdullah*Adil al-Janabi*Anwar al-Turky*Kamaleddin al-Ghuraifi*Khaleb Sabih al Attar

JUNE 2005 Taher Kadhem al-Rubayee*Dhari Ali al-Fayadh and son, Adham*Shakir Abd al-Fatah*Ahmad Wail Bakri*Abdel Rahman Saddam*Maha Ibrahim*Riyad Abdul Karim*Mohammed Sumaidaie*Yasser Salihee*Sameer Baghdadi*Fadhel Oda Lueibi*Zahra Hamood Issa*Leith Hassan*Majid Faisl Aziz*Jassim al-Issawi and son, Mohammed*Abdul Sattar Khazraji*Subhi Abdullah*Anwar Haji Othman*Alaa Bahnam Shamoun*Mundher al-Bayati*Ulla Tahir*Salem Mahmoud al-Haj Ali*Khalid Ahmed*Naseh Mohie al-Deen*Athra Zughair*Ahmed Adnan*Muhammad Khalaf*Saadi Khalaf*Abd al-Karim al-Daraji*Ghanem Jayad Jabbar*Rahim Othman Said*Mustafa Ashraf*Mohammed Haider*Zaki Jawad*Kazem Shelash*Salaam Abdul-Kareem al-Kerdisi*Sabah Qara Alton*Razzouq Mohammed Ibrahim*Ali Abdel Hussein*Hussein Alwan al-Thamimi*Mohamed Khairi*Sabaa Haitham

MAY 2005 Jerges Mohammed Sultan*Sawan Ali al-Qaissi*Raja Nawaf Farhan al-Mahalawi*Bishar Abdul Karim al-Dobradani*Ahmed al-Barazanchi*Safaa Nashaat*Sabhan Khalaf al-Jibouri*Qasim al-Kawak*Fakri Abed al-Amri*Mussa Salum Abbas*Samir Nima Ghaidan*Muklef Mussa or Mikhlif Khalaf*Wael al-Rubaei*Ali Mousa Salman*Sayid Mohammed al-Allaf*Ali Hamid Alwan al-Dulaimy*Omar Majeed Shakir al-Dosh*Qasim Mohammed Azzawi*Ali Mutib Sakr*Ibrahim Khamas*Mohammed Tahir al-Allaq*Salah Niyazi*Muwaffaq Mansour or Sayyed Muwaffaq Mansur al-Samuwi*Mani Hassan*Omar Hashim*Nazhan Khaled al-Sarrai*Kanis Mohammed al-Janabi and three sons*Najat Saadoun*Samir Khudhair Abbas al-Anbari*Hassan Nuaimi*Mahdi Abu Maali and son, Hani*Qassim al-Gharawi*Jassam Mohammed al-Lahibi*Razzaq Ubaid Hinaidi*Jasim Muhammad Ghiri*Fadel Muhammad Mubarak al-Taei*Jamal Ahmed Hussein*Ahmed Jihad*Zoba Yass or Zawba' Al-Ma'ini*Ahmed Jasim*Ahmed Subeih Weiss*Masar Sarhan*Amir Ali Hamza*Ahmed al-Lu'aibi or Ali al-Aybi

APRIL 2005 Rahim Ali Jum'a*Nawal Ghareeb*Alaa Khalil Ibrahim*Qassem Abdul Majid*Lamia Abed Khadouri al-Sakri*Saleh Ibrahim*Khalid Najim Abdallah*Bassem Shaker*Ali Talib*Abdulal al-Batat*Fuad Ibrahim Muhammad al-Bayati*Husain Hatu al-Jibairi*Karim Assaf*Yunis Muhammad Sulaiman*Faiz Ali Salim*Marla Ruzicka*Shamal Abdullah Assad*Ali Ibrahim Isa*Fadhil Hazem Fadhil*Firas Hussein*Abdul Aziz Farman*Ziad al-Joghaithi*Sayed Fadel al-Shoq*Salim Hilal*Hilal Karim*Hasib Zamil Lafta*Hatem Rashid Mohammad

MARCH 2005 Ibrahim Amir*Hamid Hassan Khalf*Nour Karim Nour*Abdul Karim Fahad Abbass*Husam Hussein*Mohamed Sadun Zaidun*Ahmed Ali Kadim*Walid Kashmoula*Abdul Rahman al-Samaraie*Waed Yussuf Yacoub or Yussef al-Chalabi*Hussam Hilal Sarsam*Moiyad Ibrahim al-Muslah*Hamad Suhail*Laik Ibrahim*Ali Kadhem Mohammed*Sajed Radi Ali*Brig. Gen. Jawad Kadhim*Hana Abdul Qader*Abdul Moneem Abdul Amir*Colonel Ghaib Hadab Zarib*Sheik Saad Kamil*Aryan Barwez al-Merwani*Barwez Mohammed Mahmoud al-Merwani

FEBRUARY 2005 Mahmoud Obad*Ali Abdul Qadir Dewan*Salman Abderahman*Saad Abbas Hassan*Col. Jameel Najm Abid*Khalil Ali Shuker*Falah Rasheed*Shahid Sa'd*Iyad Sami*Lieutenant Colonel Essam Fathi*Raeda Wazzan*Imad Kazim*Sheikh Mohammed Rustum Abdul Rahman*Baha al-Jazaeri*Haidar al-Jazaeri*Haider Kadhim*Fa'iz al-Ashbal*Jassim Mohammed Mousa al-Daraji*Aidi Mahaissen Lefteh*Ali Adnan Latif al-Alawi*Majbal Adnan Latif al-Alawi*Salah, son of Hassan Khiwaet Ghali*Hassan Khiwaet Ghali,*Taha al-Amiri*Abdul Rehman*Ali Salim*Karrar Khazal or Mohammed el-Fayath, Abdul Hussein Khazal, and son*Ahmed Abdelkader Abed*Abbas Hasan Waheed*Abdulrazak Karim al Douri

JANUARY 2005 Naim Rahim Yacoubi*Hussein Kadhum*Khalil Ismail*Talib Minshid*Qais Hashim Shameri*Safa Mahmood*Kamila Hassan*Hussein Hassan*Nayif Ratif*Shaker Jabbar Sahl*Alaa Hamid*Shakir Aboud*Riad Radi*Younes Idris Al-Hiyali*Ali Al-Khatib*Salem Jaafar al-Kanini*Mohammed Jassem Oubadi*Mouayad Sami*Halim al-Afghani*Jawad Ibrahim*Sheik Mahmoud al-Madaen, and son*Brigadier Amer Nayef and son, Khalid*Colonel Mohamed Mudhafir al-Badri*Midhat al-Ubaidi*Jasim al-Khirbit*Abd-Ahmad al-Assafi*Falah Hassan*Abboud Khalaf al-Lahibi*Abdel Karim*Khalifa Hussein*Ali al-Haidari*Ali Herdan*Colonel Abdel Karim Riyadh*Muhammad Abul Mutallib*Sadiq Abdul Hussein*Karim Ismael Hashem*Nawfal Abdel Hussein

DECEMBER 2004 Sabih Katta*Na'em Muhanad Abdullah*Moayyad Hardan al-Issawi*Bashir Jassim*Col. Yassin Ibrahim Jawad*Mohammed Abd Al-Hussein*Hasan Abdul-Ghani al-Rubaei*Ali Muhammad*Jalil Ibrahim*Sheikh Mowaffak al-Douri.*Sheikh Zeid Khalifa Mohsen al-Beni-Waiys*Wijdan Al-Khuzaie*Hazem Daraa*Talib Ibrahim al-Dahir*Sami Moussa*Mahdi Sabah*Hatem Ali Hadi al Mosawi*Qassem Mihawi*Dr. Sinan Salem Salo*Col. Abdul Kahreem Farhan*Col. Razaq Adbul Kahreen*Colonel Najeeb al-Joubouri*Salim al-Yaqoubi*Sheik Ammar al-Jibouri*Omar Abdul Aziz Rashid*Sattar Jabbar Al-Mishari*Ali Hashim*Saleh Mehdi Yassin*Rasul Ahmed

NOVEMBER 2004 Muneer Jaber*Luma Hadi*Sheik Ghalib Ali al-Zuhairi*Sheik Faidh Mohamed Amin al Faidhi*Amal Abdul-Hameed*Shakra Ahmad Husain*Waddah Hassan Abdel-Amir*Qassim Mohammed*Maj. Hadi Refeidi*Margaret Hassan*Brigadier Mowaffaq Mohammed Dahham*Mustafa Sheriff*Saluan al-Kubaissy*Hamid Rabia*Muhammad Abbas*Omar Ahmed*Ali Amini*Omar Mahmoud*Sami Omar*Ghaith Aboud, and brother*Kamil Iliyan*Dureid Mohammed*Shihab Ahmed*Jassim Mohammed*Youssef Ahmed*Sheikh Khamis Futaikhan*Jassem Ali*Hussein Ali al-Fatal*Capt. Aisar Khalil Abdul*Hazima MohsenLt. *Col. Athir al-Khazraji*Dhia Najam*Hassan Kamel Abdel Fattah

OCTOBER 2004 Hassan Alwain Al Dehlegi*Aqil Hamid al-Adili*Nasrallah al-Dawudi*Leqaa Abdul Razzaq*Qussay Mehdi*Dhari Ali*Sayyed Saher*Ahmed Ismail*Karam Hussein*Dina Mohammed Hassan*Hasan al-Bayati*Nouri al-Rubaie*Abdul Majeed al-Antar*Layla Awad and son, Ali Khalad*Kadhim Ahmed Hussein and son, Jawad*Ali Hussein*Issam Ali*Khalid al-Dibardan*Ateka Saleem or Al-Jabouri, her husband and son*Ikhlas Ghalib*Thamir Abdul-Latif*Daud Mohammed al-Tai

SEPTEMBER 2004 Abdel Ghani Mijbas, and son*Mohammed Hoshyar*children of Mahmoud Zawbae*Wife of Mahmoud Zawbae*Mahmoud Zawbae, his wife and children*Salman Turki al-Shamani*Sana Toma*Sheik Mohammed Jadoa al-Janabi*Sheikh Hazem al-Zaidi*Sheik Khadem al-Hani*Mazin al-Tumaidi*Lt. Maher Mohammed Abbass*Col. Alaa Adeen Bashir*Bassem Mohammed*Leith Dureid Kashmula*AbdelKarim al-Sadoun*Mohammed Toki Hussein al-Talakani*Ismail Taher Mohsin

AUGUST 2004 Sayed Bashir al-Jazaeri*Iman Abdul Moneam Younis*Najwa Salman*Razzaq Salman*Radhi Salman*Shezad Hussein Ali al-Jabari*Lt. Col. Saad Smayer*Enzo Baldoni*Mohammed Ghareeb Ramadan*Qassim Hassan*Mahmoud Hamid Abbas*Ali al-Khalisi*Mouyad Mohammed Bashar*Namir Georgis and son, Rafid*Ferase Jalou

JULY 2004 Isma'il Al-Kilabi*Udai Saddam*Selman Hassan Salume*Kassem el-Obaidi*Musab al-Awadi*Khaled Dawoud and son*Yasir Ahmed Ismail*Luay Abdullah*Leila Zechi, and two daughters*Ala'a Hussein*Sattar Khalil and two brothers*Hazim al-Aynachi*Leith Hussein Ali*Wissam Khudair*Nafi al-Kubaisi*Sheikh Abdul Samad Ismail al-Adhami*Colonel Rahim Ali*Osama Youssef Kashmoula*Sabir Karim*Abd el-Oun Hassan*Hiwa Omar Said*Ali Abbas Hassan*Hussein Amer Ali Suleiman*Ihsan Kareem

JUNE 2004 Yunes Mohamed Ali*Abu Fares and sons*Layla Abdullah Saeed*Ghazi Talabani*Sabri al-Bayati*Kamal al-Jarah*Raja Mohammed Ali*Samah Hussein*Bassam Salih Kubba*Dalil Jabir*Sheikh Iyad Kurshid Abdel Razzak*Abdel Karim Jassem*Jawad Kassem Hamadi*Juma Hussan*Bassim Muhammad Tahresh*Hammid al-Muthair*Salaah al-Zeidan

MAY 2004 Sabiha Aref*Hamida Abbas Awda*General Saber Mohammed Saber, his wife, son and sister*Kotaro Ogawa*Shinsuke Hashida*Ali Abbas al Nidawi*Karim Abed Ali*Rashid Hamid Wali*Nazar al-Khalid*Hamid Abdullah*Anmar, assistant to Yasser Shawkat Abdulla*Yasser Shawkat Abdullah*Mohammed Ali, brother of Hussein Ali*Hussein Ali*Hamza Rekaad*Ali Rekaad*Fatima Rekaad*Zahra Rekaad*Rabha Rekaad*Hamda Suleiman*Amal Rekaad, and two daughters*Fatima Madhi and four children*Saad Mohammed Rekaad*Daham Rekaad*Mizhir Rekaad*Talib Rekaad*Ahmed Rekaad*Mohammad Rekaad*Sajid Kadhum Bouri al-Bawi*Abdul Zahra Othman Mohammad*Mohammed Abhassan Imshani*Fazil Namik*Mustafa Kemal Yaycili*Roukan Mughir and daughter*Colonel Ali al-Azzawi*Mounir Bouamrane*Waldemar Milewicz*Aiwa Najib Hamas

APRIL 2004 Zawadi Shaadi*Ahmad Al-Khazraji*Isra Qaisar*Hussein Saleh*Asaad Kadhim*Khalil Naimi*Hassan Ali*Hatem Sultan*Barzan Omar Ahmad*Sayyed Murtada al-Musawi*Hussein Mohammad Jergi*Jabul Nezzar Raad*Nazar Allawi Mahedi*Asmaa Almwan*Issam Shaker*Kalif Ali*Abu Abdullah*Amal Alawi*Nephew of Umm Khaled*Thaer Ahmed*Wisam Hussain*Mohannad Abdel-Rahman,*Haqi Ismail*Nasser Hussein*Abu Ibrahim*Mushref Mohi*Lieutenant Colonel Usama al-Hussein*Col. Saeed al-Tiryak

MARCH 2004 Adil Salih Hassan*Shahir Mahmoud Maklif*Burhan Mohammed Mazhour*Abdel Samad Tikriti*Omar Hashim Kamal*Lieutenant Colonel Yaseen Khudeir*Ali Kazem or Ahmed Kadhim*Azam Issam*Mohammed Omer Abdullah*Abdel Amir al-Rubaie*Ali al-Khatib*Ali Abdul Aziz*Ragheib Radhi*David McDonnall*Karen Watson*Agar al-Tawil*Hayder Abdul Kareen al-Qizwini*Laith Jalal Hamed*Likaa Abdel-Karim*Shamia Abdel-Karim*Selwa Ourmashe*Wurya Majeed*Rangin Hama Ghareeb*Akram Mahmoud Nijim*Sheikh Ali Zahabi*Selwan Abdelghani Medhi al-Niemi and daughter

FEBRUARY 2004 Harun Hayden*Ali Hamada*Colonel Basel Abdel Aziz*Brigadier Hikmat Mohammed*Gen. Abd al-Illah Hussein Al-Annaz*Hoda Abdulkarim Abbas*Sheikh Thaher Suleiman al-Dhari*Hashem Rajeh Aqaw*Mustafa Mohammed Saleh*John Kelley*Hussein Abdul Fattah,*Ali Bakr*Bassam Sami Awwad*Ismail Sheikh Mohammed*Jafer Abdulmajid Bilbas*Said Miheded Qoritani*Nebez Aziz*Ziryan Basim Hasan*Basim Hasan Ahmed*Mohammed Abdulxaliq*Marouf Abdulxeni*Kanebi Usman Rasoul*Joutyar Abdullah Suleiman*Abdullah Suleiman Khidir*Hasan Pire*Hedi Cebar Marouf*Reza Hemeemin Reza*Ali Mohammed Bira*Hashim Aziz Rashid*Cimshid Khorshid Rashid*Nasih Selim Bilbas*Haci Lokman Umer*Adnan Mohammed Aziz*Mam Muslih Abdullah Ahmed*Idris Mohammed Asad*Birrwa Khalil Hidayet*Hiwa Tariq Ibrahim*Hogir Faruq*Hawar Rahman*Hasan Hussein*Yusif Mustafa*Qadir Qerechux*Mohammed Aziz*Xebat Sharif Taha*Aziz Abdullah Aziz*Sebah Haydar Ali*Tariq Ibrahim*Abubakir Anwer*Abdulqadir Usman*Abdulkhaliq Umer Abdullah*Selah Selim Seydok*Sheikhe Sherif Taha*Abubakir Ahmed Selim*Muslih Abdullah Ahmed*Fariq Tofiq Ahmed*Helmet Ibrahim*Shewkat Akalin*Dara Mohammed Jaf*Simko Karim Mihyedin*Jewdet Ahmed Naci*Aziz Anwer*Hogir Sheikh Reqib*Zirar Ubeid Shukir*Yasin Shero*Shuwan Heme Salih Ahmed*Majid Mewlud*Mullah Abdullah*Azia Hussein Khidir*Selah Sami Abdulrahman*Hasan Ahmed Khaylani*Hemin Heme Salih*Kameran Mohammed Umer*Ferhad Ahmned Abid*Abdulsetar Karim*Sefir Mustafa*Xerib Mohammed Salih*Ayub Mohammed Salih*Abdulwahid Mustafa*Anwar Mohammedemin*Joutyar Shemsedin*Fuad Jawhar*Fatih Aziz*Khesro Ismail Gezneyi*Jalil Rewend Xidir*Hasan Banimarani*Shuwan Said Kake*Mahdid Heme Ismail*Khalid Mela Numan*Zerdesht Mahdi Khoshnaw*Mahir Qereni Ismail*Kheshrew Osman*Wurya Qadir Sadi*Bakir Mohammed Said*Aso Sabir*Didewan Saik Mohammed*Behrouz Qeshqe*Shakhawan Abbas*Kheshro Hadi Shera*Nariman Abdulhamid*Nawzad Rajab*Mahmoud Halo*Mahdi Khoshnaw*Ahmed Rozbayani*Saad Abdullah Othman*Shawkat Sheikh Ezzedin*Sami Abdulrahman

JANUARY 2004 Munim al-Izmerly*Hadi Abd Shehab*Hammad Naif Ermil*Ghassan Adnan*Yasser Khatab*Duraid Isa Mohammed*Shaker Jassem Ajeel*Yasser Aboud*Ibrahim Khaled*Hakam Hilmi*Sona Noubar*Askhik Varojan*Nadia Shaba*Major Mohamed Shaban Al-Nassari*Abdelatif Al Mayah*Haidar Khodayr*Ahmed Naji*Sahan or Sahar Adnan*Mustafa Jamal Shaikly*Ibrahim Hadi*Ardi Ali*Hadi Saleh*Abbas Kadhim*Ahmed Hassan Faroud*Omar Mahmoud Abdallah*Zaidoun Fadel Hassoun*Ghanem Kaghan Gatteh a l-Roaimi*Abbas Omar Mohammad

DECEMBER 2003 Adel Jabar Abid Mustafa*Ali Bassil Qassim*Sejjad al-Sharifi*Adil Hadidi*Muhammed Sadim al-Zuweidy*Saad Talal*Sheik Talal al-Khalidi*Bashir Toma Elias*Youssef Khoshi*Mehdi al-Jamal*Ali Qassem al-Tamimi*Muhannad al-Hakim*Ali Al-Zalimi*Rabee Adnan Ismail al Dabagh*Muhannad al-Hakim*Ismael Humayed*Usama*Bilal Hindawi*Umar Abd al-Wahhab*Uthman al-Nuaiman*Captain Fallah Khadduri*General Khalaf Alussi*Omar Saleh*Sheik Abdel Razzaq al-Lami

NOVEMBER 2003 Amira Mahdi Saleh or Ameera Sahil*Hossam Shakir al-Douri*Abdullah Amin al-Kurdi*Hamid Ali*Fathollah Hejazi or Falah Ala Majazi*Katsuhiko Oku*Masamori Inoue*Jerjees Sulaiman Zura*Riad Khalas Abd Allah*Gen. Abed Hamed Mowhoush*Hussein Kamel Hadi Dawood al-Zubeidi*Ali Karim Abbas*Abdel Salam Qanbar*Ibtihal Abdul-Rihman*Ali Khaleel*Abbas Ghaidan*Nozad Ahmed*Nassir Ali Hussein Marzeh*Sargoun Nanou Murado*Hussein Ali*Hamud Kazem al-Muhmadawi*Peter Varga-Balazs*Akil Hussain Naim*Amaar Farman*Hussein Wahid*Wahid al-Jumaidy*Majeed al-Jumaidy, father of Khalid*Khalid Majeed Khalid al-Jumaidy*Hanan Shmailawi*Ali Mohammed Zibari*Mohannad Ghazi al Kaabi*Mohammed Abdul Ridha Salim*Munadel al-Jumeili*Ismail Yussef Saddek*Hussein Ahmed Shehab*Mohan Jaber al-Shoueili*Mustafa Zaidan al-Khaleefa*Aidan Ezzedin*Daoud Yass*Arkan Yass*Salman Yass

OCTOBER 2003 Ziad Yass Abbas*Shaker Hekmat*Ahmed Shawkat*Omar Ahmed*Faris Abdul Razzaq Assam*Hamid Haadi al-Ay'bi*Muhammad Jawrani, his wife and daughter*Nazem Baji*Marwan Hayad al-Issawi*Jihan Omran*Alaa Abdel Kader*Haidar al-Baaj*Dhiya Khalaf*Raed Kamel Mahdi*Ahmed Abdel al-Sattar

SEPTEMBER 2003 Husayn Dakhil Ahmad*Jabbar Ali Mohammed*Zaid Ali Kadem Hamza*Khalil Jadduh al-Juleimi*Beijah al Juleimi*Amal al-Juleimi*Zamal Jamil al-Juleimi*Dureid Hassan Alwan * Mohamed Baaker Ali Kadem*Amani Kher Seddan*Khedra Henefer Abed*Maneaa Thamer Shadhaan*Zaynab Thamer Shadhaan*Zena Nawaaf Jabor*Abdalla Jabor Seddan*Ali Hadey Bekaan*Kusay Nemaa Thamer*Muthana Eyaal Naser*Raheem Juwaad Abaas*Saad Thamer Shadhaan*Safaa Abaas Hatef*Shaheed Jafaar Radhey*Adel Ismail*Mazen Shoukr*Salem Khalil Jumaili*Saadi Fayad Jumaili*Ali Khalaf Jumaili*Saad Mohamed Sultan*Baha Salim Musa*Sufyan Daoud al-Kubaisi*Sami Hassan Saref*Hassan Ali Ahmad*Ian Rimell*Omar Saad Jassem*Mardan Muhammad Hassan*Farah Fahdil

AUGUST 2003 Mohammed Baquir al-Hakim*Walid Fayay Mazban*Hanan Saleh Maltrud*Alya Ahmad Sousa*Khidir Saleem Sahir*Arthur Helton*Gillian Clark*Omar Kahtan Mohamed Al-Orfali*Saad Hermiz Abona*Nadia Younes*Fiona Watson*Basim Mahmood Utaiwi*Martha Teas*Christopher Klein-Beekman*Ihssan Taha Husain*Reza Hosseini*Richard Hooper*Ranilo Buenaventura*Leen Assad Al-Quadi*Raid Shaker Mustafa Al-Mahdawi*Emaad Ahmed Salman Al-Jobory*Reham Al-Farra*Sergio Vieira de Mello*Mazen Dana*Alaa Ali Saleh*Mohammed Hilal Nahi*Ali Salman*Sayf Ali or Saif Ra'ad Ali Said al-Azawi*Mirvat Adil Abd al-Karim al-Kawwaz*Ula Adil Abd al-Karim al-Kawwaz*Haidar Adil Abd al-Karim al-Kawwaz*Adil Abd al-Karim al-Kawwaz*Abed 'Abd al-Karim Hassan*Hazim Jumah Kati or Hazim Jum'aa Gatteh al-Skeini*Mhmed Hamed Abd Ala*Hadeia Kowaitaa Jaber*Hamad Antar*Salem Mahdey Jaber*Fadhil Abbas Jasim*Ahmed Haider*Salim Hussein*Ezhar Mahmood Ridha

JULY 2003 Mushrak al-Ibrahim*Mazen Elyas Albert*Haider al-Shihlawi*Anas Basil Hamed*Nadisha Yasassri Ranmuthu*Ali Ghazi*Uday Ahmed*Richard Wild

JUNE 2003 Sheikh Laith Khalil*Jeremy Little*Qahtan Hashen*Muhammad Subhi Hassan al-Qubaisi*Wisam Naser Aazeb*Raad Woaier Khadem*Husien Aateia Fanddy*Ghazi Musa Hassan*Tassir Abdul Wahed*Same Haloum*Abdul Halim Haloum*Naseer Mejbel Hamdan*Faael Helwo Hubby*Maha Khalil*Hakima Khalil*Jumaa Abu Zaatir*Alaa Jassem*Qassim Zubar*Amir Ali Jassem*Abd Ali Jassem*Hamza Ali Jassin*Ali Jassam*Zaher Ibraheem Beden*Majed Rashed Mohamed*Odaa Hamood Hasaab*Khazeal Hamood Hasaab*Jasem Mohamed Faael*Mehmid Mutlag*Jassem al-Jubari*Mahdi al-Jubari*Jassim Rumaid Mohammed*Hashim Mohammed Ahni*Nagem Sadoon Hatab*Karaar Ali Mohamed*Saad Radhy Fenjaan*Imaan Zowaer Oklaa*Yosif Kasem Ketaan*Maysam Salah Abd Alrasool*Reyadh Zamel Abed Ali*Abd Alkalek Mhmod Abd Alkalek Alabede*Hameid Hussein*Salam Muhamad

MAY 2003 Abaas Aabood Aareer*Ahmed Hamid al Rifaai*Hady Jaber.*Aklas Hlel Abed Srsoh*Rathy Namma*Methak Kamel Atshan*Sabah Hameed Jasem*Kareem Hatam Al-Sudanny*Hussien Nasser Khalaf*Alla Kazem Jar Allah*Abd al-Jabbar Mossa*Amaar Shamel Shther*Heder Ahmed Aedan*Nadhem Abdullah al-Saqer*Mrad Kther Mozan*Smer Asalm Atar Alsrefe*Amar Mosa Abd Kat*Fathel Frhan Alakabe*Kathem Saed Mslm Alknane*Ahmed Hasun Faris*Naeemaa Husien Bahar Al Galeby*Naemaa Husain Mohamed*Salih Saadon Salih Al-Amerey*Abas Kamel Mlake*Hazem Husien Ali*Maitham Haseeb Jasem*Mohamed Zamel Mohsen*Bassim Gez Agbarah*Mohsen Basem Naji*Mustafa Ghanem Johe*Amged Nama Abd Alamer Alkshoan*Zey Alfoqar Omran*Cousin of Taha Kudair

APRIL 2003 Bshra Naserhmran Almoswe*Hba Awez Gmat Almoswe*Norea Hasan Hmran Almoswe*Hmed Hade Uones*Nhaea Alewe Hmat*Nage Abd Abed Al Easen*Hmod Hmand Gmrat Almoswe*Azez Saad Ehea Algbore*Heder Hasan Hmran Almoswe*Abd Alkalk Naser Almoswe*Samea Raad Hmod Almoswe*Gasem Mhmed Hmod Gmrat Almoswe*Aeat Hmed Hade Unes*Krar Heder Hasan Hmran Almoswe*Mrttha Hmed Hade Unes*Frhan Hmod Hmand Almoswe*Ngat Wheda Knshan Alrmahe*Bnet Hmed Hade Unes*Ghanam al-Jumaili*Sa'aleh al-Jumaili*Krar Malk Hlefe Almlahe*Bashar Braim Omran*Haider Zamel Hanoon*Husien Zamel Hanoon*Resel Mohamad Rathe Al-Ardawy*Mohammed Taher Ali*Waleed Saleh Abdel-Latif*Hussein Rashid*Tuamer Abdel Hamid*Hassan Najim Dakdak Al-Masudy*Lamiya Ali*Dana Ali*Munthir Sabir*Kwkab Kathem Mhmd Ali*Ahmed Gasem Mhmed Alaesawe*Akel Saleem Marzuk Al-Masudy*Sameir Mohamed Hamady*Raja Kathom Hussen Al-Masudy*Basheer Khamis Falih*Ameen Abass Saied Al-Masudy*Jakwb Kathom Jasem Ali*Mhmed Hade Usef Alatharea*Hswn Hsen Gasem Algshame*Mhmed Ngem Abden Alzhere*Frwa Kathem Al Mhasan*Madlen Ali Rthwe*Hewa Salah Sa'aed*Methak Abrahem Abd Retkak Almsawde*Naem Shref Usef*Ahmed Hsen Kther Alhasanawe*Ali Hade Blkan*Husien Abaas Shelaash*Methak Ibrahem Abwd Al-Masudy*Hidar Kaze Obead Al-Masudy*Heder Akar Hagem Alrkabe*Ahmed Amaar Abed*Alaa Nemaa Kazem*Hmza Hlal Ali Shathe Aladade*Ameer Madlool*Zeen Al-Aabdeen Kareem*Abaas Gaseem Mutaar Al Zergawy*Nathem Mhmed Mtar Alzergawe*Ali Flaih*Zenab Kalef Gasem Alahmad*Akel Abd Alrtha Jber Ali Albethale*Hashem Glel Mklf*Heder Athab Aedan Aljbore*Adnan Abd Alhsen Mser*Alaa Muneer Jabbar*Theaa Smer Gbar Maged*Mhmad Krem Katea Shmke*Maitham Mohamed Hasun*Tarek Fathel Mhmed Alsawde*Ismil Ahmed Wais*Fallah Mahmooed Aumraan*Zenab Gasem Same*Ahmed Adnan Khalaf*Ali Mezeal Jaber*Monshed Meshdeth Shaghi*Heder Kaze Abed Aetan Alsawde*Hsan Eser Ali*Kareema Shalal Hamad*Saher Abas Gabir Almgtwme*Mhmed Mrad Shbeb*Mohamad Abass Abd Ali Rahan*Nora Dakel Lfta Alfade*Slema Fwad Kzer*Fadil Hasan Shaghani*Zead Kamel Atea*Radhy Khadem Ismaeel*Aaysa Yahyaa Ali*Ali Juwad Khadem*cousin of Taha Kudair, 65*Ahmad Harja Faalah*Ahmed Salih Mahdi Alkzaae*Rweha Hsen*Hassan Harja Faalah*Zhraa Ahmed Hdkan Fhd Alsaode*Mareej Ali Saddam*Murtaza Abas Saddam*Hassan Ali Saddam*Rswl Ahmed Hdkan Fhd Alsaode*Hussien Ali Saddam*Ali Mhmed Gasem Almoswe*Ali Mohamed Jasem*Arkan Mahmood Kwan*Faez Fawzy Kasem*Ahmed Saleh Mahdi*Ali Yas Hamza*Rasool Ahmed Jida'an*Shaker Sade Awad Alkzaae*Ahmed Hmdan Hsen Almoswe*Tarek Ahmed Ali Alnaeme*Tsmema Abd Krem*Mzal Kasem Ali Albhadle*Sahib Hasan Haddad*Ali Shhab Ahmed Alnaeme*Kasan Ali Hamza Alahmad*Saeed Kadem Hashem*Hagert Abd Alabas Abd Alrzak Abod*Aleaa Saad Abd Alrzak*Hawakaar Razkaar Rafeeq*Aameer Hady Majeed Maleky*Muhamed Ibrahim*Nawaal Azeez Dabess*Ahmed Jasem Mohammed*Taarek Jasem Mohammed*Ali Ahmed Hemood*Mohammed Naayeef Mohammed*Thaaer Kazem Abraheem*Kareem Gatee Khaleel*Kzwan Gmaa Abd Ali*Ahmed Naa'ma Mahdi*Horas Gehad Gwameer*Yousef Umar Majeed*Srook Adnaan Saeed Muhamed*Husien Fahmi Mohamed*Salih Rahman Shukur*Abdul Wahaab Drwesh Husien*Jamal Mahdi Abbas*Malik al-Kharbit, his wife, mother and sister*Mohammad al-Barheini*Shakir Mahmood Salman*Rzak Abas Aweth Albhadle*Mansur Ali Ameen*Nasir Kadum Abbas*Abd Alkrem Asmaael Sbeh*Muthana Abed Alraheem*Kareem Abbas Ali*Farhan Humadi Mahmood*Abed Alkareem Tareq*Hazim Jawdat Kadum Abbas*Bashar Abed Alrazak*Ali Hussain Majeed*Atbaak Abed Al-Husien Jabaar*Abrrar Abdalla Abed Al-Wahed*Ali Naser Al-Deen Armash*Abaas Abed Al-Husien Jabaar*Ahmed Naser Al-Deen Armash*Haider Saddam*Rosol Naser Al-Deen*Hebaa Abed Al-Husien Jabaar*Israa Abed Al-Husien Jabaar*Mohamed Abed Al-Husien Jabaar*Sadam Khamaas Raheef*Hadeal Kasem Mut*Muhanaad Shukry Mahmod Husien*Baydaa Abed Al-Husien Jabaar*Ahmad Saddam*Sahare Abed Al-Husien*Lamyaa Abed Al-Husien Jabar*Mohamed Khaleel Mohamed*Iman Saddam*Jamaal Ahmed Kareem*Hassan Talaat Khalel*Khaled Yassen Jaber*Majedah Taboor Hasooni*Amael Tawfeeq Ahmed*Modhafaar Khodhayer Mohamed*Naser Al-Deen Ahmed*Fazeel Hameed*Kesmaa Mutar Zayer*Hazem Butros Younan*Sadeq Ja'afar Hussain*Adel Humadey Jaber*Ibreim Ahmad Yehya*Noreia Mansor Abed Al-Hasun*Hatem Mtab Mged*Tarik Fathil Mohamad Al-Masudy*Ghassan Hatam Abbas Al-Salami*Kasem Mhmod Azez Aljbore*Abd Ala Ngem Abd Alamre*Same Sade Mhmod Albeate*Fadhil Abdulla Ali*Waleed Shihab Ahmad*Kasem Nama Slman Albdwe*Abd Alhsen Mahdi Abd Ala*Mes Gasem Ehea Alane*Nser Abassrhan Alkzaae*Rham Aabr Hbl*Ahmed Hlal Abd Alrhman*Hsen Gwad Dker Alsodane*Alham Abd Alstar Albeate*Ali Abd Alhsen Hmode*Ikbal Hussien Gameel*Hussin Ali Hassen Hameed*Husien Ali Hasun*Mstfa Saad Aldleme*Amer Magd Kasem Rheb Altmeme*Amjed Ayad Maryash*Rhem Aaber Hbl Wheg*Hawaa Abed Alqahar*Sameia Farhan Aatheir*Ali Odaa Moshatat*Maysaa Hussien Jameel*Zen Al-Aabdeen Abed Al-Ameer*Fatmaa Hasun Aboody*Abas Jaber*Jasim Mohamad Ahmed Al-Samirraee*Feras Jaber*Ikbaal Salman Lazem*Abdulkader Mohamed Abdulsalam*Juwad Khadem Waeed*Hameed Ali Aziz*Monther Mahmood Aawath Amaar*Kameela Azoba Hussan*Muhamed Kazem*Salman Lazem Salen*Abas Ahmad Safey*Hussien Kazem*Imad Muhmed Kazem*Abdul Hussein el-Fayath and son*Jumhour el-Zergany*Muther Abadi*Haithem Tamimi*Abu Salam Abdul Gafur*Ali Ramzi*Hansa Mohammad Omar*Qusai Ahmed Ali*Ahsan Alaa Alden Hsen Almhdawe*Heder Aref Ltef*Ahmed Rmze Abas Albeate*Nama Gbar Geran Alftlawe*Mhmed Kmal Salih Krem Alazawe*Talb Gwad Kathem*Amera Azez Mtab*Rsheda Ngel Salih Almoswe*Ali Hsen Salih Alzwene*Mohamed Abed Alnabey*Mustafa Saadoon Abed*Magd Aref Ltef Almoswe*Hder Shaker Rhem*Sed Hethem Sed Abas Sed Mhmed Sed Frg Alkmam*Shihab Ahmed Ali*Heder Ehea Klf Alsaade*Mna Fathel Mhmod Almoswe*Kdr Klefa Kder*Sef Hmed Mged Hsen*Hasem Mhmed Adebe*Khalid Jwad Khadim*Salih Ali Ltef Mtaab Almoswe*Magda Aref Ltef Almoswe*Glal Abed Skeor*Nadea Fathel Mhmod Almoswe*Zenab Aref Ltef*Sbah Kwshan Azez Mtab Almoswe*Ahmed Adrees Akzar Alale*Leth Abd Alkrem Awad Alane*Snea Hmza Ali Almoswe*Karrar Ali Hasan*Murtaza Kamel Muhamed*Faaeq Shaouqey Faaeq*Oday Abd Husien*Sabah Hasun Khalaf*Glal Abed Skeor*Saddam Hussien Jaber*Adel Abas*Shakir Abed Alaziz*Shakir Abed Alziz Soad*Maher Mostafa Al-Sufany*Slwaan Khdayyir Razooky Gazalaa*Mohamed Kamal Saleh*Ahumad Sultan*Isma'ael Hasan Hassan*Mostafaa Saad Abed Majeed*Hakima Shakir Muhamed*Mohaan Rahemaa Kazeem*Ismat Daood Abbawey*Rasheed Jasem Hassen*Sooddy Hasun Abed*Maryam Hermez*Asaad Aelewy Maal Alaa Al Neemy*Alya'a Mohammed Hady*Authraa Salam Abed Al-Jaleel*Do'a'a Raheem Hasan*Thuha Raheem Hasan*Abbas Mahdi Gazal*Abed Ali Jalab*Ali Ahmad*Ayad Ahmad*Bsher Abd Algbar Alzbdawe*Hameed Helaeil Rashed*Hasan Abdel Ameer Mahdi*Hasun Jasem Hasun*Hussain Tarrad Rashed*Ja'afar Howees Muhsin*Kathom Hadi*Kathom Jaber Khaleq*Khaled Hasan Ali*Mahdi Muslim To'ama*Malek Ahmed*Mohammed Abod Ali*Mohammed Helaeil Rashed*Mohammed Hussain*Mohammed Hussain Na'aeem*Rasheed Jwad Hamza*Mohammed Abdul Rahman Jaleel*Vatche Arslanian*Jose Couso*Taras Protsyuk*Tareq Ayoub*Braa Hasan Ali Alamre*Heder Ali Rsker Alamde*Baraa Hassan Ali*Rsha Tarek Hlal*Ali Rhem Rshed Mhmed*Asam Klel Abrahem*Bsam Shmke Gbar Alshwalesh*Azhar Gbar Hrg*Mohamad Sameer Ali Al-Waely*Mhmed Naser*Jbran Klel Asmaael*Saad Abbass Hussein*Fhema Abed Mklf*Kharia Yasen Abas*Raad Hamid Faris*Maan Zher Abd Alkder Almhafth*Gasem Hsen Mosa Alsaade*Mhmed Smer Aloakle*Nasrah Mohamed Abed*Heder Gbar Klel Alrbeae*Zeyad Kazem*Akel Naaem Hnon Abed Al Hnon*Nazar Hamid Faris*Salam Hamid Faris*Slma Mhmed Alamen*Sadea Kl Mhmod Hsen Alshrefe*Mhmed Kasem Mkames Alsbade*Mohamed Kasem*Srmed Hafeth Ahmed*Rhem Rshed Mhmed Ali*Snaa Akela Ased Abd*Ali Sawad Glab*Hmed Taha Alhgame*Mlone Awda Glal Alalewea*Klel Abrahem*Yousif Khadim Sultan*Sbah Hasan Mhmod Al Nage*Slah Mahdi Bakr Almoswe*Shref Alden Azez Alnkeb*Thuria Sakar Mhsen*Ali Hsen Mosa Alsaade*Hirat Abd Ali Klf*Salma Mohamad Salman Al-Ameen*Sara Saed Abd Saed*Krar Same Rzak Abd Alamer*Sef Saed Abd Saed*Wlaa Ali Hirat*Bilal Jamal Nasir*Heder Klel Asmaael*Slam Hirat Abad*Lana Abd*Shams Sameer Ali Al-Waely*Sma Smer Ali Aloakle*Ali Easenmzea Aldleme*Basem Mhmed Abd Hmod Almheawe*Kaled Kder Mhmed Aldleme*Lean Tarek Hlal*Abd Alkrem Mhmed Rathe Almalke*Lafa Abd*Sef Krem Abas Alzbede*Tmara Tarek Hlal*Threr Hirat Abad*Dalal Hirat Abad*Aeaad Mahdi Abd Ala Alkrtane*Sadea Hirat Abad*Abrahem Abd Awn Hsen*Saif Sameer Ali Al-Waely*Ahmed Khalaf Bidiwi*Sef Smer Aloakle*Heder Aswad Abd Ala Altmeme*Nser Noree Saed*Ngea Mged Abd Alwhab Aldrwpe*Mahdi Ahmed Mahdi Alanze*Hasan Heder Saed*Mntther Heder Saed*Raafet Sami Hirat*Zaynab Mosleh Ali*Zenab Heder Saed*Zina Ali Hirat*Abed Ala Raja'a Abed*Lena Ali Hirat*Sgad Heder Saed*Maher Sami Hirat*Mream Saed Abd Saed*Hashem Ali Hirat*Muhamed Ibraheem Mezr Salman Alsheemary*Alaa Ali Hirat*Hager Saed Abd Saed*Mream Abd Almseh*Hsen Ali Hirat*Aamena Khalaf Radhy*Ameer Raja Abed*Muhamed Abdul Gafoor*Ali Kazem Aumraan Alkafagi*Mohamed Mezher Aamer*Omar Sabah Ibraheem Al Zobaidy*Basam Mohamed Monkedh*Husaam Muhamed Mahdy*Ali Aadel Ahmed Al Aamer*Osama Shaalan Mohamed*Mhnd Mzher Frawn Shaea*Maathe Kamel Husien*Rasheed Hameed*Basaam Hasn Mahdy Al Aabeed Alaa*Yaban Ali Kzaeer*Fadhaa Sadam Humadi*Sameer Jafan Muhamed*Wedad Ahmed Hussain*Thamer Abdalla Aamer*Imaan Salem Jaber*Khaleed Gweed Nashmy Al Aamery*Abed Al-Kareem Ali Taleb*Hamda Saleh Khuthor*Najema Abed Ala*Nabeel Abd Al-Jabber*Raja'a Abed Thiab*Abaas Ahmed Hasan Alaamery*Haamedaa Alaawy Matrood Al Ganaby*Hameed Tahir Hamood*Majdaah Jawdet Raheem*Fatmaa Khedayer Jasem*Mahmood Nile Abed*Mahmood Abed Al-Ameer Ghazale*Hashem Esaa Hammd*Ali Hussain Mousa*Mahmood Romeh*Manar Kathom Jasim*Saleema Abed Al-Khadem*Abdel Hussain Abod Hassan*Adnan Kathom Mohammed*Ahmed Jasim Hamad*Ali Jasim Hamad*Haider Ali Mohammed*Haider Kathom Jasib*Hashim Mahdi Dawood*Hsan Ahmed Ali*Jabar Sarhan Jwad*Jwad Kathom Jiad*Jwad Mansour Mohammed*Karar Kathom Jasib*Lateef Jasim Hamad*Mahmood Abed Zaid*Mohammed Ibraheem*Muhsin Ali Mohammed*Nasir Abdel Aziz*Reshad Muhamed*Saeed Abed Saeed*Saleh Kathom Jasim*Shaker Hussain Hasan*Talib Abdel Ameer*Wahab Hussain Faihan*Uday al Shimarey*Rashid Majid and two sons*Christian Liebig*Julio Anguita Parrado*Asd Abd Gasem*Raad Lfta Arbe Mhos Albrkone*Kthar Sahb Ali Hsen*Fwze Kathem Hasan*Amen Abas Saed*Adel Ahmed Abas*Same Lfta Arbe Mhos Albrkone*Abd Alkader Mhmed Saed Abd Ala*Nsef Gasem Gber Alhmdawe*Uwnes Mhesen Gasem*Abd Al-Wahab Ismail Abd Al-Rahem*Kalb Hmd Mbark*Busra Taha*Abd Alrsak Hmed Rshed Mhmed Ali*Hussen Retha Mahmud Al-Bana*Krem Abas Naser*Magda Slman Rsn Shnawa Aldaene*Heat Abas Ahmed Abas*Ahmed Abas Ahmed Hsen*Hdea Slman Hsen*Numas Mohamad Hamza Al-Fatlawy*Mgedv Hmed Alsamraae*Mohamad Abd Al-Hassan Hamede Al-Sahlan*Ngm Abd Ala Alkzal*Ajela Kwaim Kareem Al-Faisalawy*Laeby Jabor Zober Al-Faisalawy*Areej Saeed Abas*Hauraa Hamicl Abdullab*Hareth Ahmed Abas*Smaa Hamed Abd Ala*Duaa Hamid Abaallab*Heder Ahmed Abas Ahmed Hasan*Raad Saed Abas Ahmed*Ahmad Kazual Kathom Al-Ardawy*Maitham Thare Madlol Al-Hawairawey*Gasem Mhbesh Shnta Aljezane*Abd Alkalek Mhmod Alabede*Mhnd Mhmod Alwan Hmade*Ahmed Sbhe Shfea*Wefaa Sahib Ali*Abas Ahmed Abas*Mazen Mhmed Nama*Zead Tark Zke Altaae*Bahia Sahib Ali*Firial Sahib Ali*Hbeb Kamel Sed Algezane*Amad Saheb Ali Hsen*Ksma Abas Ahmed Hsen*Ksma Slman Hsen Slman*Hasana Gasem Hsen Slman*Zhraa Abd Gasem*Neemah Juadd Kazem*Sef Mhmod Ali Hmade*Mhmed Saed Abas Ahmed*Mhmod Mhmod Ali Hmade*Taha Saeed Abas*Mustafa Hamid Abdullah*Riham Saeed Abas*Yuseef Kaseem Ketaan Al Maksosy*Zead Hmed Hmd Mbark*Nor Mhmod Ali Hmade*Sara Krem Abas Naser*Rsel Saed Abas Ahmed Hsen*Ali Abd Alrzak Mfte*Kfraa Hamed Abd Ala*Mustafa Adel Ali*Radw Waad Alaa Al Hazaa*Meead Abed Alnasser*Deyaa Saadoon Abed Aljabar*Mohamad Marzuk Farhan Al-Ajme*Alahen Jwad Weheishy*Shemaa Saheb Ali Hsen*Abbas Kathom Abdula*Abed Al-Hameed Jiad Mohamood*Abed Al-Wahab Isma'aeel*Ahmed Abed Al-Hameed Jwad*Ahmed Abed Al-Kathom*Ahmed Hashim Abed Al-Ameer*Ala'a Nea'ama Kathom*Ali Adnan Aziz*Ammer Ijaeil Jabbar*Aziz Jasim Sultan*Baha'a Ayad Kathom*Faisal Jasim Marzook*Fareed Farouq Jabar*Farouq Jabar Abed*Fatima Mutashar Shamsi*Hasan Falih Abdan*Hussain Abbas Kathom*Hussain Retha Mohamood*Hussam Ahmed Karzi*Ja'afar Aziz Abed Al-Mon'aem*Jasim Abod Mosa*Jasim Mohammed Ali Kathom*Kareem Kelool Meheal*Moahmmed Firas Jwad*Muradi Abbas Kathom*No'amas Mohammed Hamza*Qasim Fathel Hamza*Qusai Mohammed Abdeen*Saddam Hussain Atia*Saheb Mohammed Hadi*Salih Jasim Mohammed*Talib Solaiman Kathom*Duaa Raheem*Bashar Handi*Wadhar Handi*Kamaran Abdurazaq Muhamed*Nama Menge Tarsh*Aeman Ali Aksh Alarbe*Sadea Banon Nher Rwba Nama*Abas Kathem Abd Alaa Alhgeme*Abd Akwhab Asmaael Abd Alrhman*Saad Hussien*Abd Alehab Kasem Tarshe Alsaade*Naem Mhmed Slman*Saad Abd Alnbe Amara*Hsen Mter Ahmed Alrbeaae*Abd Alhmed Gwad Mhmod Al Msafer*Jafar Azez Abd Al-Muneam Al-Saad*Ali Kasem Kther Altmeme*Mosa Gber Gwed*Ali Aksh Abd Alwahed*Amged Abd Alhmed Gwad Al Msafer*Krem Klol Mshl Kreshe*Sahra Menge Tarsh*Amar Klefa Abrahem Alkese*Rhel Menge Tarsh*Ahmed Hashem Hande*Amjad Farhan Abd Al-Hussen Yones*Khaed Turkey Sabeh Al-Jbwry*Easer Abd Ala Mhmed Alshmre*Tama Menge Tarsh*Mthna Abd Ala Slman Alakede*Lela Nama Mke*Amar Mohamed*Hsen Abas Kathem Alhsebe*Asmaael Ohab Asmaael*Mstfa Naem Mhmed Slman*Saif Saad*Mradi Abas Kathem Alhsebe*Sgad Hsen Usef*Antsar Ahsan Gasem Alkwaz*Mohamad Salih Mohamad Salih Musa Al-Saidia*Hassan Ayad Abed Alhussien*Mustafa Akram*Ftom Mtsher Shmke Gber*Kusay Aasay Abed Al-Shareef*Nethem Hbeb Gasem Alsaade*Hiam Najem Kathom*Ahmed Ritha Khuthaier*Hassan Hashim Jwad*Khutaeir Ali Khuthaeir*Mohamed Saleh Mohammed*Razaq Salem Abed*Wa'ael Mohammed Sayhood*Saied Hamade Dohanal-Jbwry*Mohamad Retha Saheb Al-Kety*Ahsan Ali Abrahem Kder*Harby Muter Shmaith Al-Shmary*Abd Ala Saed Alrekabe*Basem Jnzel Sbara Alsaade*Hnan Shref Hasan*Hsen Abd Zehra Gfat Alhasanawe*Kamel Kntesh Shrad*Abass Alewy Thahe Al-Masudy*Mohamad Obaed Thahe Al-Masudy*Yosef Saber Hatihut Al-Jashamy*Heder Hsen Abd Alzhra Alhsen*Khaled Ahmed Fares*Ahmed Hashem Fleh Frhan Alhasanawe*Alaa Haceb Mohamad Al-Sharea*Ali Fahem Awda*Heder Hsen Abd Alzehra*Ali Karem Kanawy*Hussen Amwre Abd Al-Karem Mal Alah*Ahmad Abd Own Hade Al-Masudy*Hidar Hamid Saheb Al-Kety*Mhmed Gasem Hasan*Hsen Kwed Albodrag*Msar Kathem Falh*Heder Ali Abrahem*Easer Farwk Fwad Alkfage*Warda Haidr Hassan*Samear Salmaan Aazara*Fatma Slman Kzara*Sha Krem Kase Abd Alshmere*Rasool Mohamed Husien*Mohamed Hameed Hashem*Akram Mhmed Abd Alsalm*Sga Krem Kase Abd Alshemer*Arkan Kahy Khlohen*Aamer Mahmood Faris*Gmal Saed Heder Alrekabe*Jabar Boohey Batoosh*Isaa Sabet Al-Eareby*Mahmood Shakeer Aeed Aeesaa*Bahlool Muhamed*Dakhel Abd Al-Kareem Kazael*Showaile Kareem*Mohamed Hamza Hasoon*Sabria Abd Al-Husien Ahmed*Kamel Gawdaa Muhamed*Hadya Jwad Kathom*Huda Abdel Haleem Sa'ad*Nada Abdel Haleem Sa'ad*Zainab Nahi Darwesh*Abdula Shati Hussain*Ahmed Jwad Kathom*Ali Najim A'oda*Aqeel Umran Mousa*Firas Kathom Hasan*Haider Abed Al-Hussain Saheb*Hussain Lafri Abed Al-Kareem*Ihsan Ali Ibraheem*Mahmood Yaseen Abood*Mohammed Jasim Sabah*Qudwa Kathom Naser*Yaseen Nahi Darwesh*Flah Hasan Hsen Alkrkle*Ahmed Hassan Hadi*Mhmed Gasem Sbah*Jaasem Faadhal Jaasem*Jeneen Aubeed Cheloop*Sabreen Hsen Abed Aldame*Aead Abd Alrzak Mhmed*Ali Thabit Alwan*Aliaa Mahmood Farhan*Ammar Thabit Alwan*Tariq Gbari Abdullah*Fleha Alkfage*Hassan Hadi Humad*Krem Mhmed Abedr*Noory Aawad Saad*Mahdi Alkfage*Abbas Nasir Hussein*Saadia Ragdan Guooud*Jaaber Aaysaa Hassian*Adel Awda Breg Alhmrane*Kathmea Mnshod Kafel Alame*Thabit Alwan*Rashed Hsen Almalke*Abbass Nasir Hussein*Hasan Hsen Alwan Alkrkle*Fahida Unaizee Kadhim*Amar Mohamad Ali Hussen Fatih Alah*Alaa Jafaat Abd Ali Ajme Al-Hasnawy*Kalid Abd Ali Jasem Kathom Al-Kafage*Shahla Hassan Hadi*Muhmood Hassan Hadi*Muhamed Hassan Hadi*Abd Alrhman Ali Thrthar Alkalde*Thafar Mohamad Ali Hussen Fatih Alah*Mrem Adel Awda Alhmrany*Akel Mahdi Alkfage*Saadia Ali Thabit*Hamza Ammar Thabit*Fadea Adel Awda Alhmrane*Dkl Lfta Aldame*Amiar Ahmed Hussin*Taney Jasem Saadon*Mohamed Ali Kadem*Dheyaa Hasun Jaber*Ahmed Kadem Hassaneen*Haider Kazem*Ali Usef Selman*Muhamed Khdair Farhan*Hasun Husien Abood*Abbas Farhad Ziad*Ahmed Khaz'al Kathom*Ali Kathom Jwad*Jury Muteir Shaheed*Najem Abdula Hussam*Qais Faisal Abed*Sa'aeed Homadi Nohan*Satar Abdul Zahra Jiad*Sbah Jor Abrahem*Hanan Shaker Karem Al-Jbwry*Dlal Atea Hsen Alawade*Ahmd Naser Hsen Almsawde*Maher Mhmed Hasan Fleh Hnwsh*Heder Hmd Rshed Hasan Almsawde*Dlal Atea Tlal Awade*Maher Abd Alkrem Mahdi*Mner Ali Hasan Dewan*Ahmed Hsen Kfe Alhasanawe*Akel Slem Mrzok Alsawde*Mhmed Amer Hsen*Fathel Abass Jabor Kathom*Kald Fathel Gbar*Gmal Mahdi Keab Almsawde*Ahmed Mhmed Kdwre*Kther Ali Kther Hbeb Alane*Ngah Mhmed Bder Almsode*Sbeh Abd Ali Alali Salih Altfele*Hameed Muhamed Ali*Hmed Mhmed Ali Saed Almthfer*Hasan Abd Ali Kmod Alakaesh*Zeaa Khaleil*Abtsam Mhmed Abd Alrzak Altlkane*Ali Hswn Aakol Aldrage*Abtsam Mhmed Abd Alrzak Mhmod Altlkane*Faisal Shawkat Mahmood Al-Khayyat*Rshed Gwad Hmza Abas Alkamne*Salih Abd Almde Mslm Aldame*Abtsam Mhmed Abd Alrzak Altalkane*Mutaab Baddr Amana*Kathem Gabir Klf Alsade*Kathem Gber Almsawde*Kther Ali Kther Alanbe*Mhmed Abd Alrzak Mhmod Altaae*Mhmed Abd Alrzak Mhmod Altlkane*Mhmed Abd Alrzak Altlkane*Gasem Abd Tren Alshrefe*Abd Ali Glab Mala Almsawde*Sfaa Bshar Kfef Alftlawe*Melad Fathel Gbar*Wsam Trkeb Atea Shemke*Alaa Alwan Ibrahem Al-Ardawy*Heder Fahem Tarsh Bshosh*Mhmed Mosa Rdam Alanaze*Naser Kaze Abd Al-Jabar Al-Maksusy*Hasan Slem Mrzok Alsaode*Mhmed Abd Zed Hmed Alamre*Ali Kathem Naem Aleasen*Hsen Ali Mslm Aldame*Saheb Mhmed Hadi Alkfage*Mhmed Adel Abas Alashbal*Zahraa Mohamed Munear*Akram Kathom Jawad Kathom Abass*Nagham Abaas Nahi*Ali Husien Nahi*Mhmed Ali Kathem Hmde Alhasanawe*Akram Abaas Nahi*Mhmed Fahem Kamel Gwad*Husam Hameed Hanoon*Saddam Hashim Yasser*Abaas Nahi Adhaab*Dheyaa Nayef Sharji*Montaser Mohamed Ali*Mohayaal Raji Yathil*Hnaa Rathe Ahmed Alkzal*Waheed Nasser Rashid*Kaleema Abaas Jandeal*Nawras Abed Al-Kadem*Abed Ne'ama Mukheef*Ahmed Jameel Mubarak*Ahmed Saleh Hadi*Akram Nathom Jwad*Ala'a Hasan Jabar*Ala'a Sifat Abed Ali*Ali Abed Al-Abbas Abed*Ali Heart Jasim*Ali Jameel Mubarak*Amjad Farhan Abed Al-Hussain*As'aad Khleiq Hamedan*Fathial Jabaar Jewaad*Haider Abed Al-Abbas*Haider Rajab Hamedan*Imad Jaber Hamedan*Jabar Shlaka Khtheir*Jasim Abed Khwan*Jasim Mohammed Hamedan*Khalead Fathial Gabaar*Khaled Jameel Mubarak*Mazen Mohammed Ne'ama*Melaad Fhthial Gabaar*Mohammed Abed Rathi*Mohammed Ali Kathom*Mohammed Mosa*Mohammed Razaq Helal*Mohanned Abed Al-Ameer Hussain*Nahith Abbas Shakir*Naser Ali Salem*Nasir Abdel Hamza Salman*Nida'a Bashar Farhan*Ritha Khaleef Hamedan*Sabah Mahdi Mohammed*Satar Jaber Hamedan*Thya'a Bashar Mezaham*Uday Raheem Ali*Waleed Sa'ab Sharqy*Gasem Mhmed Gdoa Alzbade*Krar Rzak Mhmed Alanze*Abas Ngem Rheb*Abd Alhasan Shlbea Kathem*Talb Rathe Kathem Hasan*Mhmed Kathem Daawd Alhsen*Mhmed Abas Salem Alshrefe*Shafea Shanshol Sahb Albdere*Abd Alhasan Abas Grad Awda Alknae*Fwzea Abd Alhasan Grad Alknabe*Jeria Hussen Obead Al-Daamy*Slema Abas Mhmed*Same Hbs Alhedre*Kathair Mahde Abwd Al-Awady*Gbar Hasan Atshan*Raad Rhma Mrn Hsen Afrage*Shdha Abd Rathe Nzal*Hashem Hsen Hmady Algbore*Gasem Mhmed Zeke*Amged Sabre Mahdi Alzbade*Maitham Thare Madlol Al-Sheblawy*Slwan Zed Abas Alane*Wsam Trke Ateaa*Hosam Kathem Daaod Alhsene*Sherhab Abd Rathe Gbore*Zoher Dakhel Lafta Al-Daamy*Hba Shhab Ahmed Alflahe*Mhmod Abhem Hashem Alnaeme*Mastafa Mhmed Kathem Aliseny*Ali Ehea Knesh*Heal Rashed Shlaka Alabraheme*Naseer Naoom Salmaan*Dhaher Ibraheem Abaas*Faris Raheem Salmaan*Hasem Salm Hewan Algabre*Abaas Haloob Mutaar*Abaas Ibraheem Abaas*Kasem Ibraheem Abaas*Naem Gbar Rkeed*Mohamed Husien Jaber*Heal Rashed Shlaka Alabraheme*Adnan Rashed Shlaka Alabraheme*Naoom Salmaan Mussa Al-Hasnaawi*Shheaa Abd Rathe Kzae*Muhsen Numan Musa Al-Ardawy*Atida Muta'eb*Dalal Atia*Abbas Alewee Thahi*Ihsan Ala'a Al-Deen*Khuthaeir Mahdi*Majeed Mujhed Burhan*Mohammed Abed Thahy*Wahab Ahmed Abed Allah*Walid Abu Shaker MARCH 2003 Hsen Daawd Salem Kabe*Mhmed Rathe Sahb Naef*Shhd Shahen Thare Almsawde*Hnan Mhsen Abed Same*Heder Mhmed Hson Abrahem*Mshtak Salm Asmaael Alshmerte*Taleb Rathe Kathem*Mhmed Kzal Rked Alkfage*Ali Abd Alamer Mnsor*Hsen Abas Hsen Alhasanawe*Yns Mhasan Gasem*Sad Ali Hsen Almsawde*Kathem Ali Alftlawe*Fthela Kasem Hsen Alkfage*Ali Kathem Kder*Mhmed Nama Mkef*Hasem Gaber Hsen*Hasan Hade Abod*Ahmed Aesa Mosa*Krem Hsen Mkef Alkzrge*Shmes Hsen Alkfage*Kzal Rked Ali Alkfage*Saad Abd Alzhra Hson Alhasanawe*Mnade Freg Alslame*Kdewe Tke Zwed Alshame*Fatma Hsen Klf Dawd Alhmdawe*Zenab Abd Alhsen Rked Alkfage*Asad Shed Alhade Hnon Krem Alname*Mhmed Shafe Laebe Aesa Alasde*Akbal Ali Hsen*Mhmed Hswn Abrahem*Sbah Rathe Klef*Rna Sadek Hsen Al Hsene*Heder Hamed Sahb Naef*Mhnd Krem Hnde Alshmre*Sahera Kasem Kzaal Alkfage*Hasan Abd Alamer Nor Mtar*Raad Kdear Brshae Albkaoe*Mhmed Kshash Hasan*Sder Mhmed Ali Al Bokteoa*Mrttha Wathek Gaseb*Karrar Haider Hamza*Ahmed Abd Alhsen Sbeh Altmeme*Mntser Wathek Gaseb Alale*Shfaa Baker Kzaal Alkfage*Amer Dakel Kzaal Alkfage*Hasan Fathel Kret Mhnd*Sara Baker Kzaal Alkfage*Hnan Hasan Kaker*Faez Kayes Hamza*Naseer Naoom Salmaan*Mostafa Ahmed Saleh*Mrtha Mhmed Kzal Alkfage*Mrttha Abd Alhade Hnon Alshame*Usef Saad Ehea Algbore*Kfran Mhmed Kzaal Alkfage*Mahmood Subhey Hamzaa*Klood Saad Ehea Algbore*Juwaad Rumaan Husien*Ali Abed Al-Husien Abed Ali*Naoom Salmaan Mussa*Juwaad Kadem Al-Aakash*Jarry Semech Awafe*Ajela Dwesim Kareem*Iqbal Ali Hussain*Jinan Muhsen Abeid*Layla Abed Ali*Rasha Hussain Abed Al-Kathom*Ahmed Hasan Hussain*Ali Nahla Abed Al-Hussain*Ameer Ahmed Sammy*Ammar Mohammed Ali*Azhar Dakhel Lafta*Fathel Abbas Jaber*Haitham Thary Madlol*Hashim Turky Rasheed*Jinan Shakir*Khaled Abed Ali*La'aeby Haider Zery*Moneer Ali Hussain*Naseer Gazi*Qa'aed Turky Sabeh*Qasim Thiab Naeif*Sa'ad Ali Hussain*Sabri Hussain Abeid*Salam Krery Abood*Shaheen Thary*Thafar Mohammed Ali*Valentina Bashar Faraj*Mahroosa Jarjis*Manal SaadAllah Matti*Hilal Farij Silo*Hlema Hlos Mhnd*Kedaa Hsen Arbe*Karem Mune am Abd Flaih*Hamed Mshkor Hmod*Ali Abd Al-Amer Mansur Al-Nasrawy*Aoda Alhsen Shlbea Kathem*Aadheam Ali*Kasem Fathel Frhan*Agela Awda Kamel*Hswn Abd Ali Alfloge*Hayaal Fathal Jaaber*Slman Abd Gwar Al Gmel*Lebe Jer Zed*Knsaa Hamed Mshkor*Aenas Hamd Mshkor*Ali Abd Hmod*Amgad Saberi Thaleh*Ahmed Reath Abd Alazawe*Hsen Abd Alamer Gmaa Alfreawe*Nathem Hamed Mshkwol*Hanan Trky Aoda*Abd Ala Hsen Lelo*Nor Hamed Mshkwol*Zenab Kasem Fathel*Karar Hussain Mohammed*Shtha Mke Naem*Saab Kasem Fathel*Ali Mhmod Skeor*Arkan Taef Azez Alnkeke*Methem Alhsen Kshkwl Albsre*Wmeth Kasem Fathel*Sadya Abd Mhmod*Sadea Abd Almthmod Abd Alrtha*Kalaaf Shlaal Matrood Al Rekaby*Nazelah Abed*Muhamed Othman Kader*Hussien Katou Kazaz*Isaa Basam Habeb*Ayat Hameed Hadi*Boshra Naser Hamdan*Hiba Aoeiz Hajan*Nihaya Alewee Hajan*Noria Hasan Haran*Raja'a Majeed Hadi*Salema Thiab Hany*Samya Ra'aed Hamood*Abbas Jwad Kathom*Abdul Khaleq Nasir Haran*Abed Al-Hussain Jwad*Abed Al-Wahab*Abed Hasan*Ahmed Mahdi Mohammed Amowy*Ali Aziz Kathom*Ali Hasan Nasir*Ayman Aziz Kathom*Bashar Mohammed Alwan*Farhan Hamood Haran*Haider Hasan Haran*Haider Sa'aed Harmood*Hameed Hadi Younis*Hameed Helayel Rashed*Hamood Haran*Hasan Mohammed*Jaleel Ibraheem*Jasim Mohammed Hamad*Karar Hussain Haran*Kareem Muta'aeb Abed Faraj*Murtatha Hameed Hadi*Ra'aed Lafta Arebee*Sami Lafat Arabi*Nora Sabah Gadan*Fatema Zaboon Maktoof*Sabeha Awad Merdas*Madeeha Abd Kathem*Ali Sabah Eadan*Malek Sabah Eadan*Husham Sabah Eadan*Sabah Gedan Karbeet*Kameela Abd Kathem*Azhar Ali Taher*Abbas Esmaeel Abbas*Muna Taha Abbas*Abeer Taha Abbas*Muhammed Taha Abbas*Esmaeel Abbas Hamza*Hasan Abod Taher Shed*Ksay Nama Thamer*Bhetea Mktof Mhmed*Adel Mhmed Abd Ala Alkrsan*Smer Abd Sba Alftabe*Mhmed Hsen Mthlom*Fathel Hsen Ali Alazawe*Mhmed Senge Mhmed*Ahmed Alawe Mhmed Shhab Alfrage*Ali Kalb Gaeth Almeale*Gbar Dkel Abd Ala Alazawe*Heder Abd Alal Kaml Almathe*Abd Naser Glel*Ahmed Basel Kther Albdre*Hedar Abd Alhsen Msher Alany*Rswl Shaker Mhmod Alabede*Knda Sreb Gwda Al Hsen*Murtadhaa Aayad Taleb*Fatmaa Hamzaa Taleb*Nawraas Hasun Akrook*Taher Adel Mhmed Abd Ala Alkrsan*Husien Hamzaa Taleb*Haider Husien Ali*Mussa Hasun Akrook*Nazar Hamzaa Taleb*Kawthaar Hasun Aakrook*Atheraa Mohamed Ali*Hasanean Tareq Saleem*Rawaa Hussain Ali*Ali Hoas*Rasha Taleb Hamaad*Mazen Mahdey Mohamed*Malek Hussain Ali*Hudaa Faleh Hellal*Rabaab Tareq Saleem*Ali Jsabaieh Jasem*Zaman Saheb Kadem*Shaymaa Obeed Abdalla*Hasun Hadey Saad Sultan*Aahlam Jallal Nasser*Alyaa Husien Ali*Haider Husien Sheyaa*Hanaa Husien Alwaan*Orooba Kamel*Kathem Mhsen Hnon*Awal Jallal Naaser*Khelood Kamel*Zeena Abead Nasser*Thamer Khazaale Sabar*Mhmad Abd Alhsen Msher*Mahdey Mohamed Humaadey*Aleyaa Abdalla Jaafer*Hafedh Sadam Kadem*Hasnaa Alwaan Husien*Fadhel Abed Al-Husien Ghateeba*Raad Muhson Azeez*Kazem Farhood Abdullah*Badra Mohammed Joma'a*Tabarek Hamzaa Taleb*Ghaneya Husien Marzook*Hadeia Thamer Sultan*Nethal Saleh Hussain*Zahra Ibraheem*Akeel Hasun Mohamed*Ameen Taleb Abed*Bilal Taha Shehab*Jabar Hasan Thaher*Juwaad Kadem Abed*Kshesh Gali Khali*Majeed Mohammed Abed Kathom*Samer Kathom Alewee*Tawfeek Tayeh Abood*Turkey Husien Shenaan*Waleed Sarhan*Wife of Haytham Rahi*Shaza Abed Alkhaleq*Mohamed Jabbar*Jmela Hmed Lfta Alsaade*Haithem Abed Alsattar*Gmala Frag Aoda Aldgele*Thamer Abed Alwahed*Slah Hasan Gasem Alkekane*Ali Hmza Mnshad Alhgebe*Heder Gwad Shrge Alarthe*Kald Kswb Abas Alsaade*Saad Abd Ala Hmod Alshble*Slman Jer Slman Alsaade*Reath Glel Ktran*Thaher Hbeb Hsen*Thaher Hbeb Alarthe*Bshra Kathem Hmd Shkr*Mhmed Mahdi Hmade Alsade*Acel Hsen Mhmed Aleasre*Kasem Thbab Naef Amad Alshmre*Shteb Lhwak Salih Albdre*Rsmea Glwd Abd Alrtha*Hashem Shrge Mhmed Alarthe*Abd Ali Agawe Abas Alrame*Snaa Hasan Mahdi Abden*Ahmed Gbar Athem Aleasre*Naaser Musbah Shandee*Gmela Hmed Lfta Alakabe*Slema Abed Mosa Aljbore*Hatef Frag Sdam*Mged Mhmed Mhsen Krem*Nthal Abd Alhsena Ali Alwaale*Msafer Shrge Mhmed Alhasanawe*Fathel Hbeb Gasem Algmale*Kale Jlob Dle Alabode*Salman Jaber*Hashem Kasem Alhsen*Majeed Taaher Mashooen*Hasna Kareem Mohamed*Abd Alhmza Mhmed Aedan Almnawe*Tklef Sheaa Awad Alabde*Zhore Kathem Jwad Alshkrge*Shatab Lohoak Salih Albdre*Gwad Shrge Mhmed Alhasanawe*Hashm Shrke Mhmed Alhasanawe*Slman Abd Gwar Al Gmel*Zhra Abrahem Klel Alesare*Msafer Shrge Mhmed Alarthe*Gwad Shrge Mhmed Alarthe*Name and/or personal details*Hbeb Mahdi Kereat Alshble*Saada Faares Abed Alla*Mhmed Abd Alkrem Hswn Gasem Alkese*Easer Ahmed Mhmed Alsaade*Wsam Mhmed Akar Abod Alnsar*Adnan Rahe Hasan*Ghad Glel Ktran*Haider Braiber*Jallal Abed Al-Zahraa*Ngah Abd Alrtha Hasan Almalke*Zhraa Abd Kasm Alsaade*Ahmed Mahdi Abas Alsaade*Ali Fathel Gasem Alsaade*Mhmed Abd Krem Hasan Alsaade*Mntther Usef Falh*Twfek Naea Abod Alrhmawe*Jwde Abas Aghode Algnabe*Kder Mhmed Usef*Hassan Mahmood*Hsen Easer Mthlom*Uons Zbn Hlbe*Heder Mnam Mhmed Aljbore*Afaf Hashem Kasem Alhsen*Marwan Hussien*Haider Ali Khelaan*Heder Gwad Shrge Alarthe*Mstfa Hasan Twfek*Aeman Fathel Alialkabe*Bnen Hsen Gasem Alkefake*Khtan Nage Adnan*Asraa Mtlob Gasm Aljore*Amjad Thaaer Abed Alwahed*Amjed Thamer Abed Al-Wahed*Mstfa Jlel Salm Dhsh Alkerane*Ahmed Glel Salm Dhsh Algorane*Zahraa Abed Kasem*Abed Alla Haythem Laazem*Karar Saleh Ali*Karrar Salih Ali Almosany*Marwa Trky Kther*Alaa Hasan Twfek*Ali Moslem Abed Al-Meer*Mohammed Abed Al-Kareem*Sher Glel Salm Dhsh Algorane*Mhmed Hsen Gasem Alkefake*Ali Frek Kamel Nage Almoswe*Easer Ahmed Mahdi Alabede*Ali Fareeq Kamel Almosawy*Ali Fathel Ali Alkabe*Krem Mhmed Fathel Hasan Alsaade*Muaatez Raad*Alaa Hade Bkan Algmelea*Hse Rahe Hasan*Marwan Hussain*Marwan Hussan Mnaty Albahadily*Ahmed Kale Jlob Dle Alabode*Akeel Moslem Abed Al-Meer*Ahmd Mahdi Abd Alrhem Alazawe*Easer Fathel Hbeb Algmale*Rajaa Maan Sharjee*Shaza Abed Alkhalk*Ahmed Abd Gasem Alkefake*Ali Kalb Gaeth Almeale*Asraa Gbar Salm Alkefake*Ahmed Omraan Kadem*Husaam Hameed Hanoon*Mohamed Jabaar Hasun*Ahmad Mahdey Jameel*Gwde Abas Ghode Aljnabe*Slah Hasan Gasem*Hadeia Khelaan Mutleq*Ali Hmod Abade Alkabe*Husien Khelaan Mutleq*Reath Abd Gasem Alkefake*Hussien Mahmood*Haaney Abed Al-Hamza Husien*Mohamed Khelaan Mutleq*Ahmed Naseef Faraje*Hsen Gasem Swelaa Alkekane*Jumaa Ghazi Aamer*Salman Haider Salman*Gassim Gabbar Hasan*Tuma Ashoor Jaber*Salman Jaber Salman*Hassna Kareem*Selfa Sharar*Makeia Ekabee Albeese*Gbar Jlaba*Hasoon Qasem Ali*Rkea Hmza Mnshad Alhgebe*Ali Talb Gwad Abas*Mstfa Alaa Gasem Algmale*Abed Ali Ajawi Abbas*Ammer Talal Ajaz*Imad Hamed Abed Al-Ameer*Jaber Hasan Hawash*Jehaad Jaleel Ketrran*Mohammed Mahdi Hamdawi*Reyadh Jaleel Ketrran*Ali Jassim, and two brothers*Thamer Aiz*Najah Abdel-Ridha*Mslm Meshan Ali Alkrawe*Raad Bdre Hnosh Alkzrge*Fathel Shaker Arean Alkrkle*Mohssan Ali Sabah*Hassna Ali Sabah*Ael Gasem Manaa*Mshtak Salm Asmael Alshmrte*Abd Alkrem Brewe Mter Alnaeme*Abd Hsen Easen Zwear Albhadle*Talb Abodhsen*Jaasmeyaa Hadhoor*Msehn Abas Awda*Kthban Mlehm Mthewb Alzede*Gasem Mhmed Theban Alkfage*Abdullah Jasem*Muaayad Abed Al-Jabaar*Hasan Kathem Ali Alaez*Ahmed Sadek Abd Alhsen*Ali Talb Abod*Hasan Akar Hagem Alrkabe*Wled Ali Bheno*Nasar Ali Sabah*Twfek Taea Abod Gasem*Zahrah Ali Sabah*Ali Amran Unes Almsawde*Zenab Kalf Gasem*Mrttha Adel Mahdi Alaskrat*Alk Mhmed Hgem Alarean*Mhmed Abd Alhsen Easen*Mksm Nthem Abd Alrzalk Hsen*Hwraa Hasan Easen*Shhed Kne Abd Alhasan Alkrkele*Gead Hasan Gwad Alaskrat*Yosef Mezher Musa Al-Ardawy*Shhed Kne Abd Alhasan*Rahman Abas*Fatma Sbah Hashm*Raad Azez Mhmed Akzale*Slam Klel Kreb*Gazia Hassani Ali*Hadeya Saleh Iedan*Hedeer Gasem Mhmed*Easer Hasan Gwad Alaskrat*Faten Hasan Gwad Alaskrat*Sabaah Fadhel Kateef*Khdair Abas Abed*Muhaanad Shaker Mohamed*Adnan Sodaa Laftaa*Azoz Algbore*Fawzey Malek Flaih*Mahdi Shref Taher Alaskrat*Mream Taher Klwke Alaskrat*Abas Hamza*Ahlam Salah Khalaf*Angam Slah Khalaf*Azhar Slah Khalaf*Fatima Slah Khalaf*Fkdan Abd Gasem Swela Alkedane*Maryam Mahmood*Sakna Ra'aed*Shaymaa Saahab Shamraan*Abed Al-Aziz Aakial Abed Al-Aziz*Baneean Hassaian Dareeb*Bashar Salah Khalaf*Haider Yahya*Jaber Aii Neamaa*Kathom Salah Khalaf*Mohammed Mutalaq*Saad Gwad Kathem*Saleh Yousif Homedan*Thamer Shadhaan Khamees*Valantina Yonas*Lmeaa Azez Hashem*Raad Ali Shbeb Alhatme*Awatef Dohe Abed*Theaa Hsen Hzaa*Nwal Azez Rga Alhgame*Hlala Gasem Mhmed Alkzale*Rbab Dwraa Kndel*Amen Talb Abd Alkshash*Kse Mhmed Thamer Albo Tftga*Nage Naef Azae Al;Lame*Nseh Shref Usef*Hsen Shref Nage*Lefta Ehea Hjawe*Sbea Hasan Easer*Theaa Hsen Hzaa*Gmal Frag Awda Alkfage*Saaed Abd Alwahed Alsadawe*Wled Srhan Bresm*Naser Hsen Gabire Alkrawe*Mhmed Gasem Hmd Alabade*Rzak Kathem Ali Alhasanaye*Hasian Jabaar Flhee*Smera Sbeh Ofeh*Nser Shref Usef Alswdane*Abtsam Ltef Shaker Alalwse*Hasanawa Easer Mhmed*Faisel Ahmad Hussien*Gwad Kathem Abed Hswn*Krem Mhmed Abed Alatwane*Iadheela Abedalla Aashoor*Mhasan Mana Hmdan*Sbre Mala Mbed*Ngat Abd Alnser Alkrem Alade*Wfea Dakel Sheaa*Jafaat Jawad Kathom Al-Hasnawy*Kathem Azez Hmdalmoswe*Hthema Agel Hrea Aldbe*Zaytoona Zakee Abid*Shaheed Zakee Abid*Kerea Abas Shhatha Alrkabe*Mrad Dbs Alklabe*Shaker Trke Baker Alhgar*Ali Aded Abed*Fkrea Awda Abed*Ali Hmza Mnshad Alhgebe*Shaaker Jabaar Kareem*Akel Slem Abd Zed Algafre*Theaa Gbar Kreg*Ahmed Khtan Mhmed Alarste*Flah Hasan Abas Almnse*Ali Hsen Kzar Alshrefe*Saadam Hussen Ateia Al-Karafe*Rhem Kamel Taher Alabede*Wsam Mhmed Akar Abod Alnsar*Aead Mzher Hasan Badea*Nser Salih Mftah Alsaede*Reath Kder Gmaa*Kmal Hnon Aesa Alnsar*Star Gbar Hmd Alabede*Shafeeka Uamraan Ali*Rsmea Hmgaa Shr Aljame*Dra Hdad Aefan*Tmara Mahdi Srhan Alankome*Mhmed Fleh Mhasan Alshwele*Fatma Mged Mgde*Ftema Amged Hmada*Mohamed Aalawi Kadem Hamza*Mohamed Ali Kadem Hamzaa*Tkea Hnmed Ghed Fthan*Fatma Aesa Atea Albsare*Hsen Fleh Mhsen Brea Alshwele*Mhmed Flah Kathem Htab Altae*Muktada Abas Nahey*Russel Hamza Taleb*Ahmad Mohamad Amwre Awaynat*Fazeel Yakoob Yuseef Al Sadoon*Zhraa Hsen Mften Alhasanawe*Sbah Azez Hashem Mhmed Alkzale*Meth Gbar Kreg*Smer Eakwb Usef Alsadwn*Zenab Uakwb Usef Sadwn*Hsen Abwd Mhasan Algeome*Abaas Haloob Mutaar*Ahmed Husien Khalaaf*Jamal Khair Allah Fahad*Nthal Agel Lfta*Azher Fawzi Ali*Abrahem Kathem*Khalliel Kzdem Haashem*Aqeel Jasem*Imaad Husien Abed Kadem*Khalel Kazem*Suaad Abed Al-Sadaa Seyaah*Ali Kharbeet Haraan*Khaled Khaleel Burhaan*Hady Shaker Getaeer Al Kfagy*Katem Nage Hsen Alkzaae*Ahmed Hamoody Muhsen*Ghanem Aakool Seedaan*Abed Alameer Feraon*Badreya Abed Alredha*Rasmy Yaseer Yonees*Fleih Hasan*Nadhem Munaaf*Bahea Sameer Hussien*Abed Kareem Lateef Mohamed*Fadhel Abed Al-Husien*Rkea Hmza Mnshad Alhgebe*Fatma Khalel*Ala'a Mahmood*Ahmed Mohammed Adnan*Haqeb Jwad Kathom*Hasan Jasim Mohammed*Salem Jihad Abed*Sinan Mahmood*Zery Ahmed*Aaboola Razak Katraan*Shemaa Safe Abd Alglel*Mhnd Glel Uons Alzede*Smer Abd Mslm Kther*Heat Kamel Shfnab Alsaede*Abaas Hameed Mohsen*Kathem Jwad Mnfe*Kalb Resan Akrbt Alabode*Methak Alui Rthede Alsaade*Gbar Blasem Zage*Zenabkathem Kfe Alaze Uones Alzbde*Zenab Nkems*Hassan Muhamed Naaser*Heder Hasan Gabire*Hsen Hmed Shaker Abd Alwahed*Hade Abas Hwra Altmeme*Thaher Hsen Naser Albdre*Mhmed Gaber Keber Algnabe*Thaher Hsen Naser*Kthema Gasem Mhmed Aljmelea*Falh Hswn Rsn Nama Albhadle*Ltef Rswl Gbar Alftlawe*Gwad Kathem Kfe Alkze*Abas Mosa Alewe*Hassain Ateyaa Abed Al-Sayad*Shnan Klod Dakel Altrgawe*Smer Rshed Kathem*Abd Aljwad Rswl Gbar Alftlawe*Fesel Hamed Fesal*Ehea Nama Ased Grah*Hasan Mzban Kthban Bkr Alsham*Ngem Dham Afren*Hasana Abd Drwesh Albdre*Hlal Flnrs Abas Albdre*Usef Hwas*Gaber Abas Bdse Albdre*Shsel Shel Zead Alghlawe*Kerea Mana Wzn*Hashem Gbar Klef Al Usef*Gbar Hasan Slman*Ofea Aedan Gaber Alzergawe*Bnea Sef Ank*Gmala Abd Abas*Kltwga Hsen Ali*Jbary Dham Sabar*Mhmed Easer Usef Algabre*Fatma Mahdi Hashosh*Athraa Salm Abd Alglel*Mrwa Klel Slman*Bnder Kathem Hashm Alzhere*Ahmad Klel Uones Alzbde*Ali Gasem Mhmed Mnawe*Basem Abd Alhsen Abd*Shref Kathem Mnhel Alngase*Ali Mahdia Saeed*Klod Krem Easen Almagde*Gasem Agel, Hade Alkfage*Kathem Glel Drgal*Heder Kes Hmed*Nores Abd Kathem Ank*Wled Shnan Klod Dakel Altrgawe*Azez Akel Abd Alazez*Kathem Abd Alhasan Kathem*Hasan Gasem Mhmed Alawene*Jameel Tawbee Jaber*Sagda Lone Frag Alabasde*Reath Gbar Sbke*Thha Heder Slman Abed*Zhraa Dham Kasem Fleh*Mhmed Kathem Abd Hashem*Ashref Katjhem Gasem*Wrda Kald Uones Alzbde*Noora Fatah Ismael*Sajad Jasem*Hethem Saber Hmode Alkzale*Hned Taha Naser Albdre*Mhmed Dham Kasem*Shed Agel Anber Alabade*Hnen Kald Uones Alzbde*Zaineb Fadel Sabaah*Zhra Talad Kder Hmod*Ali Mahdi Hashosh*Ehea Ali Abrahem*Tho Alfkar Gbar Hade Almgtwme*Donia Fatah Esmaail*Mhmed Taha Naser Albdre*Hder Kald Uones Alzbde*Mrwa Dham Kasem*Ramlah Rashid Ahmad*Tho Alfkar Shaker Gaber Aljbore*Sfaa Nsar Gabr*Ali Jasem*Asad Abd Alrswl*Hnd Klel Uones Alzbde*Mrwa Kreb Faker Alanabe*Abas Rker Ali*Abas Zker Ali Thheb Al Btwel*Alham Kald Uones Alzbde*Heam Hade Abas Altmeme*Khair Allah Abdullah*Mrwan Taher Naser Almalke*Suhaad Husien Obeed*Ahmad Ali Kazem*Heder Mhmed Easer*Fatma Kathem*Mnarklel Uones Alzbde*Abas Kathem Atheb*Hsen Abd Alkathem Mhasan Almgtwme*Rhem Twfek Srhan Alaeode*Abas Kathem Atheb*Marwah Khalel Salman*Zaher Sabeh Sultan*Ali Talb Sala*Firas Tathhia*Isam Samey*Muhamed Nafea Aser*Saad Hade Abas Altmeme*Wasan Hasan*Drefsh Alwan Althaade*Mohammed Kathom Risan*Ali Saadon*Hsan Hade Abas Altmeme*Awda Aedam Slam*Jafer Redha Abed Ali*Khaled Khaleel Burhaan*Hanaa Fawzi Tallal*Maher Hasan Gabire*Nedhal Abed*Talib Tarsan*Soaad Hatab Howaish*Zuhair Iesaa*Hadey Shakir*Hussien Khalaf Kareem*Lutfy Taheer Ibraheem*Saad Kazem Jassem*Zoohor Arkan*Abed Alwhab Kazem*Abdah Maeaa Sultan*Husien Hameed Shaker*Fatma Abd Alhsen Gber*Ayoob Mohamed Ali*Khalid Hussien Radhey*Mrdan Gbar Abd Hmas Albo Zbner*Fatma Kazem*Kadem Resaan Ateeyaa*Nafel Abed Al-Mohsen*Ibrahim Altaai*Jalal Mahdey Aleh*Kareem Mrzhir Hdey*Zedan Kha;Af Saber*Abdullah Mutair*Hussien Awda*Nadhem Munaaf Hasun*Abed Alameer Abed Ali*Hasun Alwaan Abed Al-Redha*Nazeela Muhamed*Muhamed Ali Hassan*Sabar Othaib Sarhan*Homaadey Khamas Thumer*Zmen Alabden Klel Thaef*Yasser Farouq Foaad*Zuhair Alali Hussien*Fatma Mahdi Mashosh*Malik Hussain Rafeef*Ashwak Kased Ged Alzbrgawer*Ashwak Kased Ged*Mthfer Malk Alsalih*Wfea Trek Kataa Alzegawe*Fares Hamza Abaas*Hmd Gwad Naesh*Salm Ame Taher Albdre*Flah Mahdi Ali Alzhere*Mna Shfer Twkan Alsadawe*Fatma Abd Alhsen Agber*Hsen Hmede Shrhan Alrafaa*Hdea Kathem Mhasan*Ali Dham Akreb Albkdade*Glel Easer Kathem*Ngem Dham Afren*Rashed Thgel Slman*Wdad Gasem Mhmed Alhle*Hewa Abd Alhsen Hasan*Slam Hade Kthban*Amen Abd Shmke*Hsen Ali Abed*Ade Abd Lfta Hmd Al Dhreg*Ngah Hsen Abd Ala*Hmda Gead Nfesh*Kfran Alaa Krem*Ream Abd Alslam Shnn*Ahmed Saber Salih*Gmal Ktran Abrahem Alzergawe*Msafer Adnan Gaber Alaskre*Gmal Atran Abrahem*Hsen Hashem Bkga*Sakrah Kasem*Afrah Hashem Bkma*Ahmed Rhem Kathem*Hsen Zore Agel*Mustafa Abed Alameera*Rhman Shref Shmke*Maha Salem Muhamed*Hasan Kalb Thgel*Krar Hade Kthban*Nsera Shref Shmke*Hussien Kareem Ayed*Mhmed Abd Shnawa*Thafer Star Trek Alzzergawe*Zaineb Hadey*Muhaned Sameer*Rawaa Mohamed Ali*Hazem Gwad Hnon Abd*Hsen Abd Shmke*Saadek Husien Jaber*Hanaa Thamer Alasaadi*Suaad Abed Al-Sadaa Seyaah*Zaineb Taeh*Hamid Jury Hasan*Suhaila Mahmood*Sameera Abed Alhassan*Abed Al-Husien Shareif Nayef*Badreya Abas*Mudhfar Hannon*Alaa Yonis Dokhi*Aamarya Naaser Ghatanee*Aayat Faares Zawbaa*Baydaa Faares Zawbaa*Haneen Aajel*Rasmeya Hamaade*Saara Majeed Jaleel*Aajel Jabayer*Ahmad Majeed Jaleel*Firas Abbas Najim*Gazwan Juma'a Abed Ali*Ghalee Hassan Jabayer*Hassain Faares Azwbaa*Haydar Naama Farhooed Ghareeba*Jabayer Monshed*Kadem Mohamed Hadey*Kamaal Aajel*Kareeam Farhooed Ghareeba*Khalead Ghalee Jabayer*Khawala Lateef Samiar*Maajed Aajel*Maryam Jaasem Naaser*Mohammed Sameer*Naseer Saleh Meftah*Saad Kamaal Aajel*Sabaah Faares Zawbaa*Salaah Faares Zawbaa*Slmaan Abed Juwaad*Takaleef Farhooed Ghareeba*Aadel Akgaal Bastaan*Abas Zore Agel*Sahar Khalil*Um Aqeel Khalil*Hazm Abd Alzhra*Fras Smer Fsel*Jawad Kathom Faris Al-Kanmey*Raad Jabarey*Hsen Agel Gber*Mshtak Abd Ala Kaml*Meswn Hmed*Fatma Abd Alhsen Geber Al Hasan*Bder Hasan Gabir Aleasre*Bder Hasan Gber*Ali Abd Alhsen Shaeban Alsade*Kmal Agel Gber*Hade Hnthel Thaher Albdre*Jawad Kathom Faris Hussen Al-Aane*Mhmed Thamer Fwaze*Samer Ali Kteb*Abbas Joulan*Basem Ali*Fars Zwba*Kasem Thaef Gwda*Kalehasan Gabir Aleasre*Kiathem Abd Alrtha Adres*Abas Hmza Slman*Ktea Hashem Lazem Al Gwed*Zahraa Tafayal Jaree*Khalooad Abaas Abed Al-Saada*Slema Sadwn Hashem Alasbae*Abd Alwahd Gber Shbat*Sbeha Slman Alakele*Abd Alamer Krawn Orwesh*Kamel Kntesh*Shel Hlel Atewe*Saalah Laftaa Hassian*Hmdea Nama Bder Alaelawe*Abd Ala Kamel*Abed Al-Hassian Jabaar Wadee*Jabbar Jasem*Kasem Mhmed Mosa*Rathe Glwd*Atea Abd Aqbdan Alzbede*Reath Klf Saad*Fathel Mkeb Mhareb Alaskre*Kzal Easer Alshlhe*Shahena Ktran*Hashem Talb Alwan*Kder Thnfer Abd*Agel Gbar Haef*Rhema Kther Jwne*Abra Kata Albdwe*Kazem Ali Mohamed*Thamer Shdhan Kmes*Malh Mrzwk Albdre*Fadeela Zeeg Abdullah*Tmatha Kathem Hashem Alasbae*Ans Hmed Gnewr*Hsen Ali Abas Aesa*Mahamed Abed Al-Hassian*Rna Gasem Gabir Alasbae*Mhmed Ali Kathem Alasbae*Mstfa Salm Gasem Alsaede*Ali Abd Ala Kaml*Auob Kathem Hashem Alasbae*Methak Sdam Albsre*Raad Majed Faris Al-Kanmey*Saad Thamer Shdhan*Alea Abra Kata*Bshaar Ali Kathem Alasbae*Kaked Abd Alhsen Abd Ali*Anwar Kathem Hashem Alasbae*Bashar Sabti Mushaan*Rad Mkef Fars Hsae Alane*Zenab Thamer Shdhan*Mtsher Ashor Alkfage*Hdea Thamer Shdhan*Knewa Abed Gasem Alasbae*Tba Ali Hasan*Mahdey Abed Al-Atheem*Zayen Al-Aabeadeen*Khaled Ghally Hasun*Mhmed Gasem Gabir Alasbhe*Saad Agel Gbar Haef*Sajad Wisam Hasan*Sgad Wsam Hasan Alabraheme*Hager Abd Alabas Abd Alrzak Alknane*Ogal Gwad Kathem Alasbae*Zaynab Faalah Hassan*Zhra Gwad Kathem Alasbae*Zhraa Mhmed Kder*Zhraa Ali Hsen*Sgad Kathem Kaze*Nermeen Kasem Mohamed*Sheerin Hashim Naaem*Khaled Ghally Hasun*Saad Kamal Aajel*Zeaa Saleem Abdul Sadaa*Ali Abed Slman*Afrah Hashim*Ahsen Abd Ala Kaml*Jarah Naaem*Maged Agel Gber*Theaa Slem Abd Alsada*Khtan Hlw Mhesen Alakele*Noor Rameem Ywsif*Thelal Uwnis Nazar*Hnade Ali Kathem Alasbae*Thaafer S
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