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9/11 Truth Revealed at Movie Premiere in Auburn

by David R. Kimball
A review of the premiere showing, on 3-8-06 in Auburn, of the newly-released DVD, 9/11 GUILT - THE PROOF IS IN YOUR HANDS, by leading researchers and authors Don Paul and Jim Hoffman. Included in this review are key facts as presented by Don Paul and Jim Hoffman which question the legitimacy of the "war on terror", and all war of any kind. The movie screened in S.F. on the 9th, Berkeley on the 10th.
9/11 Truth Revealed at Movie Premiere
In Auburn

By David R. Kimball

March 12, 2006

For one evening in Auburn, California, the taboo was lifted. Members of the general public got together in a room and openly discussed the crime that the Bush Regime uses to justify everything from the dismantling of the U.S. Constitution, to hideous torture, to war without end; the crime that many Americans remain in denial about - and are too afraid to even look at closely themselves, let alone openly discuss with others.

On March 8th, the group Sacramento 9/11 Truth presented the premiere showing of a new DVD, 9/11 GUILT - THE PROOF IS IN YOUR HANDS*, by leading researchers and authors Don Paul and Jim Hoffman. The movie was shown at the Senior Center in the DeWitt Center in Auburn, and the Center was filled to capacity with about 75 people attending. Don Paul and Jim Hoffman traveled out from the Bay Area, and were present in person, fielding many questions from an audience both concerned and engaged, following the film. Numerous copies of the new DVD were sold, literally placing proof of the guilt of the actual criminals behind “9/11” into the hands of the public.

Don Paul is the author of over twenty books, including 2002’s 9/11: Facing Our Fascist State. Jim Hoffman's website - - is considered to be one of the best 9/11 research and analysis sites on the Web. Don Paul and Jim Hoffman co-authored Waking up from Our Nightmare in 2004, a definitive analysis of “9/11” which reveals many crucial facts deliberately kept hidden by the mainstream, and most of the alternative, media.

On August 22, 2005, Jim Hoffman and Don Paul gave recorded testimony for an event the American media has also kept largely hidden - the second convening of the Los Angeles Citizens’ Grand Jury on the Crimes of 9/11/01. 9/11 GUILT -THE PROOF IS IN YOUR HANDS includes their recorded presentations along with additional documentary videography by Celestine Star.

In the DVD, Jim Hoffman presents conclusive proof that WTC Building 7 and the Twin Towers were NOT brought down as a result of jet-fuel fires as we've been told by the corporate media, but rather imploded (WTC-7) and exploded (The Towers) as controlled demolitions which would take weeks if not months to set up. He also thoroughly deconstructs the media's disinformation lies about how these massive steel and concrete buildings could come down so rapidly, and proves for instance how only the use of explosives can explain how ALL of the 90,000 tons of solid concrete in each Tower turned into powder in 15 seconds.

Following Jim Hoffman in the DVD, Don Paul presents much evidence as to who the true perpetrators of 9/11 really were: and it is NOT "Muslim terrorists" as the Bush Regime and the complicit media endlessly repeat. Rather, it is those who had both the motive and the means to commit this horrible crime; those who BENEFITTED. Don Paul names five specific individuals, and shows why they are likely suspects. He demonstrates how we have to look toward certain world elites, the financiers who profit from war and a corrupt economic system as the guilty parties if we wish to see justice done in regard to 9/11.

The Special Features section of the DVD, also screened in the Auburn premiere, has interview excerpts of numerous firefighter and E.M.S. personnel, all eyewitnesses to 9/11, and all stating that they heard explosions within the Towers just prior to and during their destruction; this eyewitness testimony provides further proof of the demolition of the three skyscrapers. Also included in Special Features is an informational segment containing many little-known but key facts about the Federal Reserve and the Council on Foreign Relations which further substantiate Don Paul's conclusions.

Now that we have the proof – proof that would stand up in a court of law – it is vital that additional Citizens’ Grand Juries be convened, and that the public continue to be made aware of the true nature of what we face. We ALL need to become involved, for it is only by confronting these discomforting realities and coming out of our collective denial that we – the people - will be able to bring enough pressure to bear to see real justice in regard to “9/11”. The truth shall make us free.

*This new DVD is available at: and/or
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