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San Francisco Redevelopment Agency stopped in the tracks
by Francisco Da Costa (frandacosta [at]
Wednesday Feb 22nd, 2006 6:59 AM
The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) with Marcia Rosen as its evil leader were stopped in their tracks even as they wanted the SFRA Commissioners to agree to a resolution that all was NOT fine with a very faulty Final Environmental Impact Report that has not been discussed by the affected community in the Bayview. Gone are the days when the Western Addition was ruined by Racist SFRA. We will not permit the SFRA to come into our community and take over large tracts of land without meaningful dialog and full input of the community.
February 21, 2006 in Room 416 at San Francisco City Hall - San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) were told in no uncertain terms that they cannot come into the Bayview and take over property that belongs to the residents.

Further, the SFRA has no business to implement drastic changes by declaring huge tracts of land as Survey Areas and then without due process declare them Project Areas and destroy what is there without meaningful discussion and dialog.

The BLIGHT that we have in our community are the two power plants, the sewage treatment plant, the Darlin plant that manufactures tallow, the 400 toxic spots that have not been abated. It is the duty of the City and County to abate and clean up the toxic areas.

The SFRA would do well to clean up these toxic areas before anything happens. The SFRA is being cozy with Arc Ecology so that Arc Ecology can agree with SFRA that all is well. Arc Ecology is not from the community and we do not want crooks like Arc Ecology and Saul Bloom aka Donald Solomon having anything to do with our community.

The same holds good for Willie B. Kennedy who makes $170,000 a year working for SFRA. A host of other crooks mostly Black and working for the SFRA. These fools better know that soon huge areas will be declared Blight and before you know it the land will be taken by SFRA. They have done it before and they continue to follow the evil ways that are deeply engrained in their DNA. Leading the pack Marcia Rosen. Notice no members of the Citizens Advisory Committee linked to Parcel A and the Hunters Point Shipyard were there to fight for the community.

SFRA has prepared a very faulty Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) and then without due process and coming to the community gone ahead and declared this faulty DEIR a Final EIR.

SFRA cannot fool all the people all the time. This time they have crossed the line.

All the time that are added adverse impacts that the EIR is not taking into consideration. The Islais Creek bridge will polluted the area in and around Bayview with dangerous particulates.

There has been no AIR data collected related to the concrete, cement, aggregate, the raw sewage treatment plant, the millions of vehicles that spew particulates into the air.

The Hunters Points Shipyard has radiological elements that have to be abated. This has not been done. We have methane gas flowing and Parcel B, C, D and especially E is very toxic - these areas have not been abated and NOT discussed in the final EIR.

There are 40 plus other adverse impacts that the EIR has not taken into consideration. There has been no transportation study, no proper study of the housing element, and a host of other important elements that we will reveal in court - if we are forced to do so.

It is time that SF Redevelopment Agency is told to pack up and go some where else. We do not want them in San Francisco. They failed at Western Addition. They failed at Mission Bay. They will fail in the Bayview.

The Bayview Hunters Point Project Area Committee (BVHP PAC) is a joke. Funded and controlled by the SFRA. The BVHP PAC has not had a legal election and as is is an illegal body and has been so for the last 8 years.

Some memember of the BVHP PAC made some comments in favor of the SFRA - these sell outs better learn the facts. Ignorant fools can cause a lot of damage to the community.

Marcia Rosen has been put on notice. Go slow with the ploys there is much good in the Bayview. This time around we are well informed and will not permit evil doers to harm anyone with intent.

We will come out with force and this time you are put on notice. Do you see the common denominator in Jesse Blout, Michael Cohen, Larry Forin, Donald Solomon aka Saul Bloom and you Marcia Rosen?

Thank you to the many ardent advocates who came and spoke out. To the rest of you that do not speak out - your time has come to speak your peace or forever hold your peace.

Do not trust San Francisco Redevelopment Agency. yesterday, was the first victory but there will be more to come and this time SFRA better not take on the community and think they can get away with murder.

Mayor Gavin Newsom continues NOT to be involved and has not backed the community. He talks the talk but cannot walk the walk.

Francisco Da Costa
Environmental Justice Advocacy

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