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Israeli President Moshe Katzav aids massive penny stock fraud,possible money laundering

by Tony Ryals (endoscam [at]
One can say of Saddam Hussein what they wish but to my knowledge Mr.Hussein never aided a penny stock fraud of a mafia connected con artist who may well be responsible for tens of millions of dollars if not well over $100,000,000 + in frauds against Americans caught up in his penny stock scams over the years. Israeli President Moshe Katzav gets credit for that....

Israeli President Moshe Katzav aids massive penny stock fraud,possible money laundering

One can say of Saddam Hussein what they wish but to my knowledge Mr.Hussein never aided a penny stock fraud of a mafia connected con artist who may well be responsible for tens of millions of dollars if not well over $100,000,000 + in frauds against Americans caught up in his penny stock scams over the years.
Israeli President Moshe Katzav gets credit for that....

President of Israel, Mr. Moshe Katzav Visits the Company''s Display Booth at the "Aqua Israel 2004" Exhibition Held in Tel Aviv, Israel; AirWater Corp. is Recipient of 2 Event Awards

TEL AVIV, Israel--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 17, 2004-- Universal Communication Systems Inc. subsidiary AirWater Corporation company president Michael Zwebner revealed and announced today that the President of Israel, Mr. Moshe Katzav, visited the company''s display booth at the recently concluded "AQUA Israel 2004" 2 day exhibition, recently held at Tel Aviv, Israel. Tasting the water made from the company''s unique AW 120 Air to Water machine, he commented: "This water tastes very good, it is excellent and this is a great product." Later in the day, Israel''s Minister of Agriculture Mr. Katz, also visited the company''s display, and after being given a complete explanation of the company''s products and tasting the water produced on the spot, he too highly commended and endorsed the AirWater Machines, and the water created from the air.

(Above from Michael Zwebner 'UCSY' press release whose link can be found below.)

And furthermore the scam has used both American soldiers in Iraq and Israeli soldiers in such a reprehensible and disrespectful manner that one can only wish and hope Mr.Katzav himself has been conned by Michael Zwebner just as so many naive investors in his myriad U.S.penny stock scams have been.Some have speculated money laundering may also be involved and one writer goes so far as to speculate Israeli President Katzav has benefitted personally from Michael Zwebner's penny stock scam Universal Communications Systems,or 'UCSY' .I don't know but I believe it is long past time for a complete disclosure or some 'glasnost' from Mr.Katzav because we are not likely to receive that from Michael Zwebner without an investigation from the U.S. SEC or the Department of Justice(DOJ) who may have reasons of their own to cover up or protect his fraud against Americans and his use of offshore accounts and criminal offshore clients that include not only Israelis but a number of offshore clients who use U.S.penny stock shares to not only defraud Americans by dumping unaudited shares into the U.S.retail market but I suspect to launder money with those shares as well. U.S. penny stocks could well be the terrorists best friend and even in this post 911 era the U.S. SEC does nothing to stop unaudited and unregistered U.S. penny stock shares from being used as an almost alternative to money offshore by those who defraud retail penny stock purchasers in the U.S. markets.

Wealthy U.S. connected Arabs have also used and taken advantage of the U.S. Securities Exchange Commissions rules and loopholes to defraud Americans.One example is Adnan Khashoggi and his
GenesisIntermedia fraud or his son's Spantel penny stock fraud.In fact one of Mr.Michael Zwebner's pals and business partners is Mohamed Hadid whose links to Saudi financiers and terrorist suspect charity
foundations is discussed in the article,'U.S. Trails Va. Muslim Money, Ties',whose link is at bottom.

Of course the Russian mafia and Western European con artists take advantage of the Securities Exchange Commission's lax rules as well from Eastern Europe to Austria to Germany to Belgium etc.Not to forget the
autonomous Lichtenstein where such fraudulent and
criminal activities have almost become a cottage industry.And who can blame them when such fraud is almost smiled upon by the U.S. SEC and our DOJ whose vow to crack down on money laundering post 911 was no more real the the supposed 'WMDS' of Saddam.Canadian penny stock con artists take advantage of the SEC's lax enforcement as well and often incorporate the worthless shell companies in Nevada which is the center of U.S. penny stock fraud followed by Florida and Texas.Even Zwebner and others running their scams from Florida or Texas prefer to incorporate in Nevada.

The SEC even sits quiet as U.S. penny stocks such as the fraudulent Endovasc of Montgomery,Texas that
used a Stanford University patent to tout its worthless shares from a few cents to up to $15 and back down again in 2000 does undisclosed share deals with of Kuala Lumpur and Dubai ! And Stanford University and their apparently unethical researhers Heeschen and Cooke made off like bandits as some might be inclined to believe they are before requesting their patent back after years of fraudulent pump and dump they also benefitted from.

And right in the Beltway is far right James Dale Davidson who is founder of the National Taxpayers Union of Alexandria,Virginia and pal to Steve Forbes who also is a member of high standing as well as Grover Norquist, is also founder of Agora Inc.of Baltimore with its worldwide web of followers and penny stock low life and scoundrels and innumerable permanent and fly by night peny scam websites. Mr.Davidson has connections informally or not with CIA at high levels and was employer of ex-CIA Chief William Colby at the time of his mysterious drowning.Davidson tried to use his website to blame that death on Clinton just as he used Colby on the letterhead of his 'Strategic Investment' to smear Bill Clinton for the suicide of Vince Foster.

Davidson's business partner Bill Bonner actually self
promotes himself to our congressman and asks his followers and readers to write their congressman to read his scammy books along with his silly British
co-author Wiggans or Waggons or whatever.James Dale Davidson also has his British Tonto in the form of the Lord Rees-Mogg who co-wrote the pseudo - prophetic 'Sovereign Individual' and 'Blood In The Streets' and if the old Lord Rothschild were alive today he would probably sue both of them for plagiarism if not for defamation.Bill Bonner and Davidson's Agora Inc. also recommends offshore even Austrian bank accounts and other dishonest tactics to their American clients.I wonder why ...... ?

James Dale Davidson was also founder of 'NAANSS' or National Coalition Against Naked Short Selling' as well that was really a scam to mask or divert atention from his illegal 'pump and dump' activities,particularly the penny stocks Genemax and Endovasc that were promoted or 'pumped' by Agora Inc. and then dumped from various brokerage accounts including onshore by Charles Schwab and probably VFinance of Florida who both hosted LOM of Bermuda accounts for that purpose.Some believe Davidson is also behind the 'National Coalition Against Naked Short Selling' or NCANS.NET that patrick Byrne spoiled son of Jack Byrne and CEO of the scammy that he claims is a victim of mysterious unidentified 'naked short sellers' under the control of a Sith Lord !! He and a scamster using the false name or alias 'Bob O'Brien' actually placed a $100,000 ad-letter to Bush
in the Washington Post warning of the dangers of 'naked short selling'.Note,they didn't mention the danger of illegal pump and dump of unaudited penny stock sharres they promote.I wonder why ?

And now it appears a Brit named Mr.Taylor of Bellador Group has even promoted and recomended the purchase of SRA International shares in Kuala Lumpur and Dubai,etc. ! For those who don't know SRA International is the foremost IT or internet technology corporation of the U.S. governent receiving hundreds of millions of dollars from the SEC,GAO, U.S.Navy,and more government agencies than I can name and benefit directly from the war in Iraq. They also coincidentally are in part owned by the CIA through In-Q-Tel which is the investmen arm of the CIA and its employees ! And this is the company with NetOwl search engine that may read your email and founded Mantas Inc. the AML or anti-money laundering
software that might spy on your brokerage account if it is held at Charles Schwab,etc.!

But returning to Michael Zwebner and UCSY who the president of Israel has aided to defraud Americans on the dead bodies of both U.S. and Israeli soldiers.....Mr. Zwebner who seems to thrive on the death and misery and loss of others even used the tsunami to sell his worthless shares to benefit himself and others and no doubt sent funds offshore from his Florida headquarters to avoid taxes on what he has stolen from us.

Mr.Zwebner wasted no time from the start of the U.S. war with Iraq to begin his scam to sale more shares of his worthless 'company.A press release soon claimed that 'USCY' would immediately begin sending
its 'airwater machines' to the U.S. military in Iraq to aid
and supply our troops with water from the air !

If you followed an obscure and fraudulent website that
aids and abets the offshore penny stock mafia to promote and dump worthless shares on defrauded Americans called of Lycos that was sold the Spain's Telefonica and now the Korean corporation Daum,you would have seen a rise in buys
of the worthless Zwebner-UCSY shares as these fraudulent press releases are issued.You might also know that besides Zwebner's penny stock pump and dump of his worthless UCSY shares he has also been involved with a number of other penny stock frauds which is all too common for the professional penny stock hustler.That's why I estimate his frauds may exceed $100,000,000 of stolen money.

At the time of the tsunami Zwebner was preoccupied with scaring his many detractors on ragingbull's ucsy
message board and focused on targeting one alias by
name of 'wolfblitzzer0' .Michael Zwebner is famous or infamous over the years of of many penny stock frauds the SEC seems to give its blessing to for using
litigation and our U.S. court system for stifling free speech of defrauded investors and cynical message board posters who challenge him or his paid touters on message boards. Well Mr.Zwebner didn't bother to
take 'wolfblitzzer0' to court over his truthful message board warnings but instead decided to go after CNN ad the real Wolf Bltzer having decided correctly that they had deeper pockets and might decide to pay him off just to get rid of him ! He sued the treal Wolf Blitzer for $100,000,000 !!!

Besides the president of Israel,Moshe Katzav,even the names of officers in the Israeli Army have been used to proclaim USCY's 'air water machines' as a technological breakthrough for clean drinking water.Unfortunately this is all a fraud to sale worthless shares,defraud investors and fill Mr.Zwebner's offshore accounts with money stolen from America.No wonder the British government was glad to see this scammy British-Israeli citizen depart after leaving a mound of debt from his scams on that island nation.

Mr.Zwebner lost no time either from from the occurance of the tsunami until he was once again issueing phoney press about sending 'air-water machines' to victims of that disaster as well ven using a legit Israeli relief agency as a front to add credibilty to his latest scam.And not only did he lie about 'air water machines' being sent to South Asia and Sri Lanka but enlisted the Sri Lankan Prime Minister in his tsunami scam as you can see from link to that and
other UCSY tsunami press releases below.And if that weren't enough,at the time he even asked direct donations to himself for his efforts !! And now a year later we find he is asking forr a tax write off !!!

From London Sunday Mail circa 1996:

Mafia link of the bankrupt about to make millions from Lottery deal.

Michael Zwebner, founder of Cardcall (UK) won a contract to distribute five million National Lottery branded phone cards, Camelot's biggest marketing deal to date. Astonishingly, Camelot revealed it knew he was an un-discharged bankrupt and said this was "no reason to rule out doing business with and individual." But last night Camelot said it would launch an investigation and asked The Mail on Sunday for a full dossier of evidence about Mr. Zwebner's business affairs.

The disclosures follow rows over excessive profits and directors bonuses at Camelot. Zwebner, 44, has massive debts on both sides of the Atlantic and has been accused of threatening business rivals with violence.

His former girlfriend Gia, who died from a Cocaine overdose following a row with him, was the daughter of John "Sonny" Franzese a former boss of the Colombo crime family. Her brother Michael, often called the "Yuppie Don" has admitted being behind tax fraud, loan sharking, illegal gambling, racketeering and extortion as a leading member of the mob.

Zwebner's UK company Cardcall buys telephone time from British Telecom, Mercury and other line operators and then sells phonecards through Lottery outlets. The disabled British born businessman, a polio victim, fled Britain 6 years ago leaving his wife behind after the collapse of his Land Development Corporation with debts between £600,000 and £1.5 million. The firm was behind a scheme to build a £18 million golden city outside Oldham including offices, hotel and conference center and creating 2,000 jobs.

Zwebner moved to Miami with Gia, who was pregnant. In his absence the company was struck off and Zwebner made personally bankrupt.

He now claims he has repaid his creditors and is seeking to have his bankruptcy annulled, but according to Insolvency service records he is a current bankrupt with personal debts of £48,000. The record prevents Zwebner from running a company in the UK and he claims to be only a paid employee of Cardcall (UK). But Zwebner controls the British Company - in breach of company law - as the only named director of its American parent from Cardcall International Holdings of Delaware.

In Miami, Zwebner established several businesses including the GiaMic Corporation - the names based on his and his girlfriends' Christian names. But in October 1990, while he was on a business trip to Israel, Gia checked into a motel and took an overdose of Cocaine.

Near to her body police found a fax from Zwebner professing his love and repeating a request that she convert from Catholicism to Orthodox Judaism - the subject of a heated telephone row between them the night before. Homicide police concluded her heath was an accident.

Following Gia's death, Zwebner moved to New York where with his brother Charles, also a director of the British operation, he opened two companies selling pre-paid phonecards similar to those in the Camelot deal. The firms failed to pay rent for luxury offices in the World Trade Center and the landlord began court proceedings to recover $127,000 (£75,000).

Zwebner's firms owe more than £150,000 to telephone companies in unpaid court judgments from AT&T, Sprint Communications and Allnet. They also owe £112,500 to the printers of US phonecards and almost £6,000 in New York State taxes. Plunged into debt, Zwebner's business dealings became bitter and sometimes sinister.

Late in 1993, a New York Court issued a permanent
injunction against him after hearing evidence of threats against a lawyer acting for a rival firm. In Court Zwebner was accused of phoning James McGovern's house and telling his wife he wanted to send people there and that she should "obtain personal security because you will need personal security very soon."

Zwebner also began circulating letters to clients accusing his rivals of corruption and criminal activities. Facing Court actions and mounting debts he closed down his New York companies moving back to Britain. His brother Charles established Cardcaller Canada, Inc., in Toronto, which also faces huge debts.

Meanwhile the British operation is struggling. Despite a distribution contract with W.H. Smith, Cardcall made a loss of more than £600,000 last year. At his flat in Golders Green Zwebner said, "I told Camelot I was a bankrupt and made full disclosures of my business
history." He claims his business problems in America were part of a dispute with another company, which he says did not honor a deal.

"The threats I made were not real. You must understand I was the victim of a bad business deal. My remarks and letters were made in the heat of the moment and I never sent people round to anyone's house." He added, "None of these things has anything to do with my relationship with Gia Franzese or her family. I have met Gia's family including her brother Michael, but they had nothing to do with my business now or in the past."

Camelot said, "We are grateful to The Mail on Sunday for drawing to our attention these allegations which we were not aware of. We will now carry out a thorough investigation or our own to determine if any contracts need to be reassessed."


Meanwhile, Zwebner's publicly traded company, YAK Communications (YAKC) is in the tank and someone should watch what happened to his company around February of this year. His stock nearly doubled in value from January to February and then there was a lot of activity. Just a hint, someone needs to see where the trading was; who received it and who sold it. There should be others going to jail. Martha Stewart needs a boy toy.

Not even Zwebner's political contact, the President of Israel, Moshe Katzav can rescue his financially dying ass anymore. Moshe did his best dog and pony show to raise money in the form of business about the time his stock started soaring. Any connection? Brighter minds than mine need to decide that one. However, Katzav needs to explain how much money he got for being Zwebner's front man. Rumor is that Zwebner was made an honorary member of Mossad, (or maybe the rumor was that he actually is Mossad, I can't remember.)


Michael Joel Zwebner - ZAREK, Chairman of Board, Universal Communication Systems Inc. ripoff forges Form 10 SEC filing while relationships with Mark Van Waggoner Esq. Mark Tolner CEO of Fashion Rock and Alec Defrawy Shadow CEO of Hirebug dangle not far behind the federal charges Moshe Katzav ALSO has some explaining to do. Miami Florida

Universal Communication Systems Inc. Subsidiary AirWater Corporation Receives Presidential Endorsement of Its Products

Dear Jerusalem Post,

Universal Communication Systems, Inc., Subsidiary Millennium Electric T.O.U., Inc., Ships Exclusive PV Solar Powered Mobile Oil Tanker "Pump" for Immediate Use by the Israeli Army

Universal Communications Systems Inc. Closes Transaction to Supply 18 AirWater Machines to the Israeli Army June 18, 2003

Universal Communication Systems, Inc. Secures First Order for AirWater Machines for Immediate Delivery to US Army / Coalition Forces in Iraq

Universal Communications Systems, Inc. Subsidiary, AirWater Corporation, Receives "Approved Vendor Status" from US Government/Military

Universal Communication Systems, Inc. Subsidiary, AirWater Corporation, Announces a Major Breakthrough and Secures First Official Order for Two AirWater Machines for the US Army

Universal Communication Systems, Inc. Completes Construction of Special Sized AirWater Machines and Ships First Two Units to U.S. Army/Coalition Forces in Iraq

Out Of Thin Air

Universal Communication Systems, Inc., Subsidiary AirWater Corporation's Activities in Sri Lanka Dubbed Huge Success and Service to Humanity at Official Handing Over Ceremony

Universal Communication Systems, Inc. Subsidiary AirWater Corporation Hosts Official Visit by Sri Lankan Ambassador to Israel at the AirWater Production Facility

Universal Communication Systems, Inc. Subsidiary AirWater Corporation Company President Michael Zwebner and Mohamed Hadid Each Donate $25,000 to AirWater Emergency Fund for Shipment of AirWater Machines to Far East

Universal Communication Systems, Inc., Together With Company Chairman, File Suit Against Turner Broadcasting System, CNN and Wolf Blitzer for $100 Million

Universal Communication Systems, Inc., Subsidiary AirWater Corporation's Activities in Sri Lanka Dubbed Huge Success and Service to Humanity at Official Handing Over Ceremony
Monday February 28, 9:55 am ET
Office of the Prime Minister Issues an Official Letter of Appreciation, Acknowledgment and Government Receipt of AirWater Machines

COLOMBO, SRI LANKA--(MARKET WIRE)--Feb 28, 2005 -- Universal Communication Systems, Inc. (OTC BB:UCSY.OB - News), subsidiary AirWater Corp, company president Michael J. Zwebner stated last Friday that at an official Government handing over ceremony that took place in Hambantota, one of the worst Tsunami affected areas of Sri Lanka, the Prime Minister, His Excellency Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa, said in a speech that AirWater Corporation is being recognized as an official "Friend" of the Sri Lankan people, and dubbed the company's activities a huge success and a service to humanity. AirWater Corp staff proceeded to hand over the AirWater Machines to the Government officials who then officially accepted the Gifted AirWater Machines for continued use for the Tsunami Victims in the communities of Hambantota, in the southern coastal area of Sri Lanka.
Source: Universal Communication Systems, Inc.

· Sponsor an AirWater Machine
· AirWater Corporation


The Prime Minister then personally got involved and assisted in the distribution of the unique plastic Jerry Cans to the hundreds of Tsunami victims that had assembled in the camp site.


Company President Mr. Michael Zwebner went on to state: "The local scene then went completely wild, with hundreds of Tsunami Victims rushing the scene to obtain a Plastic Jerry Can and water supplies. So much so that the Prime Minister and the Indian Ambassador to Sri Lanka as well as other officials had to be evacuated by the security services aided by the local police and soldiers. Our local agents, AirWater Lanka Pvt. Ltd, had assembled some 10 local staff, and distributed almost 500 Plastic Jerry Cans to local victims. Two AirWater machines were operational with power supplied by Sri Lanka Army Military generators, and supplied water to the assembled people. All the company officials and employees were busy for hours dealing with bag and water distribution to the victims."

Mr. Senaka De Silva, director of AirWater Lanka Pvt Ltd, stated, "Our company is proud to be involved with AirWater Corp of USA in this ongoing humanitarian project. Our people who have suffered great loss in the recent Tsunami recognize and appreciate the many overseas companies and people coming here to assist. The Prime Minister has now officially recognized the AirWater group as 'Friends' of the people of Sri Lanka. Our company has also ordered a full container of SOHO style AirWater machines that are due to arrive in Sri Lanka by mid-March. We look forward to a solid long term mutually beneficial business relationship with AirWater USA."

A selection of photographs taken at the event can be accessed at the company's web site.


Above from MiHcael Zwebner paid 'press release' at time of Asian tsunami,note after all the fraudulent lies meant to con more victims into his stock buying fraud,'UCSY', Mr.Zwebner still can't resist the chance to possibly defraud further by asking direct donations to himself .

Mohamed Hadid

U.S. Trails Va. Muslim Money, Ties

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