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SF events 1.19 post carbon
by peak oil
Thursday Jan 19th, 2006 4:08 PM
Thursday January 19th
7:00pm SF: World Social Forum Event
7:30pm SF: Children of the Incarcerated: A Book Event
7:30pm Palo Alto: Reviving Silicon Valley through Urban Ecology
Friday January 20th
7:30pm Palo Alto: Screening of Film "Affluenza"
8:00pm SF: Hear This! Music, Speakers, Poetry
10:00pm SF: Dirty South Party for New Orleans Cleanup
Saturday January 21st
4:00pm Oakland: Building the Progressive Movement in the East Bay

Protest Called for January 21st to Shut Down the Walk for Life
A protest has been called for Saturday, January 21st to "Defend Women's Reproductive Autonomy, Confront the Right-Wing Invasion, and Shut down the Walk for Life." Pro-choice people will meet at 11:00am at Justin Herman Plaza at the Embarcadero, San Francisco. This will be the second Walk for Life in San Francisco, and people from the Bay Area plan to have a larger, louder message than the anti-choice gathering.

The sooner we burn out the lame excuses that justify societal and cultural denial and inaction, the sooner we come to grips with the imminent peril of Peak Oil and start to do the only things that can be really be done: reducing consumption, halting growth, and powering down. – MCR

Recognizing a Stroke

----- A neurologist says that if he can get to a stroke victim within 3
hours he can totally reverse the effects of a stroke...totally. He said the
trick was getting a stroke recognized, diagnosed and getting to the patient
within 3 hours which is tough.


Thank God for the sense to remember the "3" steps. Read and Learn!

Sometimes symptoms of a stroke are difficult to identify.
Unfortunately, the lack of awareness spells disaster. The stroke victim may
suffer brain damage when people nearby fail to recognize the symptoms of a

Now doctors say a bystander can recognize a stroke by asking three simple

1. *Ask the individual to SMILE.

2. *Ask him or her to RAISE BOTH ARMS.

3. *Ask the person to SPEAK A SIMPLE SENTENCE (Coherently) (i.e. . . It is
sunny out today) If he or she has trouble with any of these tasks, call
9-1-1 immediately and describe the symptoms to the dispatcher.

After discovering that a group of non-medical volunteers could identify
facial weakness, arm weakness and speech problems, researchers urged the
general public to learn the three questions. They presented their
conclusions at the American Stroke Association's annual meeting last
February. Widespread use of this test could result in prompt diagnosis and
treatment of the stroke and prevent brain damage.

A cardiologist says if everyone who gets this e-mail sends it to 10 people;
you can bet that at least one life will be saved.

could save their lives.

May you always have LOVE to share, HEALTH to spare and FRIENDS that care.

important events:
fun events:
more events:
eco events: 390 27th St Oakland Marin Peace and Justice Center Palo Alto Peace and Justice Center


The Earth is about to catch a morbid fever that may last as long as 100,000 years

Peak Oil, in the simplest terms, means that about half the oil has been used up. (1/2) housing interview w/ David Room (2/2)

Bracing the world for the day when the oil runs out

Warmer seas will wipe out plankton, source of ocean life

a simple one line definition of Bioregionalism
"... the water cycle and the life cycle are one." or the full line:
We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one."
attributed to Jacques-Yves Cousteau

ECODEFENSE: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching (3rd Edition)
by Dave Foreman and Bill Haywood, with a foreword by Edward
Abbey, is online here:
However, it's from 1989, so it may be out-of-date in some ways...But it's still timeless!


Elderberry - The Medicine Chest of the Common People


Medical corruption: How homeopathy is being targetted.

Mission Cliff's (CLIMB ON) is waving the initiation fee for January.  The usual cost is 150.00 and than 59.00 a month.
Harrison @ 18th, SF Indoor climbing gym.


Water splitting into H2 and O2, with just visible light...a break through..rev up your Water - to H2 and O2 - to Water again...hybrid too...engines...possible 1000 mpgallon of water...using an internal combustion engine model...imagine...20 gallons...= about 2 years of driving without refueling again with 20 more gallons of water...???? NO JOKE....

Technology Research News
Hydrogen is a clean-burning fuel, but using it as an environmentally
friendly energy source requires finding clean ways to produce it.
One of the most promising approaches is solar water-splitting,
a scheme to use sunlight to drive the chemical separation of hydrogen
and oxygen from water.
The catalyst is the key to splitting water into oxygen and hydrogen. Much recent research has focused on titanium dioxide catalysts, and last year researchers found that nanotubes made of titanium dioxide are more effective than bulk titanium dioxide. The catch is pure titanium dioxide only works with ultraviolet light, which makes up only a small portion of sunlight. (See Nanotubes crank out hydrogen, TRN, February 9/16, 2005) Researchers from the University of Texas at Austin have found a way to add carbon to the titanium dioxide nanotubes in order to shift their catalytic activity from ultraviolet to visible light. They also found that the length of the nanotubes plays a key role; 3.3 microns is optimum. The carbon-infused titanium dioxide nanotubes generated more hydrogen from sunlight than pure titanium dioxide nanotubes.

Yourtown also has a great network of nonprofit pet organizations

A Precise Petroglyph Equinox Marker in Eastern California v23071.htm

January 16, 2006
CHALLENGES 2005-2006: Oil Market Analysts Issue Dire Warnings
Homegrown fuel: a waste of energy? Homegrown fuel: a waste of energy?
America's days as a superpower are over
Iraqi Civil War? Some Experts Say It's Arrived
Many Iraqi soldiers see a civil war on the horizon
Kurds in Iraqi army proclaim loyalty to militia
India, China pin down $573m Syria deal
Read these free stories and other articles here:

(from Gene Sharp, The Methods of Nonviolent Action, Boston 1973)

Martial Law / Police State

ACLU v. NSA Lawsuit Seeks End to Bush's Illegal Spying

TechConnect Wireless Citywide Internet: San Francisco considers rollout of it's own privatized Domestic Spying (targeted ads) or funded by Homeland Security

(see calendar image below in email)

In an attempt to rollout a Citywide Wireless Internet plan (TechConnect) two major approaches being considered by San Francisco significantly encroach on the public's privacy. While Supervisors and City Administrators pat themselves on the back for what the voters approved (2004) in a watch law ordinance that makes Patriot Act requests difficult for the Federal government, a privatized solution for any wireless internet usage will finance the solution by monetizing the public's privacy.

Two major funding mechanisms vendors are suggesting for the current TechConnect RFP (secret bids due 2/21) are targeted advertising and Homeland Security funding. The targeted advertising solution (google and others) would track all the email and surfing habits of any user. This information could be used as in Gmail and Amazon to send specific advertising. It is of course also available for National Security Letters and other legal methods which would not be presented within the legal context of San Francisco - avoiding the Watch Law. While there are questions about Privacy in the RFP, they were specifically written as Open Ended rather than Minimal Standards. Public Advocates and Organizations like ACLU, and have all written and some have spoken about their concerns with this approach Before the RFP was created and released - no changes were made. Also DTIS has the ability to waive any RFP requirements in the contract negotiation process anyhow.

The Homeland Security funding option: "Motorola’s proposal suggests that the city pitch the project as a public safety issue, and capitalize on grants from government organizations such as the Department of Homeland Security. They suggest that the network would help law enforcement by enabling the SFPD to put wireless cameras across the city cheaply, and that the signal from a particular camera could be routed wirelessly to officers in their cars as they approached the scene." (thanks to for summary) Chris Vein Acting Director of

Combined brief ACLU, and

SF Watch Law Re Patriot Act

Jackson West summary of TechConnect RFI/C submittals (the step before the current RFP process)

Chris Vein DTIS Acting Director's calendar showing a meeting planned with Motorola.

more info:

William Rivers Pitt | The New Fascism
William Rivers Pitt writes: Say "fascism" to anyone you meet, and you will be greeted with the boilerplate response of the blithely overconfident: such a thing cannot happen here. This is the United States of America, land of the free and home of the brave. Ours is a nation of laws, of checks and balances, of righteousness and decency. Our laws and traditions stand as a bulwark against the rise of totalitarian madness. It cannot happen here. Thus we are indoctrinated into the school of our own assumed greatness.
The 14 Defining Characteristics of Fascism
You Approve of Domestic Spying? Then Start With Skull & Bones!

Rightwing Group offers students $$$ to spy on profs!

President George W. Bush has signed executive orders giving him sole authority to impose martial law, suspend habeas corpus and ignore the Posse Comitatus Act that prohibits deployment of U.S. troops on American streets. This would give him absolute dictatorial power over the government with no checks and balances......These national security initiatives," hatched in 1982 by controversial Marine Colonel Oliver North, later one of the key players in the Iran-Contra Scandal, charged the Federal Emergency Management Agency with administering executive orders that allowed suspension of the Constitution, implementation of martial law, establishment of internment camps, and the turning the government over to the President.
ImpeachGeorgeWBush-subscribe [at]

This is the first, and prabably only time I will suggest a group. If you feel that the physical protection of your rights and property might bcome an eventuality, you might want to give this one a look. I did...and joined.  Your right to form a state milita is guaranteed by the constitution. -dave
Citizens_Militia-subscribe [at]

Remember Afghanistan? Insurgents Bring Suicide Terror to Country

Voice Yourself: Woody Harrelson Video Bush Lied- People Died -- Bush Spied - Must Be Tried ! ACLU Suing NSA

stamp tax!
while you were waiting in line at the post office to purchase your two
cent stamps, did you stop to think where the extra money was going
from your purchase? if you thought the money is going to the U.S.
Postal Service, you would be wrong. funds from this postage increase
will actually be going to retired military payments. how did this
happen? isn't the post office an independent agency of the federal
government? what has been happening behind the scenes in washington
and why hasn't the public been made aware of this situation? by the
way folks, in april your postage will go up again and the monies from
that increase will go to the postal service. may be its time we
started contacting our congressmen and finding out why we have to pay
this "stamp tax". wasn't one of the issues of the revolution
over "stamp taxes" by the british government on the colonies?

Thu Jan 19

# Planned Parenthood
YOU ARE INVITED to join PPGG in honoring the 33rd Anniversary of Roe V. Wade

Thursday, January 19, 2006
Herbst Theatre - 401 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco

6:30 pm
VIP Reception w/ Molly Ivins in Green Room
(for $100+ ticket holders only)
8:00 pm
9:15 pm
Book Signing (priority for Sponsors)

VIP Reception Features:

• Nueva Cubana and Antipasto Hors d' oeuvres provided by Global Gourmet

• Dessert station sponsored by Citizen Cake

• Vodka Martini Bar sponsored by Hangar One Vodka

• Beer and Wine sponsored by Lagunitas Brewing Company
    and Apan Wine Company

• Original Intimate apparel and accessories displayed by Porcelynne,
    Cool Sets, Showstrings, and Miz Mink

Honoring the local Campaign for Teen Safety: No on 73 Co-chairs:
Roberta Achtenberg, Assemblymember Wilma Chan, Patti Chang, Quinn Delaney, Milton Estes, M.D., District Attorney Kamala Harris, Sandra Hernandez, M.D., Gail Slocum, Wanden Treanor

Molly Ivins is a nationally syndicated columnist, best known for her ability to honestly report on the political process while also mocking it. She is the author of six best selling books, including Who Let the Dogs In? Incredible Political Animals I have Known and Bushwhacked, which will be on sale at the event.

Event Co-Chairs:  L. Jasmine Kim and Maya Draisin Farrah

Ticket Prices:
Regular Admission: $50–150
Students and under 25 years of age: $25–75
Sponsorships: $500–10,000

To purchase tickets visit the online purchase site or call (415) 392-4400.

To purchase sponsorships click here or call Natalia at 415-202-7201.

# You are invited to Slideshow & Book Presentations with. . .
• Thursday, January 19th, 6–8 pm, at the
Farallones Marine Sanctuary (at Crissy Field in SF)
• Friday, January 20th, 7–9 pm, OCSC Sailing Club (Berkeley Marina)
• Tuesday, January 24th, 6-8:30 pm, Open Secret Bookstore, San Rafael
• Friday, January 27th, 6:30–9 pm, OCSC Sailing Club (Berkeley Marina)

Dear Friends,

Come check out the Farallones Marine Sanctuary in SF this Thursday evening. I'll be presenting my new book — Dancing on Water: Adventures with Dolphins, Whales & Interspecies Communication in conjunction with a slideshow by Blue Waters Kayaking on the gray whales.

If you can't make it to the city, stop by (before Dance Jam!) the OCSC Sailing Club at the Berkeley Marina for book and slideshow presentations later this month, also featuring: Sacred Music and Kirtan with Peter DeLong on Jan. 20th, and on Jan. 27th, Anna Halpern's film, "Coming Home."

On Tuesday, the 24th, Dancing on Water, the whales and the film "Coming Home" will be at Open Secret Bookstore in San Rafael.

Join us for an awesome trip with the dolphins this year —
• August 19-26, 2006: Adventure in the Caribbean with the Bottlenose Dolphins (the due date for the early discounted rate is Feb 1 — this trip is starting to fill! Call 415-460-9910 or 510-653-3473 for more info)

Blue Water Kayaking has three Specialty Trips to Baja this winter to be with the whales:
• Feb. 26–March 5, 2006: Commune with the Gray Whales through Sacred Music, Kirtan & Breathwork with Peter DeLong.
• March 5–12, 2006: Experience the Sacred: Yin/Yang Yoga and Kayaking on the Sea of Cortez with Christy Brown (Mill Valley Yoga Studio)
• March 12–19, 2006: "Embodying Nature" on the Sea of Cortez, with Rana Stewart (as apprentice to Anna Halprin, Rana's work is based on the Halprin Life/Art Process)

For more info on Blue Water trips
or other slideshow dates see

Directions to Slideshow and Book Presentations:

Farallones Marine Sanctuary Association Office and Visitor Center Crissy Field, Building 991 (Old U.S. Coast Guard Building) -
Entering the Presidio from Marin County, going south: Enter Golden Gate Bridge toll plaza using RIGHT toll booth. Exit immediately (before bus stop). Make quick RIGHT turn to go under toll plaza and through parking area, bearing right. At second stop sign turn LEFT on to Lincoln Blvd. Follow it down the hill, past the Fort Point entrance and under the freeway underpass. Left on Cowles St. (between two trees with white-banded trunks), down to stop sign at McDowell. Turn LEFT on McDowell. At the Crissy Field Ave. stop sign turn LEFT. This takes you under the overpass, and by the pet cemetery on your left. At the stop turn RIGHT, and make immediate LEFT at the first warehouse, and drive toward the Bay about 500 yards. Our walkway begins at the break in the boulders and is the paved "Authorized Vehicles Only" road. Turn right down the driveway marked "Authorized Vehicles Only." The driveway ends in a parking lot and we are located in the second large building to your right. Directions from other starting points may be found at

OSCS Sailing Club (Berkeley Marina) -
In the East Bay, take the University Avenue Exit in Berkeley and go west towards the water. Stay on University Avenue into the Marina (.3 miles). At the fork in the road, bear right onto Marina Blvd. Follow Marina past the hotel to the north side of the marina (.4 miles). The road will turn 90 degrees to the left. You are now on Spinnaker Way. Follow Spinnaker Way (.2 miles) until you see the Berkeley Marine Center and the sign for OCSC on your left. Turn into the yard, drive through the rows of boats on cradles and you'll see our two story clubhouse on your right. Park only in designated areas. Also see directions at:

# January 17th : Northern California 9-11 Truth Organizing
Meeting, Oakland <> (Harmony Community Center , 7-10pm)

#2 - January 25th : Truth, Stolen Elections, & Beyond - Part I
Meeting, Oakland <> (Grand Lake Neighborhood Center, 7-10pm)

- February 1st : Overcoming Barriers to 9/11 Truth - Part II
- Feburary 8th : The Big Picture - Part III


#1 - January 17th : Northern California 9-11 Truth Organizing
Meeting, Oakland <> (Harmony Community Center , 7-10pm)

At the The Grand Lake Neighborhood Center
530 Lake Park Avenue,
(between Lakeshore Avenue and Grand Avenue) in Oakland
7:00 p.m. to 10:00p.m.

From Hwy. 580 East (coming from the Bay Bridge or
Berkeley), take the Grand Ave./Lakeshore exit (the exit ramp merges
into MacArthur which intersects with Grand at the light), make a left
at the light onto Grand, make a right onto Lake Park Ave. (the Grand
Lake Theater will be on the corner on your far right). Go about a
block, past the BofA, which will be on your left, and the GLNC will
also be on your left. Park on the street or turn right into free public
parking under the freeway.

Lake Merrit is the closest BART station, with a 15 minute walk
the lake towards the Grand Lake Theater.

From Hwy. 580 West (coming from Hayward), take the
Lakeshore Ave. exit (get as far to the right when approaching the exit
before, the Harrison/Oakland exit, then continue moving to the right).
When you exit at Lakshore Ave., you will be on Lake Park. Go straight
at the light (you'll see an OMNI store in front of you to the right),
crossing Lakeshore Ave. The GLNC will be a few storefronts down on your
right. Park on the street or turn left into free public parking under
the freeway across from GLNC. If you cross Grand Ave. (and the theater)
you've gone too far.

#2 - January 25th : Truth, Stolen Elections, & Beyond - Part I
Meeting, Oakland <> (Grand Lake Neighborhood Center, 7-10pm)

What's going on in our country
and what can we do about it?
A three part multimedia series presented by Ken Jenkins

Three Wednesday: January 25, February 1, February 8th

Harmony Community Room
400G Morris St.
(across from Coaches Corner Health Club)

Part One - January 25th, 7 - 10 pm.
9/11 101 - Using the newly developed "11 REMARKABLE FACTS ABOUT 9/11"
card as a starting point, this PowerPoint and video presentation will
cover the most solid evidence disproving the official story of 9/11.
Video will include the latest from author David Ray Griffin (The New
Pearl Harbor). The talk will conclude with suggestions of empowering
actions to take. There will be time for questions and discussion. SEE

Part Two - February 1st, 7 - 10 pm
Overcoming Barriers to 9/11 Truth - Those familiar with the information
presented in part one know that a lack of evidence is not the limiting
factor in spreading 9/11 truth. Many people don't want to believe scary
stuff like that revealed by the reality of such things as stolen
elections and the truth of 9/11. This talk will look at the
psychological resistances to such truths, so we can better overcome
them. This talk will be shorter to allow more discussion time about
examples each of us have of the types of resistance we have encountered
in ourselves and others.

Part Three - February 8th, 7 - 10 pm
9/11 in Context: The Big Picture. Using the 9/11 truth issue as a
touchstone, this discussion will look at the nature of the overall
changes we are going through that include other such unsettling
realities as the stolen elections, lies leading to war in Iraq, and the
response by our government to Katrina. By seeing these in the context
of a global awakening that we are all a part of, we can be more
effective working on the specific issues that have the most leverage to
facilitate this evolutionary process and thus create a better world.

Ken Jenkins has been a 9/11 truth activist for over four years. He was
a speaker at both the San Francisco and Toronto 9/11 Inquiries and has
produced numerous 9/11 DVD's. He is an award winning video and media
producer with an education in engineering, psychology and metaphysics.
He brings a multifaceted and balanced approach to the 9/11
Ken is currently producing a series of DVD's of illustrated lectures by
David Ray Griffin, noted author of the books The New Pearl Harbor and
Omission and Distortions in the 9/11 Commission Report.

Cost: $10 - No one turned away due to lack of funds
RSVP = deb

Check out complete calendar of events at
Join our Harmony Events email list by request at
deb harmonyfestival com

1 Host Volunteer position available = Free Entrance
Contact Debra at deb harmonyfestival com

For more information contact:
Debra Giusti: 707-861-2038, deb harmonyfestival com
Ken Jenkins: 415-485-4491, KenJenkins aol com

# Thu, Jan 19, 2006      7:00 pm - 9:00 pm Free.
Alaskan Rainforest Kayak Journey
Ecology Center 2530 San Pablo Ave, near Dwight Way Berkeley

One of the great surviving ecosystems of the planet, a wilderness inhabited and utilized by many people, the rainforest of coastal Alaska presents a unique opportunity for us to redefine the human relationship to the biosphere.

Kayaking in Southeast Alaska has become the life passion of speaker Dan Kiely. In the past seven summers, he has paddled over 400 days (mostly solo) through many areas of the islands and mainland coast that encompass the Tongass rainforest. From the world-renowned Glacier Bay to the rarely visited shores of Kuiu Island and the outer coast of Chichagof Island, he has wandered and photographed the waters, landscapes, and animals of the Alaska coast.

Come enjoy a journey through this extraordinary land and seascape and find inspiration to expand one's kayaking adventures. Also learn about one of America's great rainforests and efforts to preserve this wilderness area.

# Send off event for New College Media Studies students to the
2006 World Social Forum in Venezuela
Thursday, January 19th at 7 pm
New College Cultural Center, 766 Valencia St., San Francisco
Four student activists from New College of California’s Media Studies MA program will be traveling to the 2006 World Social Forum taking place in Caracas, Venezuela Jan 23-29. The group of New College delegates is holding a fundraising event Thursday, Jan. 19th at 7PM at the New College of California Culture Center. Information on the different themes of this year’s WSF will be presented, along with a showing of the student journalists’ past work.

• Please come and join in the festivities!

• Learn more about the World Social Forum

• Enjoy food, drink, and Venezuelan music

• And help send off the students for their trip to Venezuela.
We are asking a $5-10 sliding scale donation. 
For more information, please contact Bill Hodges at weh_media yahoo com

# Invitation to special preview screening of The Real Dirt on Farmer John for Jan. 19
Global Exchange and People's Grocery
invite you and your guest to a
Free Preview Screening

 An epic American tale of life, love, death and sweet potatoes.


Thursday, January 19th, 2006, 7 p.m. 

Act 1 & 2 Theater 2128 Center St. Berkeley, CA 94704 (510) 843 FILM

This is your screening ticket.
Please bring it with you!

Admission is free, but suggested donations of $10 to Global Exchange and People's Grocery will be accepted.

Representatives from People’s Grocery and Global Exchange will speak at the screening and hold a question & answer session after the film.

For more information about the screening, please contact June at Global Exchange at 415-255-7296 ext 253.


Winner of 15 U.S. Film Festival Awards!

The true story of John Peterson, third generation Northern  Illinois farmer. Using 50 years of richly textured footage, filmmaker Taggart Siegel weaves together Farmer John’s haunting and humorous hero’s journey of struggle, hippie days, vicious rumors and violence, the farming crisis of the 80s, death and resurrection. Through melding farming with free expression, Farmer John’s powerful story of transformation heralds a renewal of local agriculture in America.  


“Unbelievably special … a real and gripping story with insight and humor.”
Al Gore
"A most compelling character ... Suffused with a soulful optimism as vast as the fruited plains."

For more information about People’s Grocery and Global Exchange, please visit their websites:

# State of Fear - Amnesty International screening Thu Jan 19 8:00pm $5
Director: PAMELA YATES, Documentary. 2005. Peru/USA. 94 min. English/ Spanish, subtitled.

How can an open society balance demands for security with democracy?
"State of Fear" dramatizes the human and societal costs a democracy
faces when it embarks on a war against terror, a war potentially
without end, all too easily exploited by unscrupulous leaders seeking
personal political gain. The film follows events in Peru, yet it
serves as a cautionary tale for a nation like the United States.
Filmmakers Pamela Yates, Paco de On and Peter Kinoy masterfully blend
personal testimony, history and archival footage to tell the story of
escalating violence in the Andean nation and how fear of terrorism
was used to undermine the democracy, making Peru a virtual
dictatorship where official corruption replaced the rule of law.
Attacks by the Shining Path guerrillas provoked a military occupation
of the countryside. Military justice replaced civil authority,
widespread abuses by the Peruvian Army went unpunished, and the
terrorism continued to spread. Nearly 70,000 civilians eventually
died at the hands of the Shining Path and the Peruvian military.

Artists' Television Access 992 Valencia Street @ 21st
SF (415) 824-3890

# Movie night: "Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of... Thu Jan 19 8PM
Encounter Studio 555 De Haro Street @ 18th, Suite 120 SFCA 94107
Movie night: "Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith"
presented in MST-style drunken heckle-rama

Every other Thursday night, Encounter Studio presents classic and cult films on an amazingly bright, sharp digital projector in a comfortable home environment. Join us for Encounter Studio's first film night in which we consume mass quantities of alcohol and yell at the screen.

Thursday, January 19, 2006
Doors open at 7:30, screening begins promptly at 8:00 pm

555 De Haro Street @ 18th
Suite 120 (entrance at the bottom of the parking lot)
Free admission, donations accepted
Bring your own whatever
Due to raunchy language, ages 18 and over at this event, please

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith 2005
Written and directed (in a manner of speaking) by George Lucas

Of the three most recently produced Star Wars films, "Sith" is the least objectionable. Its storyline is not completely ridiculous, and the darkness of the subject matter restores some measure of balance to the series, which is equal parts saccharine and treacle. Beautifully designed and rendered, "Sith" is further hyperstimulus for a generation of borderline autistic Nintendo babies. However, no amount of hard work and aesthetic vision on the part of the film's many designers and artisans can possibly compensate for cliched dialog and truly Gawd-awful performances. Lucas has an uncanny knack for bringing out the absolute worst an actor can muster. Respected actors Samuel L. Jackson and Ewan McGregor appear visibly embarrassed to deliver such cheesy lines, while lesser talents such as Natalie Portman and Hayden Christensen can do little but founder as a result of Lucas's astonishing lack of direction. At a worldwide gross box office take of $800 million, "Sith" is the most profitable B-movie ever made.

# Benefit for Code Pink -- January 19 at the Starry Plough in Berkeley
Come out and hear some great music and support Code Pink!

Bay Area Bands Play for CodePINK Campaign to Bring Home Our California  National Guard from Iraq Now

On  Thursday, January 19 at 9PM, at the Starry Plough, in Berkeley, an eclectic mix of  bay area bands will play a benefit for CodePINK, Women for Peace, <>  and their Campaign to Bring Home Our California National Guard from Iraq.   CodePINK is a women initiated & women led grassroots peace and social justice movement that seeks positive social change through proactive, creative protest and non-violent direct action.  

WHAT:         Benefit for Bay Area CodePINK Campaign to Bring Home Our California National Guard from Iraq Now
WHERE:        The Starry Plough Pub
                  3101 Shattuck Ave Berkeley, Ca 94705  (near the Ashby Bart) (510) 841-2082
WHEN:         Thursday, January 19th, 2006  9:00 PM
DETAILS:     $6 at the door; wheelchair accessible; 21 and over

Famous Last Words <>  an Americana electric trio   "Artfully juxtaposes a cool 60's vibe with a modern-day sensibility...full of startling guitar work...the band jams with intensity and vision"   Mick Skidmore, Relix <> Magazine

robert temple and his soulfolk ensemble <>   socially conscious soulfolk, “a man with a conscience and a sense of humor, and both are in abundant evidence on his latest CD what would YOU do? craftily nestled in some of the most funky and tuneful music I've heard lately, all the better to get the message across”  Reviewed by Gina,                                                        
 Dynamic  neo-soul hip hop They are releasing their second cd, “Hitchhiking”  Led by the vocal finesse of Kimiko Joy and the rap chops of drummer,  Darian Gray,  “Dynamic sound matches its name.” Marian Liu/ Mercury News CONTACT: robert roberttemple com , (510) 654-2329

# Van Jones Shares Dream of Urban Ecology and Human Rights, Jan. 19 in Palo Alto

In celebration of M.L. King's birthday, Acterra presents ....

Van Jones, Executive Director
Ella Baker Center for Human Rights

Van Jones will inspire us to resolve today's challenges by respecting all people, all species and our planet Earth. Titled "A New Green Dream: Reviving Silicon Valley through Urban Ecology," he will share his vision of reviving our cities, our economy and our spirits with a new wave of "green collar" jobs.

Thursday, Jan. 19 -- 7:30 - 9 pm
First Presbyterian Church
1140 Cowper Street (corner of Lincoln), Palo Alto

A dynamic young lawyer who has worked to stop inhumane incarceration of young people in California's Youth Authority prisons, Jones wants to forge a new coalition of environmentalists, urban residents and human rights activists. If you haven't heard of him yet, you will be hearing more about him in the future -- so come and bring your friends to hear this visionary leader speaking for the first time to a Peninsula audience!

The program is open to the public, and donations of $5-10 will be accepted at the door. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

The program is co-sponsored by the First Presbyterian Church of Palo Alto, Peninsula Peace and Justice Center, and the Loma Prieta Chapter of the Sierra Club.

For more information, call Kay O'Neill, director of Acterra's Be the Change environmental leadership program, at (650) 962-9876 x345 or kayo [at]

For more information about Acterra, a local environmental organization with a 35+ year history, see

# Community Networking Exchange
Empowering Community and Alternative Business

Thursdays, January 19, February 16th
(and third Thursday of each month thereafter)
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Harmony Community Room
(Health & Harmony Festival Offices)
400G Morris Street
Sebastopol (across from Coaches Corner)
$10 Donation (Nobody turned away for lack of funds.)

Community Networking Exchange is a monthly circle gathering for people to network themselves, their business, talents, creativity, prayers, activism, events, as well as a place for people seeking employment, housing, friendship, and other needs. The focus is holism, health, harmony, right livelihood, business/environmental sustainability, and fun. So, bring your business cards, brochures, event flyers, etc. Each month will feature entertainment and/or an interesting guest speaker.

Meeting monthly for 8 years in Sonoma County in the 80's, CNE was called the alternative Chamber of Commerce by some. Inspired by the growth and richness of the Sonoma community in this new millennium, co-founders Debra Giusti and Robert Schleifer welcome you to this monthly open gathering intended to cultivate an alternatives community that is co-creating and self supporting.

Guest Speakers:

January 19th - The Success Secrets of Best-selling Authors--And How You Can Use Them To Promote ANY Business, with Dawson Church.
John Gray is the best-selling non-fiction author of the last decade. Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield have sold tens of millions of copies of their Chicken Soup series. What are some of the techniques they've used to generate such phenomenal success? The answers will surprise you. Some of them are very simple, and you can start applying them to gain increased sales for your product or service TODAY. Although their techniques are used to promote their web sites, seminars, media appearances, and books, they are applicable to everyone's goods and services--and contain a rich store of practical and accessible information to enhance YOUR business, no matter what kind of business you're in. Presenter Dawson Church has worked with many best-selling authors in a long publishing career, including John Gray (Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus), Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad), and Neale Donald Walsch (Conversations With God). After observing hundreds of authors publicize their work and their books, he saw that successful authors are not necessarily smarter, richer, better organized, or more articulate than others. What he saw over and over again, however, was that they had certain things in common. He analyzed the strategies that consistently led them to success, and he presents the result in this teleclass: a compilation of powerful yet simple techniques that can propel any business to a new level of success.

February 16th - An Introduction to Scott Peck's "Community Building", with George Moskoff. This is an experiential group process that allows people to practice new ways of communicating that provide for authenticity and deep connection.  This presentation will inform you about Scott Peck's four stages of community building, its history, technology, and potential in our community. This work can also have a dramatic impact on one's personal life, providing a sense of love and acceptance for one's self. George Moskoff is a homeschooling father, a house rehabber, a Community Building workshop organizer and a non-profit executive.  His organization, Community Building Foundation, works to combine his passion for Community Building with his love of house rehabbing to help at-risk youth learn new skills for life. George can be reached at and communitybuilding sbcglobal net

WOULD YOU LIKE TO SPEAK AT AN UPCOMING GATHERING?  Please email us at deb harmonyfestival com with the title and description of what you would like to speak on. 

CNE Hosts: CNE is facilitated by Debra Giusti, founder & co-producer of Health & Harmony Festival, Robert Schleifer, massage therapist & holism facilitator, and the CNE host Team

AN INVITATION to be on the Host Team.  If you are interested in assisting on the Host Team please email:
Robert Schleifer, at SonomaMassage pngusa net or
Debra Giusti at deb harmonyfestival com

Debra Giusti
Founder & Co-Producer
Harmony Events
400G Morris Street
Sebastopol, CA 95472
707-861-2038 Direct line
707-861-2035 Main office
707-861-2036 Fax

3rd Thursday of the month
January 19th
February 16th
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Harmony Events Community Room
400G Morris St, Sebastopol

June 10-11, 2006
Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa CA

This was a Matt Gonzalez for Mayor platform issue.
Please donate whatever you can. This begins the new era of eviction and
displacement protection, and secured housing for many of the most needy
low-income tenants in San Francisco.

Looking forward to seeing you there. Regards, Bruce Wolfe
We welcome you to our
Third Annual Community Land Trust Fundraiser!

Chris McVicker (Funk),
Third World Liberation Music
& our own Marianne Love (Lounge)

WHEN: Thursday, January 19, 2006
WHERE: 111 Minna Street Gallery
TIME: 7-11:00pm

Admission: $10-$25 (sliding scale)
SPECIAL! Admission + Membership: $30

Tickets sold at the door. For advance purchase, send check or money
order to: SFCLT 2605 19th St S.F., CA 94110
Please specify "Admission Only" or "Membership Special" in memo of the check.

Fri Jan 20

# Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi Hosts Art Opening Fri Jan 20 5:30-8
monthly Third Friday’s Art Reception in his City Hall office, Room 282.

# Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi Hosts Art Opening
of Andy Diaz Hope’sWork

“I hope to draw our attention to the threads with which our
very social fabric is bound and fashioned.”

On Friday, January 20, 2005, Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi hosts the monthly
Third Friday’s Art Reception in his City Hall office, Room 282. This
month’s featured artist is Andy Diaz Hope.

Andy Diaz Hope, a Bay Area native, questions the stereotypes and cliches
circulated by popular media. By refabricating the form in which we sustain
our self-image and protect ourselves from our image as an enemy, Diaz Hope
wants to draw our attention to the threads with which our very social
fabric is bound and fashioned. Often funny and always telling, his work
permits candid interactions to deconstruct our stereotypes, prejudices and
preconceived notions, be they conscious or not.

Diaz Hope has shown his work in the MoMA permanent collection, the Museum
of Contemporary Art Denver, the National Gallery of Victoria in Australia,
and the London Crafts Counsil, as well as in numerous shows throughout the
United States, England, Australia and Japan. You can view his work online

What: Art Opening Reception for Andy Diaz Hope
When: Friday, January 20, 2006, 5-8 pm
Where: San Francisco City Hall, 1 Carlton B Goodlett Place, Room 282
Cost: Free

# (reception Fri/20, 6-9pm). Mission 17 2111 Mission @ 17th St, SE corner,; 336-2349. "Cronyism," works by Eliza Barrios, Chris Cobb, Cathy Davies, Packard Jennings, Michael Romano, Virginia White, Jenifer Wofford, and others exploring the practical and problematic implications of close-knit networks between art and politics

# HEAR THIS! A Spoken Word Event
SLIMS, 333 11th St. @ Folsom Fri Jan 20 8:00 p.m., tickets $12.00

Death Penalty Abolitionist and co-author with Tookie Williams of “Redemption”

Spoken Word Artist

California US Senate Candidate

Frm. SF Supervisor

San Francisco Poet Laureate

Green Party School Bd. Member

Singer / Songwriter / Activist

Nicaraguan Poet and Sandinista Vice-Minister of Culture

Maryland Anti-War Unity US Senate Candidate

w/ Musical Guest

Ticket/Venue Info:

# back 2 back w/ JENO & GARTH at Rx Gallery $10
Friday, January 20, 2006 (9:00 PM) Rx Gallery
132 Eddy Street (Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps)
San Francisco, California 94102
BACK 2 BACK returns with San Francisco night life legends,
JENO and GARTH at their hot new monthly social.
Fused at the hip once again, they team up for monthly shenanigans & musical/magical madness. Don't miss this popular new monthly event with celebrated Wicked DJs Jeno & Garth digging deep in their record collections for refreshing musical misadventures, spinning electric dance music of the DubDiscoSynthRock persuasion and more.

# Dirty South- An All Stat DJ Line up at the Cell Space Jan 20th
2006-01-20 10:00 PM
Join us at the Cell Space January 20th for an outrageous line up of DJ's donating their talents to raise money and awareness for the antiracist, grassroots movement taking root in New Orleans! Many of us just returned on the Oxygen Collective bus from an intensive three week trip doing relief work in New Orleans. We will share some of our images and stories from our experience, and will donate 100% of the proceeds to the dedicated people at the Common Ground Collective working for justice on the Gulf Coast.

Common Ground Collective formed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, to provide immediate aid and long-term solidarity along the Gulf Coast. Common Ground is a local, community-run organization offering mutual aid and support to New Orleans communities that have been historically neglected and underserved. Common Ground's teams of volunteers include: medical and health providers, aid workers, community organizers, legal representatives and people from all over with broad skills from all walks of life.

100% of the proceeds will go directly to the needs of residents in New Orleans. The funds will fuel the need for environmental clean up, providing safety equipment for volunteers and residents alike. Money will also go to a school that's starting up in one of the most impoverished areas in New Orleans, an area still void of any school for children. Common Ground oversees these, and other projects, all directly benefiting the residents. Volunteers leave their jobs, their homes, and comfort for weeks on end, anything that we can offer to assist in their safety is a great service. Offering $20 to the cause is a small way to effect positive change in an area in great need.

10PM - 4AM / @ CELLspace SF 2050 Bryant St. / $20+ Donation at the door

# Jan 20- 22 Enviro Conference at Seattle University
http://www.seac.orgStudent Environmental Action Coalition's
Northwest Conference Fri, Jan. 20th - Sun. Jan. 22nd
Keep Checking for Updates and Details
Viewable PDF

Friday, January 20

6:00 pm - Welcoming and Registration
7:00 pm - Opening Ceremony
7:15 - 10:00 pm - Evening Events - Music (High Priests of Panic,
<> Dana Lyons,
<> Kill Kill Orchestra), Spoken Word
(Misty Lou
Cook), Theatre (Professor Mike Whitty)

Saturday, January 21

8:00 am - Breakfast and Registration
9:00 am - Welcome and Keynote Speaker - Chris van Daalen
10:00 am - Pigott Auditorium - Marriage Equality Panel (2 hours), Pigott
103 - Coalition Building (2 hours), Pigott 108 - Engaging Homelessness
Through Writing (1 hour), Pigott 307 - Sweatfree Campus Campaign (1
11:00 am - Break
11:15 am - Pigott 108 - Green 100 Campaign (1 hour), Pigott 307 -
Washington's Energy Initiative (1 hour)
12:15 pm - Lunch and Events - Bands/Games/Entertainment
1:15 pm - Open Networking Time
2:15 pm - Pigott Auditorium - Sustainable Forestry Panel (2 hours),
Pigott 103 - Environmental Education (1 hour), Pigott 108 - Social
Justice (1hour), Pigott 307 - Nonviolent Intervention (1.5 hours),
Pigott 308 - Transgender Issues (1 hour)
3:15 pm - Break
3:30 pm - Pigott 103 - Preventing Activist Burnout (1 hour), Pigott 108
- Human Rights (1 hour), Pigott 308 - Building Cooperatives (1 hour)
4:30 pm - Break
4:45 pm - Pigott Auditorium - Media Bootcamp (1 hour)
6:00 - 9:00 pm - Pigott Auditorium - Movies - Thirst, Beyond Organic,
This Is What Democracy Looks Like

Sunday, January 22

9:00 am - Breakfast and Registration
10:00 am - LeRoux Room - Fighting Our Common Enemies (2 hours), Pigott
103 - Past, Present, Future with Native Forest Council (1 hour), Pigott
108 - HIV Campaign (1.5 hours), Pigott 202 - Biodiesel (1 hour), Pigott
203 - Globalization (1 hour)
11:00 am - Break
11:15 am - Pigott 103 - Legislative Activism (1 hour), Pigott 202 -
Saving Puget Sound Shorelines (1 hour), Pigott 203 - School of Americas
(1 hour)
12:15 pm - Lunch and Events - Bands/Games/Entertainment
1:15 pm - Open Networking Time
2:15 pm - LeRoux Room - Help End the Drug War (2 hours), Pigott 103 -
Sex and the Environment (1.5 hours), Pigott 108 - Radical Women (1
hour), Pigott 202 - Killer Coke Campaign (1 hour), Pigott 203 -
Effective Facilitating (1 hour)
3:15 pm - Break
3:30 pm - Pigott 108 - Animal Rights (1 hour), Pigott 202 - Women and
Water (1 hour), Pigott 203 - Hotel Boycott
4:30 pm - Break
4:45 pm - Pigott 103 - Developing NonProfits (1 hour)


Monday, January 23 -
<> Equality Day -
Olympia, WA

9:00 am - Advocacy Workshops
11:45 am - Rally on the Capital steps with Seattle Men's and Women's
1:15 pm - Visit Legislators
3:00 pm - Citizen Lobby Reception

Tuesday, January 24 - On the House Cafe, 1205 Pike, Seattle

7 - 10 pm - Professor Mike Whitty is hosting an After Glow mixer for
conference attendees and guests.

With music, a short or film or two, and plenty of time to mingle and
network, Professor Whitty hopes to capture the weekend's energy and
focus on future and ongoing opportunities.

# Jan 20-22 LifeAsDance: A Movement Playshop for Dancers, Yogis, Movers, and Shakers [at]
Harbin Hot Springs Mountain Lodge, Jan 20-22
Creative Combinations - blending traditional forms

Playshops will include
* Healing Through Movement with Laura Schifferli. A mix of massage,
dance, and yoga solo/partners/group.
* AcroYoga: Acrobatic yoga (see with Rana the Tofu Honey Pie
* Water Improv: Contact improv in a warm pool (pending private pool
arrangements with Harbin)
* Movement and Authenticity Games (tentative)
... and a couple other playful classes, which will leave time for the
pools, hiking, a movie at night etc.

Intended for experienced movers, with a regular (but not necessarily advanced)
dance, yoga, or movement practice.

The cost: $155/ weekend for food, indoor camping, and facilities, but not
including instruction. For that, participants will make donations
there to the teachers for the classes you attend, and managed
centrally/anonymously with one check if you wish ($10-25 per class
suggested). Everyone also helps with one meal. A couple of spots
are available for those not able to afford much in
donations: you can help by coordinating a meal (shopping & bringing
the food up), setup/strike or otherwise volunteering (contact us for deets).

Limited to the first 20 people to sign up.

Fee allows use of all the harbin facilities (hot warm and cold pools,
hiking, movies, yoga, kirtan ... see from noon on Friday
until 9pm on Sunday. Indoor camping will be relatively spacious: for
the 20 of us we'll have two private rooms, three large tents set up,
at least one van, and two large floor areas in the lodge, so everyone
should be able to sleep early/late/when they want and be relatively
undisturbed, and we won't be cramped in like sardines although a
cuddle pile may form :-)

Carpooling? Yes. We'll also send a packing list and directions the
week of the event.

To register:
-- email the form below to lifeasdance gmail com, AND
-- send $75 deposit via paypal to that same email, or contact us for the
mailing address for checks

LIFEASDANCE Registration Form

How did you hear about this:
Planned Arrival (can arrive noon, first playshop friday night at 8p):
Planned Departure (last playshop sun mid-day, can stay on grounds until 9p)

Any preferences for which meal you help with? (Sat brunch, dinner, sun
brunch and snacks provided) Food restrictions?

Would you be available to coordinate a meal (shop for something
relatively easy to prepare, coordinate the meal with helpers)?

Have you paypal'd or can you send a check today?

Note: $75 of the fee is non-refundable, and no refunds will be made
after Jan 18 except in case of sickness/emergency (because a low
flakage factor makes our lives easier :-).

To be forwarded to teachers for their planning: very briefly say
which movement forms are you most experienced in (yoga form, dance
style, martial arts style etc.)

Up for Carpooling? Prefer to drive or ride? Where will you be coming
from on Friday?

How did you hear about this, or from whom?

registration questions: call Kathryn at 510-290-0649
to suggest a teacher (yourself?) or with other questions: call Brian
at 415-308-4258
or for other info email lifeasdance gmail com

Sat Jan 21

# Sat, Jan 21, 2006      8:30 am - 5:30 pm
Compostmodern 2006 - A Conference for Designers about Going Green
Academy of Art University Morgan Auditorium 491 Post St SF

...and creating sustainable design solutions.

"Designers have a hand in creating virtually every product, artifact, and message we encounter in the world around us, yet collectively we are only beginning to see ourselves as agents of change.

Embrace the responsibilities of dealing with larger marketplace issues and engage in a quest for business practices and resources that allow you to make a difference in your day-to-day business lives.

Confront the real problems designers face and direct your talent and ability toward local and global issues. Strive to turn idealism into business practice through the development of more appropriate and meaningful design solutions.
For more information contact:
Chelsea Bay Wills, Graphic Designer
American Institute of Graphic Arts
231-342-1645 chelsea chelsbaydesign com
Industrial Designers Society

# 1/21: 9am-noon Glen Canyon Park- Restoring the Hidden Wilderness
Glen Canyon Park - O'Shaughnessy and Bosworth, San Francisco

# Sat. Jan. 21st at 10am in
Ever wonder what you would do if a natural disaster
struck the Bay Area? What if you couldn't go down to your
local grocery store and get your ice cold milk and freshly
delivered bread! What if you couldn't get anything because
the shelves were empty, there was no power and no available
gas for your car... What do you do? Well, one answer would
be to go on this learning expedition with a professional
teacher to find out some of the types of plants, fruits,
mushrooms and other edibles that are available to us locally
in nature. Contact Kelea Sandfort at: Jaspercat52 yahoo com
If you are interested in joining the feast. Be prepared, be
there. Cost: FREE!!

# Invitation to Vara's 1-Year Anniversary - FREE Massage, FREE Yoga & More
You are invited to.
First Annual "Body & Soul" Multi-Cultural Celebration
THIS Saturday, JANUARY 21st, 9am - 9pm!
FREE Massage!
11am - 9pm
FREE Yoga, Pilates & More!
9am - 4:30pm
FREE Chiropractic & Acupuncture!
11am - 9pm
Call to reserve your spot now - limited space!
Live Entertainment
Multi-Cultural Food
by Buang Luang, The Hot Shop, Zand, Viji Sundaram
Dance Performances
by Dholrhythms & Suhaila Productions
5pm - 9pm
Join your neighbors, friends and family for our first annual "Body & Soul"
multi-cultural celebration Saturday, January 21st, at Vara Healing Arts, 850
Talbot Ave., Albany.
Please park on Masonic along the BART Tracks to respect our neighbors. (just
a few a couple blocks up) Thank you so much for your consideration.
For Details Session & Event Times visit
Vara's Anniversary Specials
Buy 5 regular priced massages and
Get 1 massage free!
Save $70 - $90!
SAVE $15!
Buy 2 regular priced massages and save $15!
SAVE 10%!
Have the body you've always wanted in 2006 withFitness & Weight Loss
Purchase includes a 2.5 Hour "Intro to Yoga" Workshop, a 5-Class Pass and an
Ultra-Thick Sticky Yoga Mat!
Receive $5 OFF your next purchase at Vara Healing Arts when you buy a
5-Class Pass or $10 OFF whe you buy a 10-Class Pass! (Offer for new Vara
Students only.)
Vara Healing Arts
850 Talbot Ave @ Solano
Albany, Ca 94706
info varahealing com

# 1/21: Anniversary of Roe v. Wade: Stand for Reproductive Justice 11AM

On the Anniversary of Roe v. Wade:
Stand for Reproductive Justice – Women’s Rights Are
Human Rights!

Rightwing fundamentalists have announced their second
annual “Walk for Life” anti-abortion march in San
Francisco on the anniversary of the historic Roe v.
Wade decision. Repressive government policies have
emboldened our opponents – their platform is
anti-choice, anti-birth control, anti-equality, and
anti-gay-marriage. Pro-choice advocates are
organizing to remind the anti-abortionists that San
Francisco is a reproductive rights town. Join
community activists – from the Women’s Choice Clinic
to the Raging Grannies – and help line the anti-choice
march route in a grassroots, multi-issue reaffirmation
of a woman’s right to control her body. On Saturday,
January 21, assemble at 11:00am, Pier #1, Embarcadero
and Market Streets in San Francisco.

We must join together to show the rightwing that we
will not tolerate bigotry and hatred in our area. Roe
v. Wade is turning 33, let's make sure it gets to 34!

If you are interested in participating in the
organizing, contact the Bay Area Coalition for Our
Reproductive Rights at 415-864-1278, email
bacorrinfo riseup net or visit

# KFC DEMO IN UNION CITY! 32004 Alvarado Blvd., Union City KFC
1/21/06 11 AM Please R.S.V.P (please come even if you forget to R.S.V.P.)
bella_rue sbcglobal net
We'll provide everything, so just bring yourselves and your friends and family.

# 1/21 Commemorate Roe with Candlelight Vigil and "Faith in Choice: Reclaiming the Moral Highground"
Please Join Us Saturday, January 21st for

"Faith in Choice: Reclaiming the Moral Highground"

PPGG's community event to commemorate the 33rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade

We will gather to remember the lives lost before Roe v. Wade, acknowledge the women today who cannot access safe and affordable reproductive health services because of restrictive policies in their state, and to share our intentions and hope for the future - when reproductive freedom is recognized as a fundamental human right for all.  Clergy members will share how their faith brought them to be pro-choice and discuss clergy involvement in the reproductive freedom movement pre-Roe and today.

5:00 pm - Gather at Dolores Park, by the stairs

5:30 pm - Candlelight vigil and meditative walk step-off to Congregation Sha'ar Zahav

6:00 pm - Progam at Congregation Sha'ar Zahav, 290 Dolores Street

7:00 pm - Closing

IN CASE OF RAIN:  Please join us at Congregation Sh'ar Zahav at 6:00.


Co-Sponsors:  Access/Women's Health Rights Coalition, Healthcare Access for All, San Francisco NOW, Social Justice Ministries of the First Unitarian Church of San Francisco.

**PLEASE NOTE: On the same day, the 2nd annual "Walk for Life" will be in town.  As you may recall, last year PPGG took the lead in organizing a response.  This year, we hope to counter their presence with a positive event that will help push our movement forward and allow us to reclaim the moral highground and not amplify the message of our anti-choice visitors.  Allowing women to control their own bodies and futures is the only moral choice and we are proud that San Francisco and the Bay Area know this to be true.  Please join us.

Visit the web address below to tell your friends about this. Tell-a-friend!


Saturday, January 21st from 6.30 to 10:00PM

East Bay Living Foods' Home:
The Upaya Center for Wellbeing, 478 Santa Clara
Avenue, Oakland, CA 94610 3rd Floor (Across from the Grand Lake

Please bring a tasty potluck dish or other raw food
item to share: whole fresh fruit or veggies are most
welcome, so please don't be deterred if you don't feel
able to concoct anything. For more information on potluck dish
guidelines, suggestions, and directions to the Upaya Center, please visit

Join us for fellowship, food and nourishment for body
and soul in the beautiful space and energy of the
Upaya Center.

RAW ITEMS EXCHANGE: If you have any rawfood books, equipment, food
items, etc, that you do not use and would like to pass on to a good home,
please bring them along so that we can keep the good things circulating!

Children are welcome and encouraged, and requested to respect the calm
eating conditions of other members.

Thanks to the generosity of the Upaya Center, we are
using this space on a donation basis. Those who are
able may contribute what they feel is appropriate so
we can show our appreciation and support for this community-based
organization. Suggested donation is $3 per person. Looking forward to seeing
you there!

If you have questions or comments, or have an event
you would like posted on our website, send an email to:

We also encourage you to subscribe to the SF Bay Area Raw Yahoo Group
to co-ordinate carpools and for announcements and discussion.
sfbayarearaw yahoogroups com

Thanks for reading...

Your friend can subscribe to this list, by sending a blank email to:

SFLivingFoods-subscribe [at]

If you already subscribe to this email list, you can post a message by sending your posts to:

SFLivingFoods [at]

To find more information about our group
Call the Sproutline at 415-751-2806 to check for up to date events and any last minute changes.

# Sat Jan 21 7-11pm
Opening Reception for JP Long and Jung Han Kim
Admission is Free; All must be 21+ to attend 

# Sat, Jan 21, 2006      7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
“War Powers: How the Imperial Presidency Hijacked the Constitution” -Peter Irons
Home of Truth Center
1300 Grand Street

Peter Irons, Professor of Emeritus Political Science at UC San Diego and author will be discussing the fundamental question in the development of the American empire: What constraints does the Constitution place on our territorial expansion, military intervention, occupation of foreign countries, and on the power the president may exercise over American foreign policy?

Q&A following
Free/donations accepted

For more informat
We are 100% volunteer and depend on your participation to sustain our efforts!


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