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by anti BUSH
Thursday Jan 5th, 2006 4:26 AM
Alito Hearings Set -- Need Your Help Before Monday
TODAY, please call Senator Feinstein's SF office at (415) 393-0707

Urge your senators to vote against Judge Alito's nomination.

important events:
fun events:
more events:
eco events: 390 27th St Oakland Marin Peace and Justice Center Palo Alto Peace and Justice Center

Thursday January 5th
7:03pm SF: Workplace Rage and Public Murders
Friday January 6th
1:00pm SF: "Compassion Action" to Invite Mayor's Support in Face of DEA Raids
Saturday January 7th
1:00pm Cupertino: KFC Protest
5:30pm SF: Gay Shame Open Meeting

Spread the word about the Freecycle Network. You can help
by letting your friends and family know about our movement. We're
now a *worldwide* movement; local groups can be found at

Mark your calendar. Internet sales begin January 18 at noon PST

British MP calls for ban on Aspartame ( Nutra Sweet )

In view of all of the time, energy and research you've put in to further the interests of JUST LIKE SUGAR, I'm sure that you're aware of the following:
On seeing, smeling, or tasting food or drink sweetened with ANY sugar substitue, the  body PERCEIVES it as real sugar!! In order to transport the anticipated sugar to muscles and organ cells to be used as fuel, insulin surges into the bloodstream and leaves you with  blood sugar swings. That is one of the many reasons that physicians and nutritionists recommend not using any type of sugar substitue even tho the additives themselves may not deliver great harm to the body...the process is indeed harmful!!
I think you do a great disservice in advocating the use of the above mentioned product to people who may not question what they read!!!


Climate Shock: We're on Thin Ice

peak oil

Peak Oil and the End of Empire

found at Mysterious Illness Could Have Katrina Ties

who would jesus torture?

The Hidden State Steps Forward

Identifying Misinformation: State Department's Rosetta Stone to 9/11
an extended version of this article is at 
--------------------- - a political map to understand Peak Oil
Peak Oil is the real connection between Iraq and 9/11
Katrina shows how the Bush regime is planning for Peak Oil
the war on freedom: Homeland Security surveillance society
stolen elections: voting machines, plane crashes, lone gunmen
oil we are saying is give impeachment a chance!
--------------------- - Propaganda Patterns: connecting the dots
Official Story, Limited Hang Outs, Best Evidence, Disinformation to Discredit
Katrina disaster, Peak Oil, Iraq war, stolen elections, impeachment, 
JFK 11/22, 9/11, anthrax attacks, civil liberties, media, depleted uranium
--------------------- - a graceful end to cheap oil
convert the military budget --> permaculture for nine billion
how we use the remaining oil determines humanity's future
Permaculture Patterns: local, bioregional and global solutions
energy, transportation, economics, health, democracy, population, food and water

They Thought They Were Free
"What no one seemed to notice was the ever widening gap between the government and the people. And it became always wider.....the whole process of its coming into being, was above all diverting, it provided an excuse not to think....for people who did not want to think anyway gave us some dreadful, fundamental things to think about.....and kept us so busy with continuous changes and 'crises' and so the machinations of the 'national enemies,'  without and within, that we had no time to think about these dreadful things that were growing, little by little, all around us.....

Each step was so small, so inconsequential, so well explained or, on occasion, 'regretted,' that unless one understood what the whole thing was in principle, what all these 'little measures'.....must some day lead to, one no more saw it developing from day to day than a farmer in his field sees the corn growing.....Each act is worse than the last, but only a little worse. You wait for the next and the next.
You wait for one great shocking occasion, thinking that others, when such a shock comes, will join you in resisting somehow. You don't want to act, or even talk, don't want to 'go out of your way to make trouble.'  But the one great shocking occasion, when tens or hundreds or thousands will join with you, never comes.
That's the difficulty. The forms are all there, all untouched, all reassuring, the houses, the shops, the jobs, the mealtimes, the visits, the concerts, the cinema, the holidays. But the spirit, which you never noticed because you made the lifelong mistake of identifying it with the forms, is changed. Now you live in a world of hate and fear, and the people who hate and fear do not even know it themselves, when everyone is transformed, no one is transformed.
You have accept! ed things you would not have accepted five years ago, a year ago, things your father.....could never have imagined."
--- Milton Mayer, They Thought They Were Free, The Germans, 1938-45 (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1955)

Thu Jan 5

# January 5, 2006 - National Bird Day

A project of the Animal Protection Institute and the Avian Welfare
Coalition, National Bird Day "is a day to appreciate our own native
wild birds flying free outside our windows, and a day to reflect on
how we treat the native birds of other countries. National Bird Day
is also a time to commit to improving the lives of birds in
captivity and support efforts aimed at protecting birds in the wild."

The pet trade and breeders are extremely harmful to birds. Large-
scale Parrot breeders, such as PetSmart, Kaytee and PetCo, breed
warehouses full of birds for the pet trade. They are as bad or worse
than Foster Farms. At least the tortured chickens have mercifully
short lives, while a large parrot can live 50-80 years in misery,
abuse and neglect. Please boycott all stores that sell live animals!

Don't breed or buy while homeless animals die...

Maggie Rufo Novato
Mickaboo Volunteer (parrot rescue and adoption)

To subscribe to Bay Area Animal Rights Network please send blank email to:
baarn-subscribe [at]

For events:
Please see yahoogroups message archives and calendar at
Yahoo! Groups Links

To subscribe, send an email to:
baarn-subscribe [at]

# Thu Jan 5 First Thu art receptions @ 49 Geary: 20 galleries in 5 story building. 5:30pm-7:30pm

# Thu, Jan 5, 2006      7:00 pm
Cindy Sheehan: Book reading & signing
A Clean Well-Lighted Place for Books
601 Van Ness Avenue San Francisco
After Cindy Sheehan’s son Casey was killed in Iraq, she realized
that the only way she could make sense of her life was to do
everything in her power to stop the war and bring the troops
home. Her new memoir, Not One More Mother’s Child, recounts her
journey from grieving mother to ardent activist.
free & open to the public 415-441-6670

# SF911Truth: MEETING: Thursday, January 5th, San Francisco -- NEW LOCATION!
January 5th : Northern California 9-11 Truth Organizing Meeting
SF <> (Round Table Pizza, 7-10pm)

Thursday, January 5th, 7:00 p.m.- 10:00 p.m.

Round Table Pizza
801 Van Ness Ave.
San Franscisco, CA

(this is about 4 blocks up the street from the War Memorial, still near
City Hall and the Civic Center BART),+CA&ll=37.760130,-122.382545&spn=0.104946,0.191454&f=l&hl=en

Dear 9/11 Truth Activists,


Come to the first Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance meeting of

We have a lot to plan, and discuss.

1) Kicking off Carol's Congressional Campaign
2) Planning our upcoming March 911 Protest
3) Helping Plan Janette's Februray 23 Event at the Grand Lake Theater

Bring new and other topics of concern for discussion,
along with anything else you want to share.

911 - inside job. Demand investigation! - - - - - -

# Thurs Jan 5th 7pm Cirkus Pandemonium At Launch Pad
there will be three stages of live music, dancehall,
firedancing, trapeze, clowns and fairy mayhem!!!!!
Cover is just five bucks! (Sliding if necessary)
We will have drinks and cirkus momentos for sale as
Cirkus Pandemonium is from Portland and will be joined
by other forces from the bay TBA (503-572-6041)

LaunchPad is a great mulitdemionsal space in Oakland
Ca. 3833 MLK Thurs Jan 5th 7pm Fri Jan 6th 9pm

# Thu, Jan 5, 2006      7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Salmon Seminar Series #2
Church Space, Dance Palace Community Center
503 B Street Point Reyes Station
Join the Salmon Protection and Watershed Network for our exciting
Winter Salmon Seminar Series!
Brannon Ketcham, Hydrologist for Pt. Reyes National Seashore, will present a slide show about regional trends affecting Coastal Marin salmon populations. There will be much discussion about spawning winter salmon, and about how many of our juvenile coho salmon and steelhead survive to migrate out into the Pacific Ocean to feed and then return as spawners.

Trigger soundsystem tour this thursday, jan 5th at nikkies on haight st.
with the founder of trigger records and soundsystem:
Kosmikneil (

Kitty-d (Troubled Youth)

Neptune (spirtual technology)

The brain creates this experience some call reality in a way not too
dissimilar to how a hologram works. Our mission is to awaken the human
consciousness through low frequencies with advanced computer programming
and intuitive musical arrangements, allowing you to connect to a bigger
awareness of ones self. The way Electro Breakbeat music uses electronic
sounds and the way breakbeats or just breaks are programmed and played,
truly has the ability through its rhythmic tribal/shamanic nature to
connect the soul to the overmind (or godhead) or your inter dimensional
time travelling self.

Kosmikneils relationship with sound systems started with the free festival
scene of the 80?s/90?s. This set the blueprint for Trigger, the club night
Neil started in 1994, which has gained worldwide recognition. Neil?s
dedication and passion for the sound that moves him is notorious and has
seen him get bookings all over the UK and USA. As well as being resident
DJ at Trigger and DJ?ing all over the world, he has twice attended the
Miami Winter Music Conference with the Fuel Records crew and the infamous
Fuel sound system cars, and toured the States alongside Tipper. In 2003
Neil formed Trigger Recordings to allow a greater audience to be part of
the project, beginning with the renowned ?Holographic Bassforms? CD and
now approaching its 6th vinyl release.
For more info:

beat church is every 1st and 3rd thursdays at nikkies on
haight street
in between webster and fillmore.

we will be bringing in extra sound for the occasion!
only $$$ 5 the door. earlier arrival is recommended in case of
21 and up. begins at 10 p.m.

Fri, Jan 6

# "compassion action" aka FREE WEED 01-06 1:00 PM SF City Hall

In light of the DEA raids on Hope Net dispensary, the patients of San Francisco are asking for our mayor Gavin Newsom to stand with us in support.

Friday Jan 6th
1:00 till 6:00pm
show up early if you have a SF Medical Canabis ID card and get your free joint!
San Francisco City Hall

Lets show the Fed that Medical Canabis is VALID MEDICAL THERAPY, and not as they say, detrimental to society!

# 1/5: A World Beyond Capitalism Conference 2006 Volunteer Meeting, Berkeley (berkeley)

A World Beyond Capitalism volunteers are travelling from Portland, Oregon to your area of the world to encourage people to submit proposals for workshops for the AWBC 2006 conference, to try to encourage people to start local AWBC groups in your area, and to network with other activists.

Please join us at our following meeting:

Berkeley, California
Time and Date: 3:30pm, Thursday, January 5th, 2006
Location: Razaan’s Organic Kitchen, Meeting will be upstairs at 3:30pm.
2119 Kittredge Street
Berkeley, California

For updated information on our volunteer meetings please visit
or and click on 'Worldwide Meetings.'

Important: This is our first meeting here so please check the AWBC infoline for more information. Also, for questions, please call (310) 285-3222, anytime 24 hours a day to listen to the recorded information.
Free Vegan refreshments served. Please contact the AWBC for wheelchair access information.

You can listen to updates on our travels throughout the country on the AWBC radio station at

Also, you may hear more information about our travels throughout the country at the unofficial AWBC radio station at

Love for the people,

A World Beyond Capitalism Team

A World Beyond Capitalism 2006 Conference
The Annual International Multiracial Alliance Building Peace Conference
The Common Unity Peace Conference

Main Home Page:
Main Home Page Mirror:

Archives of Conference Updates:

Subscribe To 3c (Only 3 contacts per month) Email Updates List:

RSS Feed found on our website.

A World Beyond Capitalism Unofficial Online Community.
Everyone worldwide is welcome to join the community.
It is a personal, non-commercial community encouraging discussion and international networking.

# 2600 Meeting Friday January 6, 2006 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
This event repeats on the first Friday of every month.
San Francisco: 4 Embarcadero Plaza (inside). Payphones: (415) 398-9803, 9804, 9805, 9806.

# Fri, Jan 6 6-8pm Clean Money Reception with Rep. Loni Hancock
$25 Oakland

# Fri, Jan 6, 7:00 pm Film: Wellstone!
St. Joseph the Worker Church Chapel 1640 Addison St. Berkeley
Part of our First Friday Film Series at St. Joseph the Worker.
The film will be followed by a discussion of his legacy and light refreshments.
Admission: Free

The Fr. Bill O’Donnell Social Justice Committee is pleased to host a screening of Wellstone!, an affectionate yet even-handed portrait of the late Minnesota Senator. As a high school student, Paul Wellstone could only take on someone his own diminutive size. Once he was free to choose his own battles, all bets were off. The son of immigrant parents, highly esteemed political science professor, organizer, activist, and two term US senator challenged the exploitation of workers, racial injustice, and immoral wars.

Just days before the voters were to decide whether to give him a third term, Wellstone, his wife, Sheila, and daughter died tragically in a plane crash. Progressives still mourn, but take inspiration for his adage: “Sometimes you’ve got to start a fight to win one.” (US 2004; 88 minutes) For more information contact:
Bill Joyce Fr. Bill O’Donnell Social Justice Committee 510-482-1062

# Sacred Sex and the Tree of Life
Ayn Sof Kabbalah Community
SF Kabbalah Community online
SF Sacred Sex Community online

Sacred Sex and The Tree of Life
with Ayn Sof Kabbalah Community,
guided by mystic and artisan of light, Alyjah.
All adults invited, free, donations welcome.

Where and When:
8pm, First Friday Evening of each month,
starting January 6, 2006 and Ongoing....
One Taste Center
1074 Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 503-1100

You are also invited to celebrate
Kabbalah Kirtan and Ladder of Light AscenDance
same location with Ayn Sof Kabbalah Community.
8pm on the Third Friday Evening of each month,
starting January 20, 2006 and Ongoing....

Come celebrate Sacred Sex and the mystical Tree of Life with Ayn Sof and Alyjah. Receive Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge of Universal Love, Cosmic Orgasm and Devekut (Divine Union). Adults of all lifestyles and perspectives are Welcome. Partipants will learn about relationships and love as revealed through the Sepherah (Cosmic Energy Emanation) of the Month and a special Holy Letter of Being that will be shared during the gathering.

By manifesting the Essential Energies of the Tree of Life in our relationships and love making, we can truly experience heaven on earth and find that Secret Garden of Eden so many search for and overlook. This gathering will include opportunities for the sharing of Wisdom, prayer and blessings, as well as making Holy Connections with Friends of Light and Love. Our gathering circles in a safe, loving, gender-balanced, clothes-on environment. We look forward to your presence!

Sacred Sex and the Tree of Life celebrations are guided by mystic and artisan of Light, (: Alyjah :) and offered in support of Ayn Sof Kabbalah Community. Volunteers, musicians and all supportive community building souls welcome! Please share your ideas, recommendations and abilities. Spiritual Schmoozing to grow closer connections will be included in our Sacred Sex and the Tree of Life celebration. Gathering is free and donations are welcome. We look forward to your presence!

Peace, Love and Light...

By Donation

Sat Jan 7

# KFC Cruelty Protest San Rafael
1/7, San Rafael, Marin KFC Demo 12-1 pm - Note date and time change
Join Bay Area Vegetarians as we stick up for the chickens and protest
theColonel's secret ingredient (animal cruelty) at:
San Rafael KFC  555 Second St San Rafael, 94901

New or experienced activists are welcome. This is a low-key protest,
all signs and leaflets provided. We do this monthly, usually happening
on the 1st SATURDAY of each month, 12-1 pm *(NOTE NEW DAY AND TIME)*,
but check calendar to confirm. If you can't make this date but want to
help at future ones, please email me.

For more info on this nationwide campaign to get KFC to mandate better
conditions for the chickens slaughtered, click here

Now that winter is here, rain cancels. Fog is okay :-) Please RSVP if
possible so we can contact you in case of last-minute weather changes
(tel #helpful)

>From Chris Overton, KFC campaign coordinator for PETA, "These demos
are a VERY important part of our campaign to improve animal welfare
standards that corporations require of their suppliers. Every time you
attend one of these demos, you are helping to ensure that life
improves for billions of animals all over the country."

If you can't make this demo, check the BAVEG event calendar for other
monthly demos happening in Palo Alto, SF, San Jose, San Francisco, and
Santa Cruz. Thanks!! Hannah Tai

BAY AREA VEGETARIANS (BAV) is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) community organization for veggies to network, find support and promote veg*nism.

Events Calendar -
Newsletter -
Veg Mentor Program -
Ultimate Guide -
Veg Food Finder -
Charter & Post Guidelines -
Compassionate Living Program -

To subscribe to Bay Area Animal Rights Network please send blank email to:
baarn-subscribe [at]

For events: 
Please see yahoogroups message archives and calendar at

# Out of Iraq Town Hall Forum in Sacramento Jan. 7, 1-3 pm
Town Hall Forum to be held on January 7th in Sacramento and nationally by
others on that Sabbath / Satiurday:
Town Hall Forum – Out of Iraq
Date: January 7th, 2006
Time: 1pm – 3pm
Where: SEIU-UHW Hall, Downtown Sacramento 1911 F Street (between 19th and 20th Streets)
Comrade George L. Jackson, General Field Marshal ~Black Panther Party {1942–1971}

Fight Back Against Amerikan Fascism!
Peter S. Lopez {aka Peta} ~ Coordinator
Sacramento, California, USA
Yahoo Email~ sacranative [at]

P.S. For a preview of what CODEPINK has planned for how to end the war in 2006, see

# 1/7: ___Vegan Japanese Dinner___ (santa cruz)
Vegan Meetup Group of Santa Cruz

Meet Santa Cruz, California vegans and enjoy food and conversation! Learn about veganism and share favorite meals, restaurants, and recipes. Plan other group events. Our meetups are Fun social events and the vegan-curious are welcome!

Vegan Meetup Group of Santa Cruz January Meetup
Saturday, January 7, 2006 at 6:00PM

Meet vegans in the Santa Cruz, California area and enjoy food and conversation! The vegan-curious are welcome! This restaurant serves Japanese food and make rolls by request, so you can be sure they're vegan. It is member-recommended and has been in Santa Cruz since before the '89 earthquake. Event fee: $1.00

See the full event details, including location, at

# Jan 7 Post Yule Funeral Pyre, bring yer xmas carnage.
What better way to wish goodbye so many dried out abandonned trees...
meet at 7:30pm at "doggie diner" cafe on sloat, near great highway

# Danger Ranger's 15th Annual Post Yule Pyre

An annual San Francisco tradition continues this time of the year in the face of increasing odds; when the last stand of sidewalk fir trees is logged by the Friends of the Rootless Forest and then piled up on the beach for some very rapid composting.

Saturday, January 7th. Meet at the giant Doghead (which now stands in the middle of the street) at 2699 Sloat Blvd at 7:30 PM.

We'll hang out for half an hour and then head west when the coast is clear. Bring a christmas tree and libations. No glass containers on the beach, you assume the risk, no one is in charge, your mileage may vary.

# Jan 7 SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS CARAVAN: to kick-off an another amazing journey
 through Mexico and Central America to Costa Rica
 traveling in buses that run on straight vegetable oil.
   Stilt walkers, engine conversions, live music, good
 food, information sharing, community. CELLSPACE, 2050
 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA 94110, January 7,
 2006, visual performances, live music begins 8pm.

# 3rd Annual Sustainable Solutions Caravan benefit Party
Sat. Jan 7th from 8-2 Cell Space, 2050 Bryant at 18th Sliding scale.

Support alternative fuel sources while dancing the night away!

The SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS CARAVAN is a non-profit organization now preparing for its 3rd annual journey from San Francisco to Punta Mona, Costa Rica in buses that run on straight vegetable oil.   With incredible press and community support, the caravan is able to powerfully deliver its message about alternative energy sources, organic farming and sustainable living.  Seed distribution, press conferences, conversion workshops and performances are held at Universities, with government officials, children and in small communities throughout Central America.

Our fabulous 3rd annual Benefit Party will once again be at the Cell Space, 2050 Bryant, in San Francisco on January 7, 2006.  We are excited to share raw organic food and grand booty shaking music, including members of Hamsalila, Aphrodesia, aerial silk performances, stiltwalkers and more.

Please help us spread the word, CONVERGE!!!

Art and booth space still available.  Please, contact me if you have earth-conscious products or projects you would like to share at the event.  

VOLUNTEERS needed day of event.  Contact tanyaridino yahoo com or info veggiecaravan com  Thank you!

The Sustainable Solutions Caravan info veggiecaravan com

Stress is basically a disconnection from the earth, a forgetting of the breath.  Stress is an ignorant state.  It believes that everything is an emergency.  Nothing is that important.  Just lie down. -- Natalie Goldberg

# Sat Jan 7 The Groove Garden 2398 Sir Francis Drake Blvd 8pm $15
Freaky –Furry-Fairfax-Marin

# MYSTIC FAMILY CIRCUS and CIRCO ZEROand evry other circus entreats you and INVITES YOU TO:



Amazing circus artist from France. Trained at CNAC, the national circus
school, and has performed and toured internationally with Cirque Plume,
Cahin-caha, cirque b?tard, and others. Don?t miss this rare opportunity to
train with a highly skilled and delightfully innovative rope/web artist.

Saturday & Sunday JANUARY 7 & 8, 2006

@ Cellspace
2050 Bryant St, @ 18th St, in the Mission, SF

Intermediate, 12:30 ? 2:30 pm each day

Intermediate: Must know 2 climbs or more, multiple drops, several
Priority goes to those who are currently performing on web/rope.)

Advanced beginner, 2:30 ? 4:30pm each day

Adv Beg: Must know how to climb rope and perform a few figures.

Tuition: $25 one class, $45 two classes

On Saturday, Jan 7, at 4:45pm, Fanny will do a short performance.
All are welcome. $3 suggested donation.

Classes are limited to 6 students each.
Priority will go to students doing both days.

You are encouraged to arrive 15 to 30 minutes in advance to register and
begin warming up.
Body-fitted training wear advised.
Dress in layers in case the studio is cold.

To Register: email or call Keith Hennessy
keith circozero org
415-401-9376, cell 415-846-2273

If you really want to do it but can?t afford it, contact Keith, and propose
a payment plan.

You can help us out a lot by sending this info far and wide. Thanks.

Sun Jan 8

Palo Alto, CA Raw food Potluck Sun Jan 8 10:00 am - 11:30 am
This event repeats on the second Sunday of every month.
Bay Leaf Cafe 520 ramona st Palo alto, ca 94301 (650) 321 7466
Bring: Raw organic, vegan dishes
Your own serve ware, napkins, plates, forks, cups etc.
Items you would like to share, trade, give away or lend to others.
Food for thought An open heart Your family & friends!

12E School Street Plaza (The Laughing Mama)
Fairfax, CA More Info: 415-721-3999

We invite you once again to come play with us next Sunday, January
8th(always the 2nd sunday each month) . . .

OUR LINE-UP OF TALENT will include:
7:00-7:45 Rahman D'Amato & Bodhi
7:45-8:30 Blane Lyon & friends
8:30-9:15 Human & friends
9:15-9:30 Performance Art
9:30-10:45 Jah Levi & friends
10:45-11:00 Angels & Demons Live Burlesque
11:00+ Live open jam ~ bring your song!

$10+ door donation
snacks & drinks available for purchase

Mon Jan 9

# An Evening with Reverend Lucius Walker Mon, Jan 9, 2006   7:00 pm
522 Valencia, 3rd Floor San Francisco
We invite you to please join us to hear Reverend Lucius Walker, Jr. speak about rebuilding efforts and community empowerment from New Orleans to Havana.
Rev. Walker was recently in Louisiana with the humanitarian aid caravans organized by Pastors for Peace following Hurricane Katrina. He will also discuss the latest challenges to travel restrictions and the efforts to end the blockade against Cuba and work to normalize relations between our two countries.
Also hear an update on the Cuban Five’s case and the struggle for their release.
$5 donation requested.
Co-sponsored by IFCO Pastors for Peace, Global Exchange and Committee to Free the Cuban Five.
* * *
Rev. Lucius Walker, Jr. has been the Executive Director for the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization (IFCO) since 1979. He is also an ordained American Baptist minister and pastor of the Salvation Baptist Church in Brooklyn, New York. Rev. Walker is a strong and tireless speaker against inequities, injustice and has pioneered development programs in marginalized communities in the US and internationally. Some of IFCO’S efforts have included actions against apartheid in South Africa, support for self-determination in Puerto Rico and providing humanitarian aid for Central America. In 1988, while leading a study delegation to Nicaragua, Rev. Walker was shot and wounded in a terrorist attack on innocent civilians by U.S.-backed Nicaraguan contra forces. In response, IFCO Pastors for Peace has assisted victims of US foreign policy in Chiapas, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Cuba and Haiti. IFCO has led construction brigades and educational delegations to Cuba and has organized 16 Pastors for Peace "Friendshipment" caravans bringing over 3,000 tons of humanitarian aid to our brothers and sisters in Cuba. This year, following Hurricane Katrina, Pastors for Peace has also organized two humanitarian aid caravans to Louisiana and Mississippi.
* * *
For more information contact: June Brashares
Global Exchange june globalexchange org

# OFFER: MacWorld Pass, Moscone Center
Jan 9-13 2006

Tue Jan 10

# The civil rights movement wasn't always non-violent
Preview screening of the film

"Negroes with Guns: Rob Williams and Black Power"

Tuesday, January 10, 2006 - 6 - 7:30pm
Koret Auditorium, SF's Main Library, Lower Level - San Francisco
Grove St @ Market / 8th St. (2 blocks east of City Hall)

The film will also be shown on 'Independent Lens' on PBS on
Tuesday, February 7, 2006 at 10 p.m. Check
independentlens for local viewing times.

Don Fisher, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Gap Inc., is a major
fundraiser for and donor to Arnold Schwarzenegger, he led the campaign
against a living wage in San Francisco, he tried to bust the longshoremen's
union in Oakland, he has succeeded in privatizing and corporatizing public
institutions, including a television station (KQED in San Francisco),
grammar schools (he was a major contributor to the SEC-scandal-ridden Edison
Schools Inc, whose pilot project failed in San Francisco), and a national
park (the Presidio in SF); Gap Inc and 51 other SF-based corporations
coerced the City of San Francisco into reducing their taxes by about 5/6;
yet Fisher gladly accepted a sweetheart deal for $85 Million in public
subsidies for the building of Gap Headquarters in SF; he used the profits he
made off the backs of sweatshop laborers to buy 235,000 acres of redwood
forestland, which he is destroying with clearcutting, overlogging, and
pesticide abuse, extinguishing endangered coho, murrelets, and spotted owls,
among other species.

# Professor Richard Heinberg: "Peak Oil: The Challenge and Opportunity
of Petroleum's Waning Days", Eugene Hilton, Jan. 10, 7PM
Submitted by Sundog on Tue, 2005-12-06 10:36.
Start: 2006-01-10 19:00
End: 2006-01-10 21:30
Timezone: US/Pacific
Join us Tuesday Jan. 10 at 7PM, in Playwright's Hall, Eugene Hilton,
66 E. 6th Ave., Eugene OR., for an informative presentation with Q
and A follow-up by Professor Richard Heinberg Introduction by
Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy. He's the author of "Power Down: Options
and Actions for a Post-Carbon World", and "The Party's Over; Oil,
War, and the Fate of Industrial Societies". An internationally-known
author and lecturer on the topic of Peak Oil & socio-economic
collapse, and it's potential solutions.

Peak Oil: The Challenge and Opportunity of Petroleum's Waning Days

Cheap oil is now a thing of the past. As a result, the world is
entering a new era of shrinking energy resources and heightened
competition for remaining supplies. Heinberg, widely regarded as
America's foremost Peak Oil educator, will discuss the most recent
evidence regarding the timing of the global production peak, its
likely consequences, and what can be done at both the international
and local levels to prepare for the event and mitigate the impacts.

Co-sponsored by Eugene's EWEB utility and our public transit service,
LTD. $5 at the door. Limited seating available for low-income and
students. A fundraiser for the Eugene Permaculture Guild.

Use of public transit, bicycles, walking(and carpooling)

# Wed., Jan. 11, 7 p.m. Humanist Hall, 390 27th St. (at Broadway), Oakland.
Love SHAC: Animal rights' champions in trouble

By Hiya Swanhuyser

It all depends on whom you believe: Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty or the FBI. The citizen group in question is a bunch of radical animal rights' activists who strongly object to the work done at Huntingdon Life Sciences, an animal testing lab in New Jersey that uses vivisection and other harsh practices. For some of its actions, SHAC USA was punished via indictment under the Federal Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, and its has become an interesting case with which to test yourself. Who should back off? If your answer is "The Man," check out the "SHAC 7 Benefit," which features screenings of videotape made inside the company's labs, a presentation by SHAC-er Jake Conroy, and desserts — vegan, of course. Wed., Jan. 11, 7 p.m. Humanist Hall, 390 27th St. (at Broadway), Oakland.

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# Vegetarian Greek Dinner Wed Jan 11 7PM
Meet Santa Cruz, California vegetarians and enjoy food and conversation! Our meetups are Fun social events. The vegetarian-curious are welcome!
When I called this Greek restaurant, they told me that Greeks think they invented vegetarianism! They have a large selection of vegetarian items and can accommodate vegans as well. They have vegan soups every Tuesday and Wednesday.
Vasilis Greek Taverna 1501A Mission St. Santa Cruz , CA 95060
(831) 458-9808 Event fee: $1.00 + meal/tax/tip
Main RSVP list:

# The Crucible's Fire Opera "The Seven Deadly Sins"
January 11th to 14th, 2006
Show: 8:30-10PM EACH EVENING
GENERAL ADMISSION ($25) reserved seating($50) VIP FINALE ($100)

The Crucible celebrates its 7th Anniversary with another sizzling Fire
Opera,The Seven Deadly Sins by Kurt Weill and Bertolt BrechtJanuary 11-
January 14, 2006

Fire Opera?
A unique fusion of Opera and Fire Arts featuring artists from San
Francisco Opera and a 30 piece orchestra from The Oakland East Bay
Symphony. The Opera traces Anna, the heroine's journey through seven
American cities - the seven sins, and her struggles to reconcile her
materialistic social existence with her quintessential inner artist.
Much like "Dido & Aeneas," The Crucible's first Fire Opera in Jan 2004
that was an enormous success, "The Seven Deadly Sins," promises to
exceed all expectations. Don't miss this unique opportunity to
experience a sensuous, fiery, and provocative production that will lead
you to thinkhellip Opera will never be the same!

Directed by Roy Rallo of San Francisco Opera, Designed & Produced by
Michael Sturtz of The Crucible,Conducted by Sara Jobin of San Francisco
Opera, with Singers Catherine Cook, Eugene Brancoveanu, Kevin
Courtemanche, Joe Meyers, and Jere TorkelsenPerformers Xeno, Harlem
Shake Burlesque, As Is Brass Band, Ed Holmes,Tom Sepe, Lee Kobus
Sculptures by The Flaming Lotus Girls, Justin Gray, Orion Fredricks, &
Vance Cearley of THERM, The Sun Brothers , Jeremy Lutes, and Crucible
Where could you attempt this phenomenal feat of setting Opera
ablaze?This sensational production involving live hot metal work, fire
arts, intricate sets, elaborate stage mechanics, aerialists & fire
performers will be staged in the industrial vastness of The Crucible's
56,000 square foot studio. The Crucible, is located at 1260 7th Street,
Oakland, CA 94608

THE CRUCIBLE 1260 7th st Oakland 510-444-0919

Thu Jan 12

# Thu Jan 12 7pm United For Peace and Justice UPJ-Bay Area meeting on
Thursday, January 12 at 7:00 PM (AFSC, 65 Ninth St in SF).

# January SFlickr Meet Thursday, January 12, 2006 (7:00 PM - 10:00 PM)
Tags flickr sflickr
Café Abir 1300 Fulton Street (Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps)
San Francisco, California 94117
Monthly meeting of San Francisco Flickr users. Meet other Flickr fans, socialize, and show off your latest work or camera gear.

# FREE Preview Class - Ipsalu Tantra “Learning to Live in Bliss”
Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga Weekend Intensive for Singles and Couples
February 10-12 at Sierra Hot Springs

Thu Jan 12 8-9:30pm One Taste Urban Retreat Center
1070 Folsom St. (at 7th St.) San Francisco, CA 94103
Cost: FREE. No pre-registration necessary. Space is limited so arrive early.

Enjoy a free introductory evening to preview the Ipsalu Tantric Yoga retreat “Learning to Live in Bliss.” Get to know what Ipsalu Tantra is about and what makes it unique. The class will include solo and interactive tantric exercises (meditation, movement, breath practice, and energy play) to awaken consciousness, heart, and sexual energies as you connect with yourself and others in a safe, friendly and sacred environment.

Singles and Couples welcome! No prior Tantra experience required. Sexual practices may be discussed but there is no explicit sexual activity or nudity in class.

For more information about the Ipsalu Tantra Level 1 weekend seminar, please visit or or contact Jan directly. Namaste.

Fri Jan 13


FULL MELT FRIDAY JANUARY 13 "A Psychedelic Revival"

Exclusive SF appearance of the full TRIGGER US TOUR - NOIZE & R-KIDZ of LAWGIVERZ doing a full live set, along with an exclusive DJ set by KOSMIKNEIL, owner of the infamously eclectic TRIGGER label.

ATOMIKDOG - (369 rekchordz) - LIVE SET !
ESKMO (Downbeat, Cyberfunk) - All Original WELDER set !
SOULSALAAM (Hypnomadic / Future Juju / - World Breaks
DJ RIPPLE (Subscience)
AARON JAE VS MOD (Evil Breaks)
MAEBYN LA FEY (Subscience)
MISHA (Subscience)
ABAI (Ben Ben Stone) - LIVE SET !
MR ROGERS (Ooze System)
UNAGI (Just Us Productions)


10,000 + Watts of INTENSE sound by FOUNDATION (
Upstairs sound by SUBSCIENCE (Full dual 18" sub setup)

PSYCHEDELIC ARTSHOW - Pieces by Bertzerker, Hyde, J. Garcia & many more.

Sat Jan 14

# Please join Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi House Democratic Leader
for A Report from Washington, DC on our National Security
Saturday, January 14, 2006 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Marina Middle School Auditorium
3500 Fillmore Street (between Bay and Chestnut)

Space will be limited, so please RSVP to 415-556-4867.
Public transportation is encouraged. Marina Middle School is served by
Muni lines 22, 30, 43, and 28.

For more information, or if you have special needs, please contact
Congresswoman Pelosi's
office at 415-556-4862 or sf.nancy gov

# Please join Bay Area Vegetarians as we demonstrate against Kentucky
Fried Cruelty at Palo Alto's last remaining KFC "restaurant."

WHEN: Saturday, January 14, from noon until 1 pm
WHERE: KFC, 851 San Antonio Road, Palo Alto

Please note: This event repeats on the 3rd Sat. of every month. This is
a date change to the 2nd Sat. FOR JAN. ONLY because I have to work.

In December we were joined by a new member of BAV and a first-time
activist-- Yay!

RSVP is nice but not mandatory. Signs and leaflets will be provided,
but you are welcome to bring your own. Rain cancels.

BAY AREA VEGETARIANS (BAV) is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) community organization for veggies to network, find support and promote veg*nism.

Events Calendar -
Newsletter -
Veg Mentor Program -
Ultimate Guide -
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Compassionate Living Program - 

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# The next potluck will be Saturday evening, January 14th, 6 to 9 pm.

Please join us in kicking off the new year, and bring a friend with you who may be struggling on the raw food path. Everyone will walk away with something that can be immediately put to practical use in improving their vitality.

Our speaker will be: Hugh Cruickshank
Topic: Making the Raw Food Diet Work For YOU!

There is more than just "eating raw foods" to achieve optimum health. There are many subtle nuances and easy tips to greatly improve your results on the raw food diet. Most of these are simple and easily integrated into your lifestyle and diet.

Hugh Cruickshank has been a health inthusiast for more than 30 years. He has worked as a wellness consultant, health coach, and health educator teaching classes on natural health and lifestyle. He has presented leading edge health information to physicians and medical staff at offices and hospitals throughout the Northwest and here in Marin County.

Hugh's knowledge on health is drawn from years of courses, lectures, seminars, tapes, books, and his continuous search for greater health for mankind. Perhaps most important is his own personal experience on the path to achieving optimal health.

Cost: A $4 donation (this covers the monthly rent on the meeting space) and bring a raw food dish to serve 10, for each person attending.

The meeting starts at 6:00 pm. PLEASE try to be on time. We eat at 6:15 and our speakers generally start at 7:00. Please bring a raw food dish of your choice to serve 10 people making sure to review the guidelines for food below, or on our web site.

Guidelines for Food:
Please prepare your dishes with raw, organic (at least pesticide/herbicide free), vegetarian (vegan - no animal products) ingredients. Nothing cooked, steamed, baked or otherwise heated above 105 degrees is appropriate for this potluck. Dehydrated foods and dried fruits are fine as long as they have been prepared within the temperature guideline above. Tofu and most seaweeds are not raw foods. Please pay attention to what might go into your dish; be careful about refined oils, vinegar, spices, salt, garlic and onions it raw and truly healthy, etc. Could some things be added later at the potluck by those who want it? Some attendees have been on the raw path for 20+ years so we must adhere to these seemingly strict guidelines. There are some wonderful raw foods preparation books available at the local health food stores for new ideas, or you can go to
htp:// for lots of great recipes. Beautiful leafy greens and veggies presented in a wide variety of (raw) ways are always a winner. Be creative, enjoy yourself and have fun! If in doubt - leave it out! Call or email if you need ideas or have questions.

Plates and Silverware:
Please bring your own plate and silverware. Not only is this ecologically beneficial, it's a much more pleasing dining experience.

Aldersgate Church is in San Rafael (Terra Linda area), Marin County, California.
It can be reached by US Highway 101 north of San Francisco, exiting at Freitas Parkway just north of the Marin County Civic center, a noted Frank Lloyd Wright designed structure. Following Freitas Parkway west, turn left on Las Gallinas, then right on Nova Albion Way. Turn right again on Montecillo, passing Kaiser Hospital. Turn left on Trellis and left again at the crest of the hill, which is Wellbrock Heights. Follow the street into the parking area. A map available at <> or on our web site.

If you have questions about food choices, directions, or anything else, you may email Hugh Cruickshank at
vibrantlife4u Earthlink net
Please let us know by email if you change your email address.

You can now send your friends to <> for other potluck details.

# january 14, 2006 hotel des arts | san francisco
CASEY O'CONNELL | solo show | ART HOTEL | january 14, 2006
7 pm - 10 | 447 bush (at grant)   rsvp: info startsoma com

# SF IndieFest Presents its annual Benefit/Launch Party
Saturday, January 14, 8p-2a
at The Rickshaw Stop, 155 Fell St at Van Ness
18up, $10 (all proceeds benefit the 8th Annual San Francisco=20
Independent Film Festival, Feb 2-14)
info sfindie com and 415.820.3907
The Festival program will be online by early next week.

Mark your calendar. Internet sales begin January 18 at noon PST

# Harmony Events Presents:
with Zen DeBrücke
at Harmony Community Room
in Sebastopol
INTRO EVENING January 18, 2006
6:30-9:00 PM  Free/Donation
Please bring a generous donation for Harmony Festival for providing this space for free for the evening!
LEVEL ONE- 1 DAY COURSE January 28, 2006  9:30-6:00 PM
What You will Learn!
o     Energy flows where your thoughts go.
o     You create the world around you now.
o     Are you happy with what you are creating?
o     Create a new and powerful reality.
This is a proven, step-by-step method of Manifesting.
Access your life-path/soul-path Purpose and Passion with certainty.
Power Manifestation is a revolutionary course designed to help you understand your own extraordinary manifestation power, and to teach you how to use it every day. This one day course is packed full of new ways to look at how we get what we get in our lives. The tools and practices you'll learn are guaranteed to bring new surplus and joy into your life. If you've seen the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know?" then you already know from experts interviewed in the film what the power of manifestation can do for all of us.
In recent decades, Quantum Physicists have uncovered a startling scientific discovery: our thoughts shape the reality around us. Why then does it seem impossible to shape our lives the way we want? Manifestation expert Zen DeBrücke has a simple answer: Most of us are unaware of the unique combination of practices it takes to manifest absolutely anything we want in our lives.
Sound too good to be true? Our Power Manifestation graduates disagree. They have closed million dollar sales deals overnight that were dragging on for months or years, settled lawsuits and difficult divorces with once-unthinkable positive outcomes, created and funded new businesses and manifested better physical health.
You Will Learn:
o     The powerful part you play as your own ultimate source of prosperity
o     How your underlying emotions and feelings affect your ability to be successful
o     How your childhood, life experience, and social conditioning have constructed 
     desires and beliefs
o     How to recognize the emotional and mental bonds that stop abundant living from
      being part of your life
o     How to magnetize what you really want, and to make it happen quickly
o     How to empower new ideas that will lead you to a more fulfilling and harmonious
Power Manifestation Course Topics Cover:
Honing your life's purpose and passion based on your Internal Guidance System, a proven step-by-step method
Beliefs that are holding you back from getting what you want in life
Apply the principals of Flow vs. Force for more ease and abundance
Achieving greater spiritual awareness and connection with the Divine
Zen DeBrücke is a public speaker, business leader and inspirational
teacher who has coached hundreds of business leaders and individuals to
success in every arena. As the visionary founder of Pranaology, Zen is
blessed with the opportunity to build on 15 years of research and study
on the subject of manifestation.
Before founding Pranaology and SmartSoul, Zen spent six years as Chief
Executive Officer of The NetKitchen, an Internet strategy consulting
firm. Zen used her expertise to develop lucrative and innovative
Internet campaigns and properties for Fortune 500 companies like Applied
Materials, IBM, BP and Electronic Arts.
* * Space is limited and we fill up fast, so sign up now. * *
Sebastopol, CA
Harmony Festival Offices
400 G-Morris Street, Sebastopol
info [at]
Course Date
Saturday, January 18, 2006
Level One: The Basics Course with the Power Manifestation Formula
9:30AM - 6:00PM
Registration begins at 9:00AM
Course Fees
Intro night Free/Donation to Harmony Festival
Level One: The Basics Course Only
$90 Pre-Registration, $125 Day Of Event
For more information: Anna Stid 415.624.4866

# Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi Hosts Art Opening Fri Jan 20 5:30-8
monthly Third Friday’s Art Reception in his City Hall office, Room 282.

# Mark your calendars and grab a fork! National Pie Day is coming January 23!

# Next ANON - We're planning an ANON for Saturday, January 21st at the Anon Gallery, so mark thy calendars.
285 9th @ Folsom 10pm-4am

# A Green Party for Peace (Correction) Thu Jan 26 8 p.m.-closing
$5 to $500, no one turned away for lack of funds
Start the year to end the war with Aimee Allison, Tommi Avicolli
Mecca, Meghan Baker, Terry Baum, Garrin Benfield, Jello Biafra
(tent.), Kevin Danaher, Rose Eger, Don Eichelberger, Matt Gonzalez,
Krissy Keefer, Jane Kim, La Vache Enragee, Leopold and His Fiction,
Ross Mirkarimi, John Rizzo, Mark Sanchez, Ahimsa Sumchai and DJs
Andre Octavio (Tafatafa Sound), Space Invader (mk2/future trybe), and
Daneekah (Australia). ... A San Francisco Green Party fundraiser to
support its efforts on behalf of social justice, the environment,
animals, and peace.
Studio Z 314 11th St @ Folsom 415-252-7666

# Fri Jan 27 5:30 pm Justin Herman Plaza,
Market @ Embarcadero, bring bike, helmet, light, costume, fun!

Feb 2006
Law of Attraction TV Premier
I just heard about a TV special coming in February, 2006 that sounds very
interesting and includes some of our favorite people and teachings. Check out
the trailer below from the Hay House people. It is about the natural Law of
Attraction and it is coming to prime time TV!!
The Secret ---- Television Premiers in Feb, 2006
Did you know that The Secret is a Television Special that will be aired around
the globe, revealing global knowledge about the Law of Attraction! Jan
Stringer and Alan Hickman were interviewed for this program and will part of
this exciting movement as the world becomes completely aware of this Universal
Truth. Other well know celebrities will be in the film such as Jack Canfield,
Mark Victor Hansen, Bob Proctor, Jerry and Esther Hicks, Joe Vitale and lots more .......As Law of Attraction
specialists, this will be a huge opportunity for all of us to be promoted.
Ride the wave with us!!! Watch the trailer of the TV special

# Wed Feb 1 FIRST WEDNESDAY is always FREE DAY at the following SF MUSEUMS:
Exploratorium (kids' hands- on science ...3601 Lyon), Mexican Museum ( ...Fort
Mason Bldng, D Marina @ Laguna), Museo Italiano Americano (I ...Fort Mason Bldng C)
, Cro SF Museum of Craft & Folk Art ( ...Fort Mason Bldng A), and the fabulous SFZoo
(Look for RJ at Gorilla World...Sloat @ 45th)!

# Thu Feb 2 First Thu art receptions @ 49 Geary: 20 galleries in 5 story building. 5:30pm-7:30pm

# Tue Feb 7 FIRST TUESDAY is always FREE DAY at the following SF MUSEUMS:
California Legion of Honor art museum (34th Av in Lincoln Park; 415-
863-3330; 930am-5pm; free EVERY Tuesday, in
fact), New Asian Art Museum (200 larkin at The Civic Center; 415-379-
8800; 10am-5pm), Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (701 Mission @ 3rd;
415-978-ARTS; 11am-6pm), SF Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA...151 3rd
St; 151 3rd St; 415-357-4000; 11am-6pm), and the Jewish Museum (121

March 2006 Call to Action: Confront the War Machine
Become A PART of the Solution at Liberty Underground. Learn how the Broadcast News Media Deceives You!

April 22, 2006 Green Century Institute, Planetwork
and a host of evolutionary agents
are pleased to announce

Digital Be-In 14:
Planet Code
April 22, 2006
934 Brannan Street
San Francisco

Be-Integrity Symposium and Exhibition
12 noon to 6pm
Digital Be-In  
Luminaries and Special Guests, Performances, Live Music
7 pm – 11 pm
Planet Code Dance Party
11 pm – 4 am

Participating Organizations (partial list)
--Earth Day Network
--Natural World Museum
--Environmental Non-Profit Network
--San Francisco Alliance for Urban Sustainability
--Women’s Global Green Action Network
--California Institute of Integral Studies

This 14th edition of the Digital Be-In combines its lineage of invention and cultural evolution marking the dawn of the digital age with the emerging green economy and sustainable culture movement. Producer Michael Gosney (whose Verbum magazine began the Digital Be-In during the late 1980s) developed the Paradox conferences on sustainable communities at Arcosanti, Arizona in 1997, 1999 and 2001  and formed the Green Century Institute in San Francisco in 2002. Planetwork, founded in San Francisco by Jim Fournier and Elizabeth Thompson in 1998, fosters the creative application of digital tools for positive global change through a series of conferences and monthly forums in major cities. The Green Century Institute and Planetwork are working with several San Francisco Bay Area groups that were involved in the seminal World Environment Day week in San Francisco June 5–11, 2005  in the development of this combination daytime symposium, evening rally/celebration and late night dance party. As in the past, the Digital Be-In will reach beyond the physical event with a live netcast, information-intense website and new kinds of exposure and interaction via social networks and blogs. The theme “Planet Code” implies our writing (and re-writing where necessary) the “codes” that define our place within and interaction with the natural environment, and calls upon the high technology community we have encouraged and celebrated over the years to empower the sustainability movement with bold, forward-thinking initiatives.

Digital Be-In 14 will offer a variety of opportunities for sponsors to reach opinion leaders, press and a receptive public interested in SOLUTIONS FOR A SUSTAINABLE CULTURE. All presentations and content associated with the EARTH DAY BE-IN will emphasize new projects and initiatives: actions! We encourage sponsors to use the Be-In as a launching platform for products and campaigns that are making a difference. Outreach via marketing messages, the Be-In website, associated organization websites, social networks and public relations will be designed to inform and connect the public with sustainable culture resources. 2006 is a vital year for shifting the tide of awareness and action toward sustainability and April 22, 2006 promises to be a pivotal date. Please contact Michael Gosney or Justin Weiner from GCI for details on sponsorship programs.

Event Sub-Themes
Climate Change
Environmental Justice
Alternative Energy Solutions
Urban Environmental Accords
Sustainable Communities
High Technology and Sustainability
Women and the Environment
Building the Green Economy

Previous Be-In Themes
8 – Freedom of Speech on the Internet (EFF Blue Ribbon campaign launch) - 1996
9 – Cultural Diversity in Cyberspace (w/ Unity Foundation) - 1997
10 – Human Rights in the Digital Age (with UN 50th Anniv. of Declaration of Human Rights) - 1998
11 – Body, Mind and Cyberspace (feat. Drug Peace Campaign) - 1999
12 – Media Revolution - 2002
13 – Transparent Network - 2004
Interested sponsors, participants and collaborators are encouraged to contact the event producers in early January.

Green Century Institute
Michael Gosney
Be-In Producer
michael [at]
Justin Weiner
Be-In Assistant Producer
justin [at]

Karri Winn, Executive Director
Be-In Associate Producer

May 12-14 (2006) Harbin Hot Springs Polyamory Conference, Calistoga / Middleton CELEBRATE RELATIONSHIP CHOICE, until
April 1, 2006. Email us at worldpolyamory aol com or call 808 244-
4103 if you're interested in giving a workshop, leading a
discussion, presenting music or dance geared to polys.

# FYI the US runs a school of assasins / torture at Ft. Benning, GA
Previously called School Of the Americas (SOA),
now called Western Hemispheric Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC).
Congress demanded SOA be closed down. So they simply renamed it.
SOA used to be in Panama, until Manuel Noriega said it had to go.
Noriega was an important drug smuggling ally for the CIA.
When he broke with the CIA because he was not happy about the US school of torture in Panama, his days were numbered.
Two other notable men who the CIA made alliances with:
Sadam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden.
The CIA makes allies of people it can use to torture and murder it's enemies.
The CIA was arming, training and using Osama Bin Laden to fight the USSR in Afghanistan.
Before Sept 11, 2001, the CIA was negotiating an oil pipeline through Afghanistan to be built by Haliburton, paid for by Enron, to supply Unocal 76. Those negotiations broke down. That was plan A.
Plan B was flying our own airplanes into our own buildings and blaming them.
SEE: Operation Northwoods (1962) Plan B has been on the table for 43 years.
Cheney, Perle, Wolfowitz, et al are part of Project for a new American Century (PNAC) who wrote: (a year before 911)
Without a Pearl Harbor style invasion the American people will not accept
the empirical mobilization necessary to seize middle eastern oil.
CIA initiated Saddam Hussein by having him commit an assasination in Iraq to prove himself.
Once installed to power by CIA, Saddam did oversee the torture and execution of an entire generation Iraqis.
Every Iraqi student or activist who had political aspirations was killed by Saddam who was a CIA operative.
Learn more about the School of Assasins (School of Americas) at School Of Americas Watch:


The Great Owl Invasion
obvious and blatant freemasonic symbols on the dollar bill, what precisely that hidden microscopic owl is doing there.
Neither will we ever be certain whether those plans for the National Mall surrounding the White House, the Washington Monument and the U.S. Capital proposed by the McMillan Commission in the same year that the Bohemian Owl worshipers legally acquired their grove in California, had anything to do with why there appears to be a Giant Owl surrounding the Capitol Building.

As an American citizen I am bound by no law executed by Bush Coup.
I shall not follow any fruadulent advice from John Ashcroft or Mr Torture: Alberto Gonzales.
I am bound by no Judgement by John Roberts or any other criminal installed by BushHitler.
Wake UP America, the current organized crime family Hi-Jacking Washington, DC
is similar (in fact connected) to the NAZI hijacking of a highly civilized Germany.

Patriot Act is illegal. No law or provision of Patriot act is legally binding.
Any law that is repugnant to the Constitution of the United States of America
is Null and Void - Marburry V. Madison, 1803.

Any officer who attempts to enforce an illegal law such as patriot act is unlawful and may be ignored and/ or arrested.

......... , . - . - , _ , .......
......... ) ` - . .> ' `( .......
........ / .
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