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Sikh Taxi Driver Shot and Killed by passengers in North Richmond
by Francisco Da Costa (frandacosta [at]
Monday Dec 26th, 2005 8:42 AM
This is not the first time a taxi driver has been murdered in the East Bay. And this is not the first time a Sikh has been murdered for no reason at all. Sikhs are very noble people and a true Sikh will always help others. It was wrong of the cowards to kill 58 years Gurpartap Singh in cold blood. It is when such crimes take place that good peace loving citizens wonder - what should be done to such cowards?
When I was very young I was deeply influenced by the Sikh community.

I often visited their temple and participated in the prayers. When I was very young I was drawn to one Elderly Sikh woman who always taught me to good works which I continue to do to this day. I learned to play field hockey and cricket with Sikhs and did well in these games. More I learned much from my young and old Sikh friends.

Here is the Bay Area we have many Sikhs. Many of them wear a tuban and some ignorant folks think they are from the Middleeast or from some land other then India. Often link Sikhs to some one like Osama Bin Laden. On occasion after hearing a rude remark and have had to defend the Sikhs. In this country many have no clue about geography. Just as they have no clue that this land belongs to the First People. Every one is an immigrant except the FIRST PEOPLE.

Sikhs are from India and many hail from the Punjab. The are very hard working. You will NOT easily meet a lazy Sikh. They make one of the best soldiers and the British and even the renowned Gurkhas from Nepal - revere the Sikhs. Sikhs are noble.

In India many a time if some one is in trouble they will turn to Sikhs for help. I have met Sikhs all over the world and will go out of my way to make my acquaintance and tell them how I was influence by the Sikhs.

Now, imagine on Christmas Day some coward shooting an innocent Sikh driver in the head for some little money. What a sense of life! What a sense of civility! What a sense of humanity! What a low down coward!

The cowards mostly probably was raised wrong, lived wrong, and will have to pay for his or her crime. Folks in Northern Richmond get a grip on life and stop this sensless killing.

Sikhs will rally around this brother - believe me they will. Sikhs are not cowards and have proved their skill in fighting wars for a good cause all over the world. But you would not expect ignorant idiots to know about that. Please do not mistake Sikhs for cowards and do not mistake them for not being compassionate and worthy citizens.

My prayers are with the family of Mr. Gurpartap Singh - his wife and children and relatives.

The man came from India and for the past 7 years has been working very hard to put bread and butter on the table. Sikhs love Nan and the curries we all love when you go to Indian Restaurants. They are human and must be treated with respect. Greet a Sikh with respect and he or she will respect you too. It is all about love.

Now, suddenly a good man has left us. Let this life not be wasted. Let us the many that have guts fight the cowards and put them behind bars where they deserve to be for a long, long, time. I cannot stand cowards - especially those that kill some one in cold blood and behind one's back.

It is not easy to drive a cab in the East Bay. I often take a cab when I have to attend some event and especially after taking the Bart have little time to make it to the event.

I find it hard to catch the buses in the East Bay. If given a chance I will take a cab with a Sikh - first of all I feel safe and secondly I can talk about my realationships with Sikhs all over the world.

May the soul of Gurpartap Singh rest in peace. It is not uncommon for a Sikh's las name to be Singh - just like Williams or Smith.

Again let this life not be in vain. To my fellow Sikhs I say let us meet and follow a plan of action.
We cannot sit down and allow the cowards to run all over us.

Francisco Da Costa
Environmental Justice Advocacy
4909 3rd Street
San Francisco, CA 94124

Phone: 415-822-9602
Fax: 415-822-9600
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