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Movie Highlighting Nanning Cr. Gate Action, Nov 9th

by Lodgepole (treemail [at]
Latest movie highlighting Actions currently taking place in Humboldt Co., to protect Nanning Cr. THP 05-097.
On the Morning of Nov. 9th, 2005, activists and community members gathered at the front gate to the Nanning Cr. Timber Harvest area, protesting the cutting of this once protected and largest remaining stand of privately owned Old Growth Redwoods.
A one-log-truck was stopped by the group, and two women sat down in front of it to block it. At that time, another activist was targeted, arrested, and pepper-sprayed by the Humboldt Co. Sherriffs Dept. The victim of the attack suffers asthma and was severly affected by the spray. He left the scene in an Ambulance that activists called, after the Sherriffs refused to do, after several requsts from the victim and the crowd.
While arresting the individual, the Sherriffs became distracted, and the two women climbed on top of the logging truck! Pain compliance holds (physical holds designed to invoke compliance) and carelessness were the main tactics used in removing the two women from the logging truck. All those arrested were booked into the Humbodt Co. Jail until arraignment. The Sherriffs of course went to a meeting with high level Pacific Lumber officials to have lunch and get paid off.
More action to come in the Nanning Cr. area, and you are needed! Every day more trees are cut down. This forest is irreplaceable. Call now to get involved, and check our site to learn more.
May the Forest Be With You!

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May The Forest Be With You...
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by Lodgepole (treemail [at]
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Video of Jumbos arrest at the Nanning Gate Action
by big
Direct from, a sample of their flyers

by Bear in the Woods
There has been about 15,000 acres of old growth trees, Redwood and Douglas Fir, saved around the Humboldt - Mendocino area in the 15 years I have participated in protesting the cutting. We have lost twice that many or more old growth acres in that time. When I started taking action, activists were saying there was 4% of the original 2 million acres. I have heard that we are down to less than 3% now. Populations of most of the old growth dependant species like Marbled Murrelets, Spotted Owls, Red Tree Voles, Townsends Big Eared Bat, etc and Coho Salmon downstream have been reduced to a similar level. I don't know how many trees have sitters or how many sitters. But I do know that each and every ancient tree is a priceless public resource called "wildlife habitat" that can never be replaced. Recent studies show there are 29 times more wildlife occurences in an ancient tree. Each ancient tree has elements molded by 1000 years with 10-15 wildfires. That will never happen again.

Pease take action now. Write a letter (the Gov, CDF your legislator etc.), sit a tree, lock a gate, attend a court hearing, send supplies, go to a rally, get arrested, send a check, do jail support. Just DO SOMETHING to stop the cutting of these ancient trees and the killing of the species that make them home.

The strategy is to stop all old growth logging. To do that we need to expose it every time it occurs. Many of us that live here cannot just sit quietly and watch these ancients roll down the road on trucks.

We have to protest it.
From what I understand, the Goal is to stop all oldgrowth logging. A Strategy is a Plan to achieve that Goal.
From what I can tell, there is no strategy, just a goal and tactics. Instead of running around like a chicken with its head cut off, I want to participate in something feasable. Not just some thing ease my personal guilt. The mantra that I hear so often now from certain groups is" we've got toDO SOMETHING, we can't just do NOTHING!". This is an oversimplification of a very complex situtation. Why weren't you saying that before they started cutting. Many people knew months ahead of time that this areas was in a logging plan. I understand the panic that is caused by the cutting of these huge trees but I would like to make the argument that our actions have to be coordinated and timely, otherwise we're just banging our heads against the same wall that we have been for years now.
Some of my other comments seem to have been deemed unacceptable, however, I hope that this little critique is benign enough to pass the screening process.
by Duff
You have a valid question, what's the strategy? It seems pretty clear to me that the strategy is to sit/live in treesfor extended periods of time and tie in adjacent trees with ropes and make it diffiucult to be removed by climbers so that the trees that are occupied or tied in will be spared from the chainsaws. This is being done adjacent to a stream buffer zone, so that there will be a high quality, contiguous canopy along the stream. the tree-sits will extend the buffer by a few hundred feet. Does that qualify in your intelectual mind as a strategy? It may not be the best strategy, but it's all we have left since all other efforts, legal and otherwise have failed.

There was also a strategy to find the money to make an offer to purchase Nannning grove from PL. This didn't work, since we didn't have the millions that it would have required, so PL basically said, "show us the money, if you want us to take you seriously", and we never could, cuz we ain't rich. Apparently PL told Save the Redwoods Leaguethat the land was not for sale.

There was also a media stategy, that hoped to get some National media to cover the story in a favorable manner. This so far has been fruitless, The corporate media is not interested in big bad corporations who do bad things. They are more likely to run something that praises the big companies, Maxxam doesn't make any brand name consumer product that is commonly used. They are not very susceptible to outside pressure, and they rarely even talk to the press. I heard Charles Hurwitz owns 76% of the stock of PL. so he obviouly runs Maxxam the way he sees fit.

If you want to participate in something feasible, there is plenty of oppurtunity to carry supplies into the tree-sits and even sit in one yourself. This kind of action has in the past saved several old growth trees, though it has also failed to do so on many occasions also.

I don't feel tree-sits are a very good tactic, but we have little else at this point that seems to work. If you have any grand suggestions for a "better" strategy, or tactics please tell us, we are desperate to try whatever we can to save these ancient forests.

Actions speak louder than words, so if you are serious about wanting to help defend this place, then it's better to log off your computer and step up to the plate, rather than coming up with new more complex intellectual rationalizations of why you are not going to get involved. Things will never be perfect, so we have to work with what we have at any given moment in time.

Hope you find your path.


by deanosor (deanosor [at]
The strategy (and tactics) of individuals sitting in trees hoping that they won't be killed by the tree cutters is all well and good, but it is an appeal to their heart. What we need is a large number of people blockading the roads to stop hte l;oggers form logging. This is what forced the headwaters deal. It would also help if along with this mass action, if some fo the logging company machinery somehow hapened to not be able to work. We can only dpeend on their good graces and intentions for so long.
by b
"We can only dpeend on their good graces and intentions for so long.(sic)" What are you talking about? And please expound on how the logging equipment may no longer work. We would all love to hear more about your ideas of direct action.
by brachy

I greatly appreciate the response and I'm glad we can take this oppurtunity to define some issues within the "movement" as it is now.
First off, where did you get the idea that I'm not somehow involved and not taking any action?
I've not only stepped up to the plate, I've rounded the bases a few times and I'm sure as hell not going to join the team that is currently at bat.
Secondly, how can you say that resupplying a treesit is a feasable way to defend the forest when you yourself "don't feel that tree sits are a very good tactic"? I know that tree sitting has saved a few trees in humboldt. I also know that many more have been saved through other tactics, some of which cannot be spoken about openly. I am not speculating, I have seen these survivors and they give me great hope for the future.

Furthermore, I'm tired of hearing that all I can do to help the forest is to help the tree sitters. I was asked to help hike some water several miles up to the sits and I laughed out loud. (As you have mentioned, the treesits are right near a creek.)

I feel that support of We Save Trees is more detrimental than
not participating with that group. Think about who you're encouraging new folks to work with. You know who I'm talking about, we both know him. Is that a justifiable risk? Is the continued creation of abused and dejected ex-activists an acceptable collateral damage?
Getting back to the more mudane yet very important subject of Goals, Strategies, and Tactics. In my opinion, tree-sitting is a tactic, not a strategy. I know there's strategic planning involved when you set up a tree-village, but I'm not talking about the Swiss Family Robinson here,and the defense of a small island. I'm talking about the defense of hundreds if not thousands of acreas of intact oldgrowth forest. This requires long term vision and planning done by a unified and diverse group. It's not up to me to set everyone straight, I am just trying to get the ear of people who are sick and tired of the way things are going and want to turn it around. We don't need a dictator, we need a real movement. I want to find people to work with who don't gravitate towards dominating leaders. I want to work with people who stand up for themselves and others, even if it means risking being seen as uncool, or less than hippie. I could go off on the holier than thou attitude that many environmental activists and Americans in general seem to have. The "if your not with us you're against us" type of attitude. Sorry, but I don't wear a headlamp out of habit, you'll nevet see me on the plaza wearing a harness, or even at the coop preaching eco-mumbo jumbo. This doesn't mean that I don't care about whats going on, it means I'm sick of the way the subculture of treesits has taken over what used to be a multi-faceted organization that used to have a richness that only years of learning and improvement can attain. I'll admit that I used to contribute to the town vs woods division. Now I know that If we can't get our shit straightened out and rise above what is happening now, the forest is doomed. I wish I could offer an effective plan, but I could not in good concsiense support "We Save Trees".
Long after the situation in Nanning is just a memory, I will still be fighting as hard as I can to save the last of the oldgrowth forests here.

I hope the path I'm on will greatly surpass the status quo of" set it, sit it, supply it, and bask in the glory."

No justice, No peace
by brachy
When I said that the status quo is " set, sit it, support it, and bask in the glory" that was a little hasty on my part. Most of the time the "support it" aspect is shaky at best and theres not much glory for most. However, there are those who seem to jump at the chance be in front of a camera for self-promotion. There is a fine line between being a spokesperson and being a media hound. I am not accusing Duff of any of this. Next time I think I'll reflect more on my comments before publishing them.
To further clarify:
There can be no peace without equal rights and justice. That means within our own groups as well as the rest of society.
by SHAC attaq the transport mechanism
The debate above is interesting. People need to express themselves, though we also need to be aware of federal monitoring on the imcs. However, the feds also infiltrate EF! forest defense meetings on a regular basis, so mabye the most open format (imc) invites the world. This is also a strategy of the Zapatistas, that the secrecy is the government's game, and open dialogue and an invitation to the world can be the response. Needless to say, don't say anything that could get yourself or a comrade into trouble..

Looking for other options in addition to treesitting needs to happen regardless. For various reasons, a majority of the US population will be physically, mentally or emotionally unable to directly participate in treesitting. That doesn't mean that they don't care about the destruction of the redwoods ecosystem by Maxxam/PL. It usually indicates that there are no other options for involvement besides treesitting and the occasional roadblock being offered. For people who reside great distances away, transit to Humboldt may also be an issue. So innovation needs to be utilized to give these folks an option for involvement. The recent protest in SF at Feinstein's office drew together BACH, RAN, NCEF!, EPIC, wesavetrees and other groups in one protest action. Even this alone is not enough, there needs to be other more involved direct actions elswhere and possible corporations (besides MAXXAM/PL) included in the protest/boycott..

One example is the SHAC campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences. Most people are familiar with SHAC's direct action, and also their inclusion of any other corporation that does business with SHAC. There are other corporations involved in the medium with MAXXAM/PL by transporting their redwood logs to other countries. This directly is influenced by WTO free trade globalization rules where local people's votes and ecological damage concerns are overruled by the corporations under the free trade agreements. One such mechanism for transport calls themselves PLEA (Pacific Lumber Export Association) and their top member, Capitol Lumber. Capital Lumber has links to both SPI and MAXXAM/PL, among others. Here's their websites to give more info..

Here in the export business there are several economic bottlenecks at various ports in the west coast. From CA there is Oakland and West Sacramento where most of the MAXXAM/PL lumber is exported from. Any non-violent direct action at these locations may be quite effective, though met with extreme police state repression. Just remember back few years ago to when the longshore union (IWLU) led protests of dockworkers and police responded with rubber bullets, some protesters were blinded. However, the reason for the police violence was fear because of the economic bottleneck of the ports..

These are just some suggestions, any others will be appreciated. In the spirit of Judi Bari, please remember to maintain non-violence ethic and ensure that no human person, plant or animal is injured in the process..

love, peace and justice;

luna moth
by brachy
Thak you Luna Moth for sharing that info. That sort of research and info sharing is pretty rare.
The secrecy aspect has been an enigma in my mind for a while now. I agree that secrecy can be very detrimental. Many would accuse me of "airing dirty laundry" for all to see. To them I ask, who are we hiding from? I generally assume that we are being monitored constantly, wether by infiltrators, phone taps, email etc. If that is the case, then by not openly discussing our problems we are just hiding them from each other.
Unresolved disputes are our main weakness right now and that is exactly what the FBIs cointelpro project used to turn the Black Panthers on one another. I think we need to solve these disputes if we are to really be united again. However, some someone has commited acts that I that I cannot accept, i.e. physical violence towards fellow activists. The problem is that many people excuse that behavior. They excuse it indirectly by continuing to support and work with this person. Some also directly excuse it by saying things like, "well, she hit him to" and "he wants to step out if only someone would take his place".(which his actions have not proven)
I don't see a way to continue in such circumstances and I don't want to see the cycle of inner group violence continue.
There was a rapist among us for a couple years.He is ex-military and was accepted as "good climber", "lots of potential" etc. He was continuosly defended from his accusers by his affinity group and it was only when his last supporter heard it directly from one of the women he had raped that he was finally expelled. Its disgusting. This is the climate of activism I am trying to function in. It is frustrating and tiring. I'm not even sure I can use his name without this whole comment being deleted by some administrator who doesn't know whats going on up here.
Until there is a relativly safe situation to bring newcomers into I will speak out against such affinity groups. Those that harbor violent perpetrators will not get my support. If I can stop one person from being battered or raped then its worth it.
I hope there are still forest defenders out there who can relate to this. All I can do for now is withhold my support and discourage others from working in such groups. A tree-sits continuance to me is not as important as the integrity of "the movement" and I don't want to see a campaign grow that is based on abuse, humiliation and patriarchy.
I read a lot of "speaking out" against forest groups but not much about logging companies

vague heresay about rapists and violent people, and vague claims of being down with forest defense

I read more interest in shooting other activists and their groups than actually defending forests

for all I know, you ARE a part of the government, or logging companies, looking to disenhearten would-be activists, to keep existing groups from attracting new members, and to have existing members all wondering who is the secret rapist amongst them

unless you are more specific, I cannot take your comments seriously enough to give them any weight in deciding what groups I will support or not support in defense of forests

heresay and unsubstantiated claims are definitely not enough to move me and I have yet to here anything substantial from you in support of forest defense

I am more in doubt of you than I am of the forest defense movement
by check it out
I understand your doubt due to the incessant infiltration, disinformation and other goverment/industry tactics. But it is true that physical violence, as well as the much more common bullying and verbal abuse, has hampered the forest defense movement in Humboldt for years now.

The ex-military rapist situation is as Brachy says, and those who confronted it were initially treated badly for daring to question a "brother" who "loves the trees." This kind of attitued has been as damaging (if not more) to any direct action forest campaign than feds or cointelpro. and when there is a weakness such as there is now with well-meaning people supporting abusers who "love the trees", it gives the feds something to exploit. Afterall, they don't make up the weaknesses in a group, they use the ones that are already there.
by curious
I understand the concept of having a rapist as a partner is probably not the most productive move ever (regardless of it's veracity here)

but how exactly do the feds "exploit" that?

seems like you and your pal brachy are exploiting it now to discredit the efforts of wesavetrees. we're still back to "take my word for it" though. and the rapist thing is a side-story anyway, a distraction from what's going on with the trees.

and when I see little effort made toward real forest defense but lots of energy spent attacking forest defense groups, I just don't get the feeling I'm talking to true forest defense folks in these comments here

you'd think if you had a better plan you'd be talking about that, not taking unsubstantiated shots at a group that is trying to do something (however unwise you may think it is)

why is there no alternative plan, just potshots? who would stand to gain from distracting our attention with inter-/intra-tribal squabbles? hmmmm, let me put on my thinking cap here. hmmmm
by brachy
There are many people speaking out against the destruction of the oldgrowth forests and it is my goal to see the renewal a healthy, safe and inclusive group for people to participate in .
The former presence of a rapist amongst us is not a secret. As I previously stated he was expelled from this area and is no longer welcome here to say the least. I will try to find out if I can post his name, thanks for the idea.
I'm not speaking out against all the forest defense groups in this area, just the ones who continue to support and excuse the presence of someone who is known to smack people around on occasion. I cannot name that person without having my comments deleted by an indybay administrator.
There is also an element of emotional abuse that some employ as a tool of control that I have yet to address .
There is a certain group that I am intersted in discouraging people from joining and I think it's pretty apparent given were my comments are located, but again I can't name names. I'm sure this person and his group knows I'm referring to them, maybe they could issue a rebuttle.
Its true that you don't know for sure who I am and I don't know for sure who you are. People will have to judge me by the content of my message, not my image.
My comments about rape may dishearten would be activists as you claim, but no more so than the act of rape itself. A climate of little accountability, macho ego driven actions, and male dominated hierarchy is exactly the climate which a rapist was not only free to operate, but flourished in FOR SEVERAL YEARS. His first act of aggresion was to fantasize that he was a tree sit extractor and wrestled a woman down on a tree sit platform against her will. Keep in mind that he has military training and was definitely not her friend at that time or ever. After that he went on to help establish several tree sits and recruit sitters. During this time is when he is known to have raped at least one woman at a party through the use of a sedative in her drink. The are rumors that there where more and I believe it. It was only after his main proponent heard it from the woman herself that this guy was fully expelled.
Feel free to doubt me as a person, but do not doubt that the ongoing tolerance of inner group abuse is far more dangerous for our "movement" than anything PL or the Humboldt county sheriffs have come up with yet.

Enough is enough,
Its time to get tough.
sincerely, brachy

by brachy
It seems to me that curious is just parroting the previous comment from "disinfo". Siding with the abusive party is exactly how opponents of environmental conservation such as "the feds" would exploit divisions such as this.
by TW
Spouting all these glib I'm-so-raisonable-dahling noises, and yet his core message is talking down the movement and puncturing morale. Does anybody actually know this guy?
by brachy
I'm not trying to say that curious is a fed. If this descends into a "hes a fed, shes a fed" argument then it has been effectively disrupted.
Perhaps a better response could be found in what I have previously written. Those of us who are connected to this issue know or have heard of some of these abusive incidents. You can't be involved here for long without hearing about it. I know I can't give any concrete evidence for this and this isn't a trial. The main problem with this forum is that its open to anyone, including disruptors. Maybe thats a good thing, we can't take anything for granted here. But if you are involved in some way and don't believe me, ask around, don't just ask one person, try to get a picture of whats going on.
by Billy Goat Gruff
I guess thats what happens when you walk over the bridge.
Its interesting to see you guys defending a tree sitter for a change.
by ...
Rapist, no rapist. It's not the only thing driving folks away. What's going on in the movement now? From afar, it looks successful. I like those video documentations. I'm always in love with the beautiful spirits in Humboldt. But it always looks good from a distance, as we always get letters from interested, future defenders & new people showing up to work all the time. And most of us are wonderful, passionate souls. So there are different ideas about how to go about saving trees & forests from destruction. But that doesn't excuse the intense, years-long discord I experienced while in the movement amongst my comrades that made me want to go away. Unmanagable alpha personalities, dogma that claims to be open to alternate situations & ideas, sexism & homophobia (both overt & subtle), non-cohesiveness & the quality of being distracted all-too-easily that allowed for a rapist to stick around for years in at least one case. Every group has its problems, & I've dedicated my life to quite a few movements. But honestly, I've never experienced it so much as I did in Humboldt forest defense. I wish you all luck in your endeavors, & hope when I return, there'll be brighter days for the trees & the people.
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