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2 days...The clock is ticking...Save Tookie!
by Campaign to End the Death Penalty
Sunday Dec 11th, 2005 12:18 PM
- Reports and news about Tookie
If Stan doesn't get the clemency he deserves...Take action tomorrow!
Stan's case featured on CNN "Sunday Night"
Watsonville High School students stage walkout for Stan
International support for Stan
Growing questioning of the death penalty amid Stan's case
Rev. Jesse Jackson calls for clemency
Advocate for the condemned
Donate much-needed funds for our efforts
- Upcoming events
- Where to find more information
Campaign to End the Death Penalty Action Alert

Stop the execution of Stan Tookie Williams!

There's only 2 days left to save Stan Tookie Williams.

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- Reports and news about Tookie
If Stan doesn't get the clemency he deserves...Take action tomorrow!
Stan's case featured on CNN "Sunday Night"
Watsonville High School students stage walkout for Stan
International support for Stan
Growing questioning of the death penalty amid Stan's case
Rev. Jesse Jackson calls for clemency
Advocate for the condemned
Donate much-needed funds for our efforts
- Upcoming events
- Where to find more information

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Gov. Schwarzenegger still has not announced his decision on clemency for
Stan. We have all been watching and waiting.
There is good reason to hope that the decision will go Stan's way--we
have made our case, with so many people taking a stand. But in the event
that Gov. Schwarzenegger decides not to grant clemency--or if we still don't
know his decision by tomorrow afternoon--many different groups have planned
actions for Monday the 12th. In the Bay Area, activists will gather at San
Quentin Prison to protest the pending execution. In Chicago, a protest is
planned at the Federal Building; in Washington, D.C., one will take place at
the Department of Justice building. The events that we know about are listed
below--there are a lot that we don't know the details about. Others can be
found at the Web site at:
The Campaign urges all chapters, organizations and individuals to make
plans for a December 12 action or event if clemency is denied. It could be
at Republican headquarters or a federal building or a state of California
office--or on campus if that's where' you're located. It could be a picket
and speakout, it could involve civil disobedience, it could be a forum and
film showing. If your group has an event planned, please e-mail us at
marlene [at]
Of course, if Schwarzenegger does the right thing, we should be ready to
celebrate, too! But if not, we want to make sure our voices of opposition
and outrage are heard--we will not be silent.


Look for Phil Gasper, initiator of Educators for Tookie, to appear on CNN's
"Sunday Night" at 8 pm Pacific time.


>From the Santa Cruz Sentinel: About 40 Watsonville High School students
walked off campus Friday morning to protest the looming execution of Crips
co-founder Stanley "Tookie" Williams. Trailed by school administrators, the
students marched through downtown, chanting "No more blood."
"I'll probably get suspended for this," said 17-year-old senior Zeltzin
Sanchez, who spearheaded the protest. "But it's worth it, of course. Every
life is worth it."...
During a stop at the City Plaza, Sanchez said she didn't believe
Williams was guilty, but she wouldn't want to see him die in any case. "I
lost two cousins to gang violence but that doesn't mean I'm going to kill,"
she said. "We shouldn't kill. No more blood for blood."...
The students initially planned to hold their protest on campus during
the morning break, Zeltzin said. But then she was called to the office just
before break by administrators, she said. The protesting students were just
starting to gather near the school library when a buzzer announced the end
of break. As most students returned to class, the protesters headed off

Read the full article at:


>From Yann, a teacher in France: Today, I got an answer from a French senator
who told me he wrote a letter to Governor Schwarzenegger to ask for
clemency. This is important because this senator, Robert Badinter, was the
justice minister in 1981, and he is the one who officially abolished the
death penalty in France that same year. So he is very well-known and
respected for that in our country.
My students are very interested in Stan's case, and they ask me every
day if I have fresh news. One girl told me today that she watched the news
on TV for the first time in her life yesterday to see if they would talk
about it.


>From the San Francisco Chronicle: Pollsters regularly measure the public's
opinion of the death penalty, but there is scant research on the
soul-searching question that shrouds the case of Stanley Tookie Williams,
the quadruple killer and gang founder who is scheduled to be executed
Tuesday in San Quentin prison: Do you believe that inmates have the capacity
to reform?
Advocates on both sides of the death penalty issue believe that
Californians are having their most introspective public discussion in
decades about whether the state should execute people.
Though polls show that two-thirds of Californians support the death
penalty, the cultural landscape has slowly been changing. From the
Legislature's 2004 creation of a commission that is examining flaws in the
capital punishment system, to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger adding the word
"rehabilitation" to the title of the state Department of Corrections this
year, there are signs of introspection behind the poll numbers.
In January, the Assembly will hold a hearing on a bill that would halt
executions until January 2009, a year after the California Commission on the
Fair Administration of Justice's report on capital punishment is supposed to
be done.
The public conversation was jump-started this fall with Oscar winner
Jamie Foxx and hip-hop star Snoop Dogg touting Williams' post-incarceration

Read the full article at:


>From the Contra Costa Times: With only two days left before the scheduled
execution of Stanley Tookie Williams, the Rev. Jesse Jackson made another
appeal for California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to spare the life of the
reformed gang leader Saturday.
Jackson said Williams had changed dramatically while in prison, worked
to discourage troubled youths from joining violent street gangs, and could
serve humanity better if allowed to live...
Jackson also used the news conference at his Rainbow/PUSH headquarters
on the South Side to call for an end to the death penalty. "We must kill the
idea of killing as a solution," he said. "The eyes of the world are upon

Read the full article at:


>From the Marin Independent Journal: In a 55-year career, lawyer Carl Shapiro
of San Anselmo has done his share of death row cases and clemency appeals.
He is an avowed opponent of the death sentence and an advocate for sparing
convicted murderer Stanley Tookie Williams.
He has his reasons. "Anyone who spends time on death row either goes
insane or becomes a changed person." Williams, he believes, is the latter.
"He's doing a lot of good things and having a constructive effect on a lot
of people."

Read the full article at:


The Campaign would very much appreciate any donations to help offset the
costs of organizing to stop the execution of Stan Tookie Williams. The
Campaign sent Shujaa Graham, a former San Quentin death row prisoner, and
Alice Kim, a national organizer with the CEDP, to California to help the
on-the-ground efforts to stop the execution.
We are asking for your help to cover these expenses--so please send what
you can today. Checks can be sent directly to our P.O. box: CEDP, PO Box
25730, Chicago, IL 60625.
If you would prefer to donate online, you can go to our Web site at and click on the donation button for
instructions on how to do it.
Thank you all!!

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- DECEMBER 11 - New York City
Discussion of "Blue Rage, Black Redemption" and Screening of "Redemption"
At 5 pm at Bluestockings, 177 Allen Street, between Stanton and Rivington
(take the V/F to Second Ave.). Call 212-777-6028 for information.

- DECEMBER 11 - Oakland, Calif.
Screening of "Redemption"
Hosted by: Oakland City Councilmember Desley Brooks, Rev. Dr. Harold R.
Mayberry, First African Methodist Episcopal Church, Save Tookie Committee
and others. At 6:30 pm at Oakland City Hall Council Chambers. Email
lajpr [at] or call 510-568-5899 for information.

- DECEMBER 11 - San Francisco
Sister Helen Prejean Speaks
One of the world's best-known opponents of the death penalty speaks out at
an ACLU event. At 2 pm at the San Francisco Marriott Hotel, 55 Fourth Street
at Mission. Tickets are $25 per person, $10 for students and low income,
$250 table sponsor.

- DECEMBER 12 - Chicago
Protest for Stan
At 4:30 pm at Federal Plaza (Dearborn and Monroe). Sponsored by the Campaign
to End the Death Penalty, call 773-955-4841 for more information.

DECEMBER 12 - Cleveland
Save the Peace Maker Rally and Vigil
At 5:30 pm at Cleveland City Hall. Sponsored by Peace In The Hood and the
Task Force for Community Mobilization. Contact RStandiford9 [at] for

DECEMBER 12 - Denver
Block Party Protest
Speakers include Ernesto Vigil (Crusade for Justice), Ward Churchill
(American Indian Movement), and Ramona Africa (MOVE). At 3 pm at the
Colorado State Capitol, 15th and Colfax. For more information, or to
volunteer, contact Earl Armstrong 303-208-9138, Shareef Aleem 720-436-7606
or Steve Nash 720-309-1418.

- DECEMBER 12 - San Francisco to San Quentin
Walk for Abolition
The Walk For Abolition begins at the Palace of Legion of Honor in San
Francisco at 7 am and ends at the gates of San Quentin Prison around 6 pm.
For information, contact Rev. Lyle Grosjean at 510-895-8203 or email
l.grosjean [at]

- DECEMBER 12 - San Quentin, Calif.
>From the Save Tookie Committee: We believe that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger
will do the right thing and grant clemency to Stan Tookie Williams. However,
if we have not received a decision or if he does not grant clemency, we plan
to have a large peaceful protest at San Quentin. At 8 pm at the East Gate of
San Quentin Prison. You can park on Francisco Blvd. E, but expect to walk 1
to 1.5 miles to get to the east gate. It will be dark, and there is uneven
pavement. We suggest you bring a flashlight, water, and wear good shoes and
warm clothing. This will be a peaceful protest. Please listen to security
people and don't engage the opposition as it only encourages them. Contact
the Save Tookie Committee at 510-253-5418 or 510-333-7966, or e-mail
info [at] for more information.

- DECEMBER 12 - Seattle
Screening of "Redemption"
At 7 pm at Garfield Community Center, 2323 E. Cherry St. $5 donation
requested at the door. Email vjambor [at] or call 206-851-4862 for

- DECEMBER 12 - Washington, D.C.
Emergency Action for Tookie
At 4:30 pm at the U.S. Justice Department, 950 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
(Pennsylvania Ave., between 9th and 10th Streets). Metro Center, Federal
Triangle or Archives Metro Stations. Call 301-801-7616 or e-mail
cedp_dc [at] for information.

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Download a fact sheet about Stan's case:

Read the story of Stan's life in his book, Blue Rage, Black Redemption,
available for $22. To order, visit or call the
CEDP national office at 773-955-4841.

Do a showing of the movie Redemption, the TV movie about Stan's life,
starring Jamie Foxx. The movie is available at Blockbuster.

Get "Save Tookie" buttons from the Campaign to sell to supporters. Get 25
buttons for $20, and shipping is free. Call the CEDP national office at
955-4841 to order.

Check out the Save Tookie Web site:

And the Campaign to End the Death Penalty Web site:

Order copies of the New Abolitionist. This issue has stories by and about
Stan, as well as other information about fighting the death penalty. You can
get a bundle of 25 New Abs, shipped free of charge at a cost of $12.50. To
order, call the CEDP office at 773-235-0778. Yearly subscriptions are also