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Alcohol smashed in Oakland, California
by skylight
Friday Nov 25th, 2005 9:15 AM
Two alochol stores smashed in Oakland, California
Wednesday, near midnight, about a dozen or more African-Americans, apparently of Muslim background smashed an alcohol store (owned by a Muslim of Arab background) in Oakland, California.

Before we go about doing our usual round of condemnations - lets take a look at some facts:

1. Oakland has a poverty rate of nearly 20%. However, for the area (near East Oakland) where these two stores were located, this rate is far higher: upwards of 60 to 70%, and the residents are primarily African American and Latino (Mexican and Central American backrounds).

2. Oakland has over 350 liquor stores, and, in some of the poorest areas - there are two or three of these "stores" (call 'em drug pushers) on a single block! This means that the bulk of these stores are located in poor neighborhoods.

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