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Community Appeals to Pacific Lumber President Robert Manne to Halt Logging Ancient Redwood
Thursday Nov 17th, 2005 11:06 AM
<b>Last Largest Unprotected Ancient Redwood Forest In the World Now Being Logged</b><br><br>
For more information:
Susan Moloney, Campaign for Old Growth (707) 932-0260 (cell)<br>
Lindsey Holm, Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC) (707) 476-8340
Garberville, Calif. - A group of concerned local citizens and environmental groups have written to Pacific Lumber asking the company to suspend logging in an ancient forest until the community can raise the funds to buy a grove they consider priceless.

Nanning Creek Grove, one mile east of the logging town of Scotia, is the last, largest unprotected stand of primeval redwood forest in the world. It contains old-growth trees up to 15 feet in diameter standing over 300 ft tall, likely to be thousands of years old. Of the two million acres of original Redwood forests that existed when California gained statehood in 1850, less than three percent remain today.

Activist Julia Butterfly Hill said, "I risked my life every day for over two years to protect Luna and three acres around it. There are hundreds of trees as big or bigger than Luna in this forest. Every one of them should be protected."

Cindy Allsbrooks, whose son David Chain was killed while trying to protect ancient trees in 1998 said, "It is disheartening to hear about plans for more old growth to be chopped down. I sincerely hope that negotiations can take place to discuss a financial agreement to purchase the grove before it is too late. I believe we are obligated to at least try."

Susan Moloney, Founder of Campaign for Old Growth, conducted a 52-day hunger strike pertaining to old-growth protection in 2002. "The majority of people in the world want to see our remaining old growth protected. This is an incredible opportunity for the Pacific Lumber Company to prove they are serious about being a good neighbor."

Local filmmaker James Ficklin said, "The mission of The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is 'to conserve, protect and enhance fish, wildlife and plants and their habitats,' and yet in the case of Nanning Creek Grove, they are doing the opposite. They have failed to do their jobs for the American people, and now the community is coming together to appeal to Pacific Lumber to do the right thing and work with us to protect this precious place. Once cut, these rare ancient trees will be lost forever."

The Nanning Creek Grove is home to both the endangered spotted owl and the marbled murrelet and is critical habitat for their survival . A 2004 report commissioned by the US Fish & Wildlife Service shows that under current management regimes (i.e. ongoing old-growth logging) the marbled murrelet faces an 80% probability of extinction in California in the next 60 years.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently gave the Pacific Lumber Company the go-ahead to log this old-growth grove. Loggers began falling the giant redwoods in Nanning Creek on Friday, November 11, 2005.

Activists have set up a treesit in the grove and a basecamp is being held at Grizzly Creek State Park.


Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters (BACH)

2530 San Pablo Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94702
phone: 510 548 3113

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by Save Nanning Creek Ancient Forest!
Thursday Nov 17th, 2005 11:48 AM
Greetings everyone. This is a CALL TO ACTION from Verbena at Redwood
Winter Renewal Camp. [The last message about Nanning Creek was sent by
Maple who temporarily called herself “Verbena’s secretary.”] More actions
to come and YOU ARE NEEDED!

Please come to a public demonstration to show your opposition to the
destruction of the last and largest unprotected ancient redwood forest.
Support the urging by several environmental groups for PL to halt logging
until the land can be purchased. (Listen to the news at,
Nov. 16)


November 17, 2005
Beginning at 11:00am

Pacific Lumber Company Headquarters
in Scotia, CA

This is what I said tonight (Nov. 16, 2005) on All Sides Now, KMUD
Community Radio [88.3 and 91.1 FM]:

On November 17, the Nanning Creek Old Growth Forest, East of Scotia, may
experience its 6th day of logging.
With 192 acres of high quality marbled murrelet habitat, trees over 40
feet around…
It is the Last of the Best.
The so-called regulatory agencies have done nothing to protect it.

Please go to Scotia to Maxxam’s Pacific Lumber Headquarters on Thursday,
November 17 at 11 am to show your opposition to the
destruction of the last and largest unprotected ancient redwood forest.

PL calls the 250-acre plan “Bonanza”

Come together. Stand for this area. Take your lunch hour off.
The Time Is Now.
Come to Scotia Thursday , 11am.

Please page me at camp at 707-618-9185. Or better yet--show up in camp!

In Defense of the Earth and Her Peoples (and their self determination!),

by a poem
Thursday Nov 17th, 2005 4:02 PM
If a tree falls in the forest ....
and you say its the last one.

Who will hear you when you cry out again?

This forest is awesome and totally worth saving but you are making a claim that you cannot prove. How do you know that this grove is the last and best of it's kind? What happens when you find out from others about the NEXT best and last of it's kind?
by swaneagle
(peacenow [at] Thursday Nov 17th, 2005 8:31 PM
Each call to save what precious little that is left of ancient beings is so valid! Pettiness destorys us all. Time is slipping and we leave little for the future generations. Humanity continues to fail it's children. Those who can must act as never before. We have everything to lose and it is all going fast.
by if transportation 2 Humboldt is an issue
Friday Nov 18th, 2005 11:00 AM
Some people would love to help support the campaign to protect the redwoods and evict Maxxam/PL from Humboldt county. The reasons that more concerned people aren't all coming 5 hours up north from the bay area/ sacto valley are numerous; school, jobs, poverty, fuel/lack of public transit, other activism, etc... prevent the long distance journey to protect the redwoods from happening. That DOES NOT mean that people don't care about the loss of redwoods habitat, we are often overwhelmed with other priorities and sometimes fighting other battles..

There are other ways of effecting MAXXAM/PL corporation directly. Any store that sells redwood products can and will be protested until they acknowledge the profit they make from selling redwood product is a detriment to the people and ecosystem of the coastal redwoods region, Humboldt county. We would request any business with a conscioussness to boicott any products from Maxxam/PL...

One example is the lumber store in West Sacramento on Sacramento Blvd slighty west of the intersection with Harbor. This particular store specializes in sales of redwood and cedar wood, displaying the Palco corporate banner on their stockpiles of lumber. Maybe the owners of this establishment are people of good consciousness who would consider eliminating their purchases from Maxxam/PL if they were aware of the damage Maxxam/PL is causing in the redwoods ecosystem and the people of Humboldt..

Who else profits from sales of Maxxam/PL redwood products? Does Wal-mart sell any redwood products in their furniture? (answer is yes) What about Home Depot? Even though RAN sometimes is criticized for their path of compromise, sometimes the idea of including a protest action at the point of consumption (sub./urban retail stores) is equally as important at the point of destruction (treesits, forest defense, etc..).

"Forest activists and organizations have long campaigned at the point of destruction, with the objective of stopping particular timber sales or logging companies. As a result, forest defense has often been regionally fractured, with campaigners focusing intently on the details of their region or a particular timber sale. With little coordination between regions and without any reduction in consumer demand for old-growth products, the campaigns often resulted in displacement rather than reduction of logging activities."

What is needed is a more inclusive movement that doesn't require everyone to be a tarzanian treeclimber to participate. Though i love Humboldt county, it would be great if there were some additional forest defense actions in the more populated regions at points of consumption to spread awareness beyond the so-called redwood curtain of the coast environs..

Your local neighborhood WALMART is rolling back the prices everyday while resting their corporate bootheels on the necks of their non-unionized workers. Here they offer redwood furniture straight from Maxxam/PL for a discounted price. However, the high cost of their low price is wage slavery, union busting and sweatshop assembly. The redwood trees may journey from Humboldt to sweatshops in China before they wind up in the Walmarts of the Sacramento Valley..

This is the week of international Walmart boicott and Walmart awareness;

There are also local alternatives to corporate logging. The myth is that we either choose between the ecocide destruction of Maxxam/PL or nobody works as loggers and the economy stagnates. This is a fallacy that ignores there are other groups attempting to practice restoration forestry without the influence of corporate logging from Maxxam/PL. This is an alternative to purchasing any products from Maxxam/PL..

What we need is Maxxam/PL permanantly removed from Humboldt County and surrounding redwoods ecosystem and a focus on sustainable alternatives that maintain ecological awareness and support workers. We also need Wal-marts to get the fuck outta the Sacto Valley!!

luna moth

by a poem
Sunday Nov 20th, 2005 9:22 PM
I stand by my statement and hope that people will realize that, althought this forest is awesome, it is not the "last of the best" as Verbena puts it and there is still a lot out there that is not protected. These are the interests I have in mind. I'm sorry if it came off as petty.
by OG
Wednesday Nov 23rd, 2005 12:09 PM
A lot of people who live and work in Humboldt County believe it is the last of the best unprotected grove of ancient redwoods, stemming from studies done before the Headwaters Deal, which sacrificed places like Nanning Creek.

Reportedly half of the grove has now been cut.

Robert Manne
President of Pacific Lumber

Chuck Center
Director of Government Relations and External Communications

Chris Manson
Manager, Regional Government Relations
by a poem
Wednesday Nov 23rd, 2005 5:55 PM
Whoever thinks that this is the last of the best is mistaken. It is very worrisome that this is a belief that people keep trying to perpetuate. What will this belief mean for the rest of the unprotected old-growth in this region? What do you mean that this is the best of the last? Are you saying that there once was a giant redwood forest that has now been logged all the way down to this one grove located only a few miles from Pacific Lumbers town, Scotia, the main center of milling and other activities? This may be the highest quality murrelet stand left of PL's murrelet stands that were classified A-E, E being the highest quality habitat, However it is NOT the last of the best. There are still huge stands that PL still owns left over from the headwaters deal. These are known as MMCA's or marbled murrelet conservation areas and they cover thousands of acres. They can't cut these stands under current regulations for about 42 years but if Fish and Wildlife Service suceeds in thier current efforts to take the M.Murrelets off of the fed. endangered species list then these areas will soon be threatened with the saws bulldozers and herbicides to which so many thousands of acres have fallen.The majority of this area is awesome old-growth that people fought for, risked their lives for and died for. I beleive that you unknowingly betray these areas when you push a belief that you can niether prove and is in fact short sighted and uneducated. Please do some more reading about Bonanza and look for the truth not the hype.
by a poem
Sunday Nov 27th, 2005 6:12 PM
I'm sorry if my comments seem like an attack however I am sick and fed up with the hype and innacuracy of some of the statements people are making about the Nanning creek oldgrowth stand. These inaccurate comments are discrediting to our the cause of oldgrowth preservation and make it harder to protect these forests in the future. I have seen this grove in person and it is amazing. But there are more. And when the other remaining groves are threatened, our calls for help need to be taken seriously.
by geod
Friday Dec 2nd, 2005 11:59 AM
Your local neighborhood WALMART is rolling back the prices everyday while resting their corporate bootheels on the necks of their non-unionized workers. Here they offer redwood furniture straight from Maxxam/PL for a discounted price. However, the high cost of their low price is wage slavery, union busting and sweatshop assembly. The redwood trees may journey from Humboldt to sweatshops in China before they wind up in the Walmarts of the Sacramento Valley..

unfortunately Walmart doesn't sell redwood furniture. The link is for Indonesian nyatoh wood. As much as I don't want to be a defender of Walmart, do we need to lie to get our point across? Your post contains blatnat lies and peopole should research the rest of your statements before acting out of emotion.
by throwing stones much?
Friday Dec 2nd, 2005 12:13 PM

you're hostile to forest defense anyway and you're just FRONTING, so maybe you should stop calling people liars and just fuck off, eh?
by geod
Friday Dec 2nd, 2005 4:43 PM
ah yes, caught in the hypocrisy and resort to the personal attack. I am just pointing out that the post blatantly lies, Walmart does not sell redwood furniture. The ends do not justify the means. So lying about stuff to try and bolster your point is lame and debases the legitimacy of the forest defense movement. You are no friend of forest defense by your hostile disposition.
by both profit from redwood products
Saturday Dec 3rd, 2005 4:58 PM
Well, regardless of what geod says, both Wal-mart and Home depot profit from selling redwood patio furniture products. It would be just as easy to claim Wal-mart Does NOT sell ANY redwood products as to claim that they do sell redwood products. The nature of global capitalism would indicate that they do sell some items containing redwood products. If not obvious on that webpage, than maybe somewhere else. Most of the source of the redwood products is from Humboldt county, most of that is logged by Maxxam/PL. Not like there's very much redwood coming from anywhere else..

As far as the Wal-mart wood products from Indonesia, is that any better? Selling any rainforest wood product, whether temperate or tropical, as patio furniture for suburban sprawl is bad for the global ecosystem. So on that note the Wal-mart and Home Depot boicott remains a useful method in preventing the massive deforestation happening from Humboldt to Indonesia..

luna moth

by a distant voice
Sunday Dec 4th, 2005 11:20 AM
There's surely a reason to hype things up & get folks excited about what's going on. But I agree with "poem". I was part of the movement for many years, and I'm pretty tired of activists not seeing the middle ground anymore than hardcore conservative logging industry folk do. Tired of blatant hypocrisy (for example: so many males of the movement dragging their societal bs & misogyny into the movement with them without acknowledgment or shame or trying to change). And have you ever heard of compromise? This is a question for both sides. Or rather... f*ck that! There's not two sides here. Just a lot of people who feel they have to pick a definite, extreme side. Hey, don't forget all the grays in life. You're cheating yourselves out of complexity & beauty. Certainly out of a kind of richness & sense of unity in differences. Personally, I've lived a sheltered college student existence, had both blue & white collar jobs, been a direct activist, and had children to support... all at overlapping and /or different times. And those are not by any means the end-all-be-all of life experiences. But each of those experiences has taught me a lot about not being closed to others' truths. We lie to ourselves & say we're open-minded & fair, but I have observed both myself in the past & others in the struggle STILL claim to be listening, but really just fronting with some bs in order to maintain the appearance of peace & diplomacy... STILL talking over others to maintain control, to bolster or maintain ego. Ego exists. Differing opinions exist. Differing experiences exist. But lies & faulty research & assumptions & untamed alpha personalities & prejudices don't do anything for the trees. Thanks for reading this rant.
by a distant voice
Sunday Dec 4th, 2005 11:31 AM
Just to offer a further explanation of "faulty research": Taking a rumor & running with it, offering up to the next ear as gospel truth. A friend of mine did an experiment last year amongst the well-meaning folks of Arcata & Eureka, mostly politically minded ones. He told them a story that sounded like it could be true --some injustice in the world taking place-- and the next thing he knew, he was hearing it back from other people, but the gruesome details were even more gruesome. Everyone thought it sounded true, but it was mostly just something they WANTED to hear that supported their already-existing theories, so they ran with it. I'm sorry to say that this is not an isolated incident. If you want to be taken with even a smidgen of seriousness by those you're trying to convince, at least don't cheat them like this!
by Home Depot Sucks Forests Dry
Monday Dec 5th, 2005 5:39 PM
In following redwoods from the old growth forest (at the point of destruction) to the point of consumption in various retail stores, there are several lumber mills and trucking contracters who play the role of middlemen. The end result of redwood lumber is either exported out of the US via two ports (West Sacramento y Oakland) to Japan and other international locations or distribution within the US via various retail stores. The store in West Sacramento (Harbor y Sacramento Ave.) is one of many that sells redwood lumber from Maxxam/PL. Instead of focusing on the smaller stores, it may be more effective to further examine the chain big box stores like Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-mart etc..

When a corporation like Home Depot promises to not sell old growth rainforest products, we expect them to stay true to their words. Once again, corporation provide evidence that they cannot be trusted..

"Both The Home Depot (THD) and Lowe's have made significant changes to the mix of wood products they sell. However, while both companies committed to an entire phase-out of all wood products from endangered forests, neither has done so. While some products have been eliminated and others reduced, many still come from endangered forests. As well, in the case of flooring, both companies are today selling old growth rainforest products they didn't sell in 1999."

In sheer mass volume of lumber sold, not many stores come close to the big box Home Depot;

"Home Depot, the company with the orange box logo and the cartoon carpenter with his cap pulled down over his eyes, is proud to tell you that they are the world's largest home improvement center retailer. In March of 1997, HD passed the 500 store mark. Sales topped $19,500,000,000 in 1996, and are projected to reach $24,000,000,000 in 1997. The company plans to open 111 new stores in 1997--one ribbon-cutting every three days. By 1999, Home Depot wants 930 stores operating. By comparison, their nearest competitor, Lowe's, had roughly 402 stores as of January, 1997."

The question then is how much of Home Depot's redwood lumber comes from Maxxam/PL and how much from Mendocino Redwood Corporation, owned by the Fisher family, the same people who own The Gap? Either way continuing the boicott of Home Depot is a great idea..

As far as Wal-mart is concerned, they sell both a synthetic redwood imitation product ("redwood-look") and real redwood. That in addition to Indonesian nyatoh wood and unspecified hardwood products either imported or of domestic origin. Good luck trying to tell the difference once inside the store. Forget about getting an honest answer about the corporation that supplies the wood. Consider that another one of Wal-mart's defensive strategies, sort of like their "war room" for PR dissemination to counter the effects of movies like "Wal-mart: The High Cost of Low Prices"..

Here's a description of the mystery "Durawood" that contains premium playground lumber from an unspecified location..

"*Durawood is made from premium playground lumber with a protective polyethylene coating. Besides being exceptionally strong, it's impervious to the elements, requires no water-proofing or staining, and will not warp, splinter or crack through years of tough use."

BTW, Wal-mart claims that the Indonesian nyatoh wood comes from sustainable forestry from those kind and generous individuals currently inhabiting the Indonesian government..

Apperantly not everyone agrees with Wal-marts definition of sustainable..

"Now that K-mart has announced an end to the sales of outdoor furniture made of nyatoh, logged from the old growth rainforests of Indonesia, it's time to turn our attention to the really big guys. Wal-mart stores carries three lines of outdoor furniture made of nyatoh.

Logging for nyatoh and other high-value woods is driving Indonesia's rainforests to extinction. Logging is the largest cause of destruction of rainforests in Southeast Asia, with the wood going to everything from plywood to pencils."

info collected by luna moth

by Home Depot's broken redwood promise
Monday Dec 5th, 2005 6:05 PM
"Campaign History

In spring of 1997, Home Depot responded to growing grassroots pressure and agreed to stop selling any old growth redwood products but refused to address the larger issue of the rest of their old growth rainforest wood products. A full 19 months after the company said they would stop selling old growth redwood, investigations by area building professionals revealed that Home Depot was still selling old growth redwood. Based on these investigations, we believe this wood originated from the ancient temperate rainforests of Headwaters in northern California.

At a meeting with Home Depot in April 1998, they admitted that they never enforced their old growth redwood policy, but promised to develop a comprehensive program to go completely old growth free by June 1, 1998. They not only missed their own self-imposed June 1st deadline, but also failed return phone calls and email messages for nearly two months-- that is until late August, when the first demonstration that featured civil disobedience hit Home Depot in northern California. It was followed by another direct action at their headquarters in Atlanta Georgia. After a year of these types of actions, Home Depot finally admitted that a problem existed and held a press conference where they announced that they would stop selling wood from endangered forests by the end of 2002."

Then there's some corporations that specialize in exporting pacific coast lumber overseas. They're actually called PLEA, as if to say, no matter how much you enviros PLEA, we're gonna clearcut and export logs to wealthy businesses overseas. Here's one that specifies California redwoods..

"Capital Lumber International
Location: Kent, Washington
Contact: Ridge Pittman
Tel: (253) 859-8200
Fax: (253) 859-8209
Email: rpittman [at]
Offices: Capital Lumber Co.Corporate HeadquartersPhoenix, Arizona
Primary Product: Lumber/Building Materials
Detailed Product List: Export sales and shipments of Douglas Fir, Hemlock, Western Red Cedar, Spruce/Pine/Fir, Ponderosa Pine, Sitka Spruce, California Redwood, Western Red Alder, Pacific Coast Soft Maple in rough, finished and semi-finished Clear and Merchantable grades of lumber and panel products.
Destinations: East Asia, Mediterranean, North Africa, North Europe, Australia/Pacific Islands
Languages Spoken: English, Japanese, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, French, Dutch"

Pacific Lumber Exporters Association (PLEA)

info collected by luna moth

by blech
Tuesday Nov 7th, 2006 8:54 PM
so your friend spread a rumour among well meaning activsts, to prove that people spread rumours? what a jerk. did he also go to college (like you) to learn how to do manipulative experiments? you and your friend are not as clever as you think you are and are of no use to the movement . thank you for not posing as an activist anymore. please remain " distant".
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