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US Military, President Out of Control

by Bob Nichols (bob.bobnichols [at]
"Individuals have international duties which transcend the national obligations of obedience…therefore have the duty to violate domestic laws to prevent crimes against peace and humanity from occurring."

- Nuremberg Tribunal, 1950

What Does "Mildly Radioactive" Mean, Anyway?

(Berkeley, California) The Russkies in Russia just stopped a weightlifter coming across the border with about 100 pounds of "highly radioactive depleted uranium." The guy said he was using it for dumb bells in weight lifting.

The American Department of Defense and other government departments all are unanimous in calling so-called depleted uranium "mildly radioactive depleted uranium." They like to use it for bombs, shells and heavy caliber bullets.

High radioactive, mildly radioactive, middle radioactive. What does it mean? Who to believe? The Godless former Commies or the brave Iraq smashing Americans? Why don't you decide for yourself. Radioactivity is a standard property of the metal Uranium used by Americans for bombs, shells and bullets and one gram always will give off 12,000 "atomic disintegrations" per second.

This lasts forever, as far as we are concerned. Think of the "atomic diserntegrations" as little atomic bullets. The kind that are only harmful from inside the human body. What do you think? Does 12,000 per second rank high or low with you? What if it is in your lung?

Delicate lung cells of 19 year old American Troopers and 60 year old Iraqi guerrillas don't have the ability to "spin" what is turning them to infection, pus and cancer.

Just so you will know, that is 43 Million 200 Thousand little bullets per hour. This nuclear bombardment at the heart of a cell in the lung or the rest of the body never stops. Of course, the "throwaway soldiers" will get cancer and die; but, the chicken-hawk Neo-Cons in the Bush Administration say that is OK! They just don't want to pay for it.

Remember the 100 hour long First Gulf War? Only an unlucky few were killed. We Americans used 375 tons of uranium munitions. Out of the one half million, or so, soldiers in the prime of life in the war, 11,000 are now dead. and hundreds of thousands are on Medical Disability.

The latest good journalist to "Drink the Government Kool-Aid" was Bob Evans of the Daily Press in Virginia. Evans used the deceptive Government term "mildly radioactive" over and over, in his recent seven part series on uranium weapons in use by the US Military. In his effort to be fair, Evans, a respected veteran journalist, never used the forbidden words "illegal" or "war crimes." The Daily Press readership includes a large segment of "retired military."

Since uranium is a metal that also catches on fire and burns, the bombs, shells and bullets burn and vaporize when they hit something hard like a tank, bunker, or building. Uranium gas and smoke ends up in the nose, throat and lungs of our kids and friends in the US Military and any unlucky Iraqi around. Some of the gas also hitches a ride on the desert winds to the rest of the world including the American ally Israel.

This is a real bummer for the American Troopers and the Iraqis. Uranium by the thousands of tons has been dispersed this way in Iraq during Gulf War I, the No-Fly Zones era, Gulf War II, the War after the War and to this very day. Once the uranium gas and dust is in their lungs and bodies the soldiers and civilians become radiation poisoning victims and are forever changed.

There is no way to remove the uranium smoke from the body. It is radioactive. There is no treatment; there is no cure. This stuff stays dangerous, lethal even, forever and a day. After all, it is highly radioact ... err, ... pardon me, "mildly radioactive," ... err ... whatever!

Our victimized soldiers don't have forever, though. With the same absolute certainty of the Atomic Clock the US Government uses to tell time, the constant ticking of the "atomic disintegrations" (little bullets) starts the countdown to death from radiation poisoning for the soldier's and civilian's alike. It's just a matter of the dose of lethal poison they received. More dose equals less time.

It gets worse. Captain Terry Riordon unknowingly brought radiation poisoning home with him from Iraq to his wife, Susan Riordon. As recounted in the November, 2004 issue of the mainstream Conde Nast publication Vanity Fair, Mrs. Riordon was constantly burned by her husband's semen during intercourse.

Seems Terry's semen was turned to a fiery alkali by the radioactive uranium that settled in his testicles. The happily married couple had no idea what this new and horrifying complication was in this intensely private part of their life together. Little did they know the American Department of Defense had hopped into bed with them with a deadly intent.

With her husband slowly dying of radiation poisoning and in intense pain herself, Mrs. Riordon resorted to filling condoms with frozen green peas to use on herself to obtain relief from the internal burning's intense, excruciating, lasting pain. Other couples do that and other wildly frantic and imaginative measures seeking relief. The burning can leave blisters and contamination.

"It hurt [Terry] too. He said it was like forcing it through barbed wire," Riordon says. "It seemed to burn through condoms; if he got any on his thighs or his testicles, he was in hell." In a last, desperate attempt to save their sex life, says Riordon, "I used to fill condoms with frozen peas and insert them [after sex] with a lubricant." That, she says, made her pain just about bearable. Perhaps inevitably, he became impotent. "And that was like our last little intimacy gone."

Children produced from radioactive soldier's couplings have devastating birth defects; both to War's children born in the United States and Iraq. After all, Uranium Gas is just a dumb radioactive metal; it does not care one whit about the nationality of the body parts it targets.

In Iraq, women call the doomed pregnancies the "jelly belly." The world simply calls it "Genocide." That's the purposeful targeting of a race or ethnic group of people for extermination. That's our red blooded, By Gawd, All American Policy. Exterminate them! That is one answer to the question Americans are always indignantly asking "Why do they hate us so? Haven't we set them free!?!"

Bob Evans, in his series, even inadvertently let a Classified Specification out of the bag. The 140,000 pound Abrams Main Battle Tank, a primary dispenser of radioactive, poisonous uranium gas and dust in Iraq, fires its big gun at a spectacular 2,100 MPH or three times the speed of sound (MACH III.)

The three foot long solid uranium projectiles then vaporize and burn at temperatures ranging from an estimated 3,000 to 10,000 degrees as they penetrate their target. Mr. Evans, guru like, informs us the temperature is 5,600 degrees.

What is the difference in "highly radioactive in Russia or "mildly radioactive" in
Virginia? Is it the same metal? Yes, it is. Are both metals radioactive? Yes! Whether they are in Russia or the United States? Yes, they are: at 12,000 little bullets per second, anywhere in the known universe! Uranium is our own perverse absolute value.

Well, this is kind of a bummer for all US citizens. President Bush and the US Military have gone and screwed the pooch. Turns out that using uranium for weapons is, like, a kinda "Big Time" War Crime. Not only is it a War Crime, it is a War Crime four different ways, according to famous UN War Crimes and humanitarian lawyer Karen Parker, JD.

Parker stated "My 'four point' test is especially intelligible: people understand. "It spreads" (beyond the field of battle), "it lasts" (can't be turned off when the war ends), "it injures people in impermissible ways" (as in making an as yet unborn child deformed) and "it harms the environment".

Ever since we Americans obliterated Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan with Nuclear weapons in August of 1945, immediately killing an estimated quarter of a million people, the rest of the world has taken a really dim view of actually using nuclear weapons.

Uranium bombs, shells and bullets are just different forms of slow acting stealth nuclear weapons. They are slower than the instant big boom and flash of Nagasaki type Nuclear Weapons - the Atom Bomb an Hydrogen Bomb. They are the answer to the Administration's dedicated Crusader for the Holy Grail of a "usable" nuclear weapon.

Time has telescoped 1945 instantly from the past to the present; World War II is just over and we used Nuclear Weapons on civilians. Just as we are using the the next generation of Nuclear Weapons on the hapless guerrillas and civilians of Iraq. They never had a chance. Never did.

Uranium weapons spread deadly radioactivity that kills and contaminates forever. Iraq is simply "toast" because of the indiscriminate, promiscuous and criminal use of millions of pounds of uranium weapons by our kids and friends in the US Military at the command of their political masters. The Masters and Troopers are war criminals and we are accesories to war crimes.

US Military Out of Control - Defies Law

So, what to do? It's all right there, in US Army Regulations, according to Maj. Doug Rokke, Ph.D. Ret., the former Director of the Pentagon Depleted Uranium Project. U.S. Army Regulations AR 700-48 and TB 9-1300-278 require the Army to "Clean and Treat." The Army is required by US law to treat all persons affected and all areas contaminated by the radioactive uranium munitions. There are no ifs, ands, or buts.

The self claimed right to use war crime weapons carries the with it the big responsibility to clean up after yourself. Refusing to clean up and treat is purposeful genocide. It is that simple. We are guilty as sin.

Dennie Williams' breakthrough article of November 11, 2004 sets the record straight on the US Military's view of using and cleaning up after illegal Uranium Munitions. "The Department of Defense 'does not clean up DU [depleted uranium weapons] once it leaves a U.S. weapons system such as a Bradley Fighting Vehicle and hits an enemy building, or vehicle', said Melissa Bohan, an Army public affairs official."

The "suits" in the Pentagon can't be anymore clear than that. They absolutely refuse to treat the people poisoned, including their own Troopers, and refuse to clean up the poisoned radioactive land. The US Military did the same thing in Vietnam with the chemical Agent Orange, which was denied and covered up for decades. As one Vietnam War medic says "Uranium weapons are like Agent Orange on steriods."

Therefore, the situation is this: the political leadership of the U.S. decided secretly to use thousands of tons of a Genocidal Weapon, Uranium, in Iraq. Their servants in the US Military are gung ho to irradiate the Iraqis and poison their land, forever, with illegal uranium based war crimes weapons. The Army refuses to obey their own Regulations, that have the force of law, to Clean & Treat, in their slavish obedience to the sub-human, sick, perverted genocidal desires of their political appointee controllers.

What's wrong with this picture?

This is real Nazi Germany stuff, isn't it? More close to home, it is real close to "exterminate the American Indian Andrew Jackson type stuff." Has that sunk in to you readers yet? You probably don't want to accept the facts, but, that is the hand that is dealt to us mere citizens in America in 2005.

Just because you don't want to accept the fact situation does not make it go away. The facts based on the indisputable use of thousands of tons of weaponized uranium oxide gas and dust, just hang in there. This is impossible for supposedly patriotic "My Country Right or Wrong - Love It or Leave It" type Americans to explain away.

Uranium is as real as it gets and it never goes away. As long as there are congenitally
deformed Iraqis left in the world and until the Iraqis are finally exterminated by these long lived Genocidal weapons, they will continue to whisper and croak in whatever
voice left to them "America Exterminated Me, Punish Them!" and demand justice.

Americans of all political stripes are enraged when they hear what our US Military has done to Iraq. It is not OK and they feel betrayed by the Bush Administration. Perhaps especially so the Center-Right Americans who are responsible for twice electing Bush. Both elections are still disputed.

It was real Americans some 60 years ago "The Greatest Generation," as network news reader Tom Brokaw called them, in his book of the same name, who with the Russians, Free French, British and others stomped the fascists war makers in Germany and their axis ally Japan in World War II.

Now the "World's Only Superpower's" American Army has taken the place of Hitler's Storm Troopers in ruling the modern world. It is supremely ironic that their own uranium weapons kill them as well as the "enemy" civilizations as they set out to control. The unthinking soldiers will ultimately destroy the world and that seems to be the desired outcome of Administration's cult like "Rapture Me" Christofascist radical religious tradition.

In the famous Nuremburg War Crimes Trials, established after World War II to try Nazi War Criminals and assess their guilt and punishment, the Chief Prosecutor said of the German people something that applies directly to Americans today. He speaks knowingly and directly across more than 50 years of time to resolutely instruct American Citizens on exactly what our duty is today, right now:

"Individuals have international duties which transcend the national obligations of obedience…therefore have the duty to violate domestic laws to prevent crimes against peace and humanity from occurring."

- Nuremberg Tribunal, 1950

The statement was affirmed by the Nuremberg Tribunal. It is now international law and by extension, American Law. It is our duty as Americans. The fascist government controlling American and the US Military can no longer be allowed to exist. The world and international law holds us all accountable and the price is dear.

These white collar criminals must all be impeached and imprisoned for their war crimes commensurate with their degree of complicity and guilt. If the House will not Impeach and the Senate will not put them on trial; then, we have a problem.

We will have to do it ourselves. Additionally, we have to vote out the co-conspirators in the Senate and the House refusing to Impeach. It is the Law handed down in 1950 after a disastrous world wide war. We Americans must follow the Law. It is our sacred duty. As President Bush like to say "they [the House and Senate] are either for us or against us."

Can we wait till tomorrow, next week, or, next year to Impeach?

In a word, "No!"

Leuren Moret, world famous former Lawrence Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab scientist, said the following in an Email on Valentine's Day, 2005 requesting hundreds of physicists, scientists, professionals, managers, writers and others to join in the world wide effort to stop the current flagrant use of illegal uranium weapons:

Moret stated "I believe in the end that ... you will comprehend that the amount of DU [Depleted Uranium] released into the atmosphere since 1991 is far more than my estimate. Whatever you or I think or differ about, the disaster is worse than we even know ... but that tale will be told each year, each decade, each century. Humanity has changed the genome of the entire planet forever."

"How can you help us present the disaster in a way that ordinary people can comprehend? Infant mortality is increasing globally for the first time in 41 years..."

"This planet is being turned into a death star," Moret added.

Bob Nichols concluded "The time to act is now. The corporate RepDem party controls the big media on this issue. They do not control you. Tell your friends and email this article everywhere. Other than that you know what to do. Good Luck! Keep in touch!"

Writers & Warriors Speakers Group

Contact Bob Nichols at bob.bobnichols [at] gmail.comn for College Distinguished Lecture Series Speakers, Commencement Speakers, People's Events and Rallies.

Speakers include Bob Nichols, Leuren Moret, Maj. Doug Rokke, Ph.D., Ret., former S. Sgt. Dennis Kyne, Karen Parker, J.D., Send email only, no attachments, to: Attention: Bob Nichols at bob.bobnichols [at]

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Bob Nichols is a Project Censored Award Winner and lives in California. He is a frequent contributor to, other online publications and the "San Francisco Bay View" newspaper. Nichols is a former employee of the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant. Nichols can be reached by email at bob.bobnichols [at]

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