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Vigilante Minutemen off the Border and Out Of the State Capitol
by deanosor (deanosor [at]
Tuesday Oct 11th, 2005 3:53 AM
Note: a SPANISH version follows the English
The Bay Area Coalition to Fight the Minutemen is mobilizing an action to oppose the Minutemen Project's rally to gather public support for their attempts to harass poor, undocumented border-crossers and to announce their support of a new initiative that would establish a state
border police in addition to the existing federal border patrol. This rally will take place in Sacramento on the Capitol steps on October 29th from 10am to 12:30pm.
The Bay Area Coalition to Fight the Minutemen is mobilizing an action to oppose the Minutemen Project's rally to gather public support for their attempts to harass poor, undocumented border-crossers and to announce their support of a new initiative that would establish a state
border police in addition to the existing federal border patrol. This rally will take place in Sacramento on the Capitol steps on October 29th from 10am to 12:30pm. It will feature the founder of the Minutemen Project, Jim Gilchrist, and the legislative sponsors of the California Border Police Initiative, amongst others. Governor Schwarzenegger has also been invited to speak.
The Minuteman Project is seeking legitimization from the public and state lawmakers to give them authority to patrol the border with guns and they want tax payers to pay for it. We at BACFM are outraged at the Minuteman Project's attempts to push their trigger happy, racist
ideologies that deny people their human rights to dignity, food, water, security and freedom of movement because of their class and skin color/nationality. We believe the Minutemen Project is a symptom of the problem of having borders between nations. BACFM is calling on all groups opposed to the Minuteman Project and the Governor's support of the Minutemen to gather at the Capitol Steps to tell them that their vigilanteism will not be tolerated on the state border or in the state legislature.
To subscribe to our event lists, email: stopthemm-announce-subscribe [at]
Or, to get involved in organizing an action send an email to: stoptheminutemen [at]

La coalición del Área De la Bahía para Luchar Contra los minutemen está movilizando una acción para oponer a la reunión de los Proyectó Minutemen para recolectar la ayuda pública para que sus intentos de acosar a los pobres quienes cruzan la frontera, indocumentad@s y para anunciar su apoyo de una nueva iniciativa que establecería a policía de una frontera del estado además de la patrulla de frontera federal existente. Esta reunión ocurrirá en Sacramento en los pasos del capitol de octubre 29no a partir el 10am a el 12:30pm. Se presentara el fundador del Proyecta Minutemen, Jim Gilchrist, y los patrocinadores legislativos de la frontera de la iniciativa de policia fronteriza de California, entre otras. Se ha invitado al gobernador Schwarzenegger también para que hable. El Proyecto Minuteman está buscando la legitimization del público y los legisladores del estado para darles autoridad para patrullar la frontera con los armas y ellos quisieran que los pagadores de los impuestos lo page.

Nosotr@s en BACFM estamos enfurecidos sobre los intentos del Proyecto Minuteman de empujar las ideologías racistas y violentas que niegan a gente sus derechos humanos a la dignidad, al alimento, al agua, a la seguridad y a la libertad movimiento debido a su clase y color de piel/ nacionalidad. Creemos que el Proyecto Minutemen es un síntoma del problema del tener fronteras entre las naciones. BACFM invita a todos los grupos opuestos al Proyecto Minuteman y a la apoyo del gobernador de los Minutemen para que se junten en los pasos del capitol para decirles que su vigilanteism no sera tolerado en la frontera del estado o en la legislatura de estado.

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by I support the Minutemen
Tuesday Oct 11th, 2005 9:47 AM
Fuck that I SUPPORT the Minutemen. The Mexicans suck up resources, and take up jobs I can't get. I have applied at employers who hire Mexicans and they say I want to much money per hour. It's getting old.
Get the illegals out NOW.
(I help fund the Minutemen and the more you resist the more money I will give to the them.)
by Jay
Tuesday Oct 11th, 2005 10:20 AM
What job have you been denied that a mexican had? What resources are they sucking up that you also have a hard time getting?
I'd be careful of accusing Mexicans of sucking billions from CA. You may want to look into prop 13 that passed in 1979 which created a structural deficit, not a mexican caused deficit. Also it wouldn't hurt to rexamine NAFTA by the US and Mexican government, to try to tackle corruption, immigration, and living wages. Mexicans and immiigrants get shafted every year and are shamelessly accused of creating a deficit. With the diversity of CA its amazing how racist some people are and how willing people are to just accept it. Other than that good luck with your pure white race.
by amo
Tuesday Oct 11th, 2005 10:45 AM
In case you hadnt heard there is a HUGE labor shortage right now in California, thousands of acres of fruits and vegetables rotting in the fields because there aren't enough farmworkers. So please get out there and get a job! And while you're there you can thank Cesar Chavez and other mexican americans who organized for years to win some workers rights.
by ben abuelos
Tuesday Oct 11th, 2005 12:05 PM
So--working class people here on the only free press left in the usa argue about jobs and immigrants and xenophobic vigilantes?

Hmmmmmmm. The richest 400 Americans must be laughing till they wet their pants.

The combined wealth of the richest 400 is greater tha the entire gdp of Canada. That is 400 "americans" with more wealth than all the goods and services produced in Canada (according to Frobes magazine). Their average wealth is $2.8 billion dollars per capita. Treaties like NAFTA are perfect for the wealthy and the power dons. Investment, subsidized US products, and profit flow across borders but not people or labor and environmental regulations. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who wins in that situation!

Then these same fat cats exploit racism and economic insecurity to divert attention from their obscene wealth to "illegal" immigrants.

Erase the border; erase classism; erase ignorance.
by a US citizen
Tuesday Oct 11th, 2005 12:26 PM
I would pick grapes as long as I got a paycheck. I have applied at wineries only to be told we can't hire because you don't seem like the type who would pick them for long. I am not Mexican. I am white.
I grew up working hard and the opportunity to carry on that tradition has been taken away by recent immigrants.
I have to sell stinkin fast food or suck up to greedy restaurant owners.
If there is such a labor shortage then how come those employers are not looking in the city's for help. They don't hire from here. They hire on the spot.
If the labor shortage was that bad then employers would be forced to evolve.
They haven't so there is NO labor shortage.
So once again; when someone proves to me the Mexicans are not sucking up my opportunity's for long term sustainable employment then I will continue to support the Minutemen.
by Fredric L. Rice
(frice [at] Tuesday Oct 11th, 2005 4:50 PM
I'm glad to see these scumbags being opposed everywhere they show their white faces. Here in Southern California we've got photographs of them standing on street corners -- like in Laguna Beach -- and there's Nazi and Confederate flags -- while they stiff-arm the citizens who drive by and give them the finger.

The recent video of the SOSMM guy attacking a peaceful anti-hate activist was pretty disgusting for its violence. It's akin to the brandishing and death threats that peaceful activists were subjected to in Campo. contains photographs and videos of the SOS / MM / National Vanguard / National Alliance / Aryan Nations / Skinheads et al. Very disgusting stuff.

My opinions only, of course, and as always these are only my opinions.
by Border Raven
(BorderRaven [at] Tuesday Oct 11th, 2005 5:20 PM
My god, how much did you ask for? I failed to get a job, when I asked for $10 per hour. I later learned the employer starts everyone at $8.50 to $9.50. But, I say I graduated from highschool, did twenty years in the military, and I have twelve years in the industry.

Hang in there and apply with every temporary agency, within 20-miles, and you'll get a job. I've worked in a spectrum of industries and employer cultures. Eventually you get a job.

by Border Raven
(BorderRaven [at] Tuesday Oct 11th, 2005 5:30 PM
Public dirt is open to anyone to stand on. What happened in Laguna Beach, was the SOS group being infiltrated by the neo-Nazis. They had been doing it for awhile. Thanks to this group for showing the pictures of the neo-Nazis. I feel they directly hurt the SOS movement, and indirectly hurt the reputation of the Minutemen, and for that I cannot forgive them. They need to be punished.

I will cause a Nazi flag to burn, if I see it again. The person holding it might need cosmetic surgery, but that's what he risks.

by Fredric L. Rice
(frice [at] Tuesday Oct 11th, 2005 5:41 PM
> What happened in Laguna Beach, was the SOS
> group being infiltrated by the neo-Nazis.

Well, that's what they tell people, any way. There's been good coverage of the names of some of these people and many of the SOSMM regulars also are regulars in the Storm Front white supremascist web site and group and National Vanguard which is a spin off of National Alliance.

You can't say they're "infiltrated." They share members, participants, supporters. They're so intwined that they're virtually indistinguishable.

Detailed coverage of who these people are and what their alliances have been exposed as have been posted to since about March. Video of these people has been provided heavily at though good video of these scumbags at Baldwin Park made it to la.indymedia.

Trying to pretend the SOSMM is some how not racist... well, I suppose there's a lot of people out there who still believe this fascist regime's war crime atrocities in Iraq is some how "liberation."

No offence intended, I assure you. I've witnessed these Nazi flag waving SOSMM/NV/SF et al. people first hand in Baldwin Park, and I've examined the photographs and the research that activists have done into the names of many of them as well as the research that covers the nick names that many of them use.

Point being there's a preponderance of evidence that becomes an absurdity to deny or ignore. Actions speak louder than words and I'll never be convinced that these SOSMM scumbags are anything but what their flags represent.

My opinions only, as always, and only my opinions.

by "Big Momma" a racist conspiracy nut
Tuesday Oct 11th, 2005 6:02 PM
another right wing whacko...I read your nut links...LOL! fucking hilarious. You actually believe that crap? I have some swampland in Fla I'd like to sell ya...or are the 'Mexicans' gonna take over Fla, too?
by california takeover
Tuesday Oct 11th, 2005 6:10 PM
I live in a community where in the middle of town is little mexico. I have been told over and over again that the mexicans are forming and learning and will eventually take over california again. The borders need to be closed. Do you think that if california has a sunami that mexico won't close the borders to us?

WAKE UP!!!!!
by what a dumb redneck
Tuesday Oct 11th, 2005 7:05 PM
"I have been told over and over again that the mexicans are forming and learning and will eventually take over california again"
Get an education, and stop believing all the hype. Take off the tin foil hat.
by you hire mexicans don't you
Tuesday Oct 11th, 2005 7:23 PM
I have an education. You hire mexicans to do your construction work because you can't afford us redneck americans. Right? LOL!!!!
by How do I 'form and learn'?
Wednesday Oct 12th, 2005 6:57 AM
No, I work in healthcare. (Public, not for profit) Oh...yeah....what oes 'forming and learning' mean? LOL!
Oh no! those Mexicans are 'forming and learning'!!! I'm skeered.
I say that sarcastically, but most racism is based in fear.
Think about it, I don't expect you to admit it.
by Fredric L. Rice
(frice [at] Wednesday Oct 12th, 2005 8:41 AM
> I have been told over and over again that the mexicans are
> forming and learning and will eventually take over california
> again. The borders need to be closed.

This is correct in the respect that non-whites are increasing in ratio with whites in the United States as a whole, and in California in the specific. Whites are breeding less -- and that's true around the world.

Eventually California will be hugely of Mexican heritage with European being in the minority. It'll happen, undeniably, and outrageous notions such as "close the border" won't do anything to stop it. Illegal and legal immigration has noithing to do with the matter.

_Economics_ are what matters. Poorer people have more children and given the crimes of the United States in ensuring that nations are poor -- including most of its own citizens -- to ensure a cheap labor pool, the economics of over population ensure that whites are in the decline.

That's what these right wing racists are frightened of. That's what they fear. The unavoidable eventuality of the changing of the European culture and white rule is what makes these racists hate Mexicans. Racists think they can stop it -- because they have the Christian gods on their side, and because they think that eventually they'll be given the go-ahead to start exterminating non-whites.

But the fact of the matter is that no amount of crying will change the fact of the slow parade of evolution and the change of allele frequency of genetic traits in populations over time. Might as well stand on the shore and order the waves to stop.

I wear a white face and I don't like seeing Mexico crop up all over Souhtern California, but I don't fear it, and I don't fear the increasing browning of the citizenship. I've not joined the "white flight" because I don't fear other cultures or the hue of someone else's skin.

'Course I wasn't brought up to cling to occult superstitions so that's probably been a big help.

My opinions only, of course, and only my opinions.
by of taking over.
Wednesday Oct 12th, 2005 8:59 AM
okay the US has been through this before. The Spanish were here in the US before us white settlers came a knockin, BUT the Mexicans or Spanish were not willing to work for the land and create a country. The Mexicans bailed out and they will do it again, BUT in the meantime they are taking Americans livelihoods away. The Mexicans are not going to take over this country and force whites out they are not capable nor smart enough. And even if they did it would be a barren piece of shit, just look at Mexico.
They have fucked up Mexico and they will fuck up America. So all this hype about a Brown flood is not a legitmate worry nor concern. What is a legitmate worry and concern is getting the illegal mexicans out of my country. No offense America was created by white men for the white race. African Americans were accepted because they earned the respect, BUT the illegal Mexicans have to go.
Support the Minutemen.
by thank you
Wednesday Oct 12th, 2005 8:59 AM
I live in northern calif. the mexican community here does not hire whites, does not advertise, works for white contractors and after any white bid, the mexican worker will return to your home and lower the quote to get the business. they work fast without permit, drive escalades and own larger homes than some of us. they flee here and commit crimes. here in sonoma the crimes are due to mexican majority. the last place you want to drive at night is boyes hot springs(sonoma mission inn) area. they walk on different sides of the streets wearing their colors. I don't fear them, I just keep my distance for now.
by Sure-no fear
Wednesday Oct 12th, 2005 9:06 AM
Fear oozes from your racist post.
by Browns out
Wednesday Oct 12th, 2005 9:46 AM
Yeah I am scared of the Mexicans. They are violent, they sell drugs in front of kids, they congregate into gangs, and they burn down houses with wives and children inside. They do in fact commit crimes then run to Mexico.
You know there is a legal way for them to come to the US. But the majority ignores our laws.
Support the Minutemen.
(Vigilante squads will be formed to rid ourselves of illegals.)
by Fuck the Minutemen
Wednesday Oct 12th, 2005 10:00 AM
you are truly a brainwashed victim.
All the things you mentioned are donw by every other race of people. You're spouting a load of crap. You are afraid of difference.
by unless your mexican excuse me latino
Wednesday Oct 12th, 2005 11:30 AM
you yourself will fear the difference as soon as you can't find a job and pay your mortgage because of one of them!
by yeah, one of them
Wednesday Oct 12th, 2005 11:31 AM
It's all about preserving the white race, huh?
by no
Wednesday Oct 12th, 2005 11:41 AM
but some of your race is making all of you look bad
by Fredric L. Rice
(frice [at] Wednesday Oct 12th, 2005 11:56 AM
I see the same old lies about how illegal Mexicans are some how taking the jobs of others and how Mexicans are responsible for drugs and crime and how Mexicans are flooding the hospitals and classrooms.

None of it is even remotely true -- at least beyond what non-Mexicans in the United States contribute to drugs, crime, jobs, and the rest. It simply isn't true that illegal Mexicans cause any problems as a whole.

Individual illegals commit crimes, absolutely. But then so do white citizens. And there's no legitimate case studies which show that there's an inordinate percentage divergence in crimes vs. populace predicated on skin hue.

Sweet baby Jesus, the same old arguments and claims used in Germany of the 1920's and 1930's about Jews are being used here in the United States and they've _been_ being used here in the States since the 1940's, _after_ non-citizen Mexicans helped to defeat Nazi Germany and were sent "home" to Mexico.

I don't like the loud music in the streets, nor the gangs, nor the crime, nor the lowered quality of life that comes with _any_ over population. But blaming it on illegals -- that's unreasonable. Illegals aren't the problem: over population and Republicanism are the problems. NAFTA is the problem. CAFTA will be the problem. Slave labor in China is the problem. A prison infrastructure in the US is the problem. The pretend "war on drugs" is the problem.

Since this fascist regime seized power in the United States, four MILLION jobs have been lost directly due to the policies of this fascist regime. At the same time a budget SURPLUS of some 50 to 70 billion dollars has been turned into a budget DEFICIT of two TRILLION dollars.

We have massive fascism taking place against the American people in the streets and in their homes accross the country thanks to "USA PATRIOT Act" and the Republican Nazis who inflicted it upon us. And yet, the Democrat traitors are just as guilty.

Pointing at illegal Mexicans and trying to pretend they're a problem in the face of the _real_ problems of this country is silly. Stupid., Irrelevant. Ignorant. Predicated on hatred, bigotry, and willful ignorance.

My opinions only and, as always, only my opinions.
by AyatollahGondola
Wednesday Oct 12th, 2005 12:15 PM
The minutemen will not stand idly by, or be deterred by the use of racism to detract from the illegal immigration issue. Neither will there be any help accepted from anyone that has a negative race based agenda. Don't join us if you hate mexicans solely for their genetic makeup. There are plenty of other reasons to oppose Mexico, and that countries overt, and covert effort to use the American people as a safety net in lieu of one of thier own. More importantly, returning America to the rule of law that has fallen victim to internal treasonous opportunists should be our main concern, and that has little to do with racism. A lying, cheating, scheming, greedy weasel can be any race.
by resisters to the Minutemen
Wednesday Oct 12th, 2005 4:55 PM
Listen you all can knock down the Friends of the Border etc. BUT the fact is they are smokescreens. Which has fooled the Anarchists, and all other resistors of the Minutemen. While you jostle or harass one group another is out there doing their jobs. In other words while people harrass one group another group sneaks off and reports illegal immigrants.
Its called Pacification.
And no offense all that energy which goes into stopping vigilante squads could be redirected to the White House.
To those who are down on the border tearing up signs and pushing over tables you could also redirect that energy to the Federal government.
by Fredric L. Rice
(frice [at] Thursday Oct 13th, 2005 11:40 AM
> The minutemen will not stand idly by, or be deterred by
> the use of racism to detract from the illegal immigration
> issue.

Which is why these SOSMM et al. kooks stand on street corners waving Nazi and Confederate flags. Which is why these SOSMM kooks spew "Go home!" to anyone with brown skin -- like I saw in Baldwin Park.

Trying to pretend the SOSMM is some how not racist... Well that's just really silly. Nobody believes such rightard bullshit.
by deanosor
(deanosor [at] Thursday Oct 13th, 2005 2:40 PM
Who says you can't do both, i.e. fight the raicsits in government and the racists outside of government. Many people do, including most of the members of our coalition.
by Mark Williams at it again
Wednesday Oct 19th, 2005 8:37 PM
The guy behind this event is our old friend Mark Williams from KFBK talk radio.
by minutemen preventing smugglers
Tuesday Oct 25th, 2005 10:04 AM
FALFURRIAS, Texas -- Smugglers who typically ferry loads of illegal aliens and drugs through an 18-mile corridor here every day have moved elsewhere.
"They've spotted and tracked our observation posts with their infrared and [Global Positioning System] equipment and they don't want any part of us," Dr. Michael Vickers yesterday told a crowd of Minuteman Civil Defense Corps members, who four days ago began a nationwide border vigil to protest immigration policies they say endanger the United States.
Now, the Minutemen will counter.
They will adjust more than 500 civilian volunteers assigned to foot and horseback patrols at scattered observation posts, called "laundry lines," along the Highway 281 corridor, which the U.S. Border Patrol considers a major alien- and drug-smuggling route.
"Hundreds of them cross over my property every day, cutting through or digging under the fences," said Dr. Vickers, a veterinarian, community leader and Republican state committee member.
Dr. Vickers has allowed the Minutemen to set up a makeshift headquarters on his 2,000-acre cattle ranch, which is about 70 miles north of the Mexican border, and persuaded his neighbors to open up about 100,000 acres of private land to the protesters.
Concerned about the threat of terrorism, rising violence, a flood of illegal immigration, and the ongoing damage and mounds of trash on the ranches, Dr. Vickers expects that total soon will grow to more than 800,000 acres.
"Our country is being invaded and it's about time something is done about it," said Dr. Vickers, who remains a close friend to his Texas A&M classmate Texas Gov. Rick Perry, a Republican.
The patrols here began Saturday as part of a nationwide vigil by the Minutemen from Texas to California along the Mexican border and in eight states along the Canadian border. It was scheduled to run for 30 days, but now has been extended indefinitely.
Al Garza, president of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of Texas, said the civilian volunteers will stay at their posts until relieved by the National Guard. The decision is supported by Dr. Vickers, who said he is looking to recruit more than 1,000 Minuteman volunteers to man the Highway 281 corridor permanently.
"Congress and the White House need to wake up to the fact that we are here to stay," Mr. Garza said during an interview at the Minuteman group's Falfurrias camp. "We intend to be that 800-pound gorilla until they act to restore security on our nation's borders. We want to know when the rule of law [is] going to be reinstated."
Participants will report to the U.S. Border Patrol but will not detain those attempting to cross illegally into the United States.

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