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SF events 10.5 John Roberts installed by presidential coup
by Arrest Roberts / BushCoup Now
Monday Oct 3rd, 2005 7:20 PM
As an American citizen I am bound by no law executed by Bush Coup.
I am bound by no Judgement by John Roberts or any other criminal installed by BushHitler.
Wake UP America, the current organized crime family running Washington, DC
is similar (in fact connected) to the NAZI hijacking of a highly civilized Germany.

Congress tries to put "ARTIFICIAL" in "ORGANIC........
Tell Congress that "organic" should mean exactly that
- no artificial ingredients allowed!

eco | | at Sonoma State University announces the annual release of the most important under-covered stories of 2004-05.


CURE Childhood Cancer Cautions Parents on Increased Cancer Risk for Children From Gene-Damaging Chemicals
Recent EPA Announcement Says Children May Be More Vulnerable
1. Seal the wood at least once a year on outside decks, playsets and
other outdoor wooden structures. Fence off the area under the deck to
keep children and pets away from arsenic infested soil. Nearly all
outdoor wooden structures are infused with a pesticide called CCA that
is 22 percent arsenic. Arsenic causes lung, bladder and skin cancer.
It also may cause leukemia, kidney, nasal passage and prostate cancer,
as well as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. Childhood
cancer risks may be substantially higher if your child is exposed more
than three hours per week, eats the dirt, mouths the wood or gets
splinters from it, or eats without washing his or her hands after
playing on the wood.
2. Use fragrance-free fabric softeners and dryer static sheets when doing
laundry, and avoid plug-in or other room fresheners. Chemicals that
make dryer sheets smell good are known poisons. For example, benzyl
acetate, limonene and chloroform - common ingredients in fabric
softeners and dryer sheets - are linked to cancer.

In the Nick of Oil!

$10/gal gasoline by the end of this year

Plan for Coastal Drilling Emerges
WASHINGTON-Citing hurricane damage to the oil and gas industry in
the Gulf of Mexico, key lawmakers are trying to relax a
decades-old federal ban on new drilling off California and the
Atlantic Seaboard and to encourage energy prospecting in the Rocky
Mountains. By Richard Simon and Kenneth R. Weiss.

police state

The Great Owl Invasion
obvious and blatant freemasonic symbols on the dollar bill, what precisely that hidden microscopic owl is doing there.
Neither will we ever be certain whether those plans for the National Mall surrounding the White House, the Washington Monument and the U.S. Capital proposed by the McMillan Commission in the same year that the Bohemian Owl worshipers legally acquired their grove in California, had anything to do with why there appears to be a Giant Owl surrounding the Capitol Building.

Bohemian Grove Special Feature (Owl rituals) Secret Society in Russian River. getting rid of the Bush regime
Kristol Clear - Bill Kristol, PNAC, 9/11 and the Media

FBI says it sometimes taps the wrong phones

Tons of British aid donated to help Hurricane
Katrina victims to be BURNED by Americans
From Ryan Parry, US Correspondent in New York

Jailbreak: Tank smashes Iraqi jail
Arrested soldiers freed after tank raid

Cheap stuff here:

Thanks for your blessings of good intentions for my immediate future. I feel the love with much gratitude.
~~~~My BEST position is to "make" them drop the case via public pressure!~~~~~~~~
Please use your san francisco connections now!
This number gets you thru. Please pass it on widley to sympathetc persons who probably will call d.a.'s office. My sanity depends on this. xxoo, Tracer

As many of you now know I was arrested & handcuffed non-consensually at this Folsom St Leather Faire on sunday Sept 25th for allegedly selling brownies (they have NO witnesses). Supposedly someone got sick & described someone looking like me as their brownie purchasee. But there has been no positive ID done at all. 2 others were arrested on same charge/acusation.

My lawyer?is Jim Hammer, who is the best connected & sane person to deal with type case. Friend, Erich P lent him to me initially, but now I have to pay. We are talking about party/fundraisers if this goes to trial. I really hope they will drop this immediately!
My BEST position is to "make" them drop the case via public pressure!

PLEASE call Kamela Harris's office 415.553.1741 before 10/9 friday 9am*. I need as many calls as possible everyday.
Identify yourself as a San Francisco resident, if you are.
Otherwise, you’re a concerned citizen.
Pass This On! Email everywhere! Thanks!
You are calling about case # 2235854 Tracey Howell.
Mere suggestions:
(If sf resident) Demand, as a voter/citizen of S.F., to know why taxpayer's money is being wasted on this case. This is not the position you expected when you voted for her.
(everyone) You are dissapointed that this would even happen in San Francisco.
Tracey has no previous record whatsoever. As a yoga teacher & community supporter she is a healthy addition to S.F., not a crimminal to be charged & prosecuted.
Drop this case!
* My court date is next Friday october 7th at 9am. Not sure if supporters there would be helpful or not -- but if you're able -- let me know and I will get back to you.

Posted by: Tracer
$5000 reward offered for dog shooters. New Orleans

Are you going to watch a holocost?

New Orleans prisoners left to drown after Katrina

Mon Oct 3 New Moon

Tue Oct 4

# Tue, Oct 4, 2005      11:30 am - 1:30 pm
The CLAER project hosts a Forum on Katrina
The Village 1099 Sunnydale Ave, 3rd floor San Francisco

The CLAER project is hosting a brown bag discussion about Katrina and it's impact on the African American Community. This event will feature Malia Cohen, who is appointed by the Mayor to coordinate Katrina efforts in SF and members of the African American community in the southeast side of the city. Several relocated New Orleans families have also been invited.

The event is free, you are encouraged to bring your lunch
(please note there are no local restaurants nearby, so shop before you come to Visitiacion Valley)

How to get there:
The Village, 1099 Sunnydale ave is near the northwest
corner of Sunnydale and Schwerin.

It takes about an hour by bus or BART/bus from downtown
on transit. Driving is faster, go to google or yahoo maps to find the best route. There is parking for cars, but no safe place to put a bike :(.

Geneva BART- take the 15 Bus going east towards the Bay
(not to City College) and get off at Visitacion and Schwerin, walk
one block south to Sunnydale Ave at Schwerin.

Muni Bus 9 to Sunnydale and Schwerin. You can get this
bus downtown, or in the Mission.
For more information contact:
Susan King : funking at mindspring dot com

# YOUR OWN HEALTH AND FITNESS Layna Berman tues 1-2pm
EXPLORA- TION Michio Kaku Tues 2-3pm 94.1

# Animal Law - Attorney Counseling Evening
Tuesday, October 4 6:00-8:00 pm
Location: Contra Costa County Bar Assoc
704 Main Street, Martinez

Get your legal questions answered simply, quickly, and at no charge!
Attorneys will either deliver a short presentation with a Q & A
session at the end of the event. The clinic is administered on a first
come, first serve basis. Please be sure to arrive early. If you have
questions about the clinic, contact Christine Morrissey at (925)
370-2548 or cmorrissey [at]

To subscribe to Bay Area Animal Rights Network please send blank email to:
baarn-subscribe [at]

# Tue, Oct 4 7pm Eyewitness New Orleans with Malik Rahim & Others
Women's Building 3543 18th St (btwn Valencia and Guerrero)

# WholeBody Wisdom EVENINGS at:
1074 Folsom Street @ 7th St, SF
(HELD EACH TUESDAY in SF from 7:45pm-10:00pm
All of these community events are for both Men & Women)
* Sept. 27: Erotic Redirection
* Oct. 4: Control & Surrender
* Oct. 11: WholeBodied Communication
* Oct. 18: Loving Your Shadow
* Oct. 25: WholeBodied Rejuvenation
* Nov. 1: Embracing the Feminine Storm
* Nov. 8: Storming the Masculine
* Nov. 15: Emotional Intimacy
For complete details and early registration discounts go to:

Wed Oct 5

Wed Oct 5
email me or tribe me for details
I have oh so much stuff. see and look at 10.5 for description of items.
Please only show up at 10am-2pm. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT

# Wed Oct 5 First Wednesday FREE day @ 3601 Lyon @ Lombard

# Wed, Oct 5, 2005      11:30 am
First Ever San Francisco "March Backwards"
Wells Fargo global headquarters
Montgomery and California Streets, San Francisco
San Francisco

Join the First Ever San Francisco "MARCH BACKWARDS" with Wells Fargo...
the most environmentally and socially regressive bank in America!

Join the Bay Area progressive social justice and green community for a fun and festive "backwards march" at Wells Fargo's headquarters to draw attention to the company's regressive investment policies. Wells Fargo is the largest U.S. bank to operate with no social or environmental guidelines, and finances some of the most destructive oil and gas drilling, mountaintop removal coal mining, and dirty, polluting power plants in America. What's more, Wells Fargo profits from predatory lending in low income communities and communities of color, and exploits immigrant communities by charging exorbitant fees to wire money home to their families.

Wells Fargo is proud of its "Wild West" stage coaches and Gold Rush iconography, but it takes the metaphor too far. Instead of financing archaic, destructive projects best suited for the 1800's, Wells Fargo should be making clean, sustainable, socially just investments for the 21st century. It's time for Wells Fargo to get on the wagon and stop funding destruction! With your help, we will make it clear that the Bay Area's leading bank cannot keep living in the past.
For more information contact:
Dan Firger 415-398-4404 dan at ran dot org

# Wed, Oct 5, 2005      12:00 pm
Rally at UC Berkeley for Sweatfree Uniforms
Upper Sproul Plaza (UC Berkeley campus)

# Cat tour of Italy-historical places visited as well as cat shelters
Wednesday, October 5, 2005 - Monday, October 17, 2005 2:00 PM

# Welcome Cindy Sheehan Home With Love Wed Oct 5 7:00 pm
Grand Lake Theater 3200 Grand Avenue, Oakland
with Speakers and Music
Join us and show your appreciation for Cindy!
Cindy Sheehan will speak along with
Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Code Pink & Global Exchange,
local representatives from
Gold Star Families for Peace,
the Iraqi American community,
Veterans for Peace, Iraq Veterans Against the War
and more $20 suggested donation.
Benefits Cindy's organization Gold Star Families for Peace, Code Pink and Global Exchange.
For advance tickets call 415-255-7296 ext. 253

# Wed Oct 5, 7 p.m. Marin's Green Party County Council
Monthly meeting
Come meet and greet your local GREEN PARTY representatives, and consider joining with us as we move the GREEN agenda forward in Marin.
This Month's Topics
Elections, Campaigns & Endorsements (time to get busy)
Pesticides in San Rafael
Pick A Working Committee
Growing Marin Greens
Instant Runoff Voting/Is It Right For Marin
Local, State and National issues and actions.
Meeting location:
College of Marin - Kentfield
Student Services Building
Cafeteria (look for the positive people)
Parking: Most lots have a parking fee, so either pay the price, or park in the street or the free lot down by the PE complex (across from Woodlands Market). Directions and maps:
Please pass this announcement on to your friends and sister GREENS...All GREENS, allies and people of good will are welcome, see you there!

# Experience Clarity Breathwork Wed, Oct 5 7-9pm FREE!
RSVP: 510-654-7386
Place:ChangeMakers 6536 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

# Bicurious workshop, San Fran
Wed Oct 5 8:00 PM
Good Vibrations 2504 San Pableo Ave (at Dwight Way)
Berkeley, CA 94702 (510) 841-8987 call to reserve
Get the lowdown on where to meet girls, overcoming your hesitations and fears, the basics of girl-girl sex and how all that fun can improve the rest of your sex life from Jen Sincero, the bestselling author of The Straight Girl's Guide To Sleeping With Chicks. If you're a woman who's thought about having
sex with another girl, come find out how to make it as hot and empowering as you've imagined.
women only $25 bring pen and paper
I'm also teaching a class on how to please a woman for both men and women the next night for the Learning Annex. Not sure of the location yet but if you're interested, please check the Events & Classes page of my website.

# Wed Oct 5 Through Mon Oct 10 Santa Cruz
The Y2K5 International Live Looping Festival will be occur from October 5th through October 10th with over 40 artists performing from 6 countries in 5 performances in 3 cities. More at

Thur Oct 6

# Thu Oct 6 HERBAL HIGHWAY Karyn Sanders every Thu 1-2pm
VISIONARY ACTIVIST Caroline Casey 2-3pm 94.1 fm Berkeley

# Thur Oct 6 first Thursdays FREE @ 49 Geary 5:30-7:30pm
20 Galleries on 4 floors Fun Party! Check it out!

# This Delicate Monster- MICHELLE HANDELMAN at Rx Gallery
Thu Oct 6 6PM Rx Gallery 132 Eddy Street (at Mason)
San Francsico, CA 94102 view map More Info: (415) 474-7973
New York-based media artist Michelle Handelman makes her first return to the Bay Area in three years for this, her first solo exhibition at Rx. For the exhibition Handelman transforms the gallery with projections, live performers, and photographs from her latest project This Delicate Monster - a place where passion, obsession, fashion and ugliness collide. Performance and opening night sponsored by Trumer Pils and the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

# 16th and Mission Open Mic Thu Oct 6 9:30pm-12:00am FREE!
Every Thursday there is an open "mic." (although there is no actual
mic) All diferent types of people gather, young and old, ritch and
poor. Describing its beauty is difficult, so come witness it for
yourself. 16th and Mission Sidewalk / BART station San Francisco

Fri Oct 7

In addition, two exhibits of photos taken at Burning Man are coming up:
John Brennan Portraits
John has shot 10 years at Burning Man at the Free Photography Zone
SF Black & White Gallery
619 Post Street
SF CA 94109
Opening reception Oct. 7, 6-10 pm
Box People at Burning Man by Bill Tonnesen and John Romero Chiaroscuro Contemporary Art 7160 Main Street Scottsdale, Arizona 85251 Opening Reception, Thursday, October 13, 2005, 7:00 to 9:00 P.M.
Free with RSVPs to 480-968-7895

# Vanilla Sex, 2005 Frid ct 7 8-11pm Free

Friday, October 7 - Opening of "Vanilla Sex, 2005", a show of 50
romantic images of explicit sex that challenge the banality of
pornography, by noted local photographer Michael Rosen. - The Center
For Sex And Culture, 398 11th Street at Harrison - 8PM to 11PM -
Free. Light refreshments, raunchy readings and erotic performances!

Center For Sex And Culture 398 11th Street at Harrison
San Francisco 415-255-1155 http:

# National Strategy Conference Refusing to Pay for War
October 7-9th, 2005. Brooklyn (NY)
Northern California War Tax Resistance

# October 7 - 9 Berkeley Juggling & Unicycle Festival
King Middle School, 1781 Rose St. Berkeley, CA
Not just for jugglers or unicyclists!!! Hula Hoopers, Poi, Staff,
We would love to have some hoopers come out. There will be poi, diablo,
and hopefully a wide variety of other fun activities!
We would also love to have a hooping workshop and/or performer for our
variety show on Saturday night.

Festival Hours

• Friday Open Juggling: 5pm to 9:30pm

• Saturday Open Juggling: 10am to 9:30pm

• Saturday Public Show: 7:30pm

• Sunday Open Juggling: 10am to 4pm

• Sunday Juggle-Games: early afternoon-ish

Public Show 1781 Rose St, Berkeley, CA
7:30pm Sat Oct 8th $12

# in the street 2005

in the street is celebrating it's 11th year in san francisco this october.
the street festival is always a cross-discplinary experience of performers,
artists and muscians. in the street is afree-to-the-public event, donation
sponsored, and vendorless. world-class international, national and local
performers have been part of ITS over the years.
it is held in the tenderloin, on the 500 block of ellis street between leavenworth
and hyde. the performance space includes the physical space of ellis street,
cohen alley, which is attached to the luggage store annex (509 ellis street), and
also the tenderloin children's center playground space.

the luggage store produces ITS

ITS 2005 logo by stella lai

t-shirts are donated by RVCV


Trust Your Struggle Artist Collective :
Guided Masses5
Naked Soul Alliance
Dustin Fosnot : Satellite Installation
Therm Fire Sculptures :
ABADA-Capoeira San Francisco :
La Malinche / Flamenco Performance
Los Suenos Del Fuego :
Extra-Action Marching Band :

Joanna Haigood / Zaccho Dance Company :
Villa Villa Cola :
Ultra Gypsy :
SF Circus School :
Shinichi Dance Project :
Big Burlesque - The Original Fat-Bottom Revue :
The Big Tadoo Puppet Crew
Merchants of the New Bizarre
Harupin Ha :
Who's Rhyme is it Anyways?
Tussle :
Sisters Of The Underground / Extra Credit Crew :
Ledoh with Kitundu (improv performance) :
Michele Tea / Radar in the Streets (spoken word stage)
Amara Tabor-Smith and Christal Brown :
SF Rec & Park Youth Performers : Mike and Mike / Jazzy Girls
Broun Fellinis : (last performance of the day)
Albert Reyes / Spit Painting :
Sixth Street Photography Workshop Portrait Series (8x10 polaroid) :
Go Club :
Madame Ovary
Nicholas Mohanna : Book Project
Soonyana The Snake Dancer
Lindy Hop Dancers and On-The-Spot Classes :
Reconstruction Project :
designers : estar / miranda caroligne / miss velvet cream / tinc / letty huerta / mikas mogo / isabelle le /
velvet valentine / two milliion hearts / upcycling by lucid dawn / molly keogh / cheryl andrews
Kitundu Installation :
Cobb House by Julia Glanville
GreenLab : Philip Russ : Marina McDougall
Miriam Stalh
Living Wall Installtion by Tesselation :
Sake 1 :
Pele : Modest Mark : Intangible : Tap 10 : Wasabiuno : Politik
Borish : Scott La Rock : Tres : Erin Yoshioka : Ariel Shepard :
Cory Shaw : Cece Carpio : Darren Villegas : Damon Butle

see the schedule on the website....

To view this listing, click here:

Sat Oct 8

# Craigslist Foundation Nonprofit Boot Camp Sat Oct 8 9:00 AM
On October 8, Craigslist Foundation will host its second annual Nonprofit Boot Camp at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. Boot Camp was created to enable nonprofit leaders to develop the skills and relationships necessary to start and run nonprofit organizations. Over the course of the day, civic and community leaders, including: San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, former Mayor Willie Brown, Glide Memorial’s Reverend Cecil Williams and Craigslist Founder Craig Newmark, will join participants for a series of seminars, exhibitions and receptions.

# Sat Oct 8, 11 a.m Human-Powered Parade and Biketoberfest
A celebration of petroleum-free possibilities …so
Come on people throughout the land
get yer butts out yer vehicles and take a stand
Come ‘n join the Human Powered Parade and listen to a band
(Even Bush wants you to stop using so much gas)
Fair-Anselm Plaza Fairfax
Bike decorating clinic begins at 10 a.m.
Could this be the beginning of a critical mass in Marin?
Better come find out…

# RESCHEDULED: Downhill Thrill: Slip N' Slide in Alamo Sq park -- Sat Oct 8th
We got fogged-out on the 1st attempt, but the forecast for next weekend is 70 & Sunny, so game on!:
Come join us for the 2nd annual Downhill Thrill!
Super-Sized Slip N' Slide for all you young-at-heart folks.
This year's track features dual 50ft long lanes in a "V" shaped design, for easy racing.
Suitable sliding costumes highly encouraged.
Judges will be on hand--points will definately be awarded on style.
The Mobile Mirage will be serving 'special' refreshments.
Spingerella will be on hand to outfit & entertain the curious with her Funktionally Fabulous attire.
Music? But of course.
When: High Noon - Sat, Oct 8th Where: Alamo Square
Hayes / Steiner / Fulton / Scott To view this listing, click here:

# GE Free Dance Party and Rally 2005-10-08 5:30 PM

A dance party and campaign rally to benefit the GE Free Sonoma initiative campaign will rock the Sebastopol Community Center on Saturday, October 8. Organizers promise an evening of music, knowledge and community empowerment.

Doors open at 5:30 p.m. for an evening of music, laughs and noted speakers. Admission is $15, and only $10 for those who join the list of volunteers assisting with the GE Free campaign. All proceeds go to the campaign.

Performers are donating their energy and their time. The musical lineup includes Sol Horizon, Carnaval Spirit, DJ Dragonfly, and Patric Optimystic Music, with a special appearance by Swami Beyondananda.

Samplings of gourmet food and coffee will fill the tables of the main hall, along with a beer and wine bar. Knowledge about Genetically Modified food and the GE Free Initiative will also be there in abundance. Speakers will include Larry Robinson, Mayor of Sebastopol; Patricia Dines, activist and author of The Organic Guide book series; and Betty Biodiesel. The startling documentary The Future of Food will show several times during the day.

The GE Free initiative, when passed, will set in place a 10-year moratorium on Genetically modified food crops. At this event, issues of crop contamination, seed integrity, health and the corporate control of food will be discussed.

This is a dance party with a purpose, and it is sponsored by Harmony Festival, Green Mary, North Bay EcoFest, Daily Acts, and Archer Audio.

Sebastopol Community Center is located at 390 Morris St
101 North to Santa Rosa, West on 12 to Sebastopol.
North on Morris (1st Light as you enter Sebastapol.
For more information or to make a donation, visit or call (707) 823-4410. To volunteer for the campaign, email mary [at] or call Mary at (707) 548-7582.

# Party for a great cause! You are invited to a benefit for
People's Grocery at Mariposa Grove Saturday, October 8th
4pm – 12am 828 59th Street, Oakland Admission $2-20
Let us tempt your senses
and entertain your spirit...
Food & Drink ($)
Children's Activities 4-8pm
Live Performances including:
Music, Fire, Theater, Dance...
Live & Silent Auction ($)
People's Grocery is a community-based organization working to find creative solutions to the food needs of the residents of West Oakland by building a local food system and local economy.
Loaded with fresh produce, staple goods, and healthy snacks, the People's Grocery Mobile Market is a truck converted into a grocery store on wheels that travels through West Oakland selling food. People's Grocery staff, volunteers and school groups maintain urban gardens. Food produced at these gardens is harvested for sale on the Mobile Market and is also foraged by neighbors and school children.
Mariposa Grove is an arts- and activism-based affordable co-housing community.
For more information about the benefit party, please email: fire at healthyarts dot com

# in addition to Decompression, all bay area hoopers are also invited
to my birthday hooping picnic @ oakland's woodminster ampitheatre
park/garden next saturday, 10/8 from ~4:00-sunset. please email me
if you have Qs or need more info! it's a gorgeous location with
waterfalls and fountains, perfect for hooping, picnicing, and sunset watching.

# Sat Oct 8 5pm
This message is being sent to you from Goa Gil's birthday party on October 8th, in northern California.

"to have as good a time as we are having right now, @dawn, your presence is required and requested."

I have gathered some other messages as well from people here at the party to send back to their past selves.

Bring sunscreen and shade for campsite. . .all nite rumours of snake and dog castrating monsters, so try not to bring them. remember to bring the portable kiddie pool from the backyard. carpool and spaceship pool

Info line # 415-820-9652

the small print . . .more info on pre-sale tickets available through paypal soon.  directions avaible on Friday.  Gates open at 5pm on Saturday October 8th, you are welcome to set up camp and stay until Monday afternoon. You will not be able to camp at your car, but the parking lot will be nearby.  Management is not responsible to any damages done to shoes, or socks, or sandals.  all animals are required to have a ticket for entry to the party.  Please, no ferrets or dogs. You are encouraged to bring drinking water and food. you are encouraged to carpool to maximize our communities resources.  please be mindful of your waste, and bring your trash with you.   7 portal potties will be provided.  is where you will find a tribe dedicated to carpools.  

more info for the party @

# Sat Oct. 8 @ 7 p.m San Quentin Families Project Benefit Larkspur Café Theatre
500 Magnolia Ave, Larkspur 415.924.6107,
Van Jones will be giving a keynote talk about over-incarceration in California’s billion dollar prison industry, and the over-incarceration of marginalized peoples. The evening will have Suzi Jestadt and Liza Klein highlighting the project and others directly or indirectly tied to San Quentin speaking on their experiences. We invite you to come join us for a heartfelt and worthwhile evening to benefit the San Quentin Families Project.
The San Quentin Families Project was started by Suzi Jestadt after her transformative experience helping to facilitate a “positive attitude” support group with life inmates at San Quentin Prison. The desire exhibited by the men in this group to be positive and constructive in their prison lives, is enveloped by enough grace and beauty to be shared with each living person outside prison walls. Suzi went to Liza Klein, pastor of the First United Methodist Church, for support and input on a project to somehow help prisoners, and together they created the San Quentin Families Project.
The project is working to start relationships with these and other men of the prison community, in assisting them to be connected with their children while incarcerated. It hopes to develop, cultivate, and sustain relationships by helping to coordinate physical visits, funding materials for contact, and encouraging the men to be active parents in their children lives.
Food, Drink, Organic ice cream and Live music from Baslao, Shree Dove, and Joanne Lawson will be served.
Hosted by Suzi Jestadt $15-$25 Tickets available at:
Bedrock Music 415.258.9745
First United Methodist Church of San Rafael 415.453.8716
and will be available at the door on the evening of the event.
No one turned away for lack of funds.
For more detailed information and/or questions call Suzi @ 415.485.0676 \

# Peak Oil 10/08/05 8:30pm $5

Subtitled "Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the American Dream",
this intellectually ambitious archival-footage essay offers a
comprehensive forecast of the bleak future predicted by the Peak Oil
hypothesis. With diminishing petroleum supplies, Post-War plans for
sprawling communities linked to the cities by car-coursed freeways
can now be more clearly seen as logical cul-de-sacs. This thoroughly
researched Canadian doc enriches the argument through interviews,
industrial footage, and a well-chosen dose of irony. Opening the
program is Heather Roger's "The Hidden Life of Garbage" (soon to be
published in book form),
a bracing 20-min. inquiry into the forgotten fate of Everyman's
trash. Bicyclists get free popcorn!

A.T.A. Gallery
992 Valencia St
San Francisco

992 Valencia Street at 21st Street in Mission district

othercine [at]


Sun Oct 9

# Sun Oct 9 decompression 650 Indiana @ Mariposa, Block Party.

Sun Oct 9 NOON Indiana St Between Mariposa and 21st
Main Entrance: 19th and Minnesota: SE of 280 / Mariposa

# Burning Man Presents: The SF Decompression Heat The Street FaIRE!
SUNDAY, October 9th,
STARTS AT NOON - SHARP!!! (Hint: Be sure to come early this year! Great art and performances early and only those who come early will get passes to enter Cocomo after 9:30pm!)
on INDIANA STREET (bet. Mariposa and 21st in SF)

Main Entrance: 19th and Minnesota - Shine or Rain
$10 in Black Rock City attire; $20 street wear
All ages outdoors (kids under 12 free); 21+ inside Cocomo
Esprit Park closes and outdoor sound ends 10pm (Please no drumming either!)
Cocomo closes 1:30am
PLEASE take public transit/carpool/bike or park on 3rd St. or SBC Park;
Respect the neighbors; don't litter or park in driveways.
LEAVE NO TRACE! and leave surrounding blocks QUIETLY end of night.
21+ to drink with I.D.

Welcome back! This is your invitation to decompress with playa artists, theme camps and performers from the Conscious, Subconscious and the Unconscious at our 6th Anniversary Heat The Street F(a)IRE!

Join us AT NOON SHARP! for a full day of MIND-boggling art and art cars; interactive theme camps; a full range of live music, cabaret, circus, puppetry, dance, DJs, and theatrical performances; processions; and other Burning Man 2005 PSYCHE theme art. The festivities will be spread over four blocks, an art park, 3 stages, an indoor club with patio and multimedia wall of new Burning Man imagery! Bring interactive games and food for a BYO picnic in the park. Bring your art, theme camp and Burning Man videos/imagery. Express yourself and dress your playa best! We will be creating "Black Top City" with all manner of PSYCHE pARTicipation, including and especially YOU!

Invitation graphic and details here:

# The San Francisco Tesla Society Presents a free lecture

"September Surprise, October Surprise:
Everything You Think You Know About 9/11 Is Wrong --

featuring Barbara Honegger

Sunday, October 9, 2001 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.
at Round Table Pizza
Banquet Room on 2nd Floor
5160 Geary Blvd. (at 16th Ave.)
San Francisco, California

Barbara Honegger is a senior military affairs journalist and
founding member of the International 9/11 Truth Alliance.
Her talk will compliment Jim Hoffman's September
presentation and feature a scientific investigation / data
analysis of the 9/11 Pentagon attacks. Honegger was the
first to expose the meaning and central importance of the
multiple-hijack-scenario anti-terror emergency response
exercises and wargames being conducted by the Bush
Administration on Sept. 11th. Her 9/11 contributions are
prominently credited and featured in "Crossing the Rubicon"
by Michael Ruppert and "Inside Job" by Jim Marrs.

Ms. Honegger served as a White House Policy Analyst in the
1980's and was the first public resignation of conscience
from the Reagan-Bush Administration. She is the author of
"October Surprise", the first book to document the secret
deal between the 1980 Reagan-Bush Campaign and the radical
Islamist Khomeini regime to delay the release of the U.S.
hostages in Iran until after the 1981 presidential
inauguration of Ronald Reagan. Exposure of the "October
Surprise" ignited a major Congressional investigation.

Ms. Honegger earned the first accredited U.S. graduate
degree in Consciousness Studies/Experimental Parapsychology,
from John F. Kennedy University (1981). She holds a B.A.
in Communications/Honors Writing from Stanford University
(1969), with expertise in the neuropsychology of human
and nonhuman primate communication.

Citizenship or Deportation

Several SF Tesla Society officers joined other supporters of
Houmanesh at a Federal Immigration Court Hearing in San
Francisco in August.
The Judge postponed his final decision so that additional
evidence regarding
Mo's case can be prepared and presented next year at another
hearing in
January 2006. We hope that at that time, justice will be
served and Mohsen
Hourmanesh will finally be granted his well earned U.S.

San Francisco Tesla Society has been providing free
science oriented
lectures to the public for over 12 years. For more
information, call our
hotline anytime at (415) 820-1451 or visit us online at and

# Sun 10/9: Sex Ed Students' Salon! No charge, donations welcome. Come join other students in local sex ed programs, or if you are specializing in sex-related topics within other programs -- or if you're just thinking about going back to school! 
7:00 pm at CSC, 398 11th in SF.

Mon Oct 10

# Mon 10/10: Book launch/reading for With A Rough Tongue: Femmes Write Porn!
7:00 pm at CSC, 398 11th.

# Mon Oct 10 7-9 pm FREE! - Create a Home That Inspires You
One Taste: An Urban Retreat Center 1074 Folsom Street, San Francisco

Imagine living in a home that makes your heart sing every time you walk through the door.

What would your life be like if your personal spaces supported and inspired you in every area of your life?

Come spend a fun evening, full of useful exercises and intriguing conversation!
- Explore your own sense of style
- Understand how you can work with your home so that it empowers and energizes you
- Identify some immediate changes to make so your home is more beautiful and more “you”
- Get energized and supported to make those changes

This event is FREE. To reserve your spot please send an email to register at InsideOutDesignCoaching dot com with your full name and phone number (be sure to mention which event you're RSVP-ing for) or call One Taste at 415-503-1100.

Tues Oct 11

# YOUR OWN HEALTH AND FITNESS Layna Berman every tues 1-2pm
EXPLORA- TION Michio Kaku every Tues 2-3pm 94.1

# Tues. Oct 11, 7p.m. In the Great American Tradition
A Town Hall Meeting Terra Linda What are your views?:
*The War on Iraq and its impact
*The economy and the budget crunch
*Other state and national issues…
Christ Presbyterian Church
Fritas and Del Ganado, Terra Linda
Sponsored by the Santa Margarita Neighborhood Association (SMNA)
Call Art Duffy 472.2400 or Cliff Meneken 499.1804

Wed Oct 12

# BAY NATIVE CIRCLE every Tue -2 pm 94.1 fm
GUNS & BUTTER the economics of politics every Tue 2-3 pm

# Astral Travel and Dreams: A Free 9-Week Course
Explore the world of dreams, lucid dreaming, dream symbols, astral projection, OBEs, the astral plane and learn techniques for relaxation, concentration, visualization, dream recall and awareness in this practical course.
- Understand your dreams and why you have them.
- Find out what the Astral plane is.
- Learn how to Astral project and have out-of-the-body experiences.
- Experience lucid dreaming.
- Navigate your way around the Astral plane once you get there.
- Learn how to protect yourself from negative influences while traveling.
- Discover the workings of the subconscious mind.
- Explore a whole new avenue of life.
- Includes a reference dream guide to interpret the meaning of dreams.
10/12/2005, 7:30pm-8:30pm Berkeley, CA 94704
(First week the class meets on Wednesday 10/12, then from week two till the end of the course the class meets on Mondays 7:30-8:30pm)
For info & bookings call: 510-652-1583 or email: bayarea at
Courses are also offered online at:
Other courses offered at Gnosticweb:
Searching Within
Journey to Enlightenment
Advanced Investigation

Thu Oct 13

# HERBAL HIGHWAY Karyn Sanders every Thu 1-2pm
VISIONARY ACTIVIST Caroline Casey 2-3 pm 94.1 fm Berkeley

# OCTOBER 14 - 16, 2OO5 16th Annual
Take part in this fertile network, rich with inspiring ideas, models, tools, and resources — and powerful connections. Join us in improving the environment by changing the world !

# A Handful of Dust A Full-Evening Performance By XENO
Frid & Sat October 14 & 15 / 21 / 28 & 29 (no show Oct. 22 / see below)
November 4 & 5 / 11 & 12 / 18 & 19 Doors 8:30 PM Show 9 PM

Dance, music, strange characters, circus arts, humor and dreamy visuals combine to convey the experiences of a newly formed soul bound for the material world. The 7 performers of Xeno draw on the force of their nine years together to bring you a poetic look at a spirit's basic training.

Admission: $15 - $20 sliding scale requested at the door.
Reservations strongly suggested.
Call and ask about our V.I.P. Packages.

Call (415) 285-XENO (9366) for more info or to reserve seats.
Xenodrome 1320 Potrero Ave @ 25th Street & Cesar Chavez)
San Francisco, CA 94110
******************************** *********************
Saturday, October 22, 2005 Cow Palace San Francisco, CA
Xeno performs at the 26th Annual Exotic Erotic Ball?

Sat Oct 15

# GI Rights Hotline Training October 15
A crucial element to slowing the military machine is helping individual GIs get out of the military!  As CCCO has done since 1948, we are supporting individuals in their resistance and opposition to war.  In particular, we are standing with a group of people —GI’s whose questioning and resistance are increasing and becoming better known

The GI Rights hotline is staffed by a network of organizations throughout the United States and in Germany.  In 2004 we received 32,000 calls from people who needed help obtaining discharge from the military.  Increasingly, people are also using email to contact us and we sent about 3,000 emails in response to email queries.  

The hotline provides accurate, comprehensive, and objective information on draft registration, military discharges, civil rights in the military, and involuntary activation and deployment of military personnel.  The work we do and the information we disseminate are known to enlisted people in numbers far greater then the thousands with whom we communicate personally.

We are seeking additional military counselors to volunteer on the Hotline.  Tasks include answering live phone calls, returning phone messages, responding to email inquiries, and making referrals to relevant organizations and individuals.  Volunteers make an initial one- year commitment of at least 2 hours of service per week.

CCCO will be holding a GI Rights volunteer training on
Saturday, October 15, 2005 9am – 5pm
405 14th St., Suite #205 Oakland, CA
Pr-registration required by September 26
For more information or to register for the training, call
510-465-1617 or 888-231-2226
Or email steve [at]
The training will provide an overview of all the discharges, AWOL practices and regulations, and  legal and ethical issues in hotline counseling.

# Saturday, 10/15, offsite: Carol hosts Litcrawl's erotic reading at Good Vibrations (17th and Valencia location), 5 pm, no charge.
And she keynotes OneTaste's women's conference!

# Sat Oct 15 8:30 PM YOGA TAI CHI presents : autumn ball
malakai, ben chun, mycho, moondoggy and more at
ah yes!
the fog has rolled away. people are waking up from the burn of their summer, ready to hunker down into their passions and projects, maybe even heading north for a harvest. the wind smells its freshest in san francisco!

it must be time to strech out, ground out, connect with the heavens and the earth and dance all night to welcome in this fine season with the yoga tai chi collective at our beloved cellspace!

yoga tai chi collective invites you to an enchanted evening in celebration of the change of the season.

this cycle through we have the special presence on diana depineres leading us through yoga poses to bring in the night starting at 9:00.

at 10:00 our own patrick king leads us in the cycle of empty through full with his knowledge and sharing of tai chi.

at 11:00 the beat kick in! i (mycho cocoa) am honored to kick in the beats at cellspace and do promise to do it gently, deep, organically and funkily.

sf breakbeat hero ben chun of the false profits will take it from there, showing what the ceo of breaks can bring to the dance floor.

a very special apearance by the mysterious and amazing malakai of aspara will bring the evening to a high yet grindingly gorgeous vibration with some original cuts as well as some favorite floor fillers.

then our own moondoggy (awooooo!) takes us towards sunrise with his howlingly delicious blend of 2-step garage breaks and true feeling of the yoga tai chi vibe, we will be in good hands, haha... paws!

the music will be made possible by awakening productions sound.
dr. who, our special guest from japan will take care of your eye sockets with his sf premiere of visual projected wizardy.

and your tastebuds and tummy will be pleasured and nurtured by the organic vegetarian food of the convergence kitchen. did someone say young cocoa???

delicious!!! it all goes down saturday october 15th at cellspace!
2050 bryant street at 18th.

and... partial proceeds go to benefit the ella baker center and their hurricane relief efforts! ( )

doors open at 8:30
we'll be so happy to see you there!

The Los Angeles Burning Man Decompression Street Faire is upon us!
Mark your calendars SATURDAY OCTOBER 15TH
12:00 noon until 12:00 midnight
$10. w/ Playa Wear or Playa Dust
$15. without
This is the 3rd annual L.A. Decom, taking place at the same location as the last two fabulous Decoms, in downtown L.A. in the Artists District. Three city blocks of Playa Pavement all to ourselves (and anyone else who might want a taste of what we're about)!
The main gate will be located in front of Little Pedro's Blue Bongo Cafe, which is located at:
901 E. 1st Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012-4007
The event continues down the block from there to Santa Fe Street, then one block to the left to Banning Street as well as one long block to the right under the bridge down to 2nd Street. That's a lot of street space to participate in the ways we like to. Here's a map (the star marks the entrance gate):

# Sat. Oct. 15th : DEF Presents Fuzzy Logic

Sun Oct 16

# Sun Oct 16 Pacific Sound presents the final Sunset Party + hula hoops!
of the season as we head north to Stafford Lake in Novato for an
afternoon with djs Solar, J-Bird, & Galen + special guests. Northern
Marin County can still get quite warm this time of year too. Bring a
blanket, a sack lunch, etc. The music starts at noon and goes til 8pm
with our standard predominate hoop time from 2-5. Parking is $8 a
vehicle for the day and the event itself is totally free! Let's
carpool cause gas is expensive and we'll save on parking too. I have
room in my car for up to 4 more leaving from San Francisco. Was it
last year we tied all the hoops to the roof of my car for this event?
Pacific Sound:
Stafford Lake:

To subscribe to the Bay Area Hoopers list, send an email to:
    bah [at]

# Sunday, 10/16: A legal seminar especially for sex workers and sex entertainment professionals with Katya Komisaruk, author of Beat the Heat!. More detail next newsletter, or email us for an invitation if you're a sex worker.

Mon Oct 17 Full Moon

# Third Friday's Art Reception Fri Oct 21 5-8pm FREE door closes 7:30 pm
Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi Hosts Art Opening of Tim Gaskin'sWork

"My work is a statement on how artists and advertising brands become

On Friday, October 21, 2005, Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi hosts the
monthly Third Friday's Art Reception in his City Hall office, Room
282. This month's featured artist is Tim Gaskin.

Tim Gaskin is a third-generation San Franciscan, pop artist, and
television and print journalist. He has been influenced by left-coast
politics, the sexual revolution, television, magazines, fashion, the
HIV/AIDS pandemic, local art, and dance music. Gaskin uses his art to
transform and enhance the environment of others. His work has been
called "inspired pop art, each seeking the balance of nature and flow
of energy with just the right mix." His Superstar Collection includes
strikingly vibrant Warhol-esque portraits of contemporary pop-culture
icons. Gaskin is also the producer and host of Comcast's first LGBT
show OUT Spoken.

City Hall, Room 282 1 Carlton B Goodlett Place SF Polk @ Grove

Tues Oct 18

# YOUR OWN HEALTH AND FITNESS Layna Berman every tues 1-2pm
EXPLORA- TION Michio Kaku every Tues 2-3pm 94.1

Wed Oct 19

# BAY NATIVE CIRCLE every Tue -2 pm 94.1 fm
GUNS & BUTTER the economics of politics every Tue 2-3 pm

Thu Oct 20

# HERBAL HIGHWAY Karyn Sanders every Thu 1-2pm
VISIONARY ACTIVIST Caroline Casey 94.1 fm Berkeley

# Film x 2 Night Thu Oct 20 7pm & 9pm FREE.

From French director Henri-Georges Clouzot. Capturing the moment and
the mystery of creativity, for this film, Picasso created 20
artworks, ranging from playful black-and-white sketches to widescreen
color paintings. Using inks that bled through the paper, Picasso
rapidly created fanciful drawings that Clouzot was able to film from
the reverse side, capturing their creation in real time. This month
commemorates Picasso's 124th birthday.

Fela Anikulapo Kuti (1938-1997) was a Nigerian colossus, a prolific
singer-composer who played keyboards, trumpet and saxophone. Fela hit
upon what he called Afro-beat, a seductive, explosive groove wherein
highlife and Yoruba folklore were fused with American jazz, R&B and
funk. This new sound, charged with searing anti-colonial lyrics,
became the vehicle for political dissent. Fela was repeatedly
harassed and jailed due to his political views. By the time of his
death from an AIDS-related illness, he had transformed African music
for all time. This film overflows with fervent live performances,
frank interviews and exudes genuine Lagos street credo circa 1982.

Red Poppy Art House 2698 Folsom @ 23rd SF

# Fri, Oct 21, 2005      7:00 pm
Stand Up and Be Counted: No to War and Occupation: The George Galloway US Tour
Mission High School 3750 18th St @ Dolores)

# Art at the Dump with Sirron Norris and Nomi Talisman
Fri Oct 21 5pm-9pm and Sat Oct 22 1pm-5pm free
SF R&D Artist in Residence Program
503 Tunnel Ave San Francisco 415 330 1415

# Oct 21-23 Spirit of Fairfax!

# Activist Campaign and Training (ACT) for Farmed Animals in Davis!
What: All-day workshop helping participants understand the treatment of farmed
animals and vegetarianism. Topics of discussion will include a summary of
California's factory farms in the meat, dairy and egg industries; local
activism; identifying the regulatory agencies responsible for overseeing
factory farms; getting politically involved; participating in campaigns;
examining the welfare concerns of the most common farmed animals in
California; and much more.

Who: ACT workshop speakers include: Teri Barnato (Association
of Veterinarians for Animal Rights), Gene Bauston (Farm Sanctuary),
Jack Norris (Vegan Outreach), lauren Ornelas (Viva!USA) and Kim
Sturla (Animal Place).

Intended for everyone, seasoned activists and newcomers alike.

When: Saturday, October 22, 2005.
Registration begins at 9:30am and Workshop runs from 10am - 5:30pm.

Where: Davis Branch Library (315 E. 14 Street), Davis, CA

Why: Factory farms are bad news for the animals, the environment and public
health. We are mobilizing a statewide network to make change.

Cost: Free for a full day of speakers, films and discussion.
Pre-registration required. Lunch is not included. Registration
deadline is October 17.

Register at:

The workshop in Berkeley scheduled for the end of the year has
been canceled.

Workshops are coordinated by Animal Place and Viva!USA.
PO Box 4398 Davis, CA 95617 530/759-8482 530/759-8487 fax

To subscribe to Bay Area Animal Rights Network send blank email to:
baarn-subscribe [at]

For events: 
Please see yahoogroups message archives and calendar at

# October 22-23, 2005
Options for Youth in Times of War
University of California, Berkeley
A Conference co-sponsored by the Campus Antiwar Network and Military Out of Our Schools—Bay Area that will bring together:
College Students
Parents & Educators
Community Activists & Organizers
Vets & Military Families
The more the military lies, the more people die .We say enough!
Join us, as we:
Expose Military Recruiters and the lies they tell young people
Learn ways to get Military Recruiters out of our schools & communities
Build and strengthen the Counter-Recruitment movement
Explore non-military education and job alternatives
Get hands-on! Use art to resist injustice and war!
For Info: (510) 268-9006
MOOS-Bay [at]
Workshops and Performances including:
- The Truth Behind Military Recruitment
- College and Job Training Options without the Military
- Campus Activism and Student Rights
- Cultural & Arts Activism
- The Draft and Conscientious Objection
- Options for Resistance to War
- Racism, Sexism and Homophobia in the Military
- First Person stories from Veterans & Military families
- Skills Building: Policy, Media, & Legislation
- Connecting the Dots: Global Militarization, Education Cuts and the Incarceration of Youth
FREE for Youth!
$10-25 donation for adults

# Sunday, October 23rd: Remember all the fun we had last year at Yerba
Buena Gardens? We're going back! Yerba Buena Gardens is approximately
2 blocks from the BART/MUNI Powell and Montgomery Street stations.
Need more direction? Here's a map: A
great hooping location, so come out and hoop it up from 2:00 pm til
5:00 pm. A free event. Food court nearby if you get hungry or thirsty.
To subscribe to the Bay Area Hoopers list, send an email to:
    bah-subscribe [at]

# October 29, Saturday, 10am–4pm
Thinking Critically About Propaganda
Instructor: Marlys Mayfield, author of Thinking for Yourself.
Lecture and Discussion Topics include:
.Why we love propaganda
.Why we believe it affects others, but not us
.How we have come to accept ever-widening U.S. government use of 6propaganda
.How the U.S. public relations industry makes propaganda ubiquitous and acceptable
.How propaganda affects news sources and corrupts democracy.
Historic and current video clips will be shown to illustrate commercial and political propaganda. Recent innovations will be discussed like government-produced, counterfeit "news releases," and a new state department of "public diplomacy" whose purpose is to market America abroad. A bibliography will be provided.
College of Marin, Kentfield Campus, Harlan Center 173
Fee $28 Course #8432 EC Register online at or by Fax at 415 460.0773.
Contact the instructor at marlysruthat comcast dot net

# Sunday, October 30th: And my hoop hosting concludes with taking Bay
Area Hoopers back to the East Bay, this time meeting up at Snow Park,
just a short walk from the 19th St. BART Station, located across the
street from Lakeside Park with sweeping views of Lake Merritt. 2-5
pm. Park info:
To subscribe to the Bay Area Hoopers list, send an email to:
    bah-subscribe [at]

November 2005

# Coop America Green Business Conference Ramada Hotel, SF, Nov. 1-4

# Nov 4,5 Dalai Lama @ Stanford

# Nov. 5-6 Brannan @ 8th St. Concourse Exhibition center.
HUGE ECO SHOWCASE with speakers, workshops, music, food, booths.
NOT TO MISS! This show keeps growing and FILLS the space.
The Green Festival is a two-day party with a serious purpose: to accelerate the emergence of a new economic paradigm that is life-affirming and life-restoring. Together we are cultivating a culture of sustainability and social equity that honors our interdependence with all life. Green Festival unites green businesses, social and environmental groups, visionary thinkers and thousands of community members in a lively exchange of ideas, commerce and movement building fun.

# Nov. 5-6 Peak Oil conferences Sep / Oct / Nov 2005  --  Eugene, Oregon --
NW Bioregional Permaculture Gathering -- September 9 to 11 -- Ohio -- Community Solution conference -- September 23 to 25 - DC 9/24-25, SF 11/5-6 -- Frederick, Maryland -- Rep. Roscoe Bartlett forum -- September 26 -- New York City -- October 5 -- Denver -- Association for the Study of Peak Oil -- November 10-11 

# Surgical Tools & Techniques Sat Nov 12 10am-4pm
Included in the price of admission to the Exploratorium
Forget those medical shows on TV. Get the true scoop on surgical
tools and techniques from members of the Association of Operating
Room Nurses (AORN). (Their fascinating demonstrations will be
performed without the use of real patients.) Try your hand at a
"seedectomy," where you'll have a chance to use keyhole instruments
to remove a seed from a pumpkin. These demonstrations will take place
at the Exploratorium and are free with museum admission.
AORN's mision is to support registered nurses and achieve optimal
outcomes for patients undergoing operative and other invasive
Exploratorium 3601 Lyon St. San Francisco (415) 563-7337

# Nov 12 Laughing Squid 10th Anniv. Party
It's November 12th in SF. Here's the blog post:
Laughing Squid

# Close the SOA! Nov.18-20, 2005 - Converge on Fort Benning, Georgia School of the Americas Watch
Shut Down the School of the Americas Watch

Thur Dec 1 New Moon

Thur Dec 15 Full Moon and Bill of Rights Day

Shame Utah for Assault on Dance Community

Dear reader,

Are you a terrorist?

If you're dancing in Utah, the police might treat you like one.

In the latest escalation of the failed war on drugs, 90 law enforcement officers armed with assault weapons, attack dogs and helicopters raided a peaceful and legal dance party on private land outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. Law-abiding citizens were intimidated and harassed. Some people were beaten. The constitution was trampled.

Please watch these harrowing video clips taken during the raid. or

And then take action.

Make your voice heard.

Take Action Now.

Learn More
Contact the Drug Policy Alliance:

Drug Policy Alliance
70 West 36th Street, 16th Floor
New York, NY 10018

For subscription problems please contact
Jeanette Irwin, Director, Internet Communications
jirwin at drugpolicy dot org | 202.216.0035

In this Alliance Action Network Alert we need you to:

To view other actions, see actions you've completed, or edit your profile please visit the Alliance Personal Action Center | Take Action | Donate | Privacy Policy

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Please visit to unsubscribe from all lists. Visit to learn about other lists you can subscribe to.

For problems, please contact Jeanette Irwin at jirwin at drugpolicy dot org

Please consider joining the Drug Policy Alliance:

We are 100% volunteer and depend on your participation to sustain our efforts!


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