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Anti-G8 West Coast Action: Witness Info
by Mary M.
Sunday Jul 10th, 2005 11:41 PM
Information for witnesses to events of July 8 actions.
Breaking News! A consensus-based collective to support all people with legal consequences from the anti-G8 protests on 7/8/05 has formed. This autonomous group is creating a depository of witness information only to be shared with defense counsel. We encourage folks who have any eye-witness accounts of the arrests or events leading up to them to call the NLG hotline at 415.285.1011. Only names and contact information will be recorded at this time...statements will not be taken!

We also suggest that folks check in with the NLG before posting any further photos / videos from the event...especially those where faces are visible. Folks are dealing with some serious felony charges at this point...let's be smart about our choices!

In solidarity,
A Member of the Defense Support Collective