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LEGAL UPDATE for June 8, 2005 G-8 Demonstration
by National Lawyer's Guild Demonstrations Cmte
Saturday Jul 9th, 2005 2:39 PM
Legal Support Update - 5 arrested, 2 still in custody. Support meeting tomorrow.
There are five confirmed arrests from last night's demonstration in San Francisco. 2 were given citations and released in the middle of the night. Of the 3 people still in custody, one is scheduled to be cited and released sometime today.

One man and one woman are being charged with multiple felonies and held on $300,000 bail. The legal team is working on getting them attorneys and getting them released! There will be a meeting to organize support for them tomorrow morning, June 10th, in the Mission. We'll post the exact time and place soon.

If you witnessed these arrests, please call the National Lawyers Guild at (415)285-1011. If the police want to question you, demand to speak with a lawyer first. Call us and we'll halp you find one.