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Anti-G8 SF Protest Photos

by Jeff Paterson (jeff [at]
About 200 Anarchist Action folks and friends took part in the West Coast solidarity "Anti-Capitalist/Anti-G8" street protest this evening.
§"Stop Imperialism"
by Jeff Paterson (jeff [at]
§Black Earth Flag
by Jeff Paterson (jeff [at]
§Anarchist Action on Mission Street
by Jeff Paterson (jeff [at]
§Anarchy guy at 16th Street gathering
by Jeff Paterson (jeff [at]
§"Class Struggle - Our Struggle"
by Jeff Paterson (jeff [at]
§"Imperio" 24th and Mission bus stop
by Jeff Paterson (jeff [at]
by Jeff Paterson (jeff [at]
§Cops with cameras
by Jeff Paterson (jeff [at]
§"Destroy the War Machine"
by Jeff Paterson (jeff [at]
§"ATM Closed" BoA at 16th Street
by Jeff Paterson (jeff [at]
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by anon
jesus christ
black out peoples faces so they cant be identified by the pigs. "anarchist guy" is a fucked up example.
by Jeff Paterson (jeff [at]
It is certainly an interesting question that I did give some thought to.

In this case, the photo in question, “anarchy guy” was posted based on the following:
1.) This was a publicly announced event worthy of media attention and coverage.
2.) “Anarchy guy” was holding one of the large event messaging signs. This tells me, a “sympathetic photojournalist,” that he is aware that he is a “public face” of the event.
3.) “Anarchy guy” was in no way attempting to disguise himself, as others chose to do.
4.) “Anarchy guy” is not depicted as being in any way involved in legal impropriety.

At the end of the day, I’m looking to publish the best photos I have, and I subjectively felt that was one of them.

In many ways, this issue is one of the possible ironies of Indymedia. Does our own “indy” documentation of “protest”, “class struggle”, or whatever-you-want-to-call-it actually serve the cause of good, peace, justice, etc. -- or are we simply providing the forces of darkness, the state, the man, etc. more information about those taking the initiative to try to change things. Of the course this is not a yes/no question, but a scale with the final answer in the balance.
by Rick James
These photos were taken in public, and you shouldn't expect the same level of privacy you have at home.

If you do not want photos or video of your face taken, then cover yourself, as others do. Wear a bandana, a hooded sweatshirt, sunglasses, etc.

If you don't choose to cover yourself, then assume the risk that someone may identify you. Don't blame others for your personal stupidity.
by observer
Calling that kid "anarchy guy" is belittling.

In the service of fairness, given Jeff Patterson's affiliation with the RCP, perhaps his shots should have been attributed to the "maoish guy."
by Jeff Paterson
It is possible that calling the young man pictured "a kid" is belittling. "Anarchy Guy" was, of course, a quick photo title that I didn't put much thought in to. I do not even know if he considers himself an anarchist. I offer my apologies to him if he took offense.

In the service of accuracy, Jeff Paterson (with one "t") is actually not affiliated with the RCP (believe me, I would know). So describing him (me) as “Maoish Guy” would not be accurate. A few suggestions that better fit would be “Pragmatic Guy”, “Nearly Competent Photo Guy”, or “Sucker Who Responds to Inane IMC Comments Guy.”

For clarification, he/I does have strong sympathies with folks (including communists and anarchists) that take action to oppose an ongoing, unjust, brutal, and illegal war on the world led by our government.
by meha
Jeff Patersons tight, he's been posting shit on here every time a protest has been going on, from NION to ANSWER to AA organized marches, he's been with the movement. give him a break, he's one of the best photographers on our side, a lot better than those of mass media, i can tell you that. hahah ;)
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