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SF Pride Polyamory Contingent
by via Love and Politics
Wednesday Jun 22nd, 2005 12:03 AM
When: Sunday June 26th
assembling at 9:00 am
marching at 10:30 am
SF Pride Polyamory Contingent

When: Sunday June 26th
assembling at 9:00 am
marching at 10:30 am

Where: San Francisco,
Spear St. between Mission and Howard

This year we have the fabulous luck to be near the
very beginning of the Pride parade. This means that
we will spend very little time standing around, and we
will finish up around 1 pm, giving folks plenty of time
afterwards to watch the parade or attend the celebration
at the civic center. We will be somewhere around 30th
in the Parade, out of 200-300 contingents. We will be
getting a lot of attention as a result - come out and

This also means that we will be leaving at 10:30 or very
soon after. Don't be late! The contingent moves fast
and it is usually impossible to catch up.

We are marching with the bisexuals! This means that
in addition to piles of wonderful poly people, there will
be bunches of bodacious bisexuals. The two contingents
have separate banners and spaces, so people can choose
to march in one, the other or both, according to the dictates
of identity and whim.

Last year, the 50-odd people who showed up had an
amazingly good time, and this year we're trying to make
the experience even better.

To that end, we have added a sound system. Bring CD's!
You will have the choice of marching in the loud or quiet
part of the contingent.

We also have a second truck this year, that will be specific
to the polyamory section of the combined contingent. (We
march right next to the bisexuals, and use their
registration.) We will have plenty of seating for folks who
would prefer to ride down the parade route instead of walking.

Some of the people in the contingent have made plans to
dress up! I will be in fetish wear (with wings if I can find some),
and other folks will also be donning the goth or fetish gear. Some
people are planning on dressing in tuxes, ball gowns, or other
formal wear. If you have any poly-specific shirts, they go over really
well. If you have the time and energy, do something creative! If you
don't, please show up anyways!

Also, Love+Politics (the group that sponsors the contingent)
will be selling T-shirts during the lineup. Here's the design:

All folks are welcome to join the contingent! You don't have
to be queer, or poly, so long as you are supportive. One of
my straight monogamous coworkers joined us last year, and
had a blast.

Getting to the Contingent

If you can, we recommend using public transport to get to
Pride. Traffic will be snarled due to Pride. If you need to
drive for whatever reason, drop me a line - there are ways to
do it.

Get off at the Embarcadero BART/Muni stop. Go upstairs
to the street, walk away from the ferry building along Market,
and take a left on Spear.

We are marching using the registration of BABN (the Bay
Area Bisexual Network), so if you need to ask around for
the location of the contingent, ask for BABN.

Look for the gigantic BISEXUALS or POLYAMORY banners,
or other signs. Or, look for the guy with the shoulder-length
blue hair. That's me. Here's a picture of the banner from
last year:

Also, my cell phone will be on and functional. Feel free to give
me a call with any questions the day of Pride, or at any time
before that: 415 305 8766.

Thanks! Hope to see you there!