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Tuesday May 31st, 2005 2:29 PM
World Enviro Day

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Food: Good School Meals Can Calm Students

Russians reject GM foods

Film: The Future of Food

"Don't Eat This Book" by Morgan Spurlock
Maybe the Standard American eating the SAD (Standard American Diet) will get it.


free public transportation on spare the air days

Paul Watson: In Memory of Robert Hunter
We Lose a Giant: Robert Hunter 1941-2005,,3-1596231,00.html

High-Tech Ship Sets Course for Green Ocean Transport

The Toyota Prius and Climate Change: Good Technology versus the Misuse of Science

Alliance for the New Humanity


Outstanding PowerPoint Presentation On Peak Oil

Stripping Rumsfeld and Bush of Impunity


See Pat McGinnis' cartoon gallery, new at
Lake Merrit Neighbors Organized 4 Peace

state American Concentration Camps The Irregularities of 9/11 : David Ray Griffin

Tue May 31

# Tue, May 31 9:00 am - 6:00 pm $50 / $30 Stud GREEN CITY VISIONS: Rebuilding the City to Save the Environment SCOTTISH RITE CENTER, OAKLAND 1547 Lakeside Drive Oakland CA 94612 A United Nations World Environment Day Conference with Carl Pope, Richard Heinberg, Marla Hollander, Gary Braasch, Michel Gelobter, Randy Hayes, Van Jones, Richard Register and Dave Biggs

# Join PETA for an Unhappy Cow Demo on 5/31 in San Francisco!
As you may be aware, PETA’s lawsuit against the California Milk Advisory Board (CMAD) over their deceptive “Happy Cows” ads hit a brick wall when the California Supreme Court refused to hear the case. In response, we’re launching a new campaign asking California residents to decide for themselves if dairy cows are happy. The campaign will kick off with a series of demonstrations throughout California, which is where you come in! Could you spare some time to join PETA’s Matt Prescott to help hold signs and hand out leaflets at a demonstration?
PETA demonstration
Tuesday, May 31st from 12 – 1pm (meeting at 11:45am sharp)
CA Supreme Court building in San Francisco , 350 McAllister @ Polk
This demonstration can’t happen without you!  If you can lend your voice to help California’s suffering dairy cows, please RSVP to MattPrescott [at] with your name, number, email address and phone number. For more information, please visit You can also watch what happens on California dairy farms to see for yourself just how unhappy the cows really are. Thanks for all you continue to do for the animals.
With thanks from those without voices,
Stephanie Wood, Activist Liaison
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals 757-962-8247

To subscribe to Bay Area Animal Rights Network please send blank email
to: baarn-subscribe [at]

For events: 
Please see yahoogroups message archives and calendar at

# BALL PARK VEGEGTARIAN OUTREACH May 31 6:30 PM Oakland A's Coliseum, Staircase Connecting the Oakland Bart to the Coliseum Pedestrian Overpass The Coliseum is the home to the veggie dog & other healthy goodies. Advocates will distribute ballpark vegetarian guides.

# please forward far and wide. thanks!


Tuesday May 31st @7pm
3030-B 16th Street between Mission / Valencia

At least seven local activists have been subpoenaed in the
last week to appear before a federal grand jury convened in
SF. In recent decades, the federal government has
increasingly used the grand jury to intimidate and harass
activists pushing for social justice.

Do you know your rights? Learn what you can do to protect
yourself and your community, and why you should know how
to resist this unjust process.


Mark Vermeulen ­The National Lawyers Guild

Claude Marks ­Freedom Archives

Anita Carswell -Former grand jury resister

& Local activists with grand jury experience

Check for upcoming demonstrations.

Modern-Day Witch Hunts Must End!
As government repression in general increases, so does the
use of the federal grand jury to intimidate, incarcerate
and render impotent
activists across social movements. In recent years,
pressure on the animal rights, environmental justice,
anti-war and anarchist movements has increased
exponentially. At a recent hearing before the Senate
Committee on Environment and Public Works, John E. Lewis,
Deputy Assistant Director of the Counterterrorism Division
of the FBI, testified that,
“Investigating and preventing animal rights extremism and
eco-terrorism is one of the FBI’s highest domestic
terrorism priorities.”

Links for more information about grand juries:
Just Cause Law Collective: Go to the “grand juries” section.

No Compromise:
Go to “Issue Archive” #22 fall 2003

The National Lawyers Guild 212-679-5100 ext.12
Bay Area phone# 415-285-1041

Emergency Grand Jury Teach-In

Enemy Combatant Radio broadcasts live from Station 40, San Francisco

At least ten local activists have been subpoenaed in the
last week to appear before a federal grand jury convened in
SF. In recent decades, the federal government has
increasingly used the grand jury to intimidate and harass
activists pushing for social justice.

Make sure to check website ( for up to date info, including details .
64k mp3 (broadband)
16k mp3 (dial up)
Vbr ogg

Note: A recording of the event will be available after the teach-in

Event Details:
At least ten local activists have been subpoenaed in the
last week to appear before a federal grand jury convened in
SF. In recent decades, the federal government has
increasingly used the grand jury to intimidate and harass
activists pushing for social justice.

Do you know your rights? Learn what you can do to protect
yourself and your community, and why you should know how
to resist this unjust process.


Mark Vermeulen –The National Lawyers Guild
Claude Marks –Freedom Archives
& Local activists with grand jury experience

Check for upcoming demonstrations.

Modern-Day Witch Hunts Must End!

As government repression in general increases, so does the
use of the federal grand jury to intimidate, incarcerate
and render impotent activists across social movements. In recent
years, pressure on the animal rights, environmental justice,
anti-war and anarchist movements has increased exponentially. At a
recent hearing before the Senate Committee on Environment and Public
Works, John E. Lewis, Deputy Assistant Director of the
Counterterrorism Division of the FBI, testified that, "Investigating
and preventing animal rights extremism and eco-terrorism is one of
the FBI’s highest domestic terrorism priorities.”

Links for more information about grand juries:
Just Cause Law Collective:
Go to the "grand juries" section.

No Compromise:
Go to “Issue Archive” #22 fall 2003

The National Lawyers Guild 212-679-5100 ext.12
Bay Area phone# 415-285-1041

Red Victorian Peace Cafe 1665 Haight @ Cole
FREE FILMS ($5 suggested donation but no one turned away)
Tuesday May 31, 7pm

In the US, Wal-Mart opens a new mega-store every two business days. This is the story of the impact of discount chain stores on American towns and cities, and on our society as a whole.

STORE WARS follows events in Ashland, VA, over a one-year period, from the first stormy public hearing that galvanizes residents' opposition till the Town Council takes a final vote on the proposed Wal-Mart store. Arguments for the store (tax revenues, low prices, jobs) and against it (destroys small town character, traffic, low-end jobs) are articulated and hotly debated. The cast of characters includes the mayor and Town Council members who will eventually make the decision, Wal-Mart representatives and the "Pink Flamingos," the grassroots citizen group opposed to the store.

STORE WARS does not single out Wal-Mart, but rather highlights its position as the icon of the Big Box industry. While offering a critical view of this industry, the film presents fairly all viewpoints on this controversial issue.

Delicious Vegan & Vegetarian, Caf? Delicacies Available

Argus Film Series Red Victorian Peace Cafe
1665 Haight St @ Cole San Francisco, CA 94117

The Film Series is moving to Sunday Night at 7 PM
Next Screening June 12th to learn more or to organize more local screenings email below
Contact: sanfrancisco [at]

# Grinberg Method - Free Intro Lecture 7pm, Sunset District. 5/31 415-221-5582

# Sacred Feminine BookClub Discusses Earth Path by Starhawk
Tuesday, May 31 7PM Change Makers 6536 Telegraph @ 66th
Oakland, Ca 94609 5106552405
"The Earth Path addresses the profound spiritual and conceptual disconnect at the root of our environmental destructiveness, and shows how we can reroot our spirits, our politics, and our day-to-day life in deep relationship with the Earth. It also includes much of the synthesis of Earth-based spirituality and practical permaculture" ~ Starhawk
This book club reads books involving all aspects of the Sacred Feminine, with no emphasis on any particular religion or faith. You only need to relate to the feminine as sacred to enjoy this gathering. We meet approximately once a month. Read the book & come! For more information about the club itself, call Julie 510-847-0239. The Earth Path is available at Change Makers, call 510-655-2405 to reserve your copy.
(Meets Monthly) Sacred Feminine Book Club 7-9pm FREE!
(we are very grateful if you can purchase your book selections at Change Makers)
RSVP: Julie 510-847-0239

June 2005

SF: World Env. Day Green Screen Festival June 1-5

# June 1-5 World Environment Day, SF Public events announced: Five days, five themes, limitless possibilities Four former SF mayors team up with Mayor Newsom to launch WED 2005 Urban Accords Declared: Cities and individuals take action for a livable future Green Cities Expo to showcase sustainable products and businesse # INTERN / VOLUNTEER POSITIONS FOR THE NATURAL WORLD MUSEUM In partnership with the United Nations World Environment Day 2005 . Volunteer opportunities from May 22 - June 8, 2005 at the Festival Pavilion (50,000 sq. ft.) at the Fort Mason Center, SF.

In exchange for their time all volunteers will receive admission to Natural World Museum's Art into Action exhibition and some of its events (see for programming details). To volunteer Please contact Connie at connie [at] or 415-378-4097

# WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY, June 1-5! The theme: GREEN CITIES FOR THE PLANET, June 1-5! This promises to be one of the most important environmental events to come to San Francisco. Never has this event taken place in North America. Let us help to build momentum, starting NOW! Here is the WED 2005 website: READ Gavin Newsom's WED 2005 message: CONTRIBUTE to the draft Green Cities Declaration, with your careful, well-said, and caring thoughts to the wiki, which may be included in the final declaration: FIVE DAYS of WED 2005 events:

# Art into Action June 1, 2005-June 5, 2005 9am-9pm Exhibit is Free
AN ENVIRONMENTAL ART SHOWCASE FOR United Nations World Environment Day
June 1-5 2005 Fort Mason Festival Pavilion SF and
Come together to celebrate the United Nations World Environment Day 2005 in San Francisco.
Join us for a world class environmental art exhibition and a series of events highlighting world leaders in the fields of art, conservation, education, science, and green business.
Art Into Action is a 5 day program that promotes the fusion of art and the environment for powerful social change. Special guests include Al Gore, Daryl Hannah, Francine Cousteau, Joanna Macy, Mike Fay, Randy Hayes, and many more...
Urban Jungle is our innovative art exhibition that includes installations by National Geographic, Conservation International, Canon, the California Academy of Sciences and over 25 environmental artists from around the world!
June 1- 5 2005 Exhibit hours: 10am - 5pm Free Admission
Festival Pavilion, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco
TICKETS: for Symposium and Gala

# ***UN World Environment Day in SF: Do We Have a Message for the World's Mayors?! CALL TO ACTION!!!*** Greetings, Bay Area & Northern CA Activists, Friends and Colleagues!

In the midst of the many crises we are facing right now--from US-sponsored genocide, torture, murder, war & occupation, and military coups, to whole-sale civil rights and tax-payer abuses--we are also LOSING THE PLANET, mostly through CORPORATE PIRACY. We have a RARE OPPORTUNITY to bring these DIRE ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES out from the shadows into CENTER STAGE when mayors and media from around globe come to San Francisco for WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY, JUNE 2--5, 2005.

I just spent the last two hours going over the official calendar (, which is formidable--including forums, workshops, and reality tours by many reputable non-profits like GreenAction, Ella Baker Center, Urban Habitat, Global Exchange, and Public Citizen, among others. Our good friends who organized the BIOTECH WORLD CAFE during RECLAIM THE COMMONS 2004, are organizing two world cafes for the event, one on Buying Green to Save the Planet and one on the Precautionary Principle. There are also many wonderful, unofficial events, per the calendar that Alli Star just put out (email me if you didn't get this list and want it). Not surprising, the CORPORATE AGENDA is also well represented, with Mitsubishi, swissnex, NRDC, SF Dept of the Environment, Mayor Newsom, CPUC, among others, sponsoring corporate-control of renewable energy and other resources, "private/public partnerships," corporate control of "sustainable development," corporate greenwashing, and so on.

This is a GREAT opportunity to educate the public, the media, and the mayors regarding environmental issues near and dear to us: DEFORESTATION in California and around the globe, the proliferation of GMOs, ENVIRONMENTAL RACISM, CORPORATE ACCOUNTABILITY & GREENWASHING. The Mayor and the State are taking this opportunity to paint SF & CA GREEN, while dragging their heels on the shut-down of the PG&E plant, ushering in an upscale HOUSING DEVELOPMENT on an unclean SUPERFUND SITE, ignoring the HOMELESS and Housing Crisis, and HIKING MUNI FARES, because they refuse to tax BIG BIDNESS. ***Of utmost importance, the Dept of the Environment is considering ROLLING BACK its BAN on purchasing PRIMARY FOREST TROPICAL HARDWOOD--this is a precedent we do not want SF to set or other city governments to follow!!!!****

***WE HAVE MARVELOUS PROPS, SKITS, SONGS, & COSTUMES!!! --tree costumes, a giant redwood stump, killer tomato and corn costumes, Wizard of Oz accoutrements, Mourning Mothers (no blood for oil, use alternative fuels!) etc. We could re-purpose our Wizard Consumer Consciousness Action--Have the Brains, Heart, and Courage to Buy Small and Local, Fair Trade & Green!--to hit all the issues at the opening civic center plaza celebration (June 2 9--11:30), and follow up with more tightly focussed actions at other events.***

If you have any interest in planning or participating in some FUN STREET THEATER around DIRE ENVIRO ISSUES, please contact me ASAP!

For Justice and Ecology! Mary Mary Bull Greenwood Earth Alliance Save the Redwoods - Boycott the Gap Campaign 252 Frederick, San Francisco, CA 94117 415-731-7924 chalicenew [at]

# Jun 1-5 Green Screen Environmental Film Fest Castro Theatre

Wed Jun 1

# socially responsible investing

# Cities on the Move: Innovative Urban/Public Transportation Strategies from Around the Globe
Wed, June 1 @12 Noon SF Public Library 100 Larkin St., (at Grove).
Latino/Hispanic Community Meeting Room, located on the Library’s lower level. Enter 30 Grove St., proceed down stairs.
Leah Shahum, executive director – San Francisco Bicycle Coalition
Lilia Scott, research and evaluation manager – The Bay Area's Regional Rideshare Program
Tom Radulovich, executive director – Transportation for a Livable City
Adam Millard-Ball, senior associate – Nelson\Nygaard Consulting
Join Bay Area activists and policy makers for this World Environment Week event. Expect a wide-ranging discussion of innovative alternatives to the private automobile being used in cities around the world. From congestion pricing, transit-first streets, pedestrian zones and bicycle initiatives that are making a difference. Sponsored by: Earthjustice, San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, Transportation for a Livable City, and TALC.

# 6/1: U.N. World Environment Day - Free Film Event (castro / upper market)


“The Arctic in Peril” Program Kicks off with Award-winning Film OIL ON ICE about Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Controversy and Nation’s Energy Future

WHAT: With more than 30 feature-length and short films, the Green Screen Environmental Film Festival offers a global view of the earth’s many wonders and delights, as well as a serious look at a planet in crisis. The festival is a featured program of the United Nations World Environment Day 2005, held this year in San Francisco.

Green Screen kicks off with a timely program, co-sponsored by the Sierra Club, that looks at “The Arctic in Peril.” Local filmmakers Bo Boudart and Dale Djerassi’s award-winning documentary Oil on Ice will open the festival, followed by a discussion with Sierra Club representatives and other special guests. Narrated by Peter Coyote, Oil on Ice explores the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge controversy and our energy future.

Bay Area filmmakers Dale Djerassi and Bo Boudart, Sierra Club representatives and other special guests (TBA)

Wednesday, June 1 at 4 p.m.

Castro Theatre / 429 Castro Street / San Francisco

TICKETS: This event is free. For more information about the festival, please call 415 338-1236 or visit

For more information about Oil on Ice, upcoming screenings or to purchase a DVD, please visit or call (415) 593-0192.

# 6/1: Get the Perfect Pack Fit- San Fran REI @7pm (downtown / civic / van ness) 840 Brannan St @ 7th/ 8th

# 6/1: Students: Insider's View of the Making of Star Wars (santa clara) 7:30 pm

# Wed., June 1, 8 PM Vegan Rap Concert Studio Z,
314 11th Street @ Folsom SF
East Bay Animal Advocates and PETA will have tables at a Vegan Rap
Concert in San Francisco next week. We are looking for volunteers to
table at the event.

EBAA Exhibit at Protest! June 1 8 PM Studio Z, 314 11th St @ Folsom
Info: EBAA will exhibit at 'Protest!'. for info

# K-Svert 106.5 FM fundraiser June 1st @ Mighty Wed June 1 9:00 PM
Mighty 119 Utah @ 15th / Potrero
K-SVERT 106.5 FM Radio and Performance Stage
present a fundraiser for our camp at Burning Man 2005
A hidden new gem in the emerging SOMISSPO district of San Francisco, where SOMA, the Mission and Potrero Hill meet.
psychedelic surf legends the MERMEN
genetically engineered hippity-funk by GOOFERMAN
the pride of Oaktown CATFIVE
hip hop swamp rockers 35R
Plus special guest appearances
Tickets are $12 in advance, and $15 at the door!

Thu June 2

# 6/2 9am UN Opening Ceremony - Free to the Public SF civic Ctr Polk @ Grove FREE
Ozomatli , Vinyl , Aphrodesia, Tom Freund Band, Samantha and the Ritual,
Tina and Shimshai, SF Girls Chorus, Kurdish Folk Musicians, Online Flyer Image Front / Back. info text

# How to Win in the Green Building Marketplace – Marc Richmond, Vice President, What's Working   Learn why consumers are asking for green and how to put your business at the forefront of the green home building movement.   Thursday June 2nd, 9:00 – 10:30 AM   Pacific Energy Center, 851 Howard @ 4th/5th St. free

# Green Buildings in California: Case Studies and Panel Discussion – Andrea Traber, Peter Rumsey and Miriam Landman   Three Bay Area green building professionals will present case studies on a variety of commercial and residential green building projects in California. Dynamic case studies with discussion to follow.   Thursday June 2nd, 9:30 – 12:00 PM   Pacific Energy Center, 851 Howard @ 4th/5th St. free

# Prescription for Building Wellness, Intelligent Design for Long-term Health -   Anthony Bernheim, FAIA, Principal Green Design, SMWM, and Tom Lent, Technical Policy Coordinator, Healthy Building Network   Sick building or healthy workforce? Discover how urban planning, building design and material selection promote occupant health and productivity.   Thursday June 2nd, 10:30 – 12:00 PM   Pacific Energy Center, 851 Howard @ 4th/5th St. free

# And don't miss the Pacific Heights Green Showhouse! Tour this spectacular home to see green and healthy building materials integrated with aesthetically pleasing and highly functional living areas and a stunning view of the City!   To register for any of these green building events, or for further information, please visit or call (415) 383-5105.   To view the full World Environment Day calendar, visit

# Public Citizen invites you to attend Celebrating Water Democracy, a unique and exciting event for UN World Environment Day in San Francisco!

* Bring your friends, coworkers, and fellow organization members! * Distribute this email widely! * RSVP if you would like to attend. * Click on the link below for a flyer. Post and distribute.

Celebrating Water Democracy Community Speak-out for a Global Treaty on the Human Right to Water

United Nations World Environment Day 2005 June 2nd, 2005, 2:30- 4:30PM @ The Metreon, San Francisco

From Bolivia to Bayview-Hunter's Point, from Ghana to Alpaugh in California's Central Valley, communities are organizing for the right to safe and affordable water. This basic human right is being threatened by privatization, pollution, industrial agriculture and environmental racism, among many other injustices.

Celebrating Water Democracy! seeks to advance World Environment Day 2005 Accord Goal 7 on water, particularly Action 21, by creating a space for open and critical dialogue that encourages collaborative partnerships among those who are working to ensure the right to clean and affordable water. This event will promote participatory and environmentally sustainable models of water management as well as highlight innovative community-led public partnerships.

Community representatives will provide testimony to a panel of water rights experts in support of a new global initiative calling for a UN Convention on the Right to Water. This legally-binding framework promoting the human right to water would take precedence over international trade laws that grant corporations rights to commodify and privatize water/water utilities. It would also give communities a powerful tool to hold their governments accountable for providing safe water for all. For more information on this global effort please see and

COLLABORATING ORGANIZATIONS: Public Citizen's Water for All, Ghana National Coalition Against Privatization of Water, International Working Group on the Convention on the Right to Water, Communities for A Better Alpaugh, African International Mission, Hesperian Foundation, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, Women of Africa, Alliance for Democracy, Environmental Justice Coalition for Water, National Wildlife Federation and others.

# Celebrating Water Democracy June 2 2:30pm-4:30pm Free!
California Communities Celebrate Water Democracy
A Unique U.N. World Environment Day 2005 Event

What: Celebrating Water Democracy: A collaborative forum in support of a new global initiative demanding an international convention on the right to water. Celebrating Water Democracy will feature presentations from community water activists and dialogue with international guests. A UN World Environment Day 2005 Event

When: June 2, 2005 - 2:30pm-4:30pm

Where: The Sony Metreon, Fourth Floor Terrace, 101 Fourth Street, San Francisco

Why: The world is facing a water crisis. By 2025 two-thirds of the world's population may run short of fresh drinking water. An International Convention on the Right to Water would keep water available to the public by taking precedence over international trade laws that grant corporations rights to commodify and privatize water/water utilities. It would also give communities a powerful tool to hold their governments accountable for providing safe water for all.

From Bolivia to Bayview-Hunter's Point, from Ghana to Alpaugh in California's Central Valley, communities are organizing for the right to safe and affordable water. Celebrating Water Democracy will feature first-hand testimony from ten community representatives about these struggles.

Who: Collaborating organizations include: Public Citizen's Water for All, Environmental Justice Coalition for Water, Ghana National Coalition Against Privatization of Water, International Working Group on the Convention on the Right to Water, Communities for a Better Alpaugh, African International Mission, Hesperian Foundation, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, Women of Africa, Alliance for Democracy, Africa International Mission, Priority Africa Network, National Wildlife Federation, People's Health Foundation, and others.

Sony Metreon, Fourth Floor Terrace 101 Fourth @ Mission

jabeck [at] 510-663-0888 x 101

# 6/2: Post Carbon Santa Cruz - Learning to Live in a Low Energy World (santa cruz) 6-8pm 515 Broadway @ Ocean

# The next meeting of the (Northern California) 9-11 Truth Alliance will be
Thursday, June 2, 7:00pm - 10:00pm, at 401 Van Ness Avenue (Room 219) in
the War Memorial Building where the Herbst is located, San Francisco.
Please call the hotline at 1-866-268-2320 for directions and other info.
911 - inside job. Demand investigation! - - - - - -

# "EROTIC FOOT PAMPERING: A Workshop for Couples" by Midori at QSM
7:00 PM QSM 1647 Sanchez St

# 6/2: Dolores Park Movie Night -- WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY Special Screening!
Tales of the San Joaquin
Hetch Hetchy: Yosemite's Lost Valley
From The Ground Up: Managing the Salmon River Basin
Movie screenings are FREE! Popcorn provided Bring BLANKETS and FRIENDS!
Thu 6/2, 8:00PM. Location is Dolores St between 19th & 20th St

# REV BILLY and NIGHT OF THE IGUANA at Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In 5-06-02 8PM

# Kosmos World Music & Dance Camp June 2nd-5th, 2005
The warm summer days at Kosmos Camp are filled with music and dance workshops. Dancers learn and perform on finished dance floors, with wall mirrors in the main lodge. Musicians enjoy instruction and practice opportunities in our open-air venues. Both dancers and musicians study with world-renowned professional teachers in a wide variety of styles from different cultures.
And all campers enjoy the luxuries of Saratoga Springs Resort, nestled just over 2 hours north of both San Francisco and Sacramento in 260 private acres of forest. Miles of hiking trails with breathtaking views of nearby Clearlake and access to natural mineral springs, surround a pair of lodges with both indoor sleeping accommodations and clean camp grounds, complete with a spacious pool and large jacuzzi. All meals are provided by our professional chef and feature a gourmet menu with an eclectic array of world cuisines and a full bar serving reasonably priced mixed drinks, beer, and wine after dinner. Evenings feature concerts and dance performances by students and staff in the immaculate Heart Lodge, and open-floor dancing with late-night jamming afterwards.
Ultimately, Kosmos is both a school of music and dance, as well as an unforgettable celebration among friends. It is a special getaway where people bond their passions and talents. We hope you join us and help create a unique community that we all can cherish in the years to come.

Friday, June 3

# Bridging the Social Justice and Environmental Movements: Now Is the Time for Community Conversations About People and the Environment in the Bayview and Beyond

As part of the U.N. World Environment Day activities, a coalition of Bay area community groups is hosting an event entitled "Bridging the Social Justice & Environmental Movements: Now Is the Time" on Friday, June 3 from 1-4:30 pm at the Southeast Community Facility in San Francisco's Bayview district. This civic gathering will provide a forum for people to relay their everyday experiences with the impacts of development and change in their communities and explore how we can learn to work together more effectively to build a just and sustainable world. Julia Butterfly Hill and Van Jones will co-host a panel including Bayview Hunters Point community leaders and selected international mayors, followed by interactive conversations with the presenters. To RSVP, please contact Paul Liotsakis at (415) 637-2339 or at liotsakis [at]


Aaron G. Lehmer Program Director, Circle of Life

Surf: Write: P.O. Box 3764, Oakland, CA 94609 Call: 510-601-9790 x303 / Fax: 510-601-9788 E-mail: alehmer [at]

Stay Informed... Get Inspired... Take Action! Sign up for Circle of Life news and alerts, at:

# San Francisco People's Organization Convention Kick
Off Party

Friday, June 3, 111 Minna Gallery, 6-9pm
$5-10 sliding scale, no one will be turned away for
lack of funds.

Hosted by Matt Gonzalez.

Speakers: Ross Mirkarimi and Chris Daly

Performances by:
LA PLEBE, San Francisco Mission-based Chicano Ska/Punk
SHAILJA PATEL, Kenyan Indian Slam Poet Champion
ISE LYFE, Poet/MC and Youth Organizer
and more!

Check out San Francisco People's Organization at:

More Artist Information:

La Plebe hails from the Mission District of San
Francisco rocking bars and performance venues on the
West Coast and Mexico with their mixture of punk, ska
and rock.

Shailja Patel has appeared at the Lincoln Center, New
York and venues
across the US and UK. Winner of national and Bay Area
championships, and keynote speaker for conferences at
Yale and Brown
Universities, Shailja was Featured Literary Artist for
APAture 2004,
the nation's largest showcase of emerging young Asian
Pacific artists.

"the new discovery…. the poet with an edge…infectious
and endearing….addictive…."
Mantram magazine

"A packed Starr auditorium gave a standing ovation to
slam poet Shailja Patel..."
Brown University Daily Herald

Ise Lyfe is a Bay Area native and one of the nation's
premier poet/emcee's. Fusing Spoken Word and Hip Hop,
he has a unique delivery and powerful content. Ise's
stage presence is awesome - Whether social or
political, when addressing an issue he has a way with
words that points out what really we already know yet
seem to have a hard time acting on. With two national
poetry slam competitions under his belt, and openings
for artist from Dead Prez to Ben Harper, this young
man is set to do great things.


San Francisco Peoples’ Organization Founding

Saturday, June 11, 2005
8:30am - 5:00pm

St. Mary’s Cathedral Conference Center - 1111 Gough
St. at Geary


Keynote Speakers:
Medea Benjamin, Founder, Global Exchange
Mike Casey, President, HERE, Local 2

Appearances By Matt Gonzalez, Supervisor Chris Daly,
Reverend Norman Fong of Chinatown Community
Development Center, Hallie Montoya Tansey of the
League of Pissed Off Voters, and Tim Paulson,
Executive Director, S.F. Labor Council

MC’s: Jane Kim, Michael Goldstein, Bradley Reeves, and
Christina Olague

VOICE! Your Ideas Around Critical Issues!
CONNECT! With Like-minded Progressives!
ELECT! New Members of the Board of Directors!

Registration $10 (Lunch Included)

For more information, and to download our registration form, visit

Please forward widely!

# San Francisco Performers and Greens Team up for CLEAN-FUEL CARAVAN CABARET

World music/alternative energy concert to liven-up United Nations World Environment Day, Friday, June 3rd

San Francisco ; Live Afrobeat music, Brazilian drums, gypsy jazz, and political puppets are part of a wild local celebration for World Environment Day, a week-long international conference being held for the first time in the U.S. Top local musicians will perform from a solar-powered stage to raise money for the Bio-Fuel Caravan Coalition, a local group of performers that tour the country performing energy education, music, and public outreach. Headlining the clean-fuel concert – to be held at the Cellspace - is San Francisco’s own 11-piece Afrobeat orchestra, Aphrodesia, which tours the country in a bus powered by vegetable oil. The band will give tours of their bus before their performance. Local Brazilian percussion master Emiliano Benevides will perform with Batucada 1000, a collective of the Bay Area’s top Brazilian musicians. The Big Tadoo Puppet Crew, who also travel in a bio-fuel bus and are members of the Bio-Fuel Caravan Coalition, will perform their acclaimed energy act, Dr. FeelFine’s Cure-all Circus Sideshow. Taarka, a unique ‘seismic gypsy hypno-jazz’ group from Portland, Or., will also perform.

Concert-goers can enjoy organic wine and beer at the event, and witness a panel discussion by noted energy experts and environmental activists. Also planned are an environmental art show, numerous informational booths, and a clean-fuel auto show to be held just outside the CELLspace.
For more information contact: Dan Porras 646 346-0292, danielporras [at]

Clean-Fuel Caravan Cabaret!
A World Environment Day Celebration
Friday, June 3rd, 7pm - 1am
18 and over - $15 – advance tix available at
CELLspace Community Arts Center, 2050 Bryant Street, SF
Venue phone ; 415 648-7562

Starring: Aphrodesia Batucada 1000 The Big Tadoo Puppet Crew Taarka and more!

# Artists as Visionaries for a Sustainable Future JOIN US in a ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION with speakers from ecoart nonprofits dedicated to connecting artists, scientists, communities and the natural world. JUNE 3 FRI 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm reception 8:30 pm - 9:00 pm FEATURED SPEAKERS: Ecoartspace    Tricia Watts      Peter Richards & Susan Schwartzenberg    Sam Bower Social Sculpture Research Unit   (Oxford Brookes University, UK)     Shelley Sacks WEAD     Susan Leibovitz Steinman & Jo Hanson Mc Bean Auditorium in the Exploratorium SF Palace of Fine Arts, 3601 Lyon St, SF, 415-563-7337 for directions FREE and open to the public, this event is hosted by the Exploratorium as part of UN World Environment Day 2005.

# XENO presents: A handful of Dust Fri June 3rd and Sat June 4th
doors open at 8:30pm / Show at 9pm $15 to $20 Sliding Scale
Dance, music, humor, strange characters, circus arts and dreamy visuals combine to convey the experiences of a newly formed soul bound for the material world. The 7 performers of Xeno draw on the force of their nine years together to bring you a poetic look at a spirit's basic training.
Xenodrome 1320 Potrero Avenue sf 415-285-9366

Sat June 4

# Sat, Jun 4, Celebrate Wild Salmon and Sustainable Agriculture! SF
Return of the Salmon Festival and World Environment Day
June 4th, 2005. 7:30AM - 2PM
Plaza Farmers Market at the Ferry Building in San Francisco
To volunteer for the Salmon Protection and Watershed Network contact Paola at 415.488.0370 x102.

# Sat, June 4, 9AM to 12PM
San Francisco Food Bank
900 Pennsylvania Ave
San Francisco, CA 94107
FREE RSVP (Free admission)

# Sat, Jun 4 10a-3pm Berkeley Farmers' Market's second annual Family Fun Festival Center St. at Martin Luther King

# Sat. June 4 10am CodePINK at Fairfax Parade and Festival Join North Bay's CodePINK march in the Fairfax Parade, honoring the peace-making actions of Representative Lynn Woolsey and Senator Barbara Boxer. We plan to "pinkify" the parade (wear pink! wave pink! bring pink! and we'll have plenty to borrow), modeling CodePINK's take on color-coded security alerts our administration puts out to "keep us safe." Parade assembles at 9:30 am in Albertson's parking lot Park Road @ School St. (Bolinas Rd @ Sir Francis Drake Blvd.) Take Central San Rafael exit from 101, Head West to Fairfax.

# Art in the Garden*** Saturday, June 4, 10 am – 2 pm
SF GRO and GFE are teaming up on World Environment Day
to create a tile mosaic in our beautiful demonstration
garden and we need your help! Participants will help
glue tile pieces to the surface of a wall to form a
beautiful garden mural. We'll be offering tours of
our 15 year-old organic garden throughout the day
along with fun kid's activities. And finally, find
out more about the SF community gardening movement
through it's new organization, SF GRO (San Francisco
Garden Resource Organization). We'll let you know
what gardens are open for touring and where they are
located. So join us for a lively day in the garden!
Garden for the Environment, 7th Ave. at Lawton Street.
Donations are greatly appreciated to help support the
garden. Garden for the Environment, 7th Ave. at Lawton St.

# PV/EV = Solar Power + Electric Vehicles Sat June 4 10:00 a.m.-12 noon Free

Why buy gas and drive a polluting car when you could be in a zero-emission electric vehicle and creating electricity from sunshine? Adding solar photovoltaic (PV) panels to your home and using an electric vehicle (EV) can be a winning combination for both your wallet and the planet.

No gas, no oil, no emissions, and no profits for slimy dictators and terrorists.

Learn more and ride in an EV at the PV/EV Workshop on Saturday, June 4, from 10 a.m. to 12 noon at The Francisco School (a solar-powered school), 300 Gaven Street, between Boylston and Bowdoin, San Francisco, near the interchange of Highways 280 and 101.

Speakers: Sherry Boschert of the San Francisco Electric Vehicle Association ( and Greg Kennedy of Occidental Power Solar and Cogeneration, a licensed solar contractor.

Please r.s.v.p. to sfeva [at], or call 415-681-7716.

Solar PV panels create clean electricity. The monthly payment for a PV system can be lower than your previous electricity bill, lowering your monthly costs instantly. And if you drive an electric vehicle (EV), your PV system offsets not just household electricity but costly gasoline, because EVs run on electricity. PV/EV creates power without polluting and provides personal transportation in non-polluting cars.

San Francisco School 300 Gaven St SF
sfeva [at] 415-681-7716

# In Honor of United Nations World Environment Day From Bayview Hunters Point to Communities Around the World, The People Demand Environmental Justice Rally for Environmental Justice SATURDAY, JUNE 4, 2005 11 am sharp In front of San Francisco City Hall (Polk Street side, near Civic Center BART) Mayors from around the world will be in San Francisco for the United Nations World Environment Day meetings and celebrations. Unite to call on our government leaders to support environmental justice and oppose environmental racism. For info: Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice (415) 248-5010 info [at]

# Development as if the World Mattered– Hunter Lovins, Founder, Natural Capitalism, Inc.   Hunter Lovins, noted author and environmental champion, employs principles of Natural Capitalism to leverage community-based sustainability in Afghanistan and other developing countries. Presentation followed by a book signing.   Saturday June 4th, 2:00 – 5:00 PM   Pacific Energy Center, 851 Howard St free

# June 4 & 5, 2005 10 am - 5 pm 2nd Annual Fairfax Ecofest... Fairfax Pavilion Park Road @ School St. (Bolinas Rd @ Sir Francis Drake Blvd.) Take Central San Rafael exit from 101, Head West to Fairfax. The Fairfax Ecofest is a community event, organized by Fairfax residents, to bring people together and learn about issues that affect us economically, environmentally, socially and politically. We provide a forum of speakers, films, artists, educational activities, entertainers, green organizations and food/beverage providers who offer healthy, creative and fun alternatives to what is commonly available in mainstream venues.

# Great San Francisco  Crystal Fair June 4-5
The Great San Francisco  Crystal Fair takes place on June 4-5 at the Fort Mason Conference Center and features over 35 vendors of crystals, minerals, beads, jewelry and metaphysical healing tools.
Vendors include: Nan Olsons Altar Space (from Mt. Shasta),   Freedom Valley Gems,  JM Imports,  Joseph Smith Crystals,  Beauty & the Beads,  Richard Henry Minerals & Fossils,  Barbara LaRocca,  Back Basics Massage,  Joe Karp Psychic, Chaos Designs Wirewrapping, Crystal Miracles, Earth Gallery, Minerva Gallery,  Dynamic Energy Crystals, California Mind Spirit Body (aura camera), Cookie Lee Jewelry by Jill, Susan Harmon, Crystal Light Imports, Life Force Gem & Mineral, Latch So & Hwang (chiropractic), Lovelight Symbiosis, Mauras Treasure Box, Ancient Vedic Astrology, Cormaray Jewelry, Karizma, and many, many more.
We have something for everybody, young and old, rich and not-so-rich, spiritual and funky, alive and more alive. Its the melding of earth and spirit.
The exact location is Building A, Fort Mason Center, Laguna and Marina Blvd., San Francisco. The doors are open to the public from 10 am - 6 pm on Saturday, June 4; and from 10 am - 4 pm on Sunday, June 5. Admission is $5 (under 12 free).    Plenty of parking. For information: (415) 383-7837 or visit our website at:     $1.00 OFF WITH THIS EMAIL

# Union Street Festival
Sat. & Sun. June 4 & 5, 2005 ~ 10 am to 6 pm
Union Street ~ Gough to Steiner ~ SF, CA

# '05 Fairfax Eco FILM Fest Integrates AR (Animal Rights)
& Environmental Movements * Please Support *
2005 Fairfax Eco FILM Fest
Saturday, June 4th and Sunday, June 5th, 12pm- 5.30pm in the Fairfax Women's Club (on Park St., just down the hill from the Ecofest) For more information or to send thanks for including AR in the festival email Film Festival Coordinator, Sally Cavanagh at turtlesun2003 [at]


12:00 – 1:05
64 mins, Produced/Directed by: Dave Anderson
The California Coast is alive, like the Serengeti Plains of Africa, with wild dolphin herds numbering in the thousands and giant whales in some of the largest concentrations in the world. But how long will it last?

1:10 – 1:40
27 mins. Produced, Photographed, and Edited by Chris O'Brien and Tom Tripp
This documentary explores the effect of urban sprawl on sensitive wildlife in Florida and examines how Florida could accomodate the needs of its wildlife and its growing human population through a development model known as The New Urbanism.

1:45 – 2:05
19 mins. Produced by Restore Hetch Hetchy
The film examines the prospect of restoring Hetch Hetchy, the submerged valley in Yosemite National Park which has supplied water to residents of the San Francisco Peninsula since 1923. The film beautifully supports the campaign group Restore Hetch Hetchy‘s aspirations - to drain Hetch Hetchy, and let nature begin to reclaim this spectacular lost valley, twin of Yosemite Valley.

2:10 – 2:15
5 mins
The Meatrix film, a lively animated on-line advocacy film that highlights four ways in which factory farms affect us – animal welfare, antibiotic resistant bacteria, pollution and destroyed communities.


2:15 – 3:00
WAKE UP CALL: Saving the Songbirds
14 mins. Directed and Produced by Claire Blotter
This film celebrates migratory birds and their beautiful complex songs and reveals why they are rapidly disappearing throughout the world. Through the candid voices of San Francisco Bay Area elementary and junior high school students as well as bird experts, the film offers solutions for preserving bird populations by working 'in our own backyard'.

3:30 – 3:45
15 mins. Producer: Storytellers Production Inc.
In these beautifully animated legends, many life and environmental lessons are given. The beauty, bounty and vulnerability of Mother Earth through the seasons shines in these gentle, fun, and at times mischievous Native legends. Wesakechak hates his name and convinces the Creator to give everyone new names hoping he can receive a better name than the one he already has. 

3:45 – 4:00
15 mins. Producer/Director: Boondocs Film & Video
A home-spun documentary that follows the highy-inspired visionaries behind the Xtracycle, the world's first SUB (sports utility bicycle). Ross and Kipchoge aren't just selling a bike...they are selling a vehicle for social change and starting the cultural revolution by way of the bike path.

4:05 – 4:30
10 mins. Produced by the Whaleman Foundation
Followed by short Q & A session by George Taylor, Seaflow Board Member
The dangers of high intensity active sonars, and how they pose a deadly threat to whales, dolphins and all life in the ocean.

4:35 – 5:20
43 mins. Produced by Tribe of Heart
How does a construction contractor from a tough Brooklyn neighbourhood become an impassioned animal activist? In this award winning documentary, Eddie Lama explains how he feared and avoided animals for most of his life, until the love of a kitten opened his heart, inspiring him to rescue abandoned animals,become a vegetarian and ultimately, to bring the message of compassion to the streets of New York.

SUNDAY 12:00 - 6:00 pm

12:00 – 12:30
25 mins. Produced by Solterra and The Sierra Club
Explores the adverse health and other effects felt by economically poor and minority communities that too often face the brunt of environmental pollution and poor land-use planning. While this story takes place in Cincinnati, Ohio, the tale can be transposed to many other metropolitan neighborhoods across the United States, and the world.

12:30 – 1:30
60 mins. Written, Directed, and Edited by Timothy Michael Gorski
This film sets out to uncover the real life story of Lolita, the world's oldest performing whale. Their journey delivered them from Miami, Florida to San Juan Island where she was captured three decades ago. The intimate, heart rending tale unfolded before them as they unearthed many heavily guarded secrets of the multi-billion dollar Marine Theme Park industry.

1:35 – 3:00
57 mins. A Dale Djerassi / Bo Boudart Production in association with Lobitos Creek Ranch
Followed by short Q & A session with the film-makers
A vivid and compelling exploration of the controversy surrounding proposed oil drilling in the fragile frozen ecosystem of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. This film brings to a sharp focus the broader debate over energy conservation vs. unbridled consumption. It also dramatizes the choice between technologies based on fossil fuels and those that draw upon renewable, efficient, and non-polluting energy resources.


3:05 – 3:20
15 mins. Producer: Storytellers Production Inc.
In these beautifully animated legends, many life and environmental lessons are given.

3:25 – 3:40
14 mins. A Wilderness Way Project (Email)
The first major winter storm in 2004 led to a record breaking run of Coho salmon returning to their natal stream in the San Geronimo Valley to spawn -- the final act of their three year life cycle.  Scenes show salmon jumping, the rain swollen pools of the Inkwells, females digging nests, males battling, jacks interceding, bodies degenerating, and carcasses providing food for wildlife and nutrients for habitat.

3:45 – 4:15
30 mins. Filmmaker Stan Minasian
This film documents the incredible life of the leatherbacks – the largest species of sea turtle - which can dive as deep as the whales and migrate across entire ocean basins. Much of the story is told through interviews with leading marine scientists, including Dr. Sylvia Earle, explorer-in-residence at the National Geographic Society and named Time magazine's first "hero for the planet."

4:20 – 4:50
PBS NOW Special: Mercury in Seafood
30 mins
The expose focuses on the health effects from eating seafood contaminated with mercury.

4:55– 5:55
60 mins. Produced by Wholesome Goodness Productions
About 70% of the food we eat contains genetically engineered ingredients and the biotech industry is spending $50 million a year to convince us that this technology is our only hope. Using hilarious and disturbing archival footage and featuring interviews with farmers, scientists, government officials and activists, FED UP! presents an entertaining and compelling overview of our current food production system from the Green Revolution to the Biotech Revoluti    on and what we can do about it.


To subscribe to Bay Area Animal Rights Network please send blank email
baarn-subscribe [at]

For events: 
Please see yahoogroups message archives and calendar at

Sun June 5

# SF living foods Potluck Sun June 5 1p Community Room of the Police Station at 630 Valencia @ 17th. Please bring a raw vegan potluck dish to share sufficient for 10- 12, with a serving utensil, and your own plate and silverware. Potluck is free to members and $3 to non-members - an additional $5 if you don't bring food to share. Our speaker this month will be Dr Ornamenth a raw food doctor in Marin.

# Celebrating Women's Leadership in Sustainable Development  A United Nations World Environment Day 2005 Event Convened by the Women's Global Green Action Network and Local Partners

The 2005 UN World Environment Day in San Francisco provides an ideal opportunity to highlight women's perspectives and contributions to the global environmental challenge. Come hear the incredible stories of women leaders working tirelessly for positive change!

When: Sunday June 5th, 2005 1-2 p.m.  Meet Local Grassroots Organizations, hear stories of women leaders around the world 2-5 p.m. Celebration: Music & Speakers $15 (Sliding Scale) at the door.

Where: Fort Mason Festival Pavilion, San Francisco, CA Intersection of Marina Boulevard & Buchanan Street, in the Marina district. (Adjacent to the Green Building Expo & the Environmental Art Show) Public Transportation is highly encouraged as parking will be limited.

Confirmed Speakers Include:

Marta Benavides Salvadoran activist, theologian and educator. Founder of Ecohouse, International Institute for Cooperation Amongst Peoples-IICP,  Received: 2003 U.N.'s Prize for Women's Creativity in Rural Life

Julia Butterfly Hill Activist, Bestselling Author, and Founder of Circle of Life. Julia has been touring the U.S. and educating about themes of Respect, Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle to reduce our impact on our Earth and add deeper meaning and joy to our lives.

Camila Chavez Dolores Huerta Foundation. Camilla works with the Foundation to focus on community organizing and leadership training in low-income under-represented communities. Camila is the daughter of Dolores Huerta and niece of Cesar Chavez.

Harinder Pal Kaur  Ecological Designer and Construction Project Manager. Harinder has pioneered ecological design and construction in India. She is the Project Director for the development of the world's leading chain of ecological hotels for Kamat Hotels (India) Ltd.

Hunter Lovins Founder and president of Natural Capitalism, Inc. Founder & president of Natural Capitalism, Inc. and the non-profit Natural Capitalism Solutions; co-author, Natural Capitalism; professor, MBA in Sustainable Management program at Presidio World College.

Rev. Sally Grover Bingham Environmental Ministry Grace Cathedral.   Executive Director of The Regeneration Project/ Interfaith Power and Light National Campaign, Energy Globe Award in 2002, Linz Austria. Clean Air Champion Award from Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

Fredericka Bryant Senior at El Cerrito High School in Richmond, California and a member of Youth Environmental Ambassadors of Health (YEAH) program of MYA. She has given presentations at public meetings at UC Berkeley, in Washington D.C. and before the California State Senate Environmental Health Policy Committee. Her goal is to work as a youth leader in an environmental justice organization.

Musical Guests Pat Humphries & Sandy O  "Keep on Moving Forward (Never Turning Back)," "Common Thread," and "Swimming to the Other Side" are sung at peace & justice events around the world. The Beijing Conference in 1995 opened with "Keep on Moving Forward".

Musical Guest Sharon Abreu Environmental Educator and Activist. Helped develop and promote the World Harmony Network for Sustainable Development at the World Summit on Sustainable Development. Sharon lends her voice and musical talents to enhance public awareness of environmental issues.

Co-Sponsors & Partners Asian Pacific Environmental Network, BAIDO (Bay Area International Development Organization), Breast Cancer Action, Breast Cancer Fund, Circle of Life, CODEPINK, Global Fund for Women, Global Exchange, International Museum of Women, Luna Bar, Ma'at Youth Academy, Matters of Trust, Pacific Environment, People's Grocery, Rainforest Action Network, Sea Breeze Sea Vegetables, Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition, WAGES

For more information contact: WOMENS GLOBAL GREEN ACTION NETWORK Co- Coordinators: Melinda (Mindy) Kramer, Pacific Environment mkramer [at] (415) 399-8850 ext. 309

Redwood Mary (Mary Rose Kaczorowski), U.N. Commission on Sustainable Development NGO Women's' International Caucus redwoodmary [at] (510) 459-9448

For Information About UN World Environment Day 2005, San Francisco, CA

# California Animal Agriculture: Facts & Fallacies
June 5 3 PM Cellspace, 2050 Bryant St @ 18th / 19th St.
Info: EBAA's Christine Morrissey will examine how Californians impact
the lives of humans and animals, and the environment -- every time a
meat or dairy product is purchased. Admission is free. Sponsored by Bay
Area Vegetarians.

# 6/5/05 Sun 3-5pm California Animal Agriculture: Facts & Fallacies

This month Christine Morrissey, director of East Bay Animal Advocates, joins us to examine how Californians impact the lives of humans and animals, and the environment, every time a meat or dairy product is purchased.

Morrissey has conducted investigative rescues at egg, turkey, dairy and broiler farms in California's Central Valley. EBAA's Free Range and Dairy Investigations will be examined in detail. Attendees will get the opportunity to observe the unfiltered plight of animals in agriculture.

Light refreshments will be served. This presentation is part of the Compassionate Living program, which examines issues related to vegetarianism, animal rights, and being an advocate for a more compassionate lifestyle via discussions, films, and speakers. Admission is free. Donations welcome to support the Compassionate Living program.

What: California Animal Agriculture: Facts & Fallacies Where: SF (Mission) - Cellspace, 2050 Bryant Street When: 6/5/05 Sunday, 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm RSVP: Cost: Free Full Details:

# Mon June 6 7:30 PM Join us every first and third Monday at 7:30 pm to drum, sing, dance and play music around the fire. All musical instruments are welcome. Fire spinning / poi is very much encouraged as well. The LaunchPad is at 3833 Martin Luther King, Jr Way (@ MacArthur Blvd) in northwest Oakland. It's one block west of MacArthur BART station.

# 1st Thursday Art receptions; 20 galeries in a 5 story building. 49 Geary @ Market and 3rd. 5:30-7:30pm FREE! (free paper too)

DO NOT MISS David Maisel aerial photos, true color, of lakes and mine tailings, mineral and metal collection ponds. Haines Gallery, 5th floor.

# Herbal allies in the garden & at home Sat June 11, 10 am – 12 noon
Did you know some of the most common garden plants and
weeds can be allies in your daily life?! Learn about
growing, harvesting and using tonic herbs for stress
and balance in our busy city lives.
Garden for the Environment, 7th Ave. at Lawton St.
Pre-registration required. $15. Please call 731-5627
to pre-register or for more information.
Celebrate the Summer Solstice!*** Sat June 18, 5 pm – 7 pm
Everyone is invited to the Garden to enjoy the bounty
of summer and the community that the garden makes
possible! It's a potluck BBQ so please bring drinks,
desserts, and salads to share as well as food to grill
and your own plate and utensils.
Garden for the Environment, 7th Ave. at Lawton St. (a

# Saturday, June 11th 2005
Mystic Beat Lounge presents
The Harmony Festival Saturday Night
The North Bay's largest and most epic dance party of the year.
Saturday - June 11 - 2005
7:30 PM to 2 AM - New Later Hours!
Doors open & Dinner served at 7:30 PM
Grace Pavilion
Santa Rosa Fairgrounds (Harmony Festival Site)
Tickets only $25 for all 3 stages - All Ages
From Black Rock City to the depths of your tribal instincts comes this international electro-tribal-percussion fire performance troupe with over 100 drums, 25 performers, aerial acrobats & a freak circus like you've never seen before.
The West Coast's guru of wicked bass & mesmerizing breakbeats brings us a rare choreographed stage show with El Circo, Apsara, custom visuals, fashion freakshows and all original music exclusively designed for the Bassnectar summer tour.
The brilliant mind behind Tabla Beat Science brings us together to experience the harmony of eastern and western electronic music culture together. This DJ/Live Tabla performance will carry to distant lands while your feet stomp the local ground.
Emerging from San Francisco's sprawling underground art scene, Dhamaal has exploded into one of the most innovative and creative artists and event producers within the groundbreaking Asian Underground musical movement.
As the first Indian electronica band to hit the international scene, Midival Punditz have ushered in a new era of music that marries the soulful elegance of South Asia's rich traditional heritage with the exuberance and limitless potential of electronica.
SF's new breed of tribal exotic circus performance troupe. This dazzling Avante-cabaret community of dancers, actors, aerial and fire artists, acrobats, contortionists, and beautiful circus freaks bring an original stage show like no other.
Through the use of elaborate costuming, art installations, and per

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