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IMPORTANT!!!!! 7 SF Activists Subpoenaed By Federal Grand Jury
by anti-HLS
Wednesday May 25th, 2005 5:57 PM
Animal rights activists in SF have recently had their houses raided, and have been harrassed and followed by the FBI.
We are not hearing about this and it really worries me. People NEED to know what is going on. If you know more info please post here.


Tuesday May 31st @7pm
3030-B 16th Street near Mission

At least seven local activists have been subpoenaed in the last week to appear before a federal grand jury convened in SF. In recent decades, the federal government has increasingly used the grand jury to intimidate and harass activists pushing for social justice.


Mark Vermeulen -The National Lawyers Guild

Claude Marks -Freedom Archives

Anita Carswell -Former grand jury resister

& Local activists with grand jury experience

Check for upcoming demonstrations.

Modern-Day Witch Hunts Must End!
As government repression in general increases, so does the use of the federal grand jury to intimidate, incarcerate and render impotent activists across social movements. In recent years, pressure on the animal rights, environmental justice, anti-war and anarchist movements has increased exponentially. At a recent hearing before the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, John E. Lewis, Deputy Assistant Director of the Counterterrorism Division of the FBI, testified that, "Investigating and preventing animal rights extremism and eco-terrorism is one of the FBI's highest domestic terrorism priorities."

Links for more information about grand juries:
Just Cause Law Collective: Go to the "grand juries" section.

No Compromise:
Go to "Issue Archive" #22 fall 2003

The National Lawyers Guild 212-679-5100 ext.12
Bay Area phone# 415-285-1041


Feds Target Bay Area Activists 04/24/2005 ARREST, HOUSE SEARCHES, AND NEW ALERT TURN UP HEAT Federal agents have been targeting Animal Rights activists in the Bay Area ? arresting one, following and detaining others, raiding two homes, and posting a new bulletin for a "wanted" suspect. Peter Young was arrested on March 21st in San Jose. Federal officials have accused him of freeing some 8,000 mink from fur farms in Wisconsin, South Dakota and Iowa. He had been sought since 1998 after being indicted, along with Justin Samuel, on charges of violating the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. He now faces up to 82 years in prison. Justin Samuel was caught by authorities in 1999. After agreeing to implicate Peter Young in a plea agreement, Samuel eventually served two years in prison and is now free and li ving in San Diego. Despite repeated efforts to reintegrate himself into the animal rights movement, activists have shunned Samuel as untrustworthy and a snitch. At 6am, Sunday April 10th, members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, FBI, ATF, Secret Service, Coast Guard, and local police raided activist homes with guns drawn. Since the arrest of Peter Young in Santa Clara County, there have been increasing levels of activity by the Feds in the counties of San Francisco, Alameda, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz. The scope of the warrants issued suggests that their primary emphasis is on targeting people who are doing support work for Peter. All materials related to his support campaign found at the homes were seized, and people who have visited Peter in jail, or attended court dates have been followed.

Meanwhile, the FBI is still looking for Daniel Andreas San Diego, their prime suspect in the 2003 bombings of two East Bay companies targeted by Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC). Last week, an updated bulletin seeking his arrest was posted and distributed widely across the mainstream media regarding new information the FBI has apparently gathered regarding distinctive tattoos. The source of the information is unknown at this time.
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