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Anniversary of a Medical Tragedy

by Questioning AIDS
Marking the anniversary of the announcement of HIV as the probable cause of AIDS

Today marks the 21st anniversary of the press conference where it was announced that HIV was the probable cause of AIDS. Since that fateful day, almost all discussion relating to other causes of the two original illnesses defined as AIDS have been marginalized, if not nullified.

Over the years 27 more diseases would be attributed to the effects of infection with this retrovirus. The definition of AIDS itself has also changed since then. The public has accepted all of this unquestioningly.
We've seem to have no difficulty believing the contradictory information concerning HIV and AIDS. We don't bat an eye when we're told what amazing feats this retrovirus is capable of. Worst of all, we simply don't question. Period.

It's way past time to start asking basic questions about HIV and AIDS. Here's a beginner's list.
1. What are retroviruses, and what do they do?
2. How do HIV tests work?
3. Why is there no standard to determine HIV infection?
4. How can an immune system be producing antibodies yet still be considered to be fatally crippled?
5. Why hasn't HIV been isolated according to Koch's Postulates? And why should that concern you?
6. How can Africa (a large, rurally-populated continent) be ravaged by AIDS, yet the densely-populated West (Europe and the US) isn't?
7. Exactly how does HIV go about reducing T-cell counts? The story keeps changing. Why doesn't that seem to raise a red flag?
8. How accurate are T-cell counts in determining clinical health?
9. AIDS drugs come with long lists of side-effects, many of which are the same as the symptoms of AIDS. How do you know which symptom is AIDS and which is caused by the drugs?

These are just a handful of questions. Twenty-one years have passed. It's time to start asking very basic questions.

by Vivian Stamp


The multi-billion dollar AIDS/HIV fraud is based on two fabrications: that AIDS is a single disease and that it is caused by the HI virus or the "HIV virus" as some medical/media masterminds call it - perhaps they think the V in HIV stands for volcano.

In Japan "AIDS" is virtually unknown : yet, in random tests, 25% of people were found to be "HIV-positive".
HIV-positive response means nothing of any relevance to health: it can be triggered by vaccination, malnutrition, M.S., measles, influenza,
papilloma virus wart, Epstein Barr virus, leprosy, glandular fever, hepatitis, syphillis ... : over sixty different conditions.

Dr Robert E. Willner, inoculated himself with the blood of Pedro Tocino, a HIV-positive haemophiliac, on live Spanish television: an event which was not picked up the pharma-beholden British or US media.

The great HIV/AIDS lie was created by Robert Gallo who was found guilty of "scientific misconduct". "...instead of trying to prove his insane theories about AIDS to his peers...he went public. Then, with the help of
Margaret Heckler, former head of Health and Human Services, who was under great political pressure to come up with an answer to AIDS, the infamous
world press announcement of the discovery of the so-called AIDS virus came about.

This great fraud is now responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands... It was no accident that Gallo just happened to patent the test for HIV the day after the announcement...Gallo is now a multi-millionaire because of AIDS and his fraudulent AIDS test." Dr.

By grouping together 25-plus different diseases and other allied factors -
pneumonia, herpes, candidiasis, salmonella, various cancers, infections, vaccine and antibiotic damage, amyl nitrate damage, malnutrition etc.and,
particularly in Africa, TB, malaria, dysentery leprosy and "slim disease" - and calling the whole thing an "AIDS epidemic", a multi-billion dollar/pound "AIDS research and treatment" racket has been created.

The mythical "HIV-induced AIDS plague" in the Third World generates huge sums of cash from Western relief organisations whilst smokescreening the
vaccine/drug boys, responsible for the carnage.

Every death of someone "HIV-positive" is recorded as an "AIDS death".

Periodically, the BBC/ITV/Press visit
Africa/Yugoslavia/Russia etc to
report on the "HIV/AIDS victims" and how they cannot afford the "life-saving AZT." Glaxo Wellcome's lethal drug, AZT, in combination with the diagnosis of
HIV-positive and the prediction, stated or implied, that - "You will die of AIDS" is one of the great pieces of Medical Black Magic - Voodoo Medicine at its most impressive: people have committed suicide on the
basis of the ludicrous diagnosis.

Pregnant women who are HIV-positive have been told to stop breast-feeding, dosed with AZT, have had abortions or have been sterilised. HIV-positive
babies who become ill -from vaccination or whatever - are automatically diagnosed as "suffering from AIDS".
"Considering that there is little scientific proof of the exact linkage of HIV and AIDS, is it ethical to prescribe AZT, a toxic chain terminator of 150,000 Americans - among them pregnant women and newborn babies..? Rep.G Gutknecht US House of Representatives.

New Labour "Health" have now announced that all pregnant women in the UK will be "offered" a HIV test. Those who fall for the scam and who are diagnosed as "HIV positive" will be given the chance to have themselves and their unborn child permanently damaged by AZT etc. Pregnancy, itself, can cause a positive diagnosis.

AZT began as a "cancer drug" but was withdrawn for being too toxic: like being thrown out of the Gestapo for cruelty. Its effects include - cancer, hepatitis, dementia, seizures, anxiety, impotence, leukopaenia, , severe
nausea, ataxia, etc. and the termination of DNA synthesis. i.e. AIDS/death by prescription. AZT eventually kills all those who continue to take it.

"WARNING : Retrovir (AZT)...has been associated with symptomatic myopathy, similar to that produced by Human Immunodeficiency Virus..." Glaxo
Wellcome literature!

None of which stops the medical trade from pushing it on every trusting sap who is not ill to start with but is labelled with the "HIV-positive" nonsense and then destroyed by AZT; with "AIDS" getting the blame - and
more billions pouring in for the drug boys, vivisectors, animal breeders and the rest. The latest stunt is to give a "cocktail" of drugs - including AZT, of course, and at £12,000 per head, per year - to all homosexual men who are "HIV-positive".

A particularly good scam is to haul into court someone "guilty of deliberately infecting the victim with the 'HIV-Virus which causes AIDS' " which then develops into "full-blown AIDS" - no mention of vaccine,
antibiotic damage etc or full-blown AZT. Over 2000 - and rising, of the world's scientists are now disputing the HIV hoax, their efforts being continually suppressed by the AIDS establishment, the pharmaceutical/vivisection syndicate and their political and media lackeys
by Hugo Webber
please add YOUR COMMENTS and forward to relevant newspapers...

23rd April 2005 = AIDS CRITICS DAY / Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

On the 23rd April 1984, Dr. Robert Gallo declared on a press conference in Washington, that he had discovered a Virus (HTLV-III lateron to renamed as HIV) the probable cause for AIDS.

During these 21 years gone, billions of Dollars have been spend on
scientific research to find a vaccine or a cure. So far with no adequate result.

So wouldn´t it be time perhaps to apply the same principles of
"controlling" as in any other industry? Isn't the time ripe for some
kind of rethinking with regards to the whole "HIV causes AIDS" theory?

Furtheron, there is a growing number of critical doctors, scientists and politicians to the rather onesided views that have been published about the aids pandemic.

This letter would be tooo long to go into detail on all the different aspects, that critical scientists have pointed out, but the main points of aids criticism are:

So far HIV has NOT fulfilled the "Koch postulates" (The worldwide
excepted criteria to prove that a microbe is the cause for an illness, developed over a hundred years ago by the german scientist Robert Koch)

HIV has not been isolated from other body cell material.

There is no electromagnetic photo of HIV available. What has been
published many times are either computer animations or photos from cell material with no specifics as requested by strict scientific rules.

In view of the development over the last 21 years, wouldn´t it be a
responsibility from the media to inform the general public about these concerns?

How come, that there are discussions accepted about complementary
therapies when someone has high blood pressure, a heart attack or even cancer, while the "HIV causes AIDS" theory seems to be repeated again and again almost like a religious dogma and people who question this are labelled "dissidents" "denialists" "communists" "new age thinkers" "flat earthers" or even "nazi's".

Fact of the matter is, that there are over 2000 scientists worldwide who have voiced aids critical opinions. This list includes highly acclaimed scientists and nobel price winners like Prof. Kary Mullis.

More and more people who have been diagnosed HIV+ refuse to take the so called "aids cocktails" because there are reports that these are highly toxic and resort to a healthy lifestyle combined with a mixture of natural remedies and other complementary methods.

Furtheron there are over 9000 signatures from people worldwide, who have signed the petition of truth initiated by President Thabo Mbeki from South Africa.

There are hundreds of websites where one can read some of the critical comments about HIV and AIDS.

There are millions of results, if one enters any of the aids-critics

So my main question is: "Why are the mainstream media outlets sooo
reluctant to publish anything to do with "AIDS CRITICISM" ?

Could it be true, that the pressure from pharmaceutical companies to
reduce advertising is so much bigger, then the often resorted terms of
"democratic flow of information" "free speech" and the "freedom of
opinion" as practised with most parts of reporting about a given topic.

We, the growing number of aids-critical people worldwide will make the 23rd April 2005 the first "DAY of ACTION" and will voice our criticism about the various aspects of the "HIV causes AIDS" theory and the consequences individually and socially.

The main scientific event on the 23rd April 2005 is the 2 day seminar "EL SIDA SI SE CURA" in Peru under the medical leadership from Dr. Roberto Giraldo. Please support that event, because there will be widespread medical repercussions, at least for most of South America... Please take also into consideration, that there are not many events that have taken place as big as the one in Peru, where critical scientific opinions are voiced by TOP doctors and scientists...

Please publish something about the AIDS CRITICS DAY on 23rd April 2005.

Thanking you for your support.

Kind Regards

Hugo Webber
Information and Communications Officer / team

please see relevant weblinks here >>

23rd April 2005 = AIDS CRITICS DAY

What can YOU do on 23rd April = CRITICAL AIDS DAY?

Dia Critico del SIDA

Over 2000 have doctors, scientists and concerned people signed the
petition to support "The Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the
HIV-AIDS Hypothesis"

IS “HIV” REALLY THE CAUSE OF AIDS? a few hundred aids quotes

Over 2000 people on the list from Alberta Reappraising Aids Society

Over 9000 people have signed the Petition to support President Thabo
Mbeki / South Africa

More quotes and links from AIDS-Critics

Top 100 AIDS Science Inconsistencies

forums from aids critical people, to show you, that all the above is not
just plain theory, but an ever growing number of concerned people
discuss the various topics of HIV-AIDS from an alternative point of
view. When will YOU join us?

dissident action


german forum

latino forum

for further research, please enter any combination of keywords below.
You'll be surprised...

keywords: aids critics day # critical aids day # 23rd april 1984 aids # 23rd april 2005 aids # aids critics books # criticalaidsday #
aidscriticsday # aids critics # aids dissidents # aids controversy # dr gallo critics # aids lawsuits # aids court cases # azt critics # aids censorship # critical virology # aids criticism # hiv-aids censorship # aids-hiv critics # hiv critics # dr gallo lawsuits # azt toxicity # haart toxicity # interferon toxicity # dr gallo court cases # hiv test false positive # aids lies # hep-c critic # hiv-hcv critics # hiv test critic # aids war # aids keywords # robert gallo critic # critical virologists # koch postulates # aids critics keywords campaign #
by Mike Diamond

"The Roche Amplicor HIV-1 Monitor(TM) test kit, approved by the FDA, was used by more than 70% of the laboratories reporting results."

The test kit list:


"The AMPLICOR HIV-1 MONITOR Test is not intended to be used as a screening test for HIV or as a diagnostic test to confirm
the presence of HIV infection." 

NucliSens(R) HIV-1 QT -- HIV QT Nov. 13, 2001

"The NucliSens(R) HIV-1 QT assay is not intended to be used as a screening test for HIV-1 nor is it to be used as a diagnostic test to confirm the presence of HIV-1 infection." 

COBAS AmpliScreen HIV-1 Test, version 1.5
Approval Date: 12/19/2003

"This test is not intended for use as an aid in diagnosis." 

Procleix(R) HIV-1/HCV Assay -- IN0076-01, Rev. A
Approval Date: 6/4/2004

"The Procleix HIV-1 Discriminatory Assay may be used as an aid in the diagnosis of HIV-1 infection."


"The rLAV EIA is intended to be used as a screening test for donated blood or plasma and as an aid in the diagnosis of infection with HIV-1."


"System is intended for use as an aid in diagnosis of infection with HIV-1. It is not intended for use in screening blood donors."


"Accurate diagnosis of HIV-1 infection is important in determining an individual's risk for developing AIDS. Accuracy is complicated by false-positive and false-negative (EIA) results. It would appear that in some limited infections, a compartmentalized response occurs in which expression of HIV-1 or its respective Immune response is limited to a restricted number of organs and tissues.(17)"

"Slight ambiguities exist in the designation of the molecular weights of the HIV-I antigens. The designations listed in Figure 1 have been established by both internal testing with known markers and consensus of published

"Although a blot POSITIVE for antibodies to HIV-1 indicates infection with the virus..."
"POSITIVE blot results using any specimen type (serum, plasma, or urine) should be followed with additional testing. Such testing may rely on alternative test methods or specimen types. The clinical implications of antibodies to HIV-1 in an asymptomatic person are not known."

"The sensitivity ... using urine was evaluated by comparing the urine results to the results obtained from testing paired serum specimens collected from individuals who were HIV-1 seropositive and from individuals clinically diagnosed as AIDS patients." 

OraSure(R) HIV-1 Western Blot Kit

"The OraSure HIV-l Western Blot Kit is an in vitro qualitative assay for the detection of antibodies to individual proteins of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 (HIV-l) in human oral fluid specimens
obtained with the OraSure HIV-l Oral Specimen Collection Device.

The OraSure HIV-l Western Blot Kit is not intended for use with blood, serum/plasma or urine specimens, or for screening or reinstating potential blood donors." 

Reveal(TM) Rapid HIV -1 Antibody Test
"The Reveal" Rapid HIV -1 Antibody Test is intended for use as a point-of-care test to aid in the diagnosis of  infection with HIV -1. This test is suitable for use in multi-test algorithms designed for statistical validation of rapid HIV test results."
by Sally
New Highly Virulent Strain of BS Found

No new "strain" has been detected. Just ONE person who did not respond in the usual way to antiretroviral drugs...and if one's immune system is destroyed through drug abuse, the anti HIV drugs, which are hard on the body by themselves, certainly are not going to help a patient in this situation. No credible news report would use the term "crystal methamphetamine" and would certainly not describe it as a "narcotic."

It does NOT put people to sleep!

1. All of their counts for New York are estimated.

2. The "patient" they found was a routine abuser of crystal
methamphetamine, Which we all know will seriously destroy your immune system.

Pay close attention when you read and see if you can see a national newspaper "of record" pulling some yellow journalism

Know Peter Duesberg? He doesn't believe HIV causes AIDS.
"He has instead proposed the hypothesis that the various
American/European AIDS diseases are brought on by the long-term consumption of recreational drugs and/or AZT itself, which is prescribed to prevent or treat AIDS. See The AIDS Dilemma: Drug diseases blamed on a passenger virus."

And here's a new bloomberg article about a "New, Virulent HIV Strain".

Guess what - The guy is a heavy crystal meth user - and was treated with several anti retrovirus drugs. Suddenly he's sick!

Can't imagine why. And they label it AIDS. Another highlight from the article - '"the patient's use of crystal methamphetamine shows that the drug continues to play a significant role in facilitating the transmission of HIV.'' The drug reduces peoples' inhibitions and their likelihood of using condoms or other forms of safe sex, he said.'

Right. So they admit the corrolation between meth and AIDS. But it's only because a person is less likely to use a condom, get HIV, then AIDS. hmmmm. Fishy. What do you think?

The NY Times even states in the first paragraph that "many scientists are skeptical". I wonder why?

The article ends with information about drug companies' stock.. Glaxco stock jumped up so much that it caused a boom on ALL Europen Exchanges. The power of myths.

Yep, I agree. HIV/AIDS is about money, not truth or health.
by Hugo Webber (hweb_3 [at]
Dear Reader,

You may be new to the aids-critical discussion, or perhaps you have come to your own conclusions already. At any rate, since there are so many scientific questions, which are subject to questioning, please add YOUR COMMENTS to any of the ongoing threads worldwide...

With best wishes
Hugo Webber

For more info see here >>

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Anniversary of a Medical Tragedy

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Anniversary of a Medical Tragedy

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Why Bono and HIV/AIDS Inc will be stopped

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South Africa Indymedia
23rd April 2005 = AIDS CRITICS DAY / Letter to the Editor

Austria Indymedia
23rd April 2005 = AIDS CRITICS DAY
(many people speak english there, so even if this is a german language board, add your comments.)

German dissident forum
(not very active, shows that the number of aids-critical people in germany is not all that big. could do with some fresh input. Needs registration, but the moderator speaks english)

To search, use any combination of aids-critical keywords >>
aids critics # aids controversy # dr gallo critics # azt critics # aids critics books # aids lawsuits # aids court cases # aids censorship # critical virology # hiv aids censorship # hiv-aidsaids critics # aids dissidetns # hiv critics # dr gallo lawsuits # azt toxicity # haart toxicity # interferon toxicity # dr gallo court case(s) # hiv test false positive # aids lies # hep-c critics # hiv-hcv critics # hiv test critics # aids war # aids keywords # robert gallo critics # critical virologists # koch postulates # aids critics keywords campaign #

Aids Critics Keywords Campaign >>
by Celia Farber
Are AIDS drugs worse than the disease? Don't ask the people who make them.

By Celia Farber

After 20 years of hysteria, alarmism, misplaced recrimination and guilt, AIDS fatigue has beaten the newspaper-reading mind into a kind of blank. Citizens can't be faulted for not knowing how exactly to respond to last week's eruption of scandal from an NIH whistle-blower named Jonathan Fishbein, an AIDS researcher charged with overseeing clinical trials here and abroad. A reverberating language of bureaucracy and euphemism surrounds AIDS stories, making it impossible to know what has actually transpired. When people die from AIDS drugs, for instance, the word "death" is studiously avoided. I have seen medical articles documenting the fact that more people now die of toxicities from AIDS drugs than from the vanishingly opaque syndrome we once called AIDS. Death was referred to as a "grade four event," thus placing it eerily within the acceptable parameters of predictable phenomena in AIDS research—not as a failure, a crisis or even something to lament.

John Solomon broke the first in a series of stories in the Associated Press on Dec. 14. The lede read:

Weeks before President Bush announced a plan to protect African babies from AIDS, top US health officials warned that research in Uganda on a key drug was flawed and may have underreported severe reactions, including deaths, government documents show.

The story held many shocking revelations, but was quickly spun upside-down and inside-out by the AIDS spin machine, which can take any horror and reduce it to banality, keeping the strict focus off of government malfeasance. What Fishbein disclosed was that NIH AIDS research chief Edmund Tramont had airbrushed and cooked damning clinical data from a large experimental trial in Uganda that tested a drug called Nevirapine against AZT, in pregnant HIV-antibody-positive women, intended to reduce HIV transmission. Tramont had censored reports of thousands of toxic reactions to the drug, and "at least 14 deaths," concealing from the White House the truth about the drug, just before Bush rolled out his $500 million plan to push Nevirapine across Africa.

Additional data not widely reported in the media revealed that there were 16 more deaths in babies on Nevirapine, bringing the total to 30, and 38 babies died on AZT (the other arm of the study). The ominous data coincided with findings from an aborted study in South Africa in the late 1990s (stopped due to toxicities and deaths); it was disturbing enough that the drug's manufacturer, Boehringer Ingelheim, withdrew its application to have the FDA approve the drug for use in pregnant women in all Western nations, including the U.S.

In 2000, the FDA put out a black-box label on the drug (which is approved for use in HIV-positive adults as part of a "cocktail therapy"), warning that it could cause fatal kidney damage and a syndrome that causes the flesh to blister and peel as though burned.

This is the drug that countless campaigners—spanning the political spectrum from George Bush to Bono—wish to give all Africans "free access" to. South African President Thabo Mbeki has been savagely pilloried for attempting to stop the drug's distribution to black South Africans. South African lawyer and journalist Anthony Brink's scathing report "The Trouble With Nevirapine" documented the long-known "problems" with the drug. The report was widely read by South Africa's leadership, and is the source of furious debate between black South Africans and the mostly white-run media, which still ridicules all criticism of U.S.-imported AIDS drugs and protocols as being a symptom of not caring about AIDS victims.

Nevirapine is a cheap drug, believed to reduce the transmission of HIV antibodies from mother to child if given before and during birth, despite there being no reliable data to prove that Nevirapine "drastically reduce[s]" transmission." (On average, in women who are well nourished, about eight percent of babies born to HIV-positive mothers with no intervention wind up HIV-antibody-positive; of these, disease progression is not tied to HIV status but rather to the overall health of the mother.) Wild claims about reduction in transmission are based on outdated, flawed research and ignore critical facts. In Africa, for instance, the test used to detect for HIV antibodies cross-reacts with the very proteins of pregnancy, meaning the women may not be true positives to begin with. Furthermore, every baby carries ghost antibodies from its mother for up to 18 months, which it eventually sheds, so all data about HIV status prior to that window of time is useless—but consistently cited anyway.

Nevirapine is a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor—a class of drug designed in the hopes of being less toxic than AZT. This isn't asking much, since AZT is chemotherapy that simply terminates DNA synthesis.

"Of all the AIDS drugs, Nevirapine is the most acutely toxic," explained Dr. Dave Rasnick, a fierce critic of the government's AIDS research agenda, and a former drug developer. "It shows its toxic effects quickly. It has been documented in the medical literature for years that a single dose of Nevirapine can kill a person. People don't normally drop dead from taking a protease inhibitor, but that is what happens with Nevirapine. The rationale for this stuff is just as bizarre as it could be."

He continued: "Liver toxicity is the leading cause of death of HIV-positive people in America and Europe in the cocktail era."

Some months ago, I asked Rasnick to send me documentation of this seemingly unfathomable statement, which he did. The statement is in line with interviews I did with healthcare workers back in 2000, who reported that many more people are hospitalized from the effects of the AIDS drugs than from any of the 30-odd symptoms that originally constituted the definition of AIDS (i.e., a disintegration of the immune system).

This would seem to be a p.r. problem for the AIDS industry. But as we learned from the spin that followed the Fishbein revelations, death by AIDS drugs is not viewed as something that should get in the way of a well-intentioned research agenda—either in the West or in Africa.

The high dudgeon, when it came, was directed not at the NIH for experimenting to lethal effect on pregnant Ugandan mothers, cooking and deleting data, stating openly that African research can't be held to the same standards as Western research, or any of the other disturbing things that came out of Tramontgate.

The ire was aimed at the Associated Press and its reporters for spreading alarm about Nevirapine in Africa, which raised "fears that many women there will stop taking the drug."

The New York Times led the Orwellian spin, in a December 21 article by Donald McNeil Jr. The lede went right to the heart of the matter: The dyspepsia of activists and public health experts.

A series of articles critical of past trials of an important AIDS drug has created a furor in Africa, causing many public health experts to worry that some countries will stop using the drug, which prevents mothers from infecting their babies with the virus that causes AIDS.

It went on: "On Friday, The National Institutes of Health for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, an arm of the National Institutes of Health, sharply criticized the articles, saying, 'It is conceivable that thousands of babies will become infected with HIV and die if single-dose Nevirapine for mother-to-infant HIV prevention is withheld because of misinformation.'"

Misinformation? The AP stories were specifically about the transmogrification of information into misinformation that Tramont engineered for his White House report. He cooked data. He deleted information about toxic reactions and death. In what kind of inverted universe is this not a gross violation of the entire premise of science and medicine?

Nature soon followed suit. From an article dated December 23, this dizzying opener:

Scientists and patient advocates this week united to defend an HIV treatment against allegations that a key clinical trial was flawed. A doctor from Global Strategis for HIV Prevention was quoted: 'This is the most successful therapy in the entire AIDS epidemic. It should not be attacked.'

"We are now living in a time of psychotic science, or abnormal science as I call it," said former New York Native publisher Chuck Ortleb, who was boycotted by the activist group ACT UP for publishing scathing critiques of AZT in the 1980s—a drug that was later proven to shorten rather than lengthen life. "That's why there are no controls in AIDS science, no dissent, why it's all science by press release. These self-appointed AIDS czars pretending to speak for the gay community, pretending to be revolutionaries, pretending to be anti-government when in fact they've always worked hand in hand with the government."

In recent years, Ortleb has turned to writing satirical novels, plays and a soon-to-be-released film called The Last Lovers on Earth, which is centered on a future dystopia in which AIDS research has been so successful that all gay men are dead.

"With their logic," Ortleb says, "this risk-benefit analysis, it doesn't matter if people die on the drugs, because they died so that the rest of the world could be saved."

His most recent send-up is a fictional press release for a new medical group called "Doctors Without Borders, Brains or Ethics," and focuses on protecting the AIDS establishment from criticism, "before the infection of skepticism spreads."

Let us not forget that Nevirapine is a drug that was pulled by its own manufacturer from use in the West, after an investment of many millions of dollars. It remains banned for use in pregnant first-world women.

Still, the NIH is using it on American women, in experimental trials you never heard about—until now. Alongside the revelations about the Ugandan trial, the AP stories brought to light that Joyce Ann Hafford, a 33-year-old, perfectly healthy, eight-months pregnant HIV-positive woman from Tennessee died from liver failure in an NIH trial testing Nevirapine. Her liver counts had been way off for days, and still doctors didn't take her off the drug.

The doctors told her family, naturally, that she had died of AIDS. The trouble is, cocktail-drug deaths are easily distinguished from AIDS deaths. This was not the case with AZT, a drug that simply decimated the immune system. Cocktail deaths are caused primarily by liver toxicity, heart attacks and strokes—from the effects of the drugs on the body's fat metabolism.

Hafford's death crystallizes the raging conflict between the establishment point of view that HIV is deadly and drugs save lives and the "denialist" or dissident point of view that HIV is not deadly at all by itself, but AIDS drugs are. Hafford had no so-called AIDS symptoms; she was simply HIV positive. She also had an older healthy child, which suggests that HIV may not be as lethal as advertised. By refusing to lament her death, or even the scores of Ugandan deaths, and instead attacking the messenger, the AIDS establishment has shown itself to be lost, with a broken compass, on the map of medicinal ethics.

Once it becomes acceptable to kill patients in experimental clinical trials and cover it up, without
by Hugo Webber
Hi all,

The various messages in this and other threads worldwide show, that there are many, many people concerned about the TRUTH with regard to HIV-AIDS and other medical topics. It will take some time to digest all the information, but i surely will come back again and again to read and check the various links.

Here are two more about aidscritical RADIO and VIDEO documentaries.




With these radio- and videolinks, respectively the INTERVIEWS and VIDEO CLIPS, you have enough material to organize a small HEALTH-INFOTAINMENT PARTY. Pass the radio- and video links onto your friends...

If you haven't got the technical resources, consider that many people have the latest tec-features because they like playing games on the net, listen to music, watch videos or are even active artists or musicians.

So ask a friend or a "friend of a friend" if they would help with such a HEALTH-INFOTAINMENT PARTY. Start small, even 5-10 people initially will be enough to get the discussion started "IS HIV really the cause for AIDS?"

Try to get in touch with musicians, artists, journalists, students, health-care- and social workers, political activists and help spreading the word: "THERE ARE MANY OPEN SCIENTIFIC QUESTIONS about HIV-AIDS"


Be persistent!!! The 23rd April 2005 was NOT intended as an ONE DAY ACTION but may be understood as the beginning of an ever increasing CAMPAIGN FOR TRUTH about "hiv-aids"

There are plenty of recourses on the internet, but we, the aids-critical activists have to be more outgoing into general forums and other available internet platforms, so that more and more people become aware of the "AIDS CONTROVERSY"


Kind Regards
Hugo webber

ps: if anyone should know of more RADIO or VIDEO links, please post here

Please enter some of these or similar keywords into a searchengine:

aids keywords # aids critics radio # aids critics videos # 23 April 1984 aids # aids critics # 23rd April 2005 aids # aids controversy # aids critics day # critical aids day # dr gallo critics # azt critics # aids lawsuits # aids court cases # aids censorship # aids critics books # critical virology # hiv-aids censorship # aids dissidents # hiv-aids critic # dr gallo lawsuits # azt toxicity # haart toxicity # interferon toxicity # dr gallo court cases # hiv test false-positive # elisa test critics # aids lies # hep-c critic(s) # hiv-hcv critics # hiv test critics # aids war # robert gallo critics # critical virologists # retroviruses definition # durban declaration # aids critics forum # aids critics keywords campaign # koch postulates #
by Mark
There is a BIG AIDS DEBATE going on @ FREEREPUBLIC. Shows that AIDS isneither leftwing or rightwing topic. Over 80 comments on this fast moving string already. Post your comments!!!

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