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Attacks on Abu Ghraib highlight continuing Iraqi armed resistance
by wsws (reposted)
Saturday Apr 9th, 2005 9:19 AM
On April 2, Iraqi insurgents launched one of the highest profile attacks of the two-year guerilla war against the US-led occupation: an assault on the Abu Ghraib prison complex in Baghdad where thousands of Iraqis are being detained.
As dusk fell, as many as 50 well-armed guerillas unleashed a barrage of mortar rounds and rocket-propelled grenades at a prison watchtower, giving cover to suicide bombers who detonated two explosive-filled vehicles in attempts to blow a hole in the prison walls.

Over the next two hours, the insurgents fought a pitched battle with prison guards and US military reinforcements before carrying out a military-style withdrawal into the surrounding residential neighbourhoods. In the course of the firefight, 44 American troops and at least 13 prisoners were wounded.

On April 4, a second attack on the prison was carried out. A suicide bomber detonated a tractor laden with explosives outside the complex, wounding five civilians in the vicinity.

There is little doubt that Abu Ghraib was targeted to ensure the insurgents’ actions were widely reported and to develop political support for the armed resistance. Once notorious for the brutality of Saddam Hussein’s rule, the prison has become a symbol of the crimes being committed against the Iraqi people under US occupation, especially since the publication last year of photos showing detainees being tortured and degraded by American interrogators and prison guards.

Many of the 3,500 Iraqis currently held in the prison camp were seized by American troops during the massive US assault that reduced the city of Fallujah to rubble last November, or in the course of more recent raids. Hundreds of men are being held for little more than being of fighting age, members of the former ruling Baathist Party or the relatives of suspected insurgent leaders—so-called “security detainees”. Many have no idea when or if they will face trial and have no access to legal counsel. There are widespread allegations of overcrowding, abuse, poor food and denial of family visits.

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by Steve
Saturday Apr 9th, 2005 1:56 PM
Horseshit. The attacks show the failure of the "insurgency" to have any effect at all. The election killed their cause, so now they are reduced to attacking prisons. You might also note that the kill ratio of bad guys by our forces was over 50%. Perhaps that explains why Zarquawi is complaining about a "shortage of martrys". He's running out of stupid, brain dead fanatics or has-been Baathists.
by radical
Saturday Apr 9th, 2005 3:20 PM
"The attacks show the failure of the "insurgency" to have any effect at all."

not even your dim-witted leader, GWB, makes that claim.

"they are reduced to attacking prisons.."

only someone burdened by extreme ideological brain-rot would infer attacks on prisons--which, by definition, are supposed to be SECURED--as a sign of weakness.

by ja blow me
Friday Apr 22nd, 2005 9:38 PM
Hey dumbass, prisons are always there, in the same place, with a set routine. Most security is facing inwardand set up to hold onto prisoners not assault out of the compound.

But the bad guys are very good at blowing up the unarmed. How heroic to blow up people in line! Makes your heart sing, don't it?
by father figure
Saturday Apr 23rd, 2005 12:32 AM
cool sites you lurk at. Are you typing with one hand? does it excite you to show your ignorance? No wait, you're a rebel, right? Full of independant thought unlike the other zombies out there. Why Bush is evil because Michael Moore says so, right? The only reason anything is ever done is for the good of the evil multinationals that pollute your mind with flouridated water.

i actually was sympathetic to the cause before dealing with you little fucksticks, but am seriously considering shortening the life span of you or one of your minions whenever you cross my path. Either that or making sure that you at least think about how fucking stupid you were to mess with the wrong people. call me whatever name suits you, but i am one of those vets that come back all pissed off and angry at the world and you're snide little comments just fill me with a desire for you to feel my pain.
anti semitic? fuck you buddy. what experience do you have/ apart from this lust you carry for children?