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SF Reclaim the Streets April 2
by rts supporter
Tuesday Mar 8th, 2005 2:33 PM
Reclaim the streets is coming
C A L L I N G A L L C O N S P I R A T O R S . . .
There's a MUTINY in the works and Reclaim the Streets
needs your help to plan it!

a comMUNIty mutiny against fare hikes hits SF in the form
of a reclaim the streets (RTS) street party on
Its a masquerade ball, so if you dont want to hang for it later,
you better D r E s S t O I m p R e s S. We'll hit the streets at
1 pm sharp in search of fun and mischief...

JOIN THE consPIRACY: we are having
planning meetings all thru March. Make
sure you and your friends aren't marooned on
the desert island of loneliness -- come to as many
of these meetings as you can (refreshments
and fun will be provided).

March meetings start at 7:30 PM (sharp).
They are Upstairs at the CELL SPACE @ 18th & Bryant street:
Wednesday the 2nd
Wednesday the 9th
Tuesday the 15th
Tuesday the 22nd
Wednesday the 30th


-- open your address book. If you know bands, djs, promoters,
revolutionaries, party people, folks with sound systems,
other people to talk to, we'll hit them up, so put them in
touch with us at sfrts [at], even if you or they
cant come to meetings...

-- do some promotion: If you know clubs, cafes coops
record stores, billboards, book stores, bart cars, busstops,
buslines, concerts, events, basically any place in the city
that hasnt been hit up with publicity for this street party,
do it up. Download publicity (or make your own) at or and put them up
anywhere and everywhere.

-- join us on and friendster (reclaimTstreets)
and get on the rts listserve -- reclaimsf [at]

-- the party is always free, so it is what you make it. think
of something fun to bring, share, or do at the party. if
you want to see something happen, make it happen!

-- other ideas? email sfrts [at]

§San Franciscans 'Reclaim The Streets' For Public Transit
by more Saturday Apr 2nd, 2005 9:31 AM
Proposed MUNI Fare Hike Sparks Street Party Mutiny

Saturday, April 2nd
12pm Convergence at Dolores Park
1 pm March and Street Party

A motley crew of four hundred will respond to a "Reclaim
the Streets" (RTS) callout with a colorful street party on Saturday afternoon. Dubbed a "community mutiny" by the organizers, the event is billed as a protest against the proposed fare hikes and service cuts on MUNI, and urging increased public control over shared community resources such as the city streets and the public transportation system. The event was organized by a local RTS organizing group, and supported by the newly formed Coalition for Transit Justice, a united front of community-based organizations, unions, and political representatives that have come together to push for policies that ultimately benefit MUNI riders and workers. The theme of the event was captured in a single slogan, prominently displayed on many of the colorful banners and signs: "Public Space * Public Transit * Public Control".

Both groups acknowledge that MUNI has a budget crunch, but stress that fare hikes and service cuts are the wrong solution to the problem. "We worry that MUNI is setting a precedent that the solution to financial shortfalls in public transportation is reducing services and increasing costs to riders," argues Emma Goldman of the Coalition for Transit Justice, "Instead, MUNI is a community resource that must be subsidized and expanded to serve as many people as possible". The Coalition has earned the endorsement of several San Francisco Supervisors, some of which have proposed several specific alternative solutions to MUNI's financial difficulties: raising the registration fee for car owners, raising parking rates, or even creating a special transit tax district that applies to businesses in downtown San Francisco's commercial area.

Though political, the RTS event will not have the feel of a typical protest.

At noon, the costumed revelers will meet at Dolores Park at noon, where they will enjoy live music and soak up the sun for about an hour before moving onto the street and marching leisurely up to an "undisclosed party location".

Reclaim the Streets is a global decentralized direct action movement that began in the UK in the 1990s, and has spawned hundreds of politically-themed street parties in cities all over Europe, Australia, North America, and Africa. Recent RTS actions in San Francisco have highlighted local and community issues with the goal of inspiring, empowering, and motivating participants to find appropriate community-based solutions to the issues that affect them most.

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by owto
Tuesday Mar 8th, 2005 3:28 PM
Wonderful. Another RTS to make the far left look even more incomprehensible and disjointed. Organizing isn't easy, and self-serving parties that do basically nothing except maybe raise a few bucks are not the solution. Great, raise some money and "awareness," but then find an organization doing the groundwork for a campaign. Maybe start here:
by duh.
Tuesday Mar 8th, 2005 7:26 PM
the party is free, and rts is actually trying to hookup with the folks at try emailing the organizers to find out what is up before you spout off an opinion, please.....
by asdf
Tuesday Mar 15th, 2005 4:22 AM
wow, it's great to hear from RTS again, I was worried there for awhile...
Welcome Back!!
by skipping this one
Saturday Apr 2nd, 2005 12:51 PM
I’m sick in bed with a cold. Except for a brief foray to the nearest grocery, I’m staying here till I’m better. I’m too old to take chances with my health. I had planned to take some photos at this event. Hopefully somebody else will.

FWIW, in the rest of the world, especially in Latin America, anti-fare hike rallies are often successful, though seldom without a few busses being burnt in the process. Don’t do that here. It’s illegal. Never do anything illegal. Do this instead:
We are 100% volunteer and depend on your participation to sustain our efforts!


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