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HELP! EveryDay AmeriCAN Heroes URgently Needed for Duty-Defending a Just Future...

by CultureJamCleveland
...& Constitutional Self-GOvernance ---TIME for All Concerned Citizens to report for Historic Duty and STAND Up with courageous resolve-For We are on-the-cusp of redemption, my friends!Ballots? SchMallots! We NEED to Vote NOW, with our voices, eyes,ears and feet in this New Year. Get Ready for 1/3/05 to 1/6/05 Join in this dynamic FLASH! SmartMob MoveMent in spirited Defense of genuine Representative Democracy. The Law, the Future, common sense and decency are ON Our Side and The PeopleUnited in exciting solidarity are ready to BRING IT ON!, to those who corrupt, disparage and mock our Right to free, fair and VALID Elections. Either- ticket or the media is not authorized to accept it on the people's behalf if it does not follow clean worldwide standards,a studied, honest legal assesment shows 2004 to be suspect, questionable frustratingly problematic in its planning, conduct and now-audit. Since the CorpMedia has almost zilch credibility as an objective news source it is the EveryDay People's duty to become and originate a New Medium which breathes life, rarified air into the communications sphere and DeCONtaminates the poisoned, polluted atmosphere of responsible public discourse. Conscientiously aimed at motivating, maturing and moving Consensus Reality Forward-closing the Wisdom Gap. Can't you see Boris, slyly grinnin',(the raw exit poll data withheld inside his overcoat) smacking his fist in his palm, threatening, "What part of, it's over, don't you understand?" With Abu Gharib, Gitmo ethos prevalent & lurking, the shameful media is acting much like an agressive interrogater, enforcer- foisting a fraudulent, sham election onto the MassPsyche, and to caring, FreeThinkers & justified Vote Defenders, akin to Psychological torture. First they tell us that it is the most important election in our lifetime, then Andrew Card nervously, unilaterally calls the election, in lieu of earned merit, for his boss. The media doesn't study it, analyize it, or do their job and in a concerted campaign, echo in unison-GET OVER IT. (remember Hussein capture? newspapers, websites, networks, punditz-LIKE A RAT,Like a Rat, like a rat) Who gives the orders for these negative thought-spores? THIS indocrination, chicanery, ridicule is obvious and THE ULTIMATE fear and hopeless-based trauma CONDITIONING TO MANUFACTURE ALIENATION and TIMID ACCEPTANCE FOR THE END OF DEMOCRACY. News org's spreading thought-viruses violate the BirthRight freedom- Cognitive Liberty and the sovereignity of individuals freedom to think independently, fairly, honestly as sentient agents SEEKING the promotion of The Good. Personally, I could give a hoot if the media doesn't care about their own credibility or respect Words=Conduits of Spirit, I know where to find solid information-but they are disturbing and stunting, brainwashing those who don't have time or strength to discover different solutions that shine light on hidden, nefarious motives, in effect selling short the Human Race, preventing wisdom, growth and Delaying the Rennaissance! Nevertheless, Intuition, word-of-mouth and heart-based gnosis IS very powerful and contagioUS and shall overcome, their adavantage of mass-produced reality bytes courtesy of Monopolies aggresively overwhelming dominance and destruction of sacred Nature- in all it's forms and favoring profit OVER people, machine OVER man, subterfuge OVER SunShine transparency- truly archaic modus-operandi for a successful species. This post shares recent tough essays, VoterGate2004 artifacts, documents and correspondence to emBOLDen and build your networks, flyers for historic rallies and Hands-to-Work-Hearts-to-God HOMEmade, protest=protect SIGNS* ENOUGH! No heavy-handed, top-down reality control can stop this beautiful calling-WE know what happened and we have to arREST this corruption-Democracy yearns to STAY UP past it's bedTIME!
Monday, December 27, 2004

News: Election 2004: Ten Earth-Shaking Headlines Which Could Have
Been Front-Page News in the Times Today, But Won't Be

All this from a single blog entry from MSNBC anchorman Keith
Olbermann (see link, below, for full text). What does that say
about the size and scope of the Votergate scandal?

Ten Days Shy of Congressional Certification of the November
Election, Kerry-Edwards Campaign Releases Statement Indicating It
Does Not Believe Certification of Bush's Re-Election "Warrants the
Public Trust"

Congressional Source Estimates Chance that Bush Re-Election Will
Receive Challenge from Both Houses of Congress Now at "Upwards of
33%" -- Up From 0% Just Seven Days Ago

More Than 2,200 "New Votes" Found in Recounts of Two Ohio Counties,
Only One of Which Was a Manual Recount; To Date Only One of
Eighty-Eight Ohio Counties Has Conducted a Countywide Manual Recount

86 of 88 Ohio Counties Violate State Law By Illegally Pre-Selecting
Precincts to Recount

Congressman: Private Voting Firm Had "Remote Access" to Sensitive
Election-Day Data, Had Power to Amend Election-Day Results Without
Being Detected

Kerry-Edwards Campaign Files Federal Lawsuit Alleging Ohio Recount
Was Illegally Conducted and All Electronic Evidence from Recount
Must Be Preserved for Independent Analysis

MSNBC Anchorman Predicts Vestiges of Kerry-Edwards Campaign to Wage
Months-Long Assault on 2004 Election Process, Starting Now

Kerry-Edwards Lawyer: "Developing Evidence Will Reveal Other
Problems" in Ohio Recount Which Have Not Yet Been Disclosed to the
Public; Kerry and Edwards Authorize Their Representative to Say
That They Are "Very Concerned" About Recount Illegalities

Kerry-Edwards Campaign to Put "All Circumstances Involved in the
Ohio Election [and] Recount...Before the [Federal] Court [for the
District of Ohio]"

MSNBC: Kerry, Through His Lawyer, Issues His First "Fighting Words"
of the Post-Election Season

See Related Stories
("Kerry Lawyer: Does the Re-Election Warrant the Public Trust?",
MSNBC, Keith Olbermann, 12/17/04)

Vigil at Kerry's House

Commitees of Correspondence document- We The People Do NOT Concede

link below is for scrolled parchment pdf great to pass along!
here is the statement, pledge in text:

We the People Do Not Concede!

In a true America, leaders serve only with the consent of the governed, and that consent must be obtained by lawful elections that accurately measure the will of the voters. We shall not tolerate any violation of this fundamental principle, the SOLE moral tenet on which our nation was founded and has since relied.

The voting systems and practices used in the conduct of this past election are so clearly flawed that the results in nearly every state are wide open to corruption by systematic vote suppression, data manipulation, human and machine error, and consequently, willful fraud. The only certain result is that we can have NO confidence in how accurately they gauge the will of the electorate.

We refuse to further descend into the Stalinist perversion of "democracy;" in which "Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Such was the clear underpinning of the 4-year-old edict of the 5 black-robed political operatives, who arrogated to themselves the perquisite of sentencing the nation by their fiat to live under appointed rule as opposed to elected leadership.

We the People, through our representatives, have set out our election laws to ensure that election results reflect OUR will. In far too many states, demonstrable errors and anomalous patterns of result have rendered the "official" tally suspect. More tragically, the systems and processes implemented by "experts" now make it impossible for us to rule out corruption without further investigation and audit.

Given the likely consequences of once again tacitly accepting corrupt results, the moral burden must now be on each state to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that their results are accurate and lawfully obtained. There is no other patriotic option.

But let us be clear, IF WE ARE UNABLE to obtain this proof under current election law, through civil and/or criminal judicial means, then we MUST RESORT to a political solution and demand that our Congress reject the electors from ANY STATE that fails to validate its results through comprehensive, apolitical investigation and audit.

Our law is intended to serve our will, not thwart it. We can never again allow a "technical" or "legal" arguments and rationalizations to trump reality as we did in 2000.


What We Require
To prove that their election results were lawfully obtained and reflect the will of the voters, we demand that each state:
Provide the data required to prove they did not create discriminatory barriers to voting.

Across the nation, people were forced to wait for hours to even attempt to cast their ballots. This onerous waiting time constitutes a de facto poll tax (time is money). Each state must provide data on wait times at each polling place, demographics of the registered voters served by the polling place, and the number of resources (voting machines, poll workers) assigned and working during operating hours. The burden is on the state to prove, not simply assert, that its practices were not discriminatory.

We will not accept any argument that the discrimination would not have affected the outcome. Such arguments are a sham. Are systematic violations of voting rights OK for those who live in a state in which the margin of victory for one candidate or the other is large? Of course not! Further, if any discrimination is found to be racially based, as was the legal finding of the US Commission on Civil Right in the 2000 Florida election, such a result is unlawful, as well as being intolerably immoral and contrary to American values.

Whatever the margin of victory or number of electoral votes, if any state FAILS TO PROVE that the existence of poll-tax-lines, or any other unnecessary obstruction to voting, was not correlated with RACIAL, SOCIO-ECONOMIC, or PARTISAN STATUS of the voters, that state MUST NOT be afforded the privilege of participation in the electoral vote.

Provide to all responsible, professional investigators any necessary records and full access to systems and software, in order to PROVE THAT THE RESULTS WERE NOT CORRUPTED by manipulation, human or machine error, or fraud.

Acceptable investigators will be those sanctioned by any court, professional organization, political party, or other bonding entity willing to warrant their actions. These investigations must be provided the records and access required to examine:

· Every tabulation system that consolidates results at any level (e.g., GEMs tabulators).
· Every "black box" voting system.
· Every undervote, overvote, and spoiled ballot occurrence.
· Every voter registration record and known voter registration agents and entities.
· Every absentee ballot request, delivery record, return envelope, counted and disallowed ballot, any and all records of absentee vote and ballot disposition by any agent or entity.
· Every provisional counted and disallowed provisional ballot, unfulfilled provisional ballot request, provisional ballot inventories for each polling station, any and all records of provisional ballot disposition by any agent or entity.

ANY STATE THAT REFUSES to make every effort to successfully confirm that their published vote tallies are free from manipulation and/or error MUST BE considered morally irresponsible and acting contrary to agreed upon American values. There CAN BE NO ACCEPTABLE EXCUSE or rationalization that can compete with the restoration of confidence in our electoral process.

For such a circumstance there can be no other moral or patriotic response than full criminal investigation and prosecution, civil pursuit of maximum remedies for damage to the body politic, and DENIAL OF THE PRIVILEGE of participation in the Electoral College for any tainted, irregularly appointed, electors who might endeavor to infect the process.
We will accept no verbal assurances, no misleading representations from partial investigations, no shifting of responsibility onto the media or the public at large, and NO DELAY OF ANY KIND.

On this there can be NO COMPROMISE of what is required of us, NO RETREAT from our historic duty, and NO SURRENDER to any agent, foreign or domestic, that would even contemplate any act of obstruction.

November 7, 2004

Jesse Jackson newest essay, mass email!

This is our challenge and our opportunity. Let us celebrate 2005 as the year we complete the unfinished business of American democracy. My brothers and sisters, we have unfinished business.
Keep hope alive.

and here, from 12/27 Rev. Jackson writes to The Progressive Democrats of America, who have a Senator contact drive in progress.

December 28, 2004

Evidence of Fraud and Disenfranchisement in Ohio, 2004
A partial list:

This post is intended as a resource tool for those doing factual
research on Ohio election 2004 (a) fraud, (b) disenfranchisment,
(c) voter suppression, (d) recount obstruction, and (e) vote
machine tampering. It makes no pretense at comprehensiveness, but
is merely an attempt to compile links which have been posted on
this site which are primary sources of evidence, or which
summarize, analyze, or point to, such sources. They are listed in
reverse chronological order of posting. The permanent link to this
post is...,

Presidential Election 2004: TV Networks Officially Refuse to
Release Exit Poll Raw Data
by Gary Beckwith

We’re not talking about proprietary trade secrets, or a "secret source" that they’re trying to protect. We’re talking about information about us, the American people who voted on Election Day. It’s like having your doctor refuse to let you see your own medical records.
The media is supposed to report the facts, whatever they are, not withhold them. When the media stops reporting and starts withholding, it ceases to be the media.

44th= and here-

OUTSTANDING MUST READ letter from Republican to senators

Dear Senator <blank>,
I am a registered Republican and I am frightened of this administration.
I am writing this to let you know how millions of thoughtful Americans and I feel about what is happening to our beloved country.
We have observed the insidious and deliberate overthrow of Democracy by this administration, the media, and their supporters.
The media, under constant scrutiny and relentless criticism for taking a ‘Liberal’ bias, has purged itself of anything remotely resembling balance over the course of the last decade.
The censure and subsequent censorship of prestigious media fixtures such as Helen Thomas and Dan Rather are indicative of this trend. The machinations by which they have been marginalized have been incessantly grinding away at the vestiges of real journalism that was once a hallmark of our great nation.
Should even one Senator stand against this injustice, they will find support among many millions of Americans.
At that point, the news media will have no choice but to take notice. Such notice can ONLY shed light on and harm those who have committed fraud, for as the subject is brought to light – the evidence will be as well.

Arnebeck LawSuit in Ohio Supreme Court, if goofed around here, Gee where could it go next? summarized in DU link below
...Bush, Cheney applying for a job from potential employers...,
Power Point slideshow great introduction, overview of nostagic last rigged-election in the USA
voter suppression film from Ohio, Eyes wide shut, Kenneth
No Stolen Democracy
A clearing house for information on getting Senators not to certify
the electoral vote.
grrrreat! page helpin' ya' do JUST this
Senators! ALL aboard!
Special urgent rant from Ray Beckerman, one of the most dedicated,
hardest woking kindred souls, totally on the Ball!

SPECIAL NOTE: January 6th is a critical date in American history.
It is the last chance this country has to preserve its democracy.
If Senators and Congresspeople do not stand up and do the right
thing that day, democracy is over in the nation that introduced it
to the modern world, and our descent into dictatorship will have
been completed.

If the small group of ultra right wing traitors presently in
control of the Senate, the House, the Presidency, the Judiciary,
the Press, and the manufacture of deliberately unverifiable voting
machines, is permitted to stage a second coup d'etat, there will
never be "election reform"; this crowd has made it abundantly clear
that it respects power, not law. It will have become impossible to
rid our nation of this cancer through the electoral process.
For the reasons expressed above, I have decided that, as a matter
of editorial policy, I will not list in this calendar any events
subsequent to January 6th, unless they involve prosecution of the
crimes that were committed in Ohio, or the litigation and/or
investigation of those crimes, and will devote no space in this
calendar or elsewhere in this blog to (a) generalized activities
geared to long range election reform, (b) 'counter- inaugurals', or
(c) attacks on the Bush administration's fascist politics.
I urge everyone to stay focussed on the 2004 election, and to do
everything he or she can between now and January 6th to fight for
the true outcome of that election. This blog is replete with action
memos and calls to action, full of ideas as to things we can do.
Everybody who possibly can should go to the January 3rd rally in
Columbus, Ohio, with Rev. Jesse Jackson, participate in the January
4th - January 6th "Selma to Montgomery" March from Baltimore,
Maryland to Washington, DC, and join those who are traveling from
all across the country to attend the Defend Democracy Rally and
Vigil outside the United States Senate on January 6th.
Sincerely yours,
R. B.
Posted by Ray Beckerman @ 5:37 PM
December 23, 2004
BEaUteeFull! Excellent Poster for January 3rd and January 6th
events, courtesy of ILCA.
The ILCA (International Labor Communications Association) has
issued a great poster in support of the January 3rd Columbus, Ohio,
rally, and the January 6th, Washington, DC, Defend Democracy Rally
and Vigil. It is in .pdf format, and highly suitable for
downloading, printing, and distributing to as many people as you

muchos gracias to David Cobb, we all owe him and the Greens a deep
debt of gratitude!
December 29, 2004

Contact Information for 7 Key Senators
Contact information for 7 key Senators:
Barbara Boxer
Russ Feingold
Phone 202-224-5323
Edward Kennedy
Dick Durbin
Tom Harkin
Jim Jeffords
Patrick Leahy

Important Ohio Action Memo from Progressive Democrats of Illinois
I know you are getting millions of e-mails, sorry for another but I wanted to add some info and I wanted to encourage you to keep up the pressure on Congress, we only have 1 week to go!!! There is an urgent need for some donations to the Ohio legal battles go to and click on the Donate word on the right column. There is also an urgent need for funds to get the suppressed voters to Wash, DC go to . Then there is a need for funds for the Jan 6th rally at . I hope everyone is seriously thinking about either the Jan 3rd Columbus, OH rally, 2pm, (indoors), go to for more info and/or the Jan 6th rally, 10am outside the Capitol Bldg. for the Challenge, go to ! If you want transportation info go to or if in Illinois e-mail me at drlora [at]
Senator Byrd got many visits today and I think he is 1 of the Senators who will come through for us. Please try to call him at the 1-800-839-5276 but if his office is closed then fax him at 1-202-228-0002, make sure you add why the major media is blocking this story! Byrd is an older guy, as we all know, he may still be deluded about the independence of the press in America. I can tell because his aide, Ms. Barth has asked for faxed copies of real news articles on the fraud from the major press, especially the NYT and the Wash Post. She does not want electronic copies, if you have any laying around please fax them to her at 304-343-7144 and then fax a letter to the other number above, try to keep it to 2 pages or less!!!

Many of the Senators offices are closed that is why we are going to local actions, they are having vigils outside Kerry's home every day in Mass, we are going to Obama's going away party tomorrow night here in Chicago to give him a message and pass out flyers! So the phone calls are probably not going to get through to the Senators until Jan 3rd. So I am asking everyone to start faxing the Senators and then on Jan 3rd you can go back to calling, 1-800-839-5276!

Please make the letters short, just tell them that you no longer trust the integrity of our Democracy, you and 40 million other Americans, per Zogby, believe that this election was stolen in a widespread electronic coup! Ask them to sign the challenge so that we can start the process of real election reform in this country by having a national debate. Tell them that we will need a full House Judicial Committee investigation and then criminal investigations as warranted from there. Tell them that you are sick and tired of having elections where you can not trust the outcome, tell them PAPER BALLOTS counted at the precinct level are the absolute safest, no more giving our Democracy away to the corporations; ALL THE MACHINES CAN BE HACKED, DISTRIBUTED POORLY and MALFUNCTION as per the hundreds of thousands of reports of irregularities that have poured in since Nov 2nd! We do not have to prove all the fraud, we just have to tell them how we feel knowing that America is really a dictatorship, where a small group of individuals can steal the Presidency over and over! Write 1 letter and just change the heading for each Senator. Thank you for all of your work to Defend our Democracy!
Fax to: ARK: Pryor-D 202-228-0908 / Blanche-D 202-228-1371 CA: Boxer-D 202-228-3972 / Feinstein-D 202-228-3954 CONN: Dodd-D 202-228-1683 / Lieberman-D 202-224-9750 DE: Carper-D 202-228-2190 / Biden-D 202-224-0139 FLA: Nelson-D 202-228-2183 HI: Akaka-D 202-224-2126 / Inouye-D 202-224-6747 IL: Durbin-D 202-228-0400 / Obama-D 202-228-1372 and 312-427-6401 IN: Bayh-D fax, 202-228-1377 / Lugar-R 202-228-0360 IOWA: Harkin-D 202-224-9369 LA: Landrieu-D 202-224-9735 MD: Mikulski-D 202-224-8858 / Sarbanes-D 202-224-1651 MAINE: Snowe-R 202-224-1946 MASS: Kerry-D 202-224-8525 / Kennedy-D 202-224-2417 MI: Stabenow-D 202-228-0325 / Levin-D 202-224-1388 MN: Dayton-D 202-228-2186 MT: Baucus-D 202-228-3790 NV: Reid-D 202-224-7327 ND Dorgan-D 202-224-1193 / Conrad-D 202-224-7776 NJ: Corzine-D 202-228-2197 / Lautenberg-D 202-228-4054 NM: Bingaman-D 202-224-2852 NY: Clinton-D 202-228-0282 / Schumer-D 202-228-1218 OH: Voinovich-R 202-228-1382 / DeWine-R 202-224-6519 OR: Wyden-D 202-228-2717 RI: Chafee-R 202-228-2853 / Reed-D 202-224-4680 SD: Johnson-D 202-228-5765 VT: Jeffords-I 202-228-0776 / Leahy-D 202-224-3476 WASH: Cantwell-D 202-228-0514 / Murray-D 202-224-0238 WVA: Rockefeller-D 202-224-7665 / Byrd-D 202-228-0002 WI: Feingold-D 202-224-2725 / Kohl-D 202-224-9787
In Solidarity for Democracy to Return to America,
Dr. Lora in Chicago
drlora [at]
Progressive Democrats of Illinois

America needs to get off it's ethnocentric high-horse, renounce our
unnecessary claim of Number 1 status, mind our own business, come
back home and rebuild and TEND NEEDS here at HOME.

$ea$on$ Greeting$

§Trial in Ohio
by CultureJamCleveland
§Right to Self-Determination
by CultureJamCleveland
by CultureJamCleveland
§Where, OH where has the Media Gone?
by CultureJamCleveland
§ENOUGH! Time for CUFF$
by CultureJamCleveland
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