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Gary Webb Murdered by CIA?
by oops
Tuesday Dec 14th, 2004 12:32 AM
Multiple self inflicted gunshot wounds to the head?
Use to find sites that have disappeared from the web, ie:*/ income tax is voluntary*/ DE-CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY
No one is above the law. It was human folly for the UNITED STATES to empower an agency of government to specifically break its own laws. The CIA and the Constitution there after became mortal enemies --- until the day one will overpower the other in a final victory. Will we be a nation under law or a nation under law breakers?

The CIA undermines and assassinates popular leaders abroad -- and at home --- and fixes elections abroad --- and at home. This organization that routinely gets away with murder finds little challenge dominating the world's narcotics trade. By reliable estimates the U.S. CIA and DOD usher in half of the narcotics that come into this country. The very same persons responsible for massive drug trafficking advocate "toughening" the drug laws that alone make this trade so obscenely profitable. In the last 5 years the CIA has had 5 directors --- none knowing what to do. The CIA is a staggering giant waiting to fall. The legislation to kill the CIA is waiting for acclaimation. Brian Downing Quig 12-11-96

Suicide by Multiple Gunshot wounds to the head?
Multiple self inflicted gunshot wounds to the head?
Is that possible?
Obituary: Gary Webb, prize-winning investigative reporter --Gary Webb, a prize-winning investigative journalist whose star-crossed career was capped with a controversial newspaper series linking the CIA to the crack cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles, died Friday of self-inflicted gunshot wounds, officials said. Mr. Webb, 49, was found dead in his Carmichael home Friday morning of gunshot wounds to the head, the Sacramento County Coroner's Office said Saturday.
[Hey, I hit the cerebrum. Let me try again.]

Assassination of US Investigative Journalist Gary Webb?
Potential Witness Syndrome, one symptom of which is
"suicide by multiple gun shot wounds to the head".
This is apparently exactly what Gary Webb died of (watch
as the stories are refined to change 'wounds' to 'a gunshot wound').

R.I.P. Gary Webb -- Unembedded Reporter

Support the CIA; Buy Crack Today!
Cocaine Import Agency; that's "CIA" for you and me.

Other journalists who followed in Gary Webb's footsteps,
Exposing CIA importation of Cocaine, Opium, Heroin, etc: Michael Ruppert Alexander Cockburn

by Vince Foster
Saturday Dec 18th, 2004 12:15 PM
Apply the principle of Occam's Razor to these two scenarios:

1. Webb survives and is conscious after shooting himself in the head, and is physically and cognitively able enough to shoot himself a 2nd time in the head.

2. It is not a suicide but a staged suicide. One or two perpetrators enter or are in house. Webb grabs his .38 to defend himself, but is overcome by professional assassins, losing his .38. Still struggling with the killers, they are unable to get a "clean" shot the first time, necessitating a 2nd shot to finish the job, thus making it 2 shots. This would leave two spent casings in the firearm.

Which of these do you think is a MORE likely scenario?

Assuming it's NOT suicide, we've read of no signs of forced entry to date--this could mean:

a. A friend or acquaintance paid him a visit.
b. A professional well-versed in the art of silent breakins.
c. An expected visit, say, from a moving company.

Also, given his recent writings on racial profiling, he's not going to be missed by California law enforcement. And not a mention yet of where his research and manuscripts might be.