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Alameda County Full of Nepotism
by Steve White (boatbrain [at]
Friday Nov 26th, 2004 4:49 PM
Very short story on Nepotism in the Alameda County Courts
The Alameda County courts, particularly the District Attorney's office, is Nepotism central for the county.

A quick check of Deputy DA's revealed current Alameda County District Attorney Tom Orloff has hired the sons or daughters of three of possibly four judges who are on the Alameda County Superior Court, criminal calendar. The judges and kids involved are;

Judge Alfred Delucchi, of the Scott Peterson Trial. His son, Paul Delucchi is a deputy DA, hired by Tom Orloff about ten years back

Judge Peggy Hora. Her son Paul Hora is a deputy, hired a couple of years back

Judge Carlos Ynostroza. His daughter Maya is a deputy hired a couple of years back.

Finally, Judge Kenneth Kingsbury and Erin Kingsbury, relationship not yet determined.

Note, these four people were all hired while their parents were on the criminal calendar, in other words, Orloff hired people whose parents could help him with his criminal trials. Also, it's not clear if he has violated Alameda County Merit System or Civil Service rules with these hirings.

Lastly, it's worth pointing out, these eight individuals are all lawyers. I am checking into the entire staff of the DA's office to find other personnel, not attorneys, who are related to judges, and hired while their judge relative was in office.

It's worth pointing out, I checked other local courts to find nepotism, and there were only two pairs of judge/Deputy DA's found. None found in San Mateo, Marin, Contra Costa counties, one each in San Francisco and Sacramento

Preliminarily, it can be stated Tom Orloff has set the local record for nepotism in hiring.

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by Steve White
(boatbrain [at] Friday Dec 24th, 2004 12:19 PM
The Alameda County Human Resources Department gave me the list of attorney employees of the DA's office.

It turns out there are some other important hires.

The son and daughter in law of Congressmen Leon Panetta are working in that office. It appears certain Panetta's son was hired by Orloff. Possbly the son met his wife there.

And the daughter of Bill Lockyer, Lisa Lockyer, was hired by Orloff, but is now working at NASA.

There is also a deputy DA, Catherine Horner Dobal, who I think might be the daughter or Judge Jeffrey Horner, also on the criminal calendar.

Finally, the DA right before Orloff was John Meehan. There is a Meehan working in the DA's office now, I think hired by Orloff, who is probably Meehan's son.

This tends to back up the theory that Orloff makes political allies by giving out jobs, a straight patronage system for ensuring his own advancement, without regard to how many people he puts on an already huge payroll.

I anticipate getting a list of the non-attorney employees of the DA' s office within a few days, and plan to compare it to well known political names, plus the list of current and former judges. I expect to find far more nepotism. So far, the total list of politically connected current or very recent employees is at about a dozen.
by Steve White
(boatbrain [at] Monday Apr 18th, 2005 9:14 PM
The Alameda County Counsel wrote me a letter, refusing to give me the list of non-lawyer DA employees. This pretty much cinchs it that there are more nepotism hires on the payroll, else why do they need to hide the names.

A brief primer on the California Public Records Act. That law requires that information denied to one person must be denied to all. So, what the DA is claiming, (actually the County Counsel made the claims, but really Tom Orloff is making the decisions) is that they have a right to keep the employee names entirely secret from the public.

This is an absurd claim, with no legal basis whatever. Orloff knows it, and, when I file suit to get the information, he will rapidly give it up, to avoid the bad publicity the newspapers will give him for violating the law. (they really depend on that law for a lot of research)

Orloff thinks that supplying me with the informaiton, rapidly, after a lawsuit is filed, will shut me up, but on the contrary, I am going to use his obstruction against him, and tell everybody that he is trying to hide.

Please take a look at my web page for more information.
by Steve White
(boatbrain [at] Sunday Apr 24th, 2005 2:06 PM
Some more children of VIPs working the DA's office.

Jason Chin Alameda County Deputy DA, is the son of California Supreme Court Justice Ming Chin.

by Steve White
(boatbrain [at] Sunday May 8th, 2005 5:15 PM
I found two more VIP's kids hired by Alameda County DA's office.

Jeff Stark -- He is the son of Congressman Fortney "Pete" Stark. His wife worked there too, but I think maybe they met at work. Jeff Stark may be the successor of Orloff's successor, he has been there a long time, and seems to have some favor.

His wife, Nancy Davis Stark, got appointed as judge in Contra Costa, where, my contacts in the Bar tell me, she is completely unfair to defense lawyers, and always rules against them if it's even close to the line, so that all of them try to avoid her.

The other VIP's kid is Mattherw Golde. He is the son of deceased Alameda Judge Stanley Golde. Both Matthew, and before him, his older brother Ivan, were lawyers in the DA's office, hired after their Dad became a judge on the criminal court calendar, where he could do the DA some good in his cases. Conflict of interest? Never heard of it!!!!

Check out my site for latest updates.