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* Political Right - Left And The Middle *
by Bahram Maskanian (earth_think_tank [at]
Thursday Oct 28th, 2004 11:03 AM
By definition one would assume that - - Right - - is correct. Or is it?

The political right is neither right in its conduct, nor in its intention nor in its supposed knowledge of the world and people. The political right and their talking heads in the Christian mass media know so little about so much.

Political Right - Left And The Middle

- By Bahram Maskanian

By definition one would assume that - - Right - - is correct. Or is it?

The political right is neither right in its conduct, nor in its intention nor in its supposed knowledge of the world and people. The political right and their talking heads in the Christian mass media know so little about so much.

Through Evangelical Zionist Christian mullah's Tel-Evangelist campaigns, the political right followers are blindfolded and fooled to only focus on women's rights and in particular women's reproductive freedom. Encouraged by the misleading campaign, they violently oppose women's rights, while claiming themselves to be - - Pro-Life - -, thus concentrating and projecting a single fabricated issue of abortion. Therefore - - Abortion - - is all that is important and if Hitler or Khomeini or someone like them were to show up as the candidate for the Evangelical Zionist Christian political party he would be elected as long as he is - - Pro-Life - -.

The so-called - - Pro-Life - - hypocrites who bomb clinics and kill pregnant women, nurses and doctors are beating the drums of religion and Family Values while supporting and marching behind the warmongers killing machine of the criminal Nation-Less Corporations, destroying families and societies to dominate the flow of OIL and supposedly protect their own family and nonexistent values.

The leading super-rich Evangelical Zionist Christian mullahs, the likes of Pat Robertson and Jerry Farwell are in many ways responsible for the political Right to be so Wrong and its followers to be brainwashed and blindfolded. Let us not forget that soon after 9/11, the Christian mullahs Pat Robertson and Jerry Farwell, publicly declared that the murder of three thousands (3,000) innocent people was god's revenge due to legalized abortion and the granting of civil rights to Gays and Lesbians.

And now the new mind-numbing nonsense issue raised by the Christian mullahs is stem cell research. Why? Because they claim it destroys the embryo, it destroys life.

The embryo is a fertilized egg, a single cell organism formed by an egg donated by the female and a sperm from the male. The embryo is an organism invisible to the naked eye and in its early stages of development, especially before it has reached a distinctively recognizable form. One thousand embryos would fit on the tip of a pen. Whenever you are having an omelet you are consuming chicken embryos, that is what each egg is, an embryo. Thus according to the Christian mullahs who falsely claim that life begins at conception, meaning the second the egg and the sperm formed a single cell organism, an embryo, life begins then.

The problem with the said assumption by the Christian mullahs is a huge one.

Mullahs could not be more wrong!

Life is ongoing and never stops to exist. Life is an ongoing process of transformation and rejuvenation of organisms from one form to another. The male sperm is a live organism swimming vigorously to its destination; well most of them do, to meet the female egg. The female egg is a live organism as well waiting to selectively choose between millions of male sperms and receive the sperm it deems fit to fertilize itself. Two (2) living vibrant organisms, the egg and the sperm in the female's uterus, bond together to begin the beginning. So you see, life is always there in different shapes and forms. Life most certainly does not begin at the conception because life has already begun.

The question should be, shouldn't the three (3) Adam & Eve based religions' mullahs: Judaism, Christianity and Islam be more concerned about those who have already been born rather than a microscopic single cell organism? It takes over sixty trillion (60,000,000,000,000,000) single cell organisms working together to form an adult human being. Therefore shouldn't an already born living person be more important and be given more value?

If we were to apply the Christian mullahs assumption that it is sin to use the single cell embryos for research, then male masturbation would be an even a bigger sin. In fact, it would be the genocide of millions of living sperms. - - Pro-Life - - mullahs ought to quickly jump on this one and make male masturbation illegal, punishable by law just like abortion and put an end to this senseless massacre!

We, the people of planet Earth have survived fourteen hundred (1400) years of the barbaric killing machine of Islam. After the brutal attack of Arab Islamic forces, killing and destroying millions of Persians, Jews, Christians and many others throughout Asia, Africa and Europe, the deadly competition between Judaism, Christianity and Islam began. This barbaric rivalry between the three (3) Adam & Eve based religions have caused the brutal deaths of millions upon millions of people and as a result destroyed countless poets, philosophers, scientists and their literature, labeling them as sacrilegious and punishing them by setting them on fire.

As human beings we have managed to survive so far despite the barbaric biblical influences of the three (3) Adam & Eve based religions' mullahs: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. We have come a long way. The religious mullahs fearing the loss of their power have been hard at work to establish total world domination.

The Muslim mullahs, having tyrannical control over such a vast wealth generated by OIL and the autonomy awarded to them by the Nation-Less Corporations' governments, have successfully managed to suppress any democratic movement. Muslim mullahs have also created horrific brainwashed terrorist organizations to protect their tyrannical rule all around the world.

We all have heard about the thousands of Arab financed "madrasas" whose sole purpose is to teach supremacy of Islam and hate toward anyone who doesn't obey and is not part of the Islamic clan.

Thanks to the criminal Nation-Less Corporations, the corporate profit driven European and US foreign policy and the incompetence of the current US administration, the criminal ruling mullahs of Iran have gone unchecked for years. Iran is increasingly on the path of becoming the focal point for radical Islam. It is crucial to be aware of the soon-to-become reality of the unification of the Shiite ruling mullahs of Iran with the Sunni mullahs in charge in Arabia. This is another looming danger we are all facing today. This heinous unity provides an enormous purchasing power and control of forty-five percent (45%) of world's OIL reserves. As we all know, no Nation-Less Corporation has ever said "no" to money. Nation-Less Corporations would be more than willing to sell anything from atomic, chemical and biological weapons to AK-47 machine guns to whomever has the money to pay for them. As they already have and still do.

The Zionist Jews and Christians have become united under the banner of Judeo-Christians against the rest of the world. The far-reaching arms of the Nation-Less Corporations, supported and defended by military forces of US and Europe, have established themselves in different countries and regions treating the population as slave labor and the country as - - Labor Camps - - to have better access to steal the region's natural resources. As one of the popular criminal Imperialists, Churchill put it:
- - I do not know why God put our oil in the Middle East. - -

Through Imperialistic colonial wars the good, civilized, loving Judeo-Christians killed and robbed millions upon millions of Asian people, African people and Native American people. Even today, in the twenty-first (21st) century, the Judeo-Christians are still engaged in regional wars and actively killing and stealing from the very same victims.

Currently, we the people of planet Earth are faced with the most devastating and dangerous threat in our history. A horrendous danger is threatening all of the inhabitants of the world. The accumulation of pain and suffering caused by Colonialism, Communism, Capitalism, Christianity, Judaism and Islamism has now loomed into an inevitable catastrophic and realistic nuclear threat. But the good news is that we still have time to prevent this immanent and tragic end of life on Earth.

The current Republican administration, made up of super-rich Evangelical Zionist Christians and Zionist Jews, to put it mildly, has failed miserably to solve the problem of terrorism and to understand the root cause of terrorism. They have been busy making billions of dollars with their corporate buddies deliberately destabilizing the region even further for more profit.

The Islamic and Judeo-Christian Fear-Based regimes and religions cause enormous feelings of negativity making it very difficult for any mass reaction to oppose the countless, obvious, criminal, corrupt conducts and policies of their government. In industrialized nations, the current Nation-Less Corporations and governments in charge benefit immensely from people's fear, negativity and lack of social, political and economic direction.

A large majority of people are suffering from a severe case of self-deception, a self-inflicted condition, which causes one to avoid dealing with reality and thus live in an abstract world without being in touch with the real world and its real problems, eventually losing touch with reality. 9/11 briefly healed some members of the public but not all, or enough of the people to unite and prevent another horrific terrorist attack.

Before the three (3) Adam & Eve based religions kill us all, we must realize that Religion and Politics are a deadly mix. We must take a firm stand for human rights and democracy for all of humankind. We must separate politics from religion and corporate profit. We must recognize that all religions are myths and should be kept as private affairs between the believers and their mythical architect.

Religion is one of those binding elements not freely accepted but rather fearfully injected into the mind. Brainwashed and blindfolded fearful individuals become followers of barbaric religions. Religion by nature is deadly and predatory. Religion by its makeup is racist and tolerates no rival or competition of any kind, political or otherwise.

Government policies based on superstitions, religious doctrines and fabricated myths of religion are extremely stupid and dangerous. The reality of life and the world we live in is unmistakably logical and based on superior powers of reason and common sense. On the other hand the fictitious make-up of all religions is not to be mistaken as reality.

George W. Bush, by his own proud admission is a Born-Again Christian, a religious man, a common man, seeking a second chance to become the President of the United States. I do believe him and I agree. Sadly, that is the only true statement President Bush has ever made.

I don’t know about you, but I do not want a common man as the leader of the United States. I do not want a common man, a religious fanatic as the Commander-in-Chief, having his hand on the largest nuclear trigger in the world. Look around you, look at the common men surrounding you. Which one of them would you want in charge, Commander-in-Chief of the United States commanding a life and death situation for you and your family? I absolutely do not want an extremist, - - Born-Again Christian - -, making decisions for United States' future.

Born-Again Christian is by definition an utter nonsense, con-phrase. I do not want a common man and or a Born-Again Christian who believes in the dumbest idea ever conceived by the dumbest men in human history: religion. Men who are blind to see the obvious facts of life. Men who are in such a hurry to meet their so-called maker and believe in the fictitious notions of - - Apocalypse, Heaven and Hell - -.

A true leader, Commander-in-Chief must be a wise, brave, noble, honorable, and a compassionate person. Not a superstitious fanatic Born-Again Christian and a common man. A brief study of World History clearly illustrates the danger and the stupidity of choosing a common religious man like Bush or Khomeini as leaders of people.

We are not punished for our misdeed or sins. Rather, we are punished by our misdeed or sins. If we care at all about the future of humankind we must unite and vote to get rid of the Born-Again Christian George W. Bush and his administration, replacing it with John Kerry's administration. We must keep a watchful eye on Kerry's administration and hold their feet to the fire through public scrutiny and make sure the monumental mistakes of the US foreign policy of the past fifty (50) years do not take place again.

Until we, the people, acknowledge that the better solutions and answers are always ahead of us, we shall for eternity stagnate and be forced to choose the lesser of two (2) evils. I am by no means suggesting that Senator John Kerry is the lesser of two (2) evils. Not at all. I did go over Mr. Kerry's service records, both military and public. John Kerry is the only person who can bring safety, sanity and common sense back to our lives and government..

We still have time to undue our wrongdoings of the past. We still have a chance to understand not to employ the political doctrine of the Right or the Left, but rather a political just and fair treatment, based on compassion and common sense.

The pendulum of democracy should never swing so violently towards the Right or the Left. Rather it should always be set forth focused on the unmatched and superior power of reasoning, common sense, ethical and honorable means of providing and managing public safety and social equality.

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