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as of 4:20pm, 10/25, DC Indy Site Taken Down By Hackers

by kl
Title says it all
Be good to be on guard....freedom of speech is a dangerous thing....i.e. Indy Media.
by Observer
I've been collecting information on this for a few days. I have some new information to add (*).

1) As we all know by now, the individual who has taken credit for these attacks is the owner of the website

2) This individual posts on the ProtestWarrior website as Elac. He receive praise and encouragement from the owners of the ProtestWarrior website in exchange for his attacks on IndyMedia.

3) On DC IndyMedia we have the following response to an article about the attacks:

"Re: Anatomy of a rightwing attack on Independent Media.
(No verified email address) Current rating: 0
25 Oct 2004
WHAT? No mention of KOBE in all this? Perhaps it wasnt LGF who did this heinous act (snicker). I aint tellin.....

What happened to Alberta IMC and Vancouver IMC? Guess who's next....BWAHAHAHA "

Obviously, KOBE SBM wants to take credit for the attacks. KOBE SBM owns the website

That website has been used to harass anarchists and Muslims.

On Boston IndyMedia, KOBE SBM changed names for a while and used the name "Nefarious Cabal." Under that name, which he admits is a pseudonym for KOBE SBM, he stated that he is a "right wing extremist" shortly before the website went up.

On San Diego IndyMedia, today, he was crowing about how his "actions speak louder than words" in reference to the acts he was currently taking online. Another hint that he was involved in some current harassment activity.

KOBE SBM made it his personal war to shut down Muslim and Arab forums. Next he targeted DeVoy, Anderberg and Austin.

We should consider him a possible candidate for the current acts against IMCs. If this is so, then KOBE SBM = ELAC.

This also puts KOBE SBM in Texas where some have long believed he is located (i.e. Cycorp of Austin, Texas).
by @
KOBE SBM cannot be responsible for the attacks. He lacks the talent and the intelligence to pull them off.
by Understand, but it's like this
What he's doing doesn't require much knowledge. I only requires having an anti-social personality disorder:

I know the identity of Right Wing Extremist, however a subpoena is needed to provide sufficient proof to back it up in court. Therefore, I will not post his name here. However, he is connected to a defense contractor that received a contract to wage cyber warfare on Americans on behalf of the CIA. How do I know? I know because I worked for that defense contractor and was informed of the contract. I cannot give out the details unless a court order backs it up. That can only be done if the owner of “Right Wing Extremist” (the website) is sued for his online criminal activity.

What I will reveal is that RWE did not suddenly pop up out of nowhere. He began his online program by attacking Islamic and Muslim online forums. He successfully closed many down through forum flooding and harassment.

His next target was anarchists with their own websites. In this capacity he attacked DeVoy’s Stop Fascism! and other websites. When Sherman Austin was jailed (something he claimed to be involved with), he posted false articles claiming that Sherman Austin would be killed and raped in prison. This was used as an excuse to move Sherman Austin from California to Arizona (away from his family). While she may be unaware of it, I can link the attempt to steal the domain name KIRSTENANDERBERG.COM from anarchist Kirsten Anderberg to the same group.

The group is known as KOBE. They have a website at

KOBE is based in Texas. The corporation sponsoring it is based in Austin, Texas, the same location where ProtestWarrior is based. The owner of the KOBE website is socially connected to the founders of ProtestWarrior (they practice at the same shooting range in Austin).

This individual has a brother who owns a rightwing publication in the DC area where accusations of terrorist activities have been published. The accusations target anarchists and the purpose is to provide the FBI with “cause” to obtain warrants. The owner of the DC publication is a lawyer and uses the name KOBE LEX.

KOBEHQ also owns a fake IMC known as "Beach Cities IMC." Ireland IMC has been happy to provide them with technical assistance (perhaps out of ignorance). This is why they know so much about the software used by IMCs.

by that link is useless
By now all those people have changed their email addys. But your continued post of that only gives fuel to those who have the technical know-how to melt IMC away.
You look so silly when you lose!

There is a temporary truce to posting the script that redirects IMC sites to the truthful sites. Enjoy the lull. And that is ALL it is. A lull
by Bill Quick?
Selling many bullets on that banner ad these days? my "eye" is still on you, rest assured. pardon if it's a case of mistaken identity.
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