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Activists to surrender materials to FBI in San Francisco

by internet activist
<h4>Internet activists to hand over wanted hardware to FBI</h4>
Internet activists will surrender wanted hardware to the FBI's San Francisco field office on Thursday, Oct. 14th -- one week after the FBI seized two Indymedia webservers from in the UK. The handover is set to happen at 3 p.m., at 450 Golden Gate Avenue (13th floor), San Francisco.
Photo 1: Hard drives have been hand-filled with incriminating materials;
§Hardware surrender preparations
by internet activist
Photo 2: Assembled into convenient "rack-mountable" cases
§Hardware surrender preparations
by internet activist
Photo 3: (Which each slide open to fit several rows of hard drive devices, including hotswap serial ATA drives, SCSI and legacy commodore 9090 drives);
§Hardware surrender preparations
by internet activist
Photo 4: And packaged for delivery to the FBI clean room, believed to be on the 13th floor of the San Francisco Federal Building. "FBI: You don't have to steal data; we'll give it to you!"
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by deanosor (deanosor [at]
Someone should explain this to me. I don't get it. What are we turning over to the FBI and why??
by gehrig
Looks like a hoax to me.

by just wondering
You sure don't. It's a hoax and you fell for it. What's up with that, Dean? You used to be smarter than that. What happened?
by just wondering
Why does this site allow obvious disinformation to be published here? Have they never heard of fact checking, or don't they care that this kind of crap makes it impossible for anybody with more sense than a floorboard to ever trust anything they ever read here?

Journalism: It's a noun. Look it up
by try again
the "other" site? what the fuck are you talking about anyway? nessie has every right to comment on this site. if only you actually knew anything about nessie, you'd probably say different things. in the meantime, you might try to let things go, move on, act somewhat more grown up about , and just refrain from making snide and bitter comments.
by 789
Nessie - don't be insulting. Dean didn't 'fall for it'. The article is clearly a joke of some sort, yet anyone would look at it and say "please explain further your joke". Did you post this?
by nobody
nobody said Nessie didn't have the right to post here. Get the stool out of your ears. However Nessie doesn't see any need to guarantee others the same right on sfindy. I'm not saying I'm wild about right wing bullshit, but Nessie's take on what that may or may not be is certainly open to interpretation.

see below.
"I’ve also come across plenty of right wing shit on SFIMC."
by nessie Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2004 at 7:10 PM

Perhaps we missed some. Cite the URLs. We'll remove it immediately.
by can be found at
probably mostly your work, in fact, all considered:
by gehrig
Exactly. Without nessie's paternal concern, we poor wand'ring fools would be utterly, utterly lost. Only nessie has the wisdom and insight and experience to show things as they truly are; without him and his blinding blazing brilliance, we are all feinting at shadows.

At least, that's what he thinks. Apparently, in this regard, he and George W. Bush go to the same reality-tailor.

by rusl
what is going on in these photos?

This is a bunch of obsolete that the FBI gets to recycle, you are using them as a dump? Or you've collected things that they will have to search through and will waste their time?

It certainly looks useful and not garbage. Is this a waste?

Elaboration is necessary. It seems like a clever action but perhaps too clever for most of your audience.

me certainly and I'm an IMC regular/ sometimes volunteer in Canada.

Also you sure are getting overrun with 'nessie' spam.

We got that in Vancouver too sometimes with bizarre links to SFIMC. Some people sure have a lot of free time! VanIMC is reforming because of spam from other sources plus trying to get more volunteers.

Anyway, good on you all for the actions. Looks like fun.
by spelling flame
by sorry don't you get it...
Don't waste your time correcting people's spelling, sorry if you don't know the cultural application of "maroon" in this context. Try google. What a humourless place this is.
by hey spelling flame
Now don't be such a maroon. 'kay?

"The word maroon was used heavily as a deliberate corruption of moron, some time not long after Bugs Bunny first appeared in 1940. It was usually accompanied by other corruptions, such as imbessle. It's main purpose, I believe, was to embarrass young second-generation immigrants."
by history buff
Don't trivialize their name. It's disrespectful.

Educate yourself. Start here:
by and I have mine.
Don't trivialize my right to associate "maroon" with Bugs Bunny, dammit.
by Tao Zero (taozeroAThotpopDOTcom)
You know, on the face of it that sounds like a great protest.. but when I think about it, that could be a Very Bad Idea.

Depending on what's ON these hard drives, I hope people "donating" them realize that intelligence agencies can easily retrieve anything stored on them - formatted, deleted or not - that hasn't been multi-overwritten by a qualified data destruction tool (like PGP's "shred" function or one of the programs listed here).

I don't know about you, but I'd think twice about handing one of my hard drives, formatted or not, even securely overwritten, to the FBI or CIA... maybe for me, since I don't have anything interesting to them on here (nothing classified, and nothing "dangerous"), I'm just being paranoid, but I still wouldn't want them reading through my old emails and putting it in a "troublemaker file". Which, I'm sure, a protest like this would qualify one for ;).

Just a word of warning to anyone planning to participate in such a protest - whether or not it's legal to dump your excess HDs on a government agency, it's probably not wise to hand them something potentially full of juicy information they could later use against you - and far from being inadmissible in court, it could be argued that anything on them could be considered a confession, since you *gave* it to them...
by Tao Zero
...if, as the article claims, all these hard drives will be pre-filled with the "incriminating" data from Indymedia, they'll have some protection from "data recovery" tools already.. but I'd still recommend securely formatting them first, if they were used by anyone who doesn't want their information retrieved. They may "have better things to do with their time", but you never know what a bored FBI agent with a lot of computer equipment, a dull office and a lot of free time could do. Or what they could do if they decided they were ticked off enough.

Then again, if it's just a hoax (the pics certainly don't look like any kind of "protest," more like they're just the FBI installing new hardware of their own), never mind.
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