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\"If You Tell a Lie\" anti-Bush video warns

Saturday, October 09, 2004
7:30 PM - 11:30 PM
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Maria Halyna
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Saturday, October 9th 2004 at Dolores Park in San Francisco

Blame Sally\\\'s Video \\\"If You Tell a Lie\\\" will be screened before the film night feature at Dolores Park this Saturday. (comments and more about the video below)

Harold and Maude

Saturday, October 9th 2004 at Dolores Park in San Francisco

Showtime: 8:00 pm

1971 90 min Paramount Rated PG

HAROLD AND MAUDE got lost in the holiday shuffle when first released in late 1971, but there\\\'s much in this oddball film to recommend, including superb performances from the three leads. Harold (Cort) is the son of Mrs. Chasen (Pickles), a wealthy woman who pays little attention to him. His frequent depressions and lack of friends motivate him to stage increasingly elaborate mock suicides, none of which impress his distracted mother. Fascinated by death and all its trappings, Harold has an old hearse which he drives to funerals at various cemeteries around town. At two successive services, he meets Maude (Gordon), a 79-year-old concentration camp survivor who is as thrilled with life as he is with death. A classic free spirit, she is the polar opposite of the solemn Harold. Nonetheless they become great pals, and she instills in him a desire to live, to spread his wings, to enjoy his brief time on earth. As time passes, they share several wacky adventures and their friendship blossoms into love--much to the alarm of Harold\\\'s mother.

This is a doggedly eccentric film which some will reject out of hand. Others will find it profundly moving and life affirming. Not surprisingly it became one of the major cult films on college campuses in the 1970s. This film was originated as a 20-minute script written as a graduate thesis by UCLA student Higgins. He later showed it to his landlady, Lewis, the wife of a film producer, and the two formed their own production company to make the film. Higgins went on to become a writer-director best known for films such as FOUL PLAY, NINE TO FIVE, and THE BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE IN TEXAS. He died in 1988 from AIDS complications.

\\\"If You Tell a Lie\\\" - Blame Sally Video

Have you seen the Anti-Bush Music Video that Internet Video Magazine is running on their \\\"Best Internet Videos of the Week\\\" list? We\\\'ve been getting messages from all over the country and wanted to share a few of them with you. Make sure to read to the end - they haven\\\'t all been positive and we want to give both sides fair play (an almost forgotten tradition in this great country). There have only been a couple of dissenting voices, they\\\'re both here. Thanks for the support, and remember, we appreciate all comments.

I finally got a chance to see/hear the video I\\\'ve heard so much about. It\\\'s really great-
an artistic marriage of the visual and the aural. And right on! Take care,
Laurie Lewis

Great song and video. A friend of mine in the bay area passed on to me the link to the \\\"if you tell a lie\\\" video/song. I found it really moving ... sad actually but so necessary. thanks, thanks for putting it out there. ,
Catie Curtis

I really enjoyed the video on your site... great song! Thanks for speaking out. Best of luck ,
Penelope Houston

These are my girlfriends from California.
Incredible video! I LOVE it!! (love you girls)!
Sarah Elizabeth Campbell

That song is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
Rock on, sister!

Just caught your new video off my computer screen and had to let you know how much I love it.......even though I\\\'ve had an absurd fear of clowns, puppets, etc. since seeing \\\"Poltergeist\\\" in 2nd Grade. Given that Bushie is nothing more than a puppet, however, I held my breath and dealt. In fact, I copied and pasted your link to all my friends and hope to have a bit more feedback for you before long. Either way, well done on getting the message even further out there. It\\\'s always been one of my favorite of your songs and I dig the new verse. I wish there hadn\\\'t been a need for it, but there you go. Great art always stems from suffering.
Amanda X

Just watched your brilliant video. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the message in your lyrics, the poignant melody line, the driving rhythym (thank YOU Pam!) and the amazing harmonies.
Blame Sally is divine.
Thanks for all that you do! Please let the other girls know that someone wrote in with a HUGE compliment of the video, and your band\\\'s music, generally. I particularly like the shot of you ladies sauntering down Balmy Alley in the \\\"mish\\\". Very nice.
Cheers. Maei

Amazing, Wonderful, Powerful! This needs to be seen - have you sent it to MoveOn, VH1, MTV, Fox (just kidding!).
You go girls!, Cathie Stettler

Lovely!, Alexis Harte

And with a slightly different opinion:

was it 6 recounts? eight recounts? can\\\'t remember. but I do remember he won every one (including the one by the ny times) what will be the excuse this time? I can hardly wait for the whining to start!, John

Thanks for reminding me to go vote in November. I\\\'ll be putting my full
support behind Dubya. Keep bad-mouthing him; it only galvanizes the rest
of the country to support him., Michael
Added to the calendar on Fri, Oct 8, 2004 7:13AM
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