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Bush Blows the debate-talks to Rove in earpiece

by JR
Listen to the mp3 yourself- or watch the video at c-span
ffwd to 40 min 30 sec

There is an mp3 with the audio at NYC indymedia
Bush Blows Debate: Talks to Rove in Earpiece!

During the Presidential Debate Bush made what may be his most costly error- he exposed that he’s using an earpiece to help him answer debate questions. In the middle of an answer bush said, "now let me finish" as if someone was interrupting him - yet nobody did - he was talking to the person in his earpiece.

Listen to the mp3 yourself- or watch the video at c-span
ffwd to 40 min 30 sec

There is an mp3 with the audio at NYC indymedia

I’ve been thinking for years that we need something major to blow this scam wide open, like Bush exposing himself on national tv. Last night he did just that.

The ’let me finish’ quip was clearly bush talking to someone (probably Rove) in his earpiece- saying ’let me finish’ (before you give me the next answer). He blows it 60 seconds into his 90 second reply- so no warning lights had gone off and the moderator had not motioned for him to end as there was plenty of time left.

There is really no other plausible explanation for this huge blunder- who was he telling to ’let him finish’? The voices in his head? Is he talking to God again? Shouldn’t this be enough to warrant a major investigation of some sort- bush is so incompetent he needs an earpiece to speak in public! The entire Bush regime is a house of cards- let this be the first card pulled from the bottom tier - send this fool and his evil cabal to the ICC for War Crimes.

This info has been sent to the Kerry campaign, will they do anything with it? If it were Kerry’s blunder, you know Bush’s team would be all over him. If Kerry won’t do the same, one must ask- why not?

by : John Reynolds
by John LeFrancois
In the debate, Bush not only said "something extraordinarily revealing" but physically showed us.

Bush signaled to his earpiece for help when Kerry began his rebuttal to "the enemy attacked us" statement.

At 54:32 in the video, watch Bush point toward his left ear. His finger ends up on his chin in an awkward position after the signal.
<a href="url">
by Chris
As much as I would LOVE for something like that to be exposed, I didn't see anything that was solid evidence in the video. His hand gesture did look like a guy just stretching his wrist. Plus, the "let me finish" remark could have misdirected at Lehrer. Also, I find it hard to beleive that Bush would have come across so panicked and lost if someone was whispering in his ear.
by PW
I noticed when he said, "Now let me finish." I even yelled "Who is he talking to?"
by Robin
I've worked in theater, video and film production for 20 years. My experience leads me to believe that Bush has been using an in-ear monitor for years. He used it in the Tim Russert interview.

There are a host of clues that give it away, mostly it's his hesitant speech pattern, although I must admit he's getting better at repeating his dialogue.

There would be no external wires (that bulge and wire seen in the over-the-shoulder shots would be a wireless lavlier microphone (The mic head would be hidden under the lapel) with the lectern mic being a backup to the wireless lav).

It probably does have two-way comuunication, rather than receive only, and it probably uses the radio frequncies assigned to the Secret Service. For return signal, the handler just needs a video/audio feed from the media doing the recording.

There does NOT need to be line-of-sight worries, all they would need is an antenna inside the room, preferably near the stage, but Front Of House would do fine.

You will never see it, unless you could see straight into his ear.

I want to see the Republican's contract rider. Does it specify an inner room? Of course it will ask for a video/audio feed, but does it insist on placing an antenna inside the venue? Do they limit the event producer to specific freqs (of their wirless mics) so as to cut down on harmonic interference?

All the signs are there, it's pretty obvious that he's using one, but proving it? Well, that's the trick isn't it...

As for jamming it, the SS uses all sorts of encryption tech on their radios. First you'd have to hunt out the right frequency among all the RF in the room (including regular SS communications regarding taking out any unexpected protesters). Next one would have to crack whatever receiver encryption exists (carrier suppression, CTCSS, etc...) to get it to receive your signal and open the receiver's squelch, and last the signal would have to be stronger than the handler's.

Given the tight security, a guy running around with a radio transmitter and a directional antenna would be arrested trying to get close enough. It would be a lot easier outdoors, but he doesn't go off-prompter there does he?
by realitybyte

No wonder they didn't want cameras to film Bush from behind.

I thought it was just to keep the public from seeing his bald spot.
by Timothy (timco [at]
I too picked up on that weird "let me finish" outburst from Bush when nobody was trying to stop him from finishing, but I still don't see anything that points to an earpiece. If you watch the video, he doesn't just say "let me finish," he holds a finger up as if he is gesturing to Leher. This makes me think that he is reacting to body language from Leher, perhaps he just shifted in his seat or raised his eyebrows, and Bush took this to mean in his confused little mind that he was about to be cut off.

I also think that using an earpiece would be too confusing for Bush. He would have to listen to Leher, listen to Kerry and listen to the earpiece all at the same time. I think this would be harder for him than just winging it w/o the earpiece.

Also, if he had an earpiece I don't think he would have run out of material as he appeared to have done. I got the picture about 30-45 minutes into the debate that he had said everything that he had memorized and that with only half the debate done he had to keep repeating himself and recycling his old lines. Surely if he had Rove whispering in his ear he would have been fed originial material.
by Timothy (timco [at]
Then again, an earpiece would explain why he was hunched over the podium. If you look at the link posted two messages above showing a camera shot from behind, there does appear to be a bulge in his back and you can clearly see that his hunched posture means that there was no neck exposed that would have revealed a wire. With his shoulder hunched and his head lowered, his suit connects with the back of his head and his hair, eliminating the neck and providing ample cover for a wire to run up through his hair connecting to his ear. Though presumably they would have been able to give him some kind of a wireless earpiece that would have eliminated the need for a whire connecting the receiver on his back to the tucked in his ear.
by SarahLee
Now with the freepers claiming Kerry cheated we
have more and different Bush cheated info:

More proof Bush cheated during the debate
by John in DC - 10/4/2004 10:57:22 AM

Yes, this is a silly issue. But since the vast right-wing conspiracy keeps pushing the bs story that Kerry cheated during the first debate by bringing a piece of paper or a pen with him to the podium (the rules apparently say you can't bring ANYTHING with you), I thought it only fair to present more evidence that Bush did the exact same thing, since it appears he did. Bush unfolded a piece of paper as he got to the podium.

I have a few still images showing his hand with something white in it, below, and also a few videos. This videos show Bush unfolding and laying down a piece of paper on the podium:

1. First in real time

2. Then in slow-mo

Finall, the enlarged photos of Bush holding something white as he approaches
the podium, in the video you'll see him unfolding it and laying it down on
the podium.

<<some text deleted>>

More video:

More debate on the earpiece here:$g_url)%20?%3Eemailto.php?id=125456
by CelticWarrior (celticwarrior72 [at]
I have actual CNN footage of Bush being prompted through an earpiece during his speech in France in June. You can clearly hear another voice reading the speech to him before he repeats the words. I'd be happy to email it anyone, It's 2.7mb in length. Contact me at celticwarrior72 [at]
by Lucas
So what if Bush has used an earpiece in the past, not everyone is as good a others...
by B
I'm not a fan of Bush, but the "let me finish" is uttered as he notices that the green timer light has come on, and he is clearly gesturing at Lehrer who may have also indicated the light came on. In the heat of the moment and in the midst of what he was saying his first reaction to the light at that moment seems to be that he knows he is almost out of time, promptng him to utter "let me finish".
by Alicia
Damn it, Celtic Warrior, put up a website with that CNN footage of Bush being prompted and tell the world! Tell - i'm sure they can help.

Expose the dirty, lying piece of scum for what he is!

by Fed- up in Seattle
Wow... this one really takes the cake. The Democrats are always accusing the Republicans of outlandish accusations... like Hilary’s out-spoken claims that the GOP was responsible for the stories about her poor husbands wandering ways.
Come on… this earpiece accusation is just a clear case of "grasping-at-straws" desperation by die-hard Liberals, willing to believe any Bush-bashing, derogatory or slanderous accusations they hear coming down the pike. Sadder yet is that they're willing and eager to jump on the bandwagon, spitting it back out to the ever-present ears around the office, as if it all were proven facts.
Talk about putting a bug in your ear... anyone out there have an original thought of their own, or do you just want to keep spreading the rumors you hear from the "money-hungry-media" desperately fighting the ratings race? Give us all a big break.
by From Germany
Hi there,

I always wonder how many people in the US have a strong urge for conspiracy and still vote the wrong people ;)))

Let's get serious. There simply might be someone in the audience signaling this or that. Perhaps GWB was nervous enough to respond to that.

I admit, having seen the video I also asked myself "what's that". But a proof for being wired? Nope. Folks. Nope. Show a picture of the earpiece.

Also, the buldge in his coat. Well, don't you think that the folks wiring him would do a better job? This is million peoples are watching event with many many many cameras not under your control. And then put the receiver/battery/whatever on his back? Man, I would have placed it in his pants ... there's enough room ;)
by JA
"Well, don't you think that the folks wiring him would do a better job?"

Think about it: These are the *IDIOTS* who brought the world the Iraq war -- and the whole mess there with "millions [of] people" watching!

And with such a compliant American media, they don't have to do "a better job".

"This is million peoples are watching event with many many many cameras not under your control."

I can assure you that the only cameras in the auditorium were under the control of the officials. What? You think that they just let *anybody* bring a camera into the auditorium? You haven't been to the states in a *long* time, have you?

(What, you think it's above the Republicans to cheat!? They know that "W" is the IDIOT-IN-CHIEF! And, as bad as the Democrats are, the Republicans have always been lower and slimier fighters.)

by JA
I didn't watch the staged debate, what we call, "dog & pony show(s)". But, I know that it was stipulated that the TV cameras were not allowed to show either of the candidates from certain angles. So, that may exclude the possibility of directly seeing any wires/earpieces or parts thereof.
by Fed- up in Seattle
<<(What, you think it's above the Republicans to cheat!? They know that "W" is the IDIOT-IN-CHIEF! And, as bad as the Democrats are, the Republicans have always been lower and slimier fighters.) >>

This comment is too hilarious… Your obviously not aware of the “pot and kettle” story but you do have a gullible appetite for conspiracy theories and you seem completely unaware of how little most Americans care what Germany thinks about the Iraq war anyway... Have you noticed how many terrorists have come out of hiding to fight in their own back yards rather than ours, OR YOURS! How eager do you think the U.S. will be to come running to Germany’s aid “AGAIN” should your country face a devastating attack of terrorism? Not “too” if I were president… I assure you. Enjoy the dog and pony show… Enjoy your freedom… Enjoy the Middle East oil… Enjoy it all while you can.
by DarkAurora
Kerry wants us not to rely on the middle east anymore for oil, so we can stop helping governments who are helping terrorists. That's a real plan. Kerry has a lot of good plans to help this country. I haven't heard Bush announce any new plans. All I've heard him do is denounce Kerry's plans.
by Fed- up in Seattle
I’m not going to get into a debate over who the better candidate is… the majority of us are clearly committed to one or the other so that’s a waste of time. But if you don’t hear Bush clearly outlining goals for things like replacing the need for Middle East oil, it’s only because you’re not really listening to him. Research is in progress right now, under the Bush administration, looking at possible replacement fuels such as coal and others. Kerry has only claimed if elected he will find a substitute for oil but has not yet claimed how or suggested with what... What I am tired of though, is the way the average American is so quick to jump on the “crap” the media is trumping up to increase their ratings. We want the candidates to stick to the issues and so should we. Things like this earpiece rumor is just that… rumors and fools rush in to claim them as facts. We all love this country and want the best for it. It would do us all some good to keep level heas amidst the hype.
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