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Photos: NYC - Starbucks labor Rally

by jankyHellface
Amidst heavy police presence 5-600 people rallied outside the Starbucks on 36th & Madison in Manhatten. Two of the main organizers of the rally were areested.
Amidst heavy police presence, 5-600 people rallied outside the Starbucks on 36th & Madison in Manhatten. Protesters marched to another store 2 blocks away; and then returned to the original rally spot. Police proceeded to surround the march before it reached the store, arresting two of the main organizers of the rally.
§Starbucks Rally
by jankyHellface
§Starbucks March
by jankyHellface
§Starbucks March
by jankyHellface
§Starbucks March
by jankyHellface
§Starbucks March
by jankyHellface
§Marchers surrounded
by jankyHellface
§Rally ending point
by jankyHellface
§Batallion of police vehicles
by jankyHellface
These vans lined both sides of 35th St., while 36th St was also lined with police vehicles. I counted about 20 motorcycle police, and 20 folks who looked to be undercover and coordinating plans with commanding officers of the rally.
§Police videographers
by jankyHellface
According to various rally organizers, it is illegal for the NYPD to be videotaping individuals in rallies unless they commit a crime. This is a common tactic of police across the country to help identify protesters.
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by eb
Why is it ok for YOU to videotape cops at demos, but "illegal" for them to tape you in a public place, in which anyone, anytime, may videotape anything? And if they don't like working at S'bucks, then get another fucking job. The incessant whining is nauseating.
by java jitters
somebody had too much Starbucks today. Settle down. Mix it with some Kahlua, hit yourself on the head and go to bed.

Great photos, as usual!
by San Franciscan
I have often wondered why the refugees from NYC in my family never returned. I see why now. New York is just as ugly as all other cities. We can even see the smog in the 80 degree heat in these photos, plus the extremely crowded conditions and the ancient buildings, none of which is inspiring.

Congratulations to all the young people (and not so young) who made this labor march. The minimum wage should be $20 per hour. All jobs, regardless of whether they are in these chains like Starbucks, or not, should pay at least $20 per hour plus full medical & dental coverage for the employee and the employee's dependents. If the employers do not want to pay the medical, they should join labor in demanding a national healthcare system for all, guaranteeing free medical and dental care, with free drug coverage to all from cradle to grave. The money can come from the war, prison and police budgets.

To anyone thinking of coming to this backward country which unlike the rest of the industrialized world has no national healthcare system, I hope these pictures, and all the rest of the news and photos on these websites, make it clear that there is absolutely nothing here.

As to the duties and obligations of the police, they have sworn to uphold the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, which guarantees our right to free speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of association. Photographing, videotaping and the like protesters who are doing absolutely nothing illegal is certainly a violation of our Constitutional rights. As to the protesters, they are obviously not in the same position as the police, and thus can photograph anyone for any reason or no reason whatsoever.
Jeesh ,.... I'm squinting at the excellent " Starbucks demo photos " and I can't make out a single ancient building ! But, a couple hundred years ...who knows ?, barring an EARTHQUAKE, good ol' New York might be full of them. ( I guess we'll have one of those ancient , European type cities on our hands then .... HEY !!... maybe that's the prerequisite for Universal health care ?? )

As for the " crowds ".... uh,.. for a truly uninspiring setting I go along with John Ashcroft's favorite : solitary confinement ! A city and a crowd are indispensable complements to each other . We could scarcely appreciate them as completely separate entities..and can learn to put up with the vexations they invariably generate ,.. knowing that a welcome surprise or two is bound to be " just around the corner " . The people truly make New York well as UNIONS !
Your disdain of N.Y.C 's ugliness prompts me to recommend that you take a weekend ( UNIONS ! The people that gave us Weekends !, Go Starbuck's employees ! ) off and travel to the auld sod for a first hand look!! Grab a freshly baked pretzel and sit back for an evening voyage on the Staten Island Ferry as she cuts through the Harbor's breezes.... Ugly ain't the word for it. Even if you sit with your eyes closed !!

You DID hit the nail on the head with health care and police surveillance . I beg the outlanders to COME to this backward-assed country of ours. It's our main chance.
- Joslin

by shikey
Hey eb dukeyhead, If you don't like it then take a hike, shitty.
by X351912
Its a matter of fact that NYC cops are not allowed to videotape individuals who are not committing crimes, not a matter of folk lore, or what _should_ be. Thats NYCs law. Thats all.

Perhaps its not so in SF, but in Manhattan, there are literally at least on Starbucks every 2 or 3 blocks. Where else are you going to work? Starbucks has published reports stating that they intend to have a Starbucks on every manhattan block. Now then, do we start bitching that our jobs suck now, or do we wait until we only have suck ass corporate-service jobs?
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