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Special Report from the UK: Israel Simply Has No Right to Exist
by repost
Wednesday Jul 21st, 2004 11:30 PM
Please note how the writer below discloses that he is a Muslim. This repost-er is a Christian. Wouldn't it be quite appropriate if every reporter in the US disclosed his religion (or tribal ethnic connection)? Especially with regards to reporting on the Middle East.
Israel Simply Has No Right to Exist

Peace might have a real chance without Israelis' biblical claims

By Faisal Bodi
Wednesday January 3, 2001,The Guardian

Several years ago, I suggested in my students’ union newspaper that Israel shouldn’t exist. I also said the sympathy evoked by the Holocaust was a very handy cover for Israeli atrocities. Overnight I became public enemy number one. I was a Muslim fundamentalist, a Jew-hater, somebody who trivialised the memory of the most abominable act in history. My denouncers followed me, photographed me, and even put telephone calls through to my family telling them to expect a call from the grim reaper.

Thankfully, my notoriety in Jewish circles has since waned to the extent that recently I gave an inter-faith lecture sponsored by the Leo Baeck College, even though my views have remained the same. Israel has no right to exist. I know it’s a hugely unfashionable thing to say and one which, given the current parlous state of the peace process, some will also find irresponsible. But it’s a fact that I have always considered central to any genuine peace formula.

Certainly there is no moral case for the existence of Israel. Israel stands as the realisation of a biblical statement. Its raison d’être was famously delineated by former prime minister Golda Meir. “This country exists as the accomplishment of a promise made by God Himself. It would be absurd to call its legitimacy into account.”

That biblical promise is Israel’s only claim to legitimacy. But whatever God meant when he promised Abraham that “unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the Euphrates,” it is doubtful that he intended it to be used as an excuse to take by force and chicanery a land lawfully inhabited and owned by others.

It does no good to anyone to brush this fact, uncomfortable as it might be, under the table. But that has been the failing with Oslo. When it signed the agreement, the PLO made the cardinal error of assuming that you could bury the hatchet by rewriting history. It accepted as a starting point that Israel had a right to exist. The trouble with this was that it also meant, by extension, an acceptance that the way Israel came into being was legitimate. As the latest troubles have shown, ordinary Palestinians are not prepared to follow their leaders in this feat of intellectual amnesia.
Israel’s other potential claim to legitimacy, international recognition,
is just as dubious. The two pacts which sealed Palestine’s future were both concluded by Britain.

First we signed the Sykes-Picot agreement with France, pledging to divvy up Ottoman spoils in the Levant. A year later, in 1917, the Balfour Declaration promised a national home for the Jewish people. Under international law the declaration was null and void since Palestine did not belong to Britain - under the pact of the League of Nations it belonged to Turkey.

By the time the UN accepted a resolution on the partition of Palestine in 1947, Jews constituted 32% of the population and owned 5.6% of the land. By 1949, largely as a result of paramilitary organisations such as the Haganah, Irgun and Stern gang, Israel controlled 80% of Palestine and 770,000 non-Jews had been expelled from their country.
This then is the potted history of the iniquities surrounding its own birth that Israel must acknowledge in order for peace to have a chance. After years of war, peace comes from forgiving, not forgetting; people never forget but they have an extraordinary capacity to forgive. Just look at South Africa, which showed the world that a cathartic truth must precede reconciliation.

Far from being a force for liberation and safety after decades of suffering, the idea that Israel is some kind of religious birthright has only imprisoned Jews in a never-ending cycle of conflict. The “promise” breeds an arrogance which institutionalises the inferiority of other peoples and generates atrocities against them with alarming regularity. It allows soldiers to defy their consciences and blast unarmed schoolchildren. It gives rise to legislation seeking to prevent the acquisition of territory by non-Jews.

More crucially, the promise limits Israel’s capacity to seek models of
coexistence based on equality and the respect of human rights. A state
based on so exclusivist a claim to legitimacy cannot but conceive of separation as a solution. But separation is not the same as lasting peace; it only pulls apart warring parties. It does not heal old wounds, let alone redress historical wrongs.

However, take away the biblical right and suddenly mutual coexistence, even a one-state solution, doesn’t seem that far-fetched. What name that coexistence will take is less important than the fact that peoples have forgiven and that some measure of justice has been restored. Jews will continue to live in the Holy Land - as per the promise - as equals alongside its other rightful inhabitants.

If that kind of self-reproach is forthcoming, Israel can expect the Palestinians to be forgiving and magnanimous in return. The alternative is perpetual war.

Faisal Bodi is a Muslim journalist.

Special report: Israel and the Middle East comment [at]
by Critical Thinker
Thursday Jul 22nd, 2004 7:48 AM
and riddled with lies.
by gehrig
Friday Jul 23rd, 2004 9:29 AM
Don't overstate your case.

There's a big difference between saying that she's defended David Duke and Ernst Zündel on free speech grounds -- which I believe she has -- versus "she's closely tied to" David Duke. It's not wrong to suspect that her motivation is in at least part her own antisemitism. (Other examples of her antisemitism are probably familiar enough to Indybay readers that there's no reason to rehearse them again.) But it's wrong to imply that she's an active _supporter_ of Duke or Zündel without enough evidence to support the claim.

I do believe, incidentally, that there is now sufficient evidence to suggest that she is an active supporter of Holocaust denial as the term is generally understood -- that is, that she supports the promulgation of Holocaust denial on grounds beyond the mere protection of free speech.

Truth wins. There's no need to lie about Wendy; she discredits herself enough as it is. Lies are counterproductive.

by gehrig
Friday Jul 23rd, 2004 9:34 AM
Incidentally, in the New Orleans post, Wendy does somehow magically conclude -- in the absence of any evidence other than her own prejudices -- that, despite the anarchist symbol, the vandalism was "most likely perpetrated by Zionist Jews." Given that neither the vandalism nor the statue itself had anything whatsoever to do with the Mideast, Wendy's outburst is just more evidence that when she says, "Zionist Jews," she really just means "The Jews."

by GENUINE anti-racist
Friday Jul 23rd, 2004 10:46 AM
Actually, there is plenty of evidence that Wendy Klanbell IS a fervent supporter of David Duke. Her New Orleans Indymedia post is one; so was her statement in an earlier thread that Duke was a valiant opponent of "zionist Jews" who was being "persecuted" for that reason alone. And despite the attempt of the SFBay editors to censor this information in their steadfast enabling of Wendy and other Jew-haters (e.g Israel Shamir) , I will continue to post the neccessary links. Like this one, in which she expresses her support for "White Nationalists" in New Orleans over anti-racist anarchist activists:
by Wendy Campbell
Friday Jul 23rd, 2004 11:01 AM
gehrig thinks he's the big expert on me, Wendy Campbell, but he can't _prove_ his allegations about my views of the Holocaust.

If you want to see my views on Palestine, Israel, Zionism, the Holocaust, the one-state vs. the two-state solution, then I invite you to check out my website: You can also do a Google-search or go to and do a search on "Wendy Campbell". Although there are many Wendy Campbells, there is only one who writes extensively on Israel as an apartheid state, etc., and against Zionism.

By the way, at the film "Hijacking Catastrophe" the other nite, I got into an interesting discussion with a woman sitting next to me who identified herself as Jewish. We talked extensively about the Israel-Palestine conflict, Zionism, and why I'm voting for Nader and not Kerry.

When I started my schpeil about the one-state solution, she said (something like): "I guess there was sympathy for the fact that 3 million Jews were killed in during WWII" referring to when Israel was created by the UN in 1948, out of "sympathy" (unfortunately no sympathy was shown to the Palestinians. This must be fully addressed).

She did not even mention the "H" word. Very interesting...that she said "3 million" and not 6 million. In fact in the course of my rather light (compared to some others) research on the topic of the Holocaust, I found that 3 million is the approximate number mentioned in the only central database of actual names listed of Jewish victims of WWII, which is at the big Holocaust museum in Israel.

At any rate, no matter what the actual figure and no matter how they died, there is no justification for the persecution of the Palestinian people in the course of the immoral stealing of their land by Zionists for a Jewish supremacist, exclusive, racist, apartheid, ethnic-cleansing, anti-democratic, genocidal rogue state, such as Israel is.

And I certainly think the US must cut off all aid and end all political support for such a country as Israel, the number one recipient by far of US tax-payers' dollars and the number one source of tension between the US and the rest of the world. There is no doubt in my mind that US support for Israel was the number one factor in why 9-11 happened.

Israel needs the USA. The USA doesn't need Israel and in fact should drop Israel like a hot potato.

Whether they believe it or not, I also don't believe that Jews need Zionist Israel either, but that's just my opinion, for the following reasons:

* It's the least safe place for a Jew to be

* Jews have choices-- they can usually live in the country where they already live quite nicely, such as the USA.

* it has been recently reported that 33% of Israelis are staying away from Israel on extended "vacation" for the time being anyway (proving that they do have choices, whereas Palestinians do not) because of the violence there

* Zionism and Zionist Israel is causing more and more people around the world to actually hate Israel, and cause a rise in resentment towards Jews

* Zionism and Zionist Israel tends to give almost all Jews, except those who denounce Zionism, a "bad name" since Israel is obviously such a racist, fascist, and brutal country, and not worthy of moral support. It is also an apartheid country, and Jews used to be thought of as against such racism.

*Support of Zionist Israel is draining US resources when the US could use it here for education and heathcare, as well as it's immoral to spend our tax dollars on the persecution of the Palestinian people just because they are not Jewish. This is certain to cause resentment among many non-Jewish Americans and even non-Zionist American Jews.

Therefore, it is high time to address apartheid Israel in the same way South Africa was addressed when it had an apartheid regime.

The first place to start is with a Truth and Reconciliation Committee, as it was also the first step in ending apartheid in South Africa. That is absolutely the first, mandatory step to take.
by Observer
Friday Jul 23rd, 2004 11:46 AM
Note once again how Wendy denies the genocide of 6 million Jews and proclaims her complete LACK of "sympathy" for their fate (which we know she thinks is all "alleged" anyway). She clearly feels that Jews are inferior to Christians and Muslims and should have fewer rights and freedoms.
by gehrig
Friday Jul 23rd, 2004 11:57 AM
Wendy, I won't list the various times you've posted URLs for anti-Zionist sites that turned out to also be Holocaust denial sites; off the top of my head I can think of five different URLs you've done that for, and you don't deny it -- instead you deny that being part of an overtly, blazingly anti-Jewish site in any way taints the overtly, blazingly anti-Israel articles with even a whiff of anti-Jewish prejudice. In effect, you say, "so it's also a Nazi apologia site -- so what?"

Instead I'll point to this, from your "Zionization of Miami" essay,


"The compelling question is this: if it is true as the Zionists’ claim that there were six million Jews killed during the Holocaust under Hitler during WWII, then why has there been no complete central compilation of the victims’ names? Surely, with all the research and Holocaust “scholarship”, along with the claims and litigation that came in for compensation and reparations from Germany, Switzerland and other European countries, along with the aid of modern computers, there must be a central database with all of the names of the victims. But apparently, to the best of our knowledge, there is not. Why not? Could it be that Zionists know that such a compilation would possibly come up far shorter than six million Jewish victims? Could it be that this would lead to an open discussion of all the claims that Zionists make about the Holocaust? Could it be that this would lead to the lifting of the taboo against questioning Zionist claims about the Holocaust? [...] We realize also that the Holocaust is a sensitive topic, as well as a highly unpleasant topic in every aspect, however, if any country is accused of committing the worst crime in history, shouldn’t there be a burden of proof?"

Here, Wendy, you couldn't state it much more clearly: you think there's no "burden of proof" of the six million figure, or else you wouldn't be asking for one. You characterize the six million figure as a "Zionist claim," a claim that "possibly" "Zionists" know is false, that you imply might have been exaggerated -- by Zionists -- by "far," and then use as an excuse to speculate about which other "Zionist claims about the Holocaust" should therefore also be called into question as potentially mere propaganda.

This numbers game is a classic tenet of Holocaust denial. See, for example, (Note, on that page, the name Bradley Smith; this is the Nazi apologist your Mark gave Flashpoints air time to, and whose Nazi apologia tape you sell on your website.)

It's finally time for you to take a good, hard look into the mirror, Wendy, and see what you're turning into.

by Wendy Campbell
Friday Jul 23rd, 2004 1:30 PM
I can neither deny nor assert that 6 million Jews were killed by the Nazi and neither can anyone else.

The fact is that there is no proof, no central database with names of the Jewish victims of Nazi concentration camps anywhere that confirms that number is true. That's not MY fault.

If there is such a database anywhere, then please do enlighten us about it now or forever hold your peace.

And even if there is, that would in no way justify the persecution of the Palestinian people and the stealing of their land for a Jewish supremacist land. The American people have the right and the dutyt to demand that their government to stop giving any aid to any racist, apartheid country like Israel is.

All people must have equal rights, and that includes for Jews. It also means no special priviledges for anyone and that includes for Jews.
by Wendy Campbell
Friday Jul 23rd, 2004 1:40 PM
I'm not the one who goes around always bringing up the Holocaust and the 6 million figure--- you are, gehrig. Obviously you think that the Holocaust justifies the persecution of the Palestinian people and the Zionist stealing of their land for a Jewish supremacist state.

That's very obvious.

I don't agree. And you can't make me.

Thank God for the First Amendment. You hate America for its freedom of speech, don't you, gehrig? You and your Zionist henchmen just can't stand that about America. You keep trying to change all the rules of our democracy to protect your racist state of Israel, but don't think we are going to let you Zionists get away with it. We won't. No way!
by GENUINE anti-racist
Friday Jul 23rd, 2004 3:10 PM
Actually Wendy-you subhuman Nazi cuntbag-it is you who keeps bringing up the subject by your incessant linking to Nazi and Holocaust denial websites and your parroting of their claims. And by your proud alliance with Ernest Zundel and David Duke.
by gehrig
Friday Jul 23rd, 2004 5:59 PM
Windy Wendy: "I can neither deny nor assert that 6 million Jews were killed by the Nazi and neither can anyone else."

A guy named Hoettel could. And he did, at the Nuremburg war trials. He was a Nazi doctor. He testified that he'd discussed the numbers first-hand with Heinrich Himmler -- the man Adolf Hitler hand-picked to run the liquidation of the Jews of Europe. When Hoettel told Himmler in the last days of the war that, according to his calculations, six million Jews had died as a result of the Nazi genocidal program, Himmler responded that the number was actually too low.

And Himmler's numbers were confirmed by a series of demographic studies using a variety of methodologies but all pointing in the same direction: six million dead Jews, plus or minus a few hundred thousand. Read Shermer and Grobman's book on Holocaust denial -- "Denying History: Who Says the Holocaust Didn't Happen, and Why Do They Say It?" for fully documented details.

You'll also find in that book a partial transcript of Bradley Smith's appearance on the Donohue show, in which he claims quite plainly that he thinks the Holocaust is a hoax. An appearance on national television proclaiming himself as a Holocaust denier wasn't enough -- apparently -- to prevent Mark Green from taking him seriously enough as a scholar to invite him onto Flashpoints to speak on "Holocaust Skepticism: The Last Taboo."

Mark Green _did_ know about the Donohue appearance denying the Holocaust before inviting Smith to talk about the Holocaust, right? Appearing as the "yes" side in a live debate over whether the Holocaust was a Jewish fraud? I mean, Green wasn't _that_ sloppy a researcher, was he? Because he'd look mighty frikkin' stupid if he didn't know that, right? I mean, given the existence of Google, he'd have to have been a congenital idiot not to know that Deborah Lipstadt had dedicated an entire chapter to Smith in her book on Holocaust denial, right, and not to know about the Donohue appearance, right? He'd look like he'd been played like a piano by a known Nazi apologist looking for airtime if he didn't know that, wouldn't he?

But I guess my real question is this, Windy Wendy. The same amount of time and energy you _could_ have used to find out that, gee, that six million number isn't made up after all, you spent instead grousing and whining that maybe it's just a Zionist Jew fraud. That is, given a choice between educating yourself and smearing the Zionist Jew, you chose the latter.

Yet, you accept without batting your presumably over-eyelinered eyelids that the certification of kashrut is actual a Great Big Jewish Money Grab Against The Gentile, Although You Know You Can't Prove It.

So my question to you is -- given the outrageously high standard of proof you require for the Holocaust ("give me all the names, otherwise I'll claim it's just a Zionst con") and the outrageously low standard of proof you require to embrace the Kosher Tax Canard ("I just feel that I'm right, and I'm going to ignore all your evidence") how is it even slightly possible for you to claim that you _aren't_ an antisemite?

by gehrig
Friday Jul 23rd, 2004 6:04 PM
_This_ is what I meant about why it's unnecessary to lie about Wendy Campbell's antisemitism. Please stick to the facts; the facts alone are enough to condemn her.

by GENUINE anti-racist
Friday Jul 23rd, 2004 6:44 PM
Nothing I have said about Wendy is inaccurate. And I don't see the point of trying to convince a profoundly evil and sick person like her of the reality of the Holocaust. As even Noam Chomsky has argued, once one gets into the details of arguing the numbers or the reality of its occurence, "one has already lost one's humanity". And that is something Wendy truly lacks. In any case, she'll probably just answer that the German general was tortured by the "Jew-dominated" military allies, that his testimony is a hoax and so on. That the other documentation is simply "zionist propoganda", that the real truth can be found in the Protocols etc etc etc. We are talking again about a profoundly evil and sick specimen, of the type that civilized humans had hoped was utterly marginalized after 1945. The only acceptable way of treating such beings is to expose their evil to others potentially under their sway, prevent them from gaining access to weapons and political power and consistently and utterly discredit and destroy their arguments at every turn. If there is truly a hell, Wendy and her Nazi colleagues will surely burn in it. Hopefully, quite soon.
by gehrig
Friday Jul 23rd, 2004 7:12 PM
Aside to the editors: thanks for not hiding this. It isn't just another in the endless series of neener-neener squabbles between Wendy and myself; it's a documentation of Wendy's antisemitism in an area -- Holocaust denial -- which is unrelated to Israel and therefore can't be waved away as Zionist propaganda. I hope that this exchange with Wendy makes it more than clear that I'm not simply crying wolf when I call her out for her antisemitism.

GA: "she'll probably just answer that the German general was tortured by the "Jew-dominated" military allies, that his testimony is a hoax and so on."

But this is her call to make, and she will be making it in a public forum. I don't hope to convince _her_ that she's swallowed the neo-Nazi bait on the numbers game. But she may not yet have swallowed enough of it to do a full David Irving. She may at some later time come to realize that on her own, but she hates me so much at the moment that if I told her today that the innermost planet was Mercury she'd accuse me of Zionst disinformation and then scribble out the name "Mercury" in her World Almanac.

But the clearer she makes her own antisemitism -- and I should hope that most IMC readers now see that it's pretty goddamned clear -- the more she reminds Indybay that there are those whose apparently principled anti-Zionism is merely a cloak for something darker. As I have repeated, you don't have to be an antisemite to criticize the Sharon administration -- but Wendy is, Wendy surely is, and it's not wrong or disingenuous to point that out.

And the lesson to the progressive movement is, I hope, equally clear: when you substitute demonization for analysis, the price you pay is in the form of attracting people like Windy Wendy.

GA: "and consistently and utterly discredit and destroy their arguments at every turn."

But lies discredit no one but the liar who tells them. Only the truth works. I very earnestly believe this, from the bottom of my Orwell-worshiping heart. If you are trying to build understanding and consensus and community, only the truth works. Although a case of good Czech beer helps immensely.

by Critical Thinker
Saturday Jul 24th, 2004 3:31 AM
Like the lie that by 1949 770,000 non-Jews had been expelled from their country. The actual number was much much lower.
Or the lie that in 1947 Jews owned only 5.6% of the land.

>>>"The Zionists are killing off Palestinians"<<<

The Israeli security forces are killing off Palestinian terrorists along with a few unintended non-combatants.

>>>"and stealing their land for an exclusive Jewish supremacist state."<<<

That's a blatant lie not even worth refuting.

>>>"The Zionists are insisting that the USA fund and politically support Israel's ethnic cleansing..."<<<

There are a two possibilities here:
1. you're unfamiliar with what ethnic cleansing really means.
2. you know and are deliberately lying about it.

As far as the name calling and worse goes, it's the other way around -- the Palestinians and their supporters and/or apologists by far outweigh Zionists in the field of name calling.

You're really something -- first you ask me what lies I was referring to, then you proceed to lie outright.
Saturday Jul 24th, 2004 11:51 PM
End the Conflict, Free the Palestinian People.
We need a Palestinian State in the Whole of the West Bank and Gaza Now.
We need to look at the Problem as it stands today.

Just like it would be outrageous to try and ethnic cleanse some 5,000,000 Jews from the area.
It would also be an equal outrage to try and ethnic cleanse some 4,000,000 Palestinians from the area.
So let Israel have its Country in its pre 1967 Borders and let the Palestinians have their Country in the Whole of the West Bank and Gaza.

If you were to say that it would be wrong, to say to the Jews that even though they were born and have lived in Israel all their lives they had to move to the U.S. and Europe because there are Jews living in the U.S. and Europe.

It would be just as wrong to say to the Palestinian who were born and have lived all their lives in the West Bank and Gaza they had to move to Jordan just because some Palestinians happen to live in Jordan.
Saturday Jul 24th, 2004 11:59 PM

End the Conflict, Free the Israeli People.
We need a Palestinian State in Part of the West Bank and Gaza Eventually.
We need to look at the Problem as it stands today.

Just like it would be outrageous to try and ethnic cleanse some 4,000,000 Palestinians from the area.

it would also be an equal outrage to try and ethnic cleanse some 5,000,000 Jews from the area.

So let Israel have its Country somewhat beyond its pre 1967 Borders and let the Palestinians have their Country in Part of the West Bank and Gaza.

If you were to say that it would be wrong, to say to the Palestinians that even though part of them were born and have lived in the West Bank and Gaza they had to move to Jordan just because so many Palestinians live in Jordan.

It would be just as wrong to say to the Jews who were born and have lived all their lives in Israel they had to move to the U.S. and Europe because there are some Jews living in the U.S. and Europe.
by Wendy Campbell
Sunday Jul 25th, 2004 9:00 AM
See what the woman-hating, vulgarian, Palestinian& Arab-hater who calls himself erroneously "GENUINE anti-racist" above says in his post: "As even Noam Chomsky has argued, once one gets into the details of arguing the numbers or the reality of its occurence, "one has already lost one's humanity"."

Aha! First of all, I'm not the one who goes around insisting it's 6 million OR any other specific number. I'm also not the one who has made it a CRIME as it is in Canada, Germany, and other countries to say it is anything OTHER than 6 million.

And also, then, if numbers don't matter, why don't the Israelis and the Zionists admit that there WAS a massacre in Jenin? Why don't the Israelis and the Zionists ADMIT that they are committing another Holocaust against the Palestinian people and that they have been doing so since the creation in Palestine of the Zionist entity known as Israel in 1948? For more info, see "Origin of the Palestine-Israel Conflict" written by the Jews for Justice in the Middle East at

And as for gehrig, he is such a riot! My God, I never really even talked about the Holocaust at all until HE brought it up! I really must give credit where credit is due: gehrig is perhaps the number one reason why I have gotten curious to find out the facts about the Holocaust. And that's because no one can have any arguement about Palestinian rights in Palestine-Israel without him bringing up the Holocaust!

I think it's so very ironic that he wrote this: "it's a documentation of Wendy's antisemitism in an area -- Holocaust denial -- which is unrelated to Israel and therefore can't be waved away as Zionist propaganda." HA HA HA! "unrelated to Israel" he wrote. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

That REALLY makes me laugh! :-))))))))))))))

For him to actually try to say that Israel and the Holocaust are "unrelated"!


So funny!!!!

He should tell HIMSELF that!


by GENUINE anti-racist
Sunday Jul 25th, 2004 9:06 AM
Gehrig only brought up the Holocaust because of your propensities to link to Neo-Nazi holocaust denial sites-which you continued to do after it was brought to your attention and led to your being banned from many Indymedia sites who do not share your Nazi views. Any doubt that these WERE in fact your views were dispelled by your continuing to post such links. Every decent person sees you for what you are, Wendy: a vile Nazi ANIMAL who will burn in hell for your despicable racism and fascist incitement. Hopefully, you will end up there very soon.
by GENUINE anti-racist
Sunday Jul 25th, 2004 9:24 AM
Note how Wendy CONTINUES to avoid the issue of why she posts Neo-Nazi links if she's not a Nazi herself (which of course she is).
by heard it before
Sunday Jul 25th, 2004 9:30 AM
Don't talk about whether or not Israel has a right to exist. Talk about Wendy's racism.

by GENUINE anti-racist
Sunday Jul 25th, 2004 9:32 AM
Only racists believe Israel has no right to exist.
by Wendy Campbell
Sunday Jul 25th, 2004 9:47 AM
I believe that Israel has no right to exist as a Jewish supremacist state--- as such I believe that Israel as a Jewish supremacist state is completley unworthy of any US support, including financial, diplomatic or political.

I believe that apartheid Israel must be dealt with in the exact same way that apartheid South Africa was dealt with.

If you don't agree with me, tough. Let's see who wins: the Zionists or the anti-Zionists. This is a free country and when all Americans finally become aware of the truth about Israel, then we will insist that our politicians represent us and stop sending Israel billions of dollars and stop backing Israel's immoral, criminal, terrorist behavior towards the Palestinian people.

In the long run, I am completely confident that Israel will be transformed from a Jewish state into a truly secular, multi-cultural, democratic country of Palestine-Israel. The sooner the better for all, even Jews. I know that many Jews agree with me as well.
Saturday Jul 31st, 2004 2:35 AM
But if we all agree that the Holocaust happened and we all agree that Nazi Germany was in the wrong for trying to ethnic cleanse the Area of Jews…..
Then we have to all agree that it is wrong for Israel to try and ethnic cleanse the Area known as West Bank and Gaza.
It cannot be wrong for one and not the other.
Is Israel can have its State in its pre 1967 Borders then Palestine can have its State in the Whole of the West Bank and Gaza.
The last I heard the Road Map calls for a two-state solution, Does it not?
by mitzi
Friday Aug 13th, 2004 12:14 PM

You seem like a very intelligent person that is concerned about human rights. But had you really cared you wouldnt start with Israel. How bout Sudan for example?
Had you really cared about occupations, why not start with Tibet, Corsica, Basque territories, Lebanon etc etc? Is the palestinians' cause more just than theirs?
What should really worry you is the double standard that is being employed in regards to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Israel is the size of New-Jersey, clearly very small...yet in the 50 years of its existence the UN has managed to have 1/3(!!!!!) of it's resolutions concern or condemn Israel. You cannot possibly claim that this proportional, cause it aint.

Why dont we hear the likes of Wendy Campbell condemn a much worse behavior in israel's neighbouring states? Do they provide equal rights for women? gays and lesbians?members of other religions? Can you honestly tell me that a Jew can feel safe in Syria or Lebanon? regardless of his/her opinions and views? Do you ever see a Jewish person in their governments?

These are important questions that are not being asked. You may wonder why, well it might be because the 63 muslim countries sharing this world would rather have them might also consider the fact that as long as arabs control the oil....europe cannot possibly be objective on this matter...

Yes, Israel isn't a pure entity...but go a head and show me one entity,state or country that can morally judge it without first criticizing their actions to such an xtent.
Don't bother...cause you wont find one.
We all know that bad things are occurring in different parts of the World all the time.
The reason we are concerned with Israel Palestine is because the U.S. gives billions of dollars a year to Israel. It is one thing to have bad things occurring and another to financially support it.
Also our main concern today is terrorism.
Going to war with all the Arab Nations will not end terrorism and may also fuel it by making it a us against them sort of thing.
Getting this Palestinian State done and over with will do more to end terrorism then constant conflict.
Since we are not finding to many WMD in Iraq, the only excuse is that we freed 24,000,000 or so people from the Brutal Saddam.
But why do we not free 4,000,000 or so Palestinian from the brutal Israeli Occupation and Oppression.
This way we would not be seen a hypocritical and practicing a double standard.
Even if this did not get rid of all terrorism it would cut down on new recruits and we would start to regain respect from the Arab Muslim population.
Because we would be fair and balanced and bring freedom to the Palestinian and the Israelis.
If you want to end the resistance to the Occupation you have to get rid of the Occupation that allows for the resistance.
Saudi Arabia and other Arab Countries have said in more then one conference that they will recognize Israel’s right to exist if the Palestinian People are allowed to have their small Country in the West Bank and Gaza.
by Coulda fooled me!
Saturday Aug 14th, 2004 3:16 PM
" Faisal Bodi is a Muslim journalist."

No kidding!!! LOL!!!!

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