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How To Thrive As A Vegetarian

Saturday, July 10, 2004
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Event Type:
Trevor Levine
Location Details:
SpiralMuse, 3389 - 22nd St near Guerrero

If you’re attracted to vegetarian or raw foods, and want to be sure you’re meeting all of your nutritional needs, here’s a great opportunity to get your questions answered:

"How to be a vegetarian (raw or cooked) with high energy, strong bones, healthy blood, and effortless digestion"

Hi, it’s Trevor Levine here, and I’ll be giving this lecture on July 10 and 11. Both lectures are $10, and will be followed by question-and-answer sessions.

After the Q&A, if there’s still space, you can participate in making and eating a delicious, digestion-friendly vegan feast (all organic food). The hands-on class is $39 and comes with a money-back guarantee.

For complete details, or to reserve your seat, visit .

Dates and locations

$10 lecture at 3:00pm, Saturday, July 10 – Spiral Muse, 3389 22nd Street (corner of Guerrero) in San Francisco. Followed by a $39 hands-on recipe making class at 5pm. Please give yourself extra time to find parking! Or take BART to the 24th St stop.

$10 lecture at 3:00pm, Sunday, July 11 – Trevor Levine’s house, 1207 Haskell St. in Berkeley (corner of San Pablo Ave.) Followed by a $39 hands-on recipe making class at 5pm. You can take BART to the Ashby station, then walk down Prince St, take a right at Acton, and walk down Haskell.

In this eye-opening 90-minute lecture, you’ll learn:

- How to get enough protein, calcium, and B-12 on a vegetarian or raw diet.

- How to eliminate your cravings for processed, depleted foods.

- Are you ever tired after meals? Do you ever have gas, bloating, or indigestion?

- Learn to properly combine proteins, starches, fats, fruits, and vegetables so they can be easily digested.

- Sample meals in which foods are properly combined for optimal digestion. Without this, it can be tough steering away from bad but “familiar” meal combinations.

- Do you love fruit? Learn two secrets for slowing down the rise in your blood sugar level.

- Why many people get more cavities after switching to an all raw diet, and how to protect your teeth.

- How to release the gas-producing sugar from beans before you eat them -- minimizing gas, bloating, and indigestion.

- How to skyrocket the nutritional value of your nuts, seeds, grains, and beans through soaking and sprouting.

- How to get enough vitamin A and D on a vegan or raw diet.

- How to eat well, even when you’re traveling and have no refrigeration (for example, while you’re on the road or staying in a hotel).

- Many diseases stem from a mineral deficiency… why? Today’s soil – and in turn, today’s fruits and vegetables – have fewer minerals than they used to. Discover which foods can help you recoup these lost minerals, and why.

- Why a whole food diet will dramatically reduce your “environmental footprint” (i.e. you’ll no longer contribute to packaging, fuel consumption, air pollution, or landfill garbage).

- Are you tired of waiting for avocados to ripen? Do your bananas turn brown too fast? Learn to speed up, or slow down, the ripening of your fruit.

- How to store your fruits and vegetables so they stay fresh longer.

- Don’t risk getting osteoporosis. Learn why minerals get leached from your bones. Learn which foods are acidic, which are alkaline, and how to balance them.

- In traditional food combining, fruit must be eaten alone… But Trevor will reveal three yummy exceptions to this rule.

- How to keep your avocado dishes from turning brown overnight

- What dentist Weston Price discovered about indigenous societies that hadn’t been introduced to “modern” processed foods.

- How to include flax seeds in everyday meals, so you get plenty of Omega 3’s.

To learn all of this information, I’ve spent hundreds of hours on research, and thousands of dollars on Doctors and seminars. Now you can get it all in 90 minutes, and for just $10.

For complete details, or to reserve your seat, visit .

Learn to make whole food vegan recipes (mostly raw)
that follow proper food combining guidelines!

After the lecture, if there’s still space, you can participate in making and eating a delicious, digestion-friendly vegan feast (all organic food).

During this 2-hour hands-on class, you’ll learn to prepare quick and delicious whole food vegan recipes with your own hands. (All recipes follow proper food combining guidelines.) You’ll also learn to open fresh coconuts, and soak and sprout nuts, seeds, grains, and legumes.

Depending on the recipes we make, you can look forwarding to tasting real vanilla bean, fresh coconut meat, fresh coconut water, fresh mint, whole oat groats, raw cashews, agave nectar, and many other wholesome ingredients. Discover what it’s like to use fresh, whole ingredients, instead of their stale counterparts, which come lifeless in bottles and packages.

I want to be sure that class participants get plenty of personal attention. So class space is limited. To reserve your space before it’s sold out, you’re encouraged to pre-register at least 5 days in advance. If there’s still space on the day of the class, you may enroll then.

Your investment for the class is just $39, and is backed by a money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with the class, just tell me before sitting down for dinner, and receive your $39 back. (Of course, that means you won’t get to enjoy the feast.)

If $39 seems expensive, consider what you’d pay for an all organic feast at a restaurant like Millenium or Roxanne’s. For this one-time investment, you’ll get a big yummy dinner, AND you’ll learn how to make these dishes at home whenever you want – so you won’t have to spend big bucks at high priced restaurants in the future.

And since I will show you how to make recipes that you can prepare in 15 minutes or less, you’ll save hours of preparation time at home. What’s that worth to you?

Depending on what’s seasonal and organic, we’ll make recipes from the following lists. All of these recipes are raw, unless noted otherwise.

- Chilled cucumber mint lemon soup
- Sprouted sourdough bread (cooked)
- Pineapple bread
- Sweet potato custard (cooked)

These recipes take less than 15 minutes to prepare:

- Flax crackers
- Chilled ginger basil coconut soup
- Carrot beet ginger salad
- “Gado gado” Thai peanut sauce
- Cilantro guacamole
- Tahini almond halvah

And these recipes take less than 5 minutes to prepare:

- Cashew cream covered strawberries
- Raw oatmeal
- Mango custard
- Cashew milk

If you ever have indigestion, this class will be a Godsend for you. That’s because all of the recipes follow proper food combining. So you can make them at home, without creating havoc in your digestive system.

For complete details, or to reserve your seat, visit .

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