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Tell Judge to Have Open Grand Jury About Death of Rudy Cardenas
by BU
Saturday Jul 3rd, 2004 10:06 AM
The grand jury was originally going to be open, but then the DA announced that it would be closed. The people of San Jose are demanding that it be open so the world can know what is happening to the law enforcement officers who killed Rudy Cardenas in a case of "mistaken identity"
Companeros, here is the name of the judge who will decide on the open grand jury. Please write to him or call his chambers and let him know that the community wants an open grand jury in the case of Rudy Cardenas, killed by state agent Michael Walker on February 17, 2004. We want to know the truth to seek justice

Judge Thomas P. Hansen
Superior Court of Santa Clara County
Department 22
191 North First Street
San Jose, Ca 95113

chambers: 408-882-2340