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San Jose anti-war activists to John Kerry: "End the Occupation Now!"

by Jeff Paterson, Not in Our Name (jeff [at]
About 75 anti-war activists gathered outside of a John Kerry fundraising party in San Jose to tell him and the world to "End the Occupation Now! US Out of Iraq!" Initiated by the South Bay Mobilization and co-sponsered by International ANSWER and Not in Our Name.
§"Give us a choice"
by Jeff Paterson, Not in Our Name (jeff [at]
§"Stop secret detentions"
by Jeff Paterson, Not in Our Name (jeff [at]
§"Iraq is Arabic for Vietnam"
by Jeff Paterson, Not in Our Name (jeff [at]
§"Bring our troops home"
by Jeff Paterson, Not in Our Name (jeff [at]
§"US Out..."
by Jeff Paterson, Not in Our Name (jeff [at]
§Community speak out
by Jeff Paterson, Not in Our Name (jeff [at]
§"The liberators are worse..."
by Jeff Paterson, Not in Our Name (jeff [at]
§Kerry buttons being hawked
by Jeff Paterson, Not in Our Name (jeff [at]
§$1000 gateway
by Jeff Paterson, Not in Our Name (jeff [at]
§"Protest Warrior" for Bush
by Jeff Paterson, Not in Our Name (jeff [at]
§Veteran for Peace
by Jeff Paterson, Not in Our Name (jeff [at]
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by kim
I think John Kerry is just occupying the nominee position and no one likes him. It makes one wonder how he 'won' the primaries. I know the voting didn't go that well in California. Since diebold was decertified because of it's horrible performance, how can you trust the diebold primary. How can we really trust any of the primaries? Where is the passion behind Kerry? He paid his way there but he can't make people like him. I think he is a republican infiltrator and doesn't even want to win. He is throwing the election to Bush and if he does happen to win he will pardon Bush and his cronies for their war crimes and treason. WE can stop this.

We MUST overthrow KErry at the DNC, DEMAND DENNIS! Only Dennis will hold these bastards accountable and set our country straight again. Believe in the POWER of the PASSION of a few.
by e-the-people
His whole agenda is based on undoing rather than doing. And everything else is just empty rhetoric. Here, I'll show you what I mean: (Taken from - on the issues)

1. On the economy: "John Kerry is unveiling a comprehensive economic agenda that will unleash the productive potential of America's economy to help it create 10 million jobs in his first term as President."
-Thanks John, let me know when it's actually unveiled okay?

2. Winning the Peace in Iraq: "What’s needed now is leadership – to finish the job in Iraq the right way – because America can and must do better."
-I know it's fun to guess and all, but could you be a little more specific about what the right way is? Oh wait, here it is: "the establishment of a high commissioner for governance and reconstruction, and the creation of a NATO mission for Iraq."
-Ahhh, more beauracracy - thanks Kerry, that's exactly what we need more red tape and paper pushers. Let me know how that works out for you. Sure seems to be working pretty well for the environment.

3. Access to Affordable Health Care: "John Kerry believes that your family’s health is just as important as any politician's in Washington. Our nation needs a leader who has the courage to take on the big insurance and drug companies to make that same health care plan affordable for every American."
-Agreed, but if only we had, oh I don't know, a specific plan to achieve that.

4. Education: "By supporting teachers, reducing class sizes, rebuilding crumbling schools, and standing up for high standards in our public education system, John Kerry has the courage to fight for our children’s future every day."
-Is this a policy or an answer from a Ms. America pageant? And where does this money come from during a war?

5. "John Kerry is for the children of America."
-Thank God! With all those Anti-children candidates out there I think it's great that Kerry sets himself apart.
by Non of the above
Never quite understood the significance of Vets 4 Peace and why their opinions matter more than anyone else’s who is for peace. If you are Pro-Peace, then that’s all that should matter regardless of your military background.
by RzG
Well their opinions don't "matter more than anyone else’s" but many of them have seen and internalized the full visceral details of the horror and demhuminization that accompanies war and they certainly have a unique perspective on what is required to actually indocrinate young men and women into the military machine. While it is not necessary that you 'respect' what they have done in the past, the fact they were able to emerged from their respective experiences and retain a certain humanity and form a critcal perpspective (unlike the many flag-waving, uncritcal veterans) deserves credit.
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