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Justice for Rudy
by Lizelle (lifestejo [at]
Wednesday Jun 9th, 2004 11:15 AM
Learn about what is currently going on in San Jose with the Rudy Cardenas case by hearing from the members of Rudy's family.
Come To The Table: Justice for Rudy Cardenas Panel Discussion and Town Hall Meeting Saturday - June 12, 2004 @ The Oasis 4-6pm 200 N. First Street San Jose, CA 95113 Rudy Cardenas, a father of five that was shot and killed by State Narcotics Agent Michael Walker. Rudy Cardenas was mistaken for David Gonzales, a wanted parolee. Rudy Cardenas was shot in the back while pleading for his life on February 17, 2004. He was shot around 1:23pm on 4th & St. James in San Jose, CA. Rudy Cardenas then laid on the concrete bleeding while officers held back the paramedics. About a half an hour later paramedics were able to take Rudy to the hospital. He was brought to the San Jose Medical Center with no pulse. They tried to revive him but it was too late. A mother had lost her youngest son, and five children had lost their father. "This happens too often in our community and we need to make a change before another life is lost." -Corina Cardenas Silicon Valley De-Bug audio on Rudy Cardenas questions: ---------------------------------------------------------------- also that day: Lyrical Discipline, Universal Zulu Nation, 5th Element Presents: Hip-Hop Panel 2pm - 4pm on the panel: Davey D (Hardknock Radio) Prince Whipper Whip Zulu Gremlin Adisa Banjoko (One Mic Radio) 4pm - 6pm in the forum: Family of Rudy Cardenas, San Jose man murdered by the SJPD. All of us who have had encounters with SJPD are invited to SPEAK ON IT!...