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U.S. Military Learns Torture Techniques from U.S. Prisons!

Monday, June 07, 2004
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Event Type:
Wendy Snyder
Location Details:
Temescal Library Community Room,
5205 Telegraph Ave, Oakland
(near MacArthur Bart)

Build the Marchathon to Stop the War on the African Community in the U.S.!
Saturday, October 23, 2004
Sponsored by the African People's Solidarity Committee

June 7th Planning Meeting and Rally

The now public photos of Iraqi prisoners being brutalized by U.S. military men and women graphically illustrates to the world the violence and brutality that the United States imposes on the world’s peoples, violence and brutality that it has practiced for centuries here in the United States against African and indigenous peoples.

The fact that many of the military police carrying out the assaults on the Iraqi
prisoners at Abu Ghraib got their training and practice of abuse in U.S. prisons is no surprise to the African community, which knows the torture of the colonial U.S. prison system and about the torture and sensory deprivation of the SHU programs of places like Pelican Bay in California, and the so-called Gladiator fights, the sadistic games played on African and Mexican prisoners by guards at Corcoran prison.

As white people, we have to take responsibility for our history and not pretend that we didn't capture and enslave an entire independent people for our economic and social benefit. It was Africans, brought to these shores in chains as slaves to work for free for the Europeans that were first "broken" in places like Haiti before they were brought to U.S. plantations. African people had magnificent civilization when the European onslaught began.

We slaughtered millions of independent, indigenous peoples in order to occupy this land. Today, the indigenous people are imprisoned in concentration camps called reservations, dying of curable diseases at an average age of 44 years while white society drives our SUVs and mobile homes through their homelands in order to get to the nearest mall.

We have to face the reality that the entire white world today is built off the suffering and oppression of African people and all the people of the world that the U.S. government rapes and tramples on in order to get their resources. We have to stand up against the vicious war against Iraq and demand total liberation for the Iraqi people. The resistance of the entire population in Iraq is truly heroic and inspiring.

But we also have to take a stand against the undeclared counterinsurgency war, the other war that the U.S. government is waging here against the African and Raza population.

If we are serious about wanting to participate in a future where there is peace and harmony among peoples, we have to work hard in support of justice and national liberation for Arab, African and all oppressed people. The people of the world are sending us a serious message, and African people inside the U.S are telling us too: unite with humanity in ending this system of slaves and slave-masters, or go down with the slave-master, who will surely be defeated.

We call on all other white progressive people to join the African People's Solidarity Committee in working in support of the Uhuru Movement, and building the March to Stop America's Other War, calling for liberation and reparations for African people! U.S. out of Iraq! Victory to the Iraqi people! End the U.S. occupation of the African community! Open the jails & let the Iraqis and Africans and Mexicans out! Uhuru!
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