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Primates locked in cages 4 pharma profit
by at UC Davis
Tuesday Apr 20th, 2004 10:52 AM
Written about primate research lab in UC Davis, same concept of pharmaceutical corporation sponsored propaganda applies to primate/animal research elsewhere..
California Regional Primate Research Center at UC Davis is a needless program funded by the pharmaceutical petrochemical corporations who claim locking primates in cages and injecting them with various chemicals will benefit humans. This myth needs to be exposed as an expensive scam, subjecting sentient primates with emotions to conditions of caged isolation that leads to self mutilation behavior, depression and other pathology. Primates living in research cages have been known to literally chew their fingers off from boredom and frustration..

The changes in primate's metabolism from depression, anxiety and other physical/emotional stresses renders the results of experiments meaningless, in addition, the primate's biochemistry is altered when they no longer consume their natural fruits of their rainforest home..

In the rainforest where primates should be living undisturbed by poachers and researchers, their function in the ecosystem is seed dispersal from consumed fruits. Jumping from treetops in the canopy, they help spread tree/plant seeds further distance after the seeds pass through their digestive tract. These same fruits and trees are at increased risk of extinction after depriving them of the primate seed dispersers via poaching for animal research. Ironically, many medicinal biochemical compounds of these rainforest trees/plants are the same that the pharmaceutical corporations are attempting to biopatent under globalization "intellectual property rights" supported by FTAA/WTO..

Let's get to the source of the problem, why are people becoming ill with cancer, diabetes and other conditions, the only reason that the pharmaceutical corporations have used thus far to justify animal research in the first place?

Many conditions are not genetic (though some people are more susceptible to toxins than others), as the pharmaceutical corporations falsely claim, but instead a result of exposure to toxins in the environment, usually courtesy of the petrochemical corporations like DuPont, Chevron oil refineries, also other sources like Coca-cola (high fructose corn syrup causes diabetes), combustion of fossil fuels, (smog in LA is VERY carcinogenic), and other chemical contaminants..

When health care returns to the eastern based preventative medicine, we can return to optimal human health as living naturally and sustainably with our environment, without petrochemical pollution and without subjecting primates or other animals to cruel and ineffective research experiments that only benefit the pharmaceutical corporations..

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