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April 6: Nuisance Eviction Ordinance passed by Oakland City Council

by upton sinclair (irlandeso [at]
The Nuisance Eviction Ordinance was passed 6-2 at the second reading of the ordinance on April 6th. The two Oakland City Councilmembers with the foresight to see the disaster that this ordinance will bring to working class Oaklanders, were Desley Brooks in District 6 and Nancy Nadel in District 3.
THe picture above is of a memo that Councilmember Larry Reid seemed to be paying quite a bit of attention to. It is a bit difficult to read, but it looks like a memo about NEO advising the council members to amend the ordinance so it doesn't go into effect until June. Larry Reid did end up amending the ordinance to this effect later in the meeting. There also seems to be a monetary number written on the memo $134,000. It was never really mentioned what the cost of implementing NEO would be, so maybe $134,000 is the figure. $134,000 that could be used to fix up Oakland's schools, provide access to health care for a good portion of low income Oakland residents, providing money for rehabilitation or treatment programs, or even fixing up the City of Oakland's housing mess.
§District 2, City Councilmember Danny Wan
by upton sinclair (irlandeso [at]
Earlier in the April 6th City Council meeting a friend and I noticed Danny Wan practicing his signature and doodling on some paperwork. Danny Wan proceeded to support the Gay Marriage efforts in San Francisco, and actually sponsored a couple of resolutions. He even went so far as to read some excerpts of speeches and letters from Martin Luther King Jr. in defense of Gay Marriage. Saying that "An injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere."(quote from Birmingham jail letter). Unfortunately he forget this line of reasoning when he voted to threaten the housing rights of Oakland residents with the Nuisance Eviction Ordinance.
Everyone loves Sanjiv Handa, especially when he squares off in a rant of information about the City of Oakland or Ignacio de la Fuente.
At some point Ignacio and some other city bureacrats thought that there was a little too much noise coming from a certain segment of the crowd, so he sent in his goons(aka the OPD)to try to evict the nuisance from the Council Chambers. Needless to say the "nuisance" was not evicted yet, but they better watch out or Ignacio and Lt Yuell might try and plant some child molesting and crack smoking charges on them.
§Oakland Police Chief Word Explains...
by upton sinclair (irlandeso [at]
I don't know what he was trying to apoligize for in this appearance, it's all words anyways, the OPD never seems to actually change or do the things that they are supposed to do according to the law. This was particularly clear on this night after hearing about a number of police brutality settlements that the city had made in three different cases that added up to something over $450,000. Money that could obviously be used to make Oakland a better place.
§Elder Oakland Resident Speaking Truth to NEO
by upton sinclair (irlandeso [at]
She broke the NEO down on many levels from the position and understanding of an elder Oakland resident. I guess that 6 of the city councilmembers never heard of listening to their elders.
§Lynda Carson speaks about St. Patrick's Abbey
by upton sinclair (irlandeso [at]
for more information read Lynda's articles about this ongoing story in the Ignacio de la Fuente story on the Poverty and Housing page.
§Dorsey Nunn breaking NEO down
by upton sinclair (irlandeso [at]
Dorsey Nunn works with a number of community organizations including Critical Resistance, lives in East Palo Alto, but is an honorary Oakland resident because of his knowledge and passion on this issue.
§Oakland Resident speaking against NEO
by upton sinclair (irlandeso [at]
Yet another of the many Oakland residents who spoke out against NEO on this night. Like the previous council meeting in March, when the first draft of NEO was passed, there was a wide variety of people and groups soeaking out against NEO in the comment period.

Unfortunately the 6 city councilmembers who voted for the Nuisance Eviction Ordinance did not want to listen to these people's concerns. These members of the council seemed dead set on passing this law, and no amount of M.L.K. quotes read in council will protect them from what they started in Oakland with the passing of this initiative.
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