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4/3 Enemy Combatant Radio to Stream Live from LaborTech Conference
by ECR Remote
Friday Apr 2nd, 2004 10:21 PM
::: ECR REMOTE :::
will be streaming
from the
::: LABORTECH 2004 :::
from Stanford University.
April - 3
Greetings radio , labor and global actives ,

::: ECR REMOTE :::
will be streaming
from the
::: LABORTECH 2004 :::
from Stanford University.
April - 3

Listen here / Relay to your community
( Saturday only ) :

LaborTech/Access 2004
April 2 (Friday) - 4 (Sunday), 2004
Stanford University, Palo Alto, California

This conference will bring together labor video, computer and media people
from throughout the country and around the world. It will be a critical
arena for the development of labor¹s media in the battles ahead to make
our voices heard.

We know that our unions and the working class as a whole are under attack
on numerous areas and that this assault is escalating. Under these
circumstances, the need to have a media counter-offensive is absolutely

Symbolic Systems Program of Stanford University, ILWU International, San
Francisco Labor Council, District Council of Iron Workers of the State of
California, SEIU 715, NALC 214, OPEIU 3, CWA 9415, CWA 9423, San Jose City
College Labor Studies, San Francisco State University Labor Studies, Laney
College Labor Studies, Union Producers & Programmers Network, Silicon
Valley Toxic Coalition. Labor Video Project, LaborFest, LaborNet,
LabourNet Germany, LaborNet Japan, Workers Independent News Service ,
California Federation of Teachers (CFT), SEIU 535, ILWU 34, AFT 2121, UBC

Our streaming schedule ... only 1 of the concurrent sessions will be
streamed live ,
other sessions wil be archived and posted at :

here's an overview and for a complete schedule of this weekend-long
conference go to:

SATURDAY (April 3, 04)
Registration (9:00 ­ 9:30 AM) - Continental Breakfast
Welcome & Introduction (9:30 ­ 9:45 AM) ­ Room #040 Auditorium
Walter Johnson ­ Secretary Treasurer-SF Labor Council
Zev Kvitky ­ President-United Stanford Workers, VP-SEIU Local 715
Todd Davies ­ Symbolic Systems Program -Stanford University
Steve Zeltzer ­ LaborNet, Labor Video Project, UPPNET

PLENARY ­ (9:45 ­ 11:00 AM) ­ Room #040 Auditorium
Labor and Multimedia Strategy in Communications
Moderator - Larry Bensky - National Affairs Correspondent-Pcifica, KPFA
Sunday Salon
Mag Wompel ­ LabourNet Germany
Frank Emspak ­ WINS, School for Workers, UPPNET
Myoung Joon Kim ­ Labor News Production-Korea
Steve Blankenship - Communications Chair-Allied Pilots Association

WORKSHOP I - (11:15 ­ 12:30 PM)
Building A Labor TV Channel - (Room 380X)
Efforts are now under way to launch a Labor/ Working Families Channel that
will be broadcast on cable,satellite and the Internet. Learn how this
channel is being developed and what labor can do to make it happen. Vicki
Warner ­ California Community Colleges Global Education
Steve Zeltzer ­ Labor Video Project, LaborNet, UPPNET
Carl Bryant ­ NALC Local 214, Producer-TV214

Workplace Discrimination in High Tech ­ (Room 380Y)
High tech workers are not only be outsourced internationally but face a
myriad of other discri minatory practices here at home. Older workers are
the first to go and workers who are injured or become ill face
Louie Rocha ­ President CWA 9423
Ken Hamidi ­ Labor Computer/Democracy Activist and Founder of Peter B. Bennett - High Tech Organizer/Media Activist

Labor Education in the Schools and Using Technology ­ (Room 380W)
Labor education can play a vital role in helping to revitalize the labor
movement. These labor educators will outline what is happening in labor
education and the use of technology by labor education. It will also focus
on the battle to defend the labor education programs.
Peter Olney - Associate Director-Institute for Labor & Employment Center
Art Shostak ­ Labor Educator, Author of the CyberUnion handbooks
John See ­ Labor Education Service, University of Minnesota

Building a Labor Cultural Art Movement and Using the Internet ­ (Room
380C) Art and culture are a critical vehicle to reach millions of workers
union and non-union. Learn how labor artists are using their art to reach
out and how the Internet and communication technology can help build this
cultural movement.
Gary Huck ­ Political Cartoonist
Mike Konopacki ­ Political Cartoonist
Jack Chernos ­ Political Singer
Jen Guracar - Bul Bul Cartoonist

LUNCH ­(12:30 ­ 2:00 PM)
PRESENTATION - Labor Battles and Media Lessons - Room #040 Auditorium
Steve Stallone ­ Communication Director-ILWU, Editor-The Dispatcher,
Executive Council-ILCA
Barb Ingalls ­ CWA-DTU Local 18, Detroit News
Christopher Martin ­ Author, Associate Professor of Communication Studies,
University of Northern Iowa
Ken Hamidi ­ Labor Computer/Democracy Activist and Founder of

WORKSHOP II - (2:00 ­ 3:15 PM)
Labor Radio (WINS, KPFA, Pacifica) ­ (Room 380X)
Right wing radio talk now hits our members day in and day out. Efforts are
being made to challenge this rightwing radio blitz with regular labor
programming. Learn how we change this reality.
Frank Emspak ­ Workers Independent News Service(WINS), UPPNET
Don Rojas - WBAI/General Manager
Larry Bensky ­ National Affairs Correspondent-Pcifica, KPFA Sunday Salon
Steve Zeltzer ­ KPFA Labor Committee Facilitator, Labor Video Project

Non-Proprietary/Free Software ­ (Room 380Y)
Learn what the open source movement means for activists, and how to use
free software to design web pages and organize.
Nancy Brigham ­ Web Designer
Rich Cowan - Organizers' Collaborative and Nonprofit Open Source Initiative

Rank and File Labor Web and Media ­ (Room 380C)
The transformation of the labor movement and the need for democracy are
integrally connected. Learn how union activists here and around the world
are using media to get your message out.
Mag Wompel ­ LabourNet Germany
Ray Quan ­ SEIU 790 BART Chapter Vice President, Editor-Odds & Ends
Jiyoung Lee ­ Labor News Production - Seoul, Korea

Organizing Media/Tech Workers ­ (Room 380W)
The battle to organize tech and media workers is on the agenda. Media
monopolization threatens the jobs of all media workers and tech workers
face permanent outsourcing and massive downsizing. These panelists are on
in the center of this fight back.
Peter B. Collins - National Board Member AFTRA
John See - Labor Education Service, University of Minnesota
Josh Speery - CWA Organizer & Comcast Unionization Struggle
Eddie Rosario - GCIU 4N President

WORKSHOP III - (3:30 ­ 4:45)
Censorship and the Media Workplace ­ (Room 380X)
The monopolization of corporate media is having a direct effect on the
rights of media workers and the product of media corporations. This fight
both for labor media and to protect and defend media workers rights on the
job will be the focus of this panel.
Henry Norr ­ Computer Technical Writer, Fired from SF Chronicle
Christopher Martin ­ Author, Associate Professor of Communication
Studies-University of Northern Iowa
Peter B. Collins - National Board Member AFTRA

Global Internet Activism ­ (Room 380Y)
Efforts to privatize the Internet and monopolize the use of bandwidth are
direct threats to democratic rights of this critical medium. These
panelists will report on the fight over ICANN and policies that can defend
our rights.
Dorothy Kidd ­ Dept. of Media Studies-USF
Art McGee ­ Internet Activist
Sasha Costanza-Chock - Free Press Global Project / CRIS campaign
Myoung Joon Kim - Media Act, Nodong Net Korea

Wi-Fi and Remote Broadcasting: How Labor can get Our Rallies, Conferences
& Actions Out Live on the Internet & Satellite ­ (Room 040-Auditorium) We
now have the tools to reach our members and the public 24 hours a day. How
are these communication tools being used and how can every local and
international use them today will be the focus on this workshop.
John Parulis ­
Steve Brankenship - Allied Pilots Association
Mark Burdett -

Lessons from The Front-Lines, Unions, Youth & International Campaigns
(Room 380X)
How are Internet and communication tools being used to organize and defend
unions, connect with youth and take on international campaigns. This panel
will give concrete examples from the shop floor, to connecting with youth
and organizing against war.
Art Shostak ­ Labor Educator, Author of the CyberUnion handbooks
Michael Eisencher - Labor Against War, SolidarityInfoServices
Raj Jayadev - Silicon Valley DEBUG

WORKSHOP IV - (5:00 ­ 6:15)
Labor Media, Breaking the Corporate Media Blockade and Getting the Message
out (Room 380W)
How have unions organized to get their message out both to their members
and the public at large. When fight major multi-nationals getting the
message out is vital in the struggle and the lessons of these fights are
important for all.
Steve Stallone ­ Editor-The Dispatcher-ILWU International
Dick Blin - ICEM Belgium
Barb Ingalls ­ CWA-DTU Detroit News

Technology, Stress & Health and Safety ­ (Room 380W)
The uncontrolled use of technology in the workplace has had drastic
results from carpal tunnel to massive stress on the job. The lessons for
workers on these issues are a matter of life and death.
June Fisher- Medical Doctor
Carol Criss ­SEIU 250 Shop Steward & H&S Activist
Art Shostak ­ Labor Educator, Author of the CyberUnion handbooks

Spying and Surveillance, And How to Defend Our Privacy ­ (Room 380Y) The
role of the Internet and media monopolies is not only to own these tools,
but also to use them to control us. And increased surveillance of workers
is being justified in the name of "Homeland Security". It is time to learn
how we can defend our privacy in the workplace.
Edward Hasbrouck ­ National Writers Union (UAW Local 1981)
Nancy Bupp - IAM Education Department
Deborah Pierce - Executive Director, Privacy Activism

P.O.D. (Program for Online Deliberation) Demo ­ ((Room 380C)
Todd Davies ­ Symbolic Systems Program of Stanford University

DINNER ­ (7:00 ­ 9:00) at LINX on the campus ­Please check the campus map
International Labor Media & Solidarity Night
Music by Pickin Trix, Jack Chernos
International Guests and Their Struggles
Myoung Joon Kim ­ Labor News Production, Media Center-Korea
Mag Wompel ­ LabourNet Germany
Ralf Pandorf - LabourNet Germany
Dick Blin ­ ICEM-Belgium
Carolina Luzuriaga - Ojo Obrero /Festival Latinoamericano de la Clase
Jiyoung Lee ­ Labor News Production - Seoul, Korea


in solidarity,

ECR remote

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