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SF events 3.26
by 911-Inside Job
Friday Mar 26th, 2004 1:30 PM
3 Steel Skyscrapers demolished on 911
see: Riechstag Fire
MoveOn re: 911

Forest Service to Eliminate Outside Reviews of its Actions

Fun Flash Animation!
Map of US Toxicity
U.S Preparing for Military Draft in Spring 2005

# Bikes not Bombs this Friday in SF at 5pm Come early, Join Critical-Mass.

# Fri mar 26 5pm 94.1fm
, an extended interview with David Ray Griffing,
author of that newish book, "The New Pearl Harbor, Disturbing Questions
about the Bush Administration and 9/11". Today they did a few seconds of
preview, with him bringing up good questions such as "How did a second
plane get to the WTCs?" and bringing up the collapse of WTC7 plus
inexplicable things about the collapse of all 3 WTC buildings. - - - -

# Fri Mar 26 3-9pm 401 Van Ness here is the schedule page for weekend:

# Fri Mar 26 5:30pm Justin Herman Plaza Market @ Embarcadero

# Fri, Mar 26 7pm
Film: Safety Orange With filmmaker Jim Davis 777 Valencia @ 19th St.

# Fri Mar 26 254 Fillmore @ Haight 8-10pm
A Guided Visualization (8:00 - 8:50) The April Pod (9:00 - 9:50)
seeds-subscribe [at]

# RISE: Artist Revolution fri mar 26 8p-2am $5 608 Folsom @ 2nd deep grooves and beats:
NUBORN . EOTOE SOUND WAR . featured artists:
rastaman joseph . leo rodriquez and the machine . miss kristie . kelly
NY . damion silver . joshua . nikki kress . ela boyd . leon sultan .
rob newell . ben . damon gress . nicole harrison . paul O' Valle . the
thuggish ruggish bone . alyce . mike koran .
complimentary organic yummy grubbins and spirits

# polyamory film festival at the Pacific film archives. FRI Mar 26 Berkeley,
near UCB 2575 Bancroft, - near the corner of Bancroft and Bowditch.
Ackerman's "Day and Night," which is alleged to be
very good, and is claimed to have significant poly-relevent content.
("Out does Jules and Jim," is the claim). 9:10 PM $8.

# 3/26 NEWSBREAKZ Booth at the Get Freaky party on Friday, March 26th,
and get your $5 pass! Be sure not to miss this event
featuring KOMA & BONES from the UK, alongside Adam Ohana, Soul Salaam,
Laura, Shawna, Oohah, Neptune, Jocelyn, Waterjuice, Neal, and Fresco!
At the beautiful new CLUB MIGHTY: 119 Utah (one block east of Potrero &
15th) Check out for more info!

Mar 26 - 27, 2004 Friday-Saturday 8pm Cultural Center 934 Brannan St @ 8th St.

# Fri, Mar 26-Sun, Mar 28  
International Inquiry into 9-11, Phase One Herbst Theatre 401 Van Ness - - - -

# International Inquiry into 9-11
March 26-28 Herbst Theatre 401 Van Ness , SF

# Anarchist book fair benefit
Frid Mar 26, attend a benefit supporting the Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair and anarchist political prisoner Sherman Austin, who is the first person to be charged under the U.S. 1997 anti-terrorism law for providing a link on his Web site to a guide containing information on explosives. performance, a vegan dinner, dancing, and more. 6 p.m., 225 Potrero, S.F. $5

# Fri, Mar 26 Sat, Mar 27 8pm Radical Performance Fest Somarts Cultural Center
934 Brannan @ 8th

# War Tax Resistance Introductory Workshop Sat Mar 27 9 am-noon
2220 Sacramento @ Bancroft Berkeley (near No. Berkeley BART)
More than half of our federal income taxes are being used for war.
Find out about a variety of ways to respond. Topics will include:
Creative legal protests. sliding scale donation requested
Refusing to pay all or part of federal taxes and the possible
consequences of this form of civil disobedience
Redirecting resisted taxes to local alternative funds and/or community
organizations Local support networks for war tax resisters
(510) 843-9877 Northern California war Tax Resistance
P.O. Box 2422, Berkeley, CA 94702-0422 (510) 843-9877
NoWarTax [at]

# Sat Mar 27 10 am - 1 pm Urban Weed Walk Terri Compost
2530 San Pablo @ Dwight Berkeley.

# Sat Mar 27 Biodiesel Car Show 10-3 free
Downtown Berkeley Farmer's Market Allston @Milvia /MLK Jr. Way
10 am The Blender Batch- the basic process and chemistry of biodiesel
11 am Fuel Filter Change 11 am Diesel Engine Basics
12 pm Biodiesel 101- intro to homebrewing
12 pm Straight Vegetable Oil Conversion
1 pm Trouble-shooting your biodiesel vehicle. Free valet bike parking

# Sat, Mar 27 10am-3pm Biodiesel Car Show Downtown Berkeley Farmer's Market
Allston @ Milvia / MLK Jr. Way

# Sat, Mar 27 2-4pm Understanding Global Warming
The Redwoods 40 Camino Alto Mill Valley

# full Love & Politics potluck Berkeley Sat Mar 27 PolyAmory
6:30, at Dreamcatcher House, 2185 Acton St
(4 blocks south of the N. Berkeley BART Station).
Building Loving Community, Vision and Writing, and Activism.
Love + Politics
or contact Andrew at polyprogressive [at]

# MATT GONZALEZ TV SHOW interview with Peter Camejo and Gary Birnbaum, as well as conversation with Laurence Ferlinghetti with visuals of his art exhibit at Matt’s office. Gary Birnbaum is a medical doctor with a practice in San Francisco who has a long history of political activism. Peter Camejo, founder of a socially responsible investing firm, was the Green Party candidate for Governor and got almost 75% of the votes in the California Green Party presidential primary. Comcast Channel which is channel 11 rebuilt area of the city, 23 unrebuilt or 32 in city hall. Sat Mar 27, 7pm Sun Mar 28, 8pm

# Sat Mar 27 Tantra and DJ Laird help Board of Supervisors President Matt Gonzalez
retire his campaign debt from the mayor's race. 8pm-4am 1751 Mission St. $15
LIVE PERFORMANCE (8PM-11PM) Steven Raspa, MC and Spoken Word
Anita Cocktail, MC and faux queen siren Supervisor Chris Daly, MC and Celebrity Bartender
Djun Djun, Belly Dancing Jade Blue Eclipse, Contortionist Caroluna, Opera
The Somei Yoshino Taiko Ensemble Tim Barsky, Beatboxing
Cantacerous Lollies, hot hot hot burlesque
Norton Anderson & Houston Allred, political songs
Freeplay, urban dance Larry Bob, comic ranter
Mark Sargeant, better Ethel Merman that the original
Houston & Allred, political songs The Bastard Brothers, bluegrass cover band
DANCE (11PM-4AM) TRANCE Liam Shy KJ Obu Amanda Ocelot
HOUSE/BREAKS Laird Ethan Miller Jeno Adam O'Hana
Dragonfly Goldilox Loosebeats Tung Syd Gris
DOWNTEMPO Caliban Brian Behlendorf Goz Cybervixen Irina and B Smiley Tomcat
Visuals by VJ Luna, Etherlight, Craig Ubik, Dimension 7 Chaos Consortium and more...
Sound by Mackie Fussion and CloudSound 415-820-3201

# The Fusion Of Dancing Bodies Of Intimate Passions Sat Mar 27 8-11pm $5
an inter-active performance/ritual/music jam by the controversial
performance artist Frank Moore & friends...creating a playful space
within which things will be combined and tried just to see what
happens ...pushing beyond the normal frames! Wild Cat Studio 2525 - 8th
@ Dwight Studio #15 Berkeley

# SAT MAR 27th Newsbreakz release 3rd issue! favorite breaks DJs:
Ben Chun (False-Profit) Tung (Brass Tax) Laird (Psychofunkodiscodelic)
Alongside the Newsbreaks staff: Smoove Donna Matrix Donger
Kemek the Dope Computer (Sponge Records)
10pm - 6am 43 Norfolk or email
newsbreakscontribution [at] $10 at the door $5 with a Get Freaky pass

# Sun, Mar 28 11am
2004 Cesar E. Chavez Holiday Parade & Festival SF
11am 2nd St. 12 noon – Parade: Market St. 1 p.m. – Program & Festival : Civic Center

# free vegan ice cream, veggie burgers, free cooking classes, lectures
Mar 28 lla-4:30pm Mad Cow Madness Symposium, SF County Fair Building.
Volunteers needed for all aspects of this event
11:00 a.m. "Quick and Easy Menu Alternatives" with Kay Bushnell
12:00 p.m. Free Samples/Free Recipes/Free Veg Burgers
12:30 p.m. Anthony Marr, originator of the C.A.R.E. tour, (Compassion for Animals Road Expedition), author of "Omni-Science and the Human Destiny"
1:15 p.m. Michelle Simon, Founder & Director of the Center for Informed Food Choices speaking on "The Politics of Meat"
2:00 p.m. Key Note Speaker: Howard Lyman, "The Mad Cowboy"
more info :

# 3/28: 1:30pm Mad Cow Disease Lecture FREE SPECIAL ENGAGEMENT
3/28: Howard Lyman, the Mad Cowboy
SF County Fair Building (Hall of Flowers), in Golden Gate Park Lincoln Blvd and 9th Ave
11am, FREE Cooking Demo from a Professional Veg Chef. FREE FOOD SAMPLES
Admission: FREE

# Cafe Gratitude Presents: SPRING INTO ABUNDANCE
Raw Foods Un-Cooking with Chef Rayek. Learn to make a
raw foods Thai meal bursting with the vibrant flavors of Spring!
Sun Mar 28 6:30 - 8:30pm Includes recipes and delicious food
Your investment just $30 Cafe Gratitude 2400 Harrison @ 20th St
Learn about the power of raw foods at --->

# Mon Mar 29, 10am-12pm Patriot Act Debate
Law Enforcement Management Symposium
Matt Gonzalez and Mark Mershon FBI Special Agent in Charge
Moderated by Professor Yumi Wilson, SFSU
USF Lone Mt Campus

On March 30, the Board of Supes will vote to over-ride the Mayor's veto of the Anti-Demolition Ordinance. Please join tenants in their vigilant fight to Save Trinity Plaza, affordable rent controlled housing, and San Francisco's diverse communities at at Vigil/Procession on Monday, Mar 29, 6 PM. PROCESSION & VIGIL TO PASS ANTI-DEMO ORDINANCE
6:30pm From Trinity Plaza 1169 Market To Front Steps of SF City Hall
URGE City Hall to Pass the Anti-Demolition Ordinance on the 30th!
Passage of the Anti-Demolition Ordinance will prohibit the demolition of sound, rent controlled housing SF and Save our homes and community at Trinity Plaza. Bring candles and signs!

# 3/29: Blacking Out: the Great Power Denial (Peak Oil)
Dona Benicia Room, Benicia Public Library. Mon Mar 29 7-9 p.m.
Almost every passing day brings news of further problems with the global oil supply and Americans already know that something strange is happening to natural gas prices. The truth is leaking out that the world is now finally in the long-predicted oil peak/plateau phase, and will soon begin an unstoppable decline. To compound this situation, the US is getting towards the end of its easy natural gas, which some have seen as a temporary bridge to a solar future – or more likely more coal and nuclear.
Julian will discuss the ways in which energy shortages are becoming the defining issue of this decade, and are deep drivers behind US military policy and hidden causes of much mysterious behaviour in the economy. Some of the supposed solutions and pretended panaceas will be critically examined, and Julian will also talk about how energy is linked to global warming (which will likely be the defining issue of the century). Finally, we will discuss why local responses leading to local self-reliance in renewable energy, money & food, will become the only workable alternatives in a world growing terminally short of big, centralized energy.
Julian Darley is the author of the forthcoming book "High Noon for Natural Gas" (from Chelsea Green Publishing), an environmental philosopher, journalist, and founder of Post Carbon Institute & Global Public Media

# Mon, Mar 29 7:00 pm
Tigers Forever Slide Show Berkeley Public Library 2090 Kittredge

# CA Sec of State to decide on IRV equipment Instant Runoff Voting.
From: Steven Hill, Center for Voting and Democracy
Tue Mar 30, at 1 pm in Sacramento, the Voting Systems Panel of the
Secretary of State's office will decide whether to certify the optical
scan voting equipment modified by the vendor Election Systems

# Action a Day to Close the SOA! - March 30

# No Unfair Labor Practices No Discrimination
Protest against the City of Oakland Tue Mar 30 5-6 PM
Picket in front of Oakland City Hall 1 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza

# Tue Mar 30 7 pm - 9 pm Cesar Chavez Celebration Ecology Center
2530 San Pablo @ Dwight Berkeley.

# Biodiesel 101 Tue Mar 30, 7pm BioFuel Oasis, 2465 4th St @ Dwight, Berkeley $5-
Learn the advantages and cautions to running biodiesel
in your car, how a diesel engine works, and much more.
We're planning on doing a Biodiesel 101 every month
or two to keep our new customers well informed and
give an introduction to anyone thinking about
biodiesel. Also, if you're going to the fabulous Berkeley
Biodiesel Collective's Car Show this Saturday 10am
-3pm, you can also stop by the Oasis and get some
fuel. We'll be open 11am -3pm on Saturday selling
waste-vegetable oil sourced biodiesel.

# Bike route planning
Wed Mar 31 as the city enters the final phases of its official Bike Plan, you still have a chance to offer input on 20 proposed bicycle network improvements. Representatives from the San Francisco Department of Parking and Traffic and the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition lead the workshop. 6:30-8 p.m., SoMa Recreation Center, 270 Sixth St., S.F. Free. (415) 431-BIKE.

# the evolution of visuals DVD release party
wed mar 31 7pm-2am StudioZ 314 11th st @ folsom 21+ w/ID free
Spool, jhno, mbb, dj vordo, and Kenji Williams/ABA Structure
djz ammon - rhythm society
rhythmystic - groove garden shanti - rhythm society phil - vibrant
vjs max + vj Science okeanos visual immersions videojon - infinite kaos

# Wed, Mar 31 7:00 pm
Slideshow: Exploring the Amazon Rainforest by Canoe PCCF 3921 East Bayshore Rd. Palo Alto

# April 1st is St. Stupid's Day!
noon at the foot of Market St. in PeeWee (Justin) Herman Plaza.
Dress with appropriate absurdity or be mocked by those more foolish than thou.

# April Fooligans Party (Thursday 4/1)
Oasis--135 12th St (bet. Madison/Oak) in Downtown Oakland (3 blocks from the Lake Merritt BART) 6p-10p (afterparty is Stylus, a longstanding kickass party, that goes on till 2am)
Downtempo Lounge: Giamma Pyrokitten Erik Karki
Freaky Tiki Zone: Stardragon Canyon Scott Manley
With live performance by one-man glamrock jukebox Ricky Lee Robinson (
Light (and possibly FIRE) dancing & outdoor gallery space

# EENOR"S CD RELEASE PARTY! Featuring Eenor's new band!
with THE FARAWAY BROS and DJ CLAY (CB) supporting
LIRPA LOOF! @ April 1 9pm $10

# Fri APRIL 2 5-9pm 1st Fridays art receptions @ Matt Gonzalez' office City Hall

# Fri Apr 2, 8 pm Stomp the Stumps!
Benefit dance party with 3 great bands
benefits the Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters & Earth First!
Ashkenaz 1317 San Pablo, Berkeley All ages all the time kids under 12 free
Funky Nixons, Berkeley's own premier political rock
Wild Buds, west coast mardi gras music
Gary Gates Band, reminiscent of the Dead
Opening act: Day Late Fool's Band
Plus video showings about tree-sits $10-20 Info: 510-548-3113
Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters (BACH)
2530 San Pablo Ave. Berkeley, CA 94702 510 548 3113
bach [at]

# GREEN WEDGE Fri Apr 2 Great American Music Hall, 859 O’Farrell
Spoken Word Forum with Matt Gonzalez, Jello Biafra, Medea Benjamin, Kevin Danaher
and musical guest Sun of Mercury Doors:8 P Show: 9 PM $15

# Fri Apr 2 - Cloud Factory and Teknotika present Concept One Main Room
Dietrich Schoenemann and Tony Rohr
Forest Green Ernie Deaks Clairity vs. J-Bot Philip Sherburne DigitalBoy
Different Room Matt Holland Mandible Chris de Giere live p.a. Twittering Machine live p.a. 64k
Visuals: Konstrukt and No-no boy Lighting: Radiant Atmospheres
Art: Amy Stabler's Arc of Reflection Massage: Sandy
Studio Z 314 11th St. @ Folsom 21+ $10 $15 door

# 4/2 SF's Jam Master Jay Tribute at Mezzanine 44 Jessie downtown near 5th & Mission behind the old Mint. DJs like GrandWizzard Theodore & Pam The Funkstress plus a mini Hip Hop Film Fest with special video from Chuck D. Numerous other performances ranging from local beatbox heroes like Radioactive & Felonious to live Indian Bhangra music $10, $15 door...

# April 2-4 2004, 22nd National Pesticide Forum Unite for Change:
New Approaches to Pesticides and Environmental Health UCBerkeley
Berkeley, CA
This forum, sponsored by Beyond Pesticides, Californians for Pesticide Reform, and Pesticide Action Network North America, will focus on pesticides and public health. For more information…

# 4/3 interesting experiment going on April 3rd at USF that needs volunteers with laptops.
They plan to hook together over 1000 computers to create a 'Flashmob Supercomputer' that will rank amongst the Top 500 fastest computers worldwide. Check out

# 4/3 Animal Rights 101: Compassionate Living
10:30a-5 pm Public Library 100 Larkin Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

# Town Mtg April 3 County Fair Building 9th@Lincoln
Golden Gate Park noon-3 PM, bman-announce-subscribe [at]

# Sat Apr 3 CellSpace 8 yr Birthday! 2050 Bryant @ 18th $12 9p

# SUNSET Permit Fundraiser Sat Apr 3 10pm 21+

An April Fool's Medley of Lunaticklish & Mystefarious Improvisations
SAT APR 3 285 9th Street (@ Folsom) 10 pm - late
($12 in foolish finery and headgear/ $15 for the 2 foolish 2 B foolish)

# 4/3-4/4 Daylight Savings (brought to you by oppressor destroyer of earth)
Spring Forward, Fall Back. Better idea: Live with nature:

# Fri Apr 5 FULL MOON!

# 25th Anniversary SURVIVAL RESEARCH LABORATORIES Celebration at The
Lab, 2948 16th St@Capp/Mission Fri Apr 9, 7pm-midnight

# Cell Space on Fri, April 9th from 8 to 10 pm, at Mills College in Oakland at 7pm
on April 4th, New College in Santa Rosa at 7pm on the 5th, and Stanford
Univ. at 7pm on the 10th!

# fundraising party Sat Apr 10 at Lit, 101 6th St @ Mission.
Speakers and fun 8-10pm, music and more fun after.

# Bunny Jam 4 Ever, Garden Of Eggsqueesit Delights Sat Apr 10 8pm til Late
Bayview Winery 3030 Ingalls Street, SF

Thu Apr 15 11:30a Oakland Federal Building 1301 Clay St

# APRIl 21st - HIROKO TAMANO - BUTOh expressive form: a must for
any clown of the soul, any bridge builder of shamanism and the arts

# Call to Action April 2004 Mobilization April 22-25 in Washington, DC

# Apr 23-25 8th @ Brannan Concourse Exhibit Ctr.
Exposition of Raw Vegan Living food, Health-providing & green technologies.

# April 24 noon - 5pm Berkeley Earth Day --Civic Center Park,
MLK @ Center / Allston, Berkeley.

# Sat Apr 24 1-5pm Breast Cancer Action's 7th Annual Town Meeting for Activists:
Taking Care in a Toxic Time 1–5 PM Oakland, Asian Cultural Ctr 388 9th St.
Oakland, CA

# bass wave IS APPROACHING on 4-24-2004

# "The March for Women's Lives" April 25, 2004
Same march previously named: "March for Freedom of Choice"

# April 25 - March for Freedom of Choice - Washington, D.C. privacy
and right to choose abortion.

# TOAST IN ARIZONA, APRIL 28 - MAY 2 Arizona Regional Burn!
Come out to Witch Well Arizona at "Area 51" and Burn Toast.
artists, musicians, performers, participants.
To participate as greeters, rangers, lamplighters,earth guardians Toast-town [at] Arizona [at]

# April 2004 - Washington, DC - Anti-globalization/Anti-capitalist protests
during the IMF/World Bank Spring meetings.

# Paragliding School Launch Party (Outdoor music + Tandem Rides)
DJs will be playing all afternoon, ride tandem w/ paragliders.
Pacific Skyways Sat Apr 3 1pm -- 5pm Mussel Rock Park, Pacifica

# Say NO to Wal-Mart. WAL-Martyrs is a Tribe for those of us interested in " culture jamming " @ Wal-Mart and want to ACTIVELY voice our distaste of this mega-store that puts independent stores out of business & systematically abuses its employees by denying health care.
Join us in a national day of " Shopping for others " where we fill shopping carts on April 20th, 2004 at your local Wal-Mart and leave them @ the cash registers.

# Sat May 1p-9p Howard St Fair @ 11th/12th

# May 14-16 Altered States & the Spiritual Awakening Conference - SF
Ram Dass and others.

# May 17th Day of Action To Protest Bush's Anti-Gay
Constitutional Amendment Drive

# Block Party Bonanza!! May 30 Portland, OR to set World Record!


# June 12,13 2004 Santa Rosa

# Pagan Ancient Ways Festival at Harbin Hot Springs, MIddletown, CA mid-June.

# August 29 - The World Says No to Bush - Worldwide Day of Action
and protests in NYC during Repub Nat'l Conv (Aug. 30 through Sept. 2)

# August, Santa Cruz mountains

# Aug 30 - Sep 6 2004 fine desert camp art
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