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Break-Away Marchers: 1 w/Felony, 1 w/Broken Arm
by Chris Crass (chriscrass [at]
Saturday Mar 20th, 2004 8:03 PM
One Break-Away Marcher beaten by police and charged with Felony. Another taken to General Hospital with Broken Arm. Legal Support on it.
I just got off the phone with a long-time SF Food Not Bombs organizer who was arrested this evening at the break-away anti-war march. The police,chasing someone else on the sidewalk, ran into him and pushed him around. He was grabbed by a police office from behind and throw to the ground. An IMC reporter near by documented it. The police snatched the IMCer's camera, smashed it and then threw the
IMCer to the ground slaming their head into the concrete.
The FNBer was charged with felony lynching (assualt on an office).

The FNBer is bruised and freaked out from the experience, but all things considered, doing alright. The IMCer has a large welt on their head.

The FNBer also reported that a different break-away marcher has been taken to General Hospital with a reported broken arm (upper arm between their elbow and shoulder). Additionally, the FNBer reported that he saw atleast 60 people arrested and that most of them have been released. He doesn't know of anyone else charged with a felony.

We talked with legal support and the confirmed that indeed a marcher was taken to the hospital with a broken arm. They are working to get our people out (damn, those legal people are absolutely wonderful).

Legal Support working to get the FNBer out on O.R. (own recognizance). We're thinking of you comrade and hope for as quick a release as possible and an immediate dropping of your charges.

in struggle for liberation,
chris crass
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