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UC-Irvine Welcomes Black Muslim Hatred
by Loren Casuto
Monday Mar 8th, 2004 6:49 AM
A campus speaker insists "bad Jews" run America -- and planned to kill Al Gore.
Freedom of speech is one of the most beloved and treasured values in the United States; it’s what makes our democracy work so well. The ability to have open debates on any subject and the right to say whatever one chooses is essential in any free democratic society; and the university has a responsibility to ensure that every side has the right to say their piece. The question is: When free speech and the First Amendment are a shield for hate speech, then should it be protected or permitted on campus? The answer is unequivocally no.

On Thursday, Feb 26, the Muslim Student Union brought Amir Abdemalik Ali to speak about “America under Siege: The Zionist Hidden Agenda.” The title is infuriating because it claims that “Zionists,” who are the “bad” Jews (though he never defined what it meant to be a “bad” Jew), are running the show in America.

The idea that Jews, good or bad, who are less then one percent of the population in America, are really running the show in any country is classic anti-Semitism that’s been around for centuries.

The title was bad enough, but what the former Nation of Islam member said was worse. He implied that Zionism is a mixture of “chosen people-ness and white supremacy,” that the Iraqi war is in the process of “Israelization,” that the Zionists had the “Congress, the media and the FBI in their back pocket,” that the downfall of former Democratic front-runner Howard Dean was due to the Zionists and that the Mossad (Israel’s CIA) would’ve assassinated Al Gore if he was elected just to bring Joe Lieberman (his Jewish vice-president) to power. On top of which, this man openly praises Hamas and Hezbollah, two groups considered to be terrorist organizations by the United States, and approves of violence as the way to achieve a goal.

The strange thing is that this isn’t the first time he’s spewed anti-Semitism at a college forum. On the campuses of UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz two years ago, Amir said, “The wars against Iraq [Gulf War and Operation Iraqi Freedom] were manufactured by the Jews in America to avert attention from the two Intifadahs.” He also came out publicly stating that, “the Israelis knew about and were ‘in-control’ of 9-11” and that it “was staged to give an excuse to wage war against Muslims around the world.”

This is not the viable, open debate that universities are supposed to allow; this is hate speech. This is anti-Semitism as plainly as I’ve ever seen it at UCI and my only question to the administration is, “When what he has said was going to be available for anyone to see, why was he permitted on this campus?” I know someone (or maybe a lot of you) reading this article, are screaming at me “Freedom of Speech!” and “First Amendment!”

The law protects their right to say whatever they want but what benefit does hate speech bring to an open discussion? Hate speech often leads to violence, and is that what we as Anteaters want on this campus?

When the evangelical Christians came to campus with their huge signs, claiming that everyone is going to hell who doesn’t believe what they believe, when they insulted “yellow” and “slant-eyed” Chinese and proclaimed homosexuality an abomination, was there any doubt that it was hate speech? No, and Anteaters from all races, beliefs and orientations gave them a verbal thrashing. So why is it so hard to make the connection that when someone walks onto the campus and claims that Jews run America and perpetuated Sept. 11, that it isn’t hate speech?

I’m not saying that anyone who disagrees with Israeli policy or action is anti-Semitic; if you want to criticize the Barrier, what’s going on in the territories, et cetera, you have a right to. But there is a VERY large difference between claiming that Israeli action is wrong and that the Israelis are in control of the American government. Criticism is one thing. Demonization and delegitimization are completely different and do not serve a purpose in an open debate.

I want the administration of UCI to give me some kind of an answer to this: Since when is anti-Semitism politically correct or allowed under the guise of free speech? Would the university say, “That’s freedom of speech and open debate, you can’t do anything about it,” if someone were to walk onto the campus and rail against the “Asian conspiracy to hold down white Americans in universities,” or that African Americans are to blame for the state of the economy? I’m not saying that to criticize Israelis means you’re a Neo-Nazi, but when you claim that Jews run America, then you’re not making a logical argument. You are spewing hate. And that should not be allowed at UCI or any other campus—not now, and not ever!

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by Problem
Monday Mar 8th, 2004 4:29 PM
Know who talks just like that anti-semitic freak you quoted above? The editors of, and the leaders of tons of ultra-leftist groups around the world. That's why anti-semitism (not, not just anti-israel feelings, but actual worldwide anti-semitism) is spreading.

99.9% of "Jews" do not have political or economic control over anyone or anything. Yet because 0.1% MIGHT have some power, anti-semites say "The Jews" have power (only, to be politically correct, they say "the zionist jews" - as if that's really some exclusive club that all act a certain way), and they then start to urge that jews be held collectively responsible. Just like hitler did.

by 78
Monday Mar 8th, 2004 6:42 PM
Can you name editors of sf.imc other than nessie? It is a small group, but it's not just him.

Also, jewish people are about 2% of the U.S. unless you don't count people who don't actively attend temple, and being jewish is an ethnicity in this context. I can't drop being german. 
by Socialist and Jewish
Monday Mar 8th, 2004 8:09 PM
The religious Jewish organizations claim the Jewish community is 2% of the US population.

They do not count people like this writer who do not believe in the Jewish religion and do not go to the parasitic, anti-science hustle called the temple. In fact, a large group of people who identify as Jewish in the US are atheists of Jewish descent, as is this writer. Our daily and lifetime experiences with anti-Semitism, similar to what is above-described, and our ancestors' reason for coming to this very backward country, namely European anti-Semitism, are the reasons we identify as being Jewish. We are probably another 2% of the population. So, that is 4% of the population, or 12 million people.

The overwhelming majority of the American Jewish community does not control anything, just like the overwhelming majority of the American Christian community does not control anything.

The people who own the means of production, namely the capitalist class, happen to be overwhelmingly Christian. However, it would not matter if they were Jewish, Buddhist or believed in any other superstition. The fact remains, they are capitalists. Until the workingclass is strong enough to put an end to capitalism and establish socialism, it is the capitalist class that controls the capitalist press and owns the means of production.

As to 911, it was a Reichstag Fire, the CIA's Operation Northwoods realized, staged by the US military and the CIA, using planes on automatic pilots to hit the twin towers, using construction explosives to bring down the twin towers and building 7 in New York and using a guided missile to hit the Pentagon. Condolezza Rice admitted on CNN that it was she who called Willie Brown to warn him 8 hours before this staged event not to fly, proving that it was certainly an inside job, if anymore proof is needed. Operation Northwoods was the plan approved by the entire Joint Chiefs of Staff but vetoed by war secretary McNamara to stage various incidents, such as blowing up a US airplane filled with people, blaming the incident on Cuba so as to have an excuse to invade Cuba. Only a country with very advanced technology could stage the 911 Hoax.

Israel is a miserable little hellhole and is a US military base that exists to protect US oil profits in the Middle East. It does what the US capitalist class tells it to do. It cannot exist without the $4 billion the US gives it annually, and it only receives that money to be the armed thug of US imperialism in the Middle East.

Anyone who says Jews control the US government or the US press or says Israel or Jews perpetrated the 911 Hoax is an anti-Semite.

However, you cannot stop anti-Semitism by defending the Zionist government of Israel . You stop anti-Semitism with workingclass solidarity. These are after all very wealthy people attending UC. They support capitalism, and thus their analysis is inherently reactionary.

The old saying is that anti-Semitism is a mask for privilege. These rich swine attending these universities are once again using anti-Semitism to advance economically.

Not all students are rich swine, of course, but these perpetrators of anti-Semitism certainly are.

I suggest you spend more time (1) studying and (2) doing political work for the workingclass. Keep away from these snot-nosed hot air forums. If you have time after studying, you could be a tenant counselor, for example, at your local tenants' union or legal aid society. If you plan to be a lawyer or have any connection to housing or urban planning, this will be a useful experience.

You should also know that one of the groups that espouses a similar anti-Semitic line is the Nation of Islam, which is a CIA front, and is used by the Democratic Party to commit election fraud in the black community. It is also anti-labor, anti-gay and anti-women.

My advice to all serious students is to take as many units as possible and get done with school as quickly as possible. Attending these insulting forums is a waste of time.

I do thank you for the report as it confirms my belief that anti-Semitism is just as virulent as ever and combined with the anti-Semitic movie, "Passion" and the declining economy, will certainly get worse before it gets better. However, do not waste anymore time with this. Get done with school as quickly as possible and keep way from these profoundly stupid people.

by anti-Zionist
Tuesday Mar 9th, 2004 12:16 AM
Most Zionists aren't Jewish. They are at least nominal Christians. Some are very devout Christians, who support Israel because they think god wants them to.
by soymilk!
Wednesday Mar 10th, 2004 2:53 PM
the jews do influence american policy,800,000$ every hour goes to israel while schools are over crowded and under funded,people are going to bed starving and living below the poverty line while the israeli lives in comfortable settlements,"jewish" children go to good schools,have manicured lawns and swimming pools.
american media infulences americans into believing that the palestinians are the murders while the un has reported on the conflict that more palestinians are dead than "jews",a pro-zionist christian rightist media portrays the isreali soldiers as a defender of th"only democracy in the middle east" while they shoot ISM workers in the face,run over activists like rachel corrie.nothing has been done to the israeli government for these murders of american and british citizens.
our government is run by pro zionists christian right fascists,who will bend over backwards to give the murederous,nay,genocidal regime of israel weapons,take food out of the american workers mouth to pay for the death and rascism enforced by israel.
when we ousted saddam hussein for being a despot we should have nuked israel for their 72 un violations of human rights,more far more than iraq,china,burma or yes even the backwards shit spewer the united states(who has been a long standing opponent of human right of palestinians)
jews may not run the government,but a pro zionist christian right does and they will stop at nothing to fund a terrorist regime known as israel.
(israel is not a jewish state,according to the torah,a jewish state must be ordained by elohim,not through political force or violent coercion,if it is it is illegitimate according to the orthodox)
free speech must be guarnteed to all not just the stuff we want to hear,if black muslims want it,give it,nazis same,because if we dont it gives president to overturn free speech in all areas not just "hate" speech.
i am jew,i dont support israel and view it as a illegitimate military-political state under the guise of judaism,israelis are not jews but orthodox traitors to judaism and all it stands for. my anti zionism is not anti semitism,lets make that clear(before the flurry of pretentious asses convict me),i do not support the murder of people,and then when criticised it becomes anti semitism,isreal is not jewish it is secular.
at times i believe it should be reverted to palestine before zionist terroistsblew up the headquarters of the english occupational gov at king david hotel.
by Semitic Semantics
Friday Mar 12th, 2004 12:29 PM
""Jews" and "the Jews" mean different things"

Tell that to your TARGETS...THE JEWS!!!
by adam ozzie
Sunday Dec 12th, 2004 7:20 PM
there is a common issue between many to confuse the zionists with teh jews.
yes Zionists by large are evil, the UN has declared them as such till the zionists got much stronger that the UN had to reverse it's decision not because teh zionists change dtehir ways but rather because they had to bend to teh pressure.

even recetly in Africa , the world condemned teh zionist while two country representative didn't , can you gues steh two?

the zionists who are less tehn the one percent in america have more memebers in the top ranking governement officials and their offices then anyone else and their influence is undeniable.

remeber the recent report on Israeli spy inb the whitehouse affecting foreign policy as reported by teh FBI just soon to go
to the shadows without any action, well there are many spies not just one.
any elected official who would not have at least one zionist jew in his office would soon hear from APAC and be labeled as anti-semetic with threats to his/her political career.

there are many jews agianst the zionist like naturei karta

everyon should here what they have to say and get the zionists exposed once and for all, Jews are not the enemy ZIONISTS ARE.

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